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USS Blue Ridge (LCC 19) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Blue Ridge (LCC 19). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1137 crew members registered for the USS Blue Ridge (LCC 19).

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Throngard, LowellPC 31973 – 1975Enjoyed my time on the Blue Ridge, want to get in touch with my shipmates.
David, RennanSK31973 – 1977SUPPLYMY FIRST AND LAST SHIP. O/S Tour. Great shipmates like SK1 HEIMBAUGH, SK1 DAGSAAN, DKs..HESS, BIG RED, SHs Devera, Noy, Ancheta. SKCM Minas was LCPO and LCDR Schandel SUPPO. OKINAWA, White Beach. good memory.DK Bernard.
Perry, AllenRM21973 – 1975Communications
Miller, JamesGMG3Jan 1973 – Sep 19753rd
Jensen, PaulHM3Jan 1973 – Feb 1975MedicalClick on the photo. That's me in the white hat. Dr. Cope, and HM1 Russ Lazott
Hutton, MerittMM3Jan 1973 – Apr 1975AIf anybody lost their Shellback card or certificate: We crossed the line Aug 29, 1973 @ 105-26) right after the Singapore visit. Transferred to USS Denver during Frequent Wind
Talaga, BarryE3Jan 1, 1973 – Aug 15, 1974operationsI was a signalman striker on the Blue Ridge, and later became an SM3 onboard the USS Austiin.
Pardy, RichardE-6/FTM1Jan 5, 1973 – Nov 18, 1978OperationsJust wondering why in over 50 years there has never been a ship reunion?
Gaumes, EricSNJan 10, 1973 – Aug 5, 19743rd
Reeder, Charles "Tex" "steve"E-3Feb 1973 – May 1976DKServed under Captains Butler and Hart. BR was great duty. Made good friends. SK's and HM's were the best! Participated in Viet Name evac. Made two West Pacs. Shellback initiation during 1st West Pac.
Roper, FrankMS-2Feb 1973 – Dec 1975SupplyLooking for Ronald Fisher, MS-1.
Bose, TomEN2Feb 1973 – Sep 1975AWhere have the years gone?
Baker, Thomas Paul (Tom) profile iconSMSNFeb 15, 1973 – Jun 28, 1974SMPassed Away Sept. 02, 2011. Need proof of Tour of Vietnam with Blue Ridge LCC 19 . I'm his wife and need info. for the VA to file a claim on his behalf and that he had boots on the ground. Thank you for assistance.
Shafer, ClellSK3Mar 1973 – Aug 27, 1976s3I had several good friends on board. Crazy Time during the Evacuation of Siagon. Even Played in a Band on Okinawa, after drinking our way from White Beach through three villages into Town.
Brown, David M.YNCApr 10, 1973 – Dec 28, 1976Admin- Print ShopForced conversion change of rate to Yeoman from Lithographer on 02NOV01. Served all my time onboard in the Print Shop.
Smock, DarylYN3May 1, 1973 – Mar 15, 1975IntelligenceMet great people in the Navy. I enjoyed the recreation side, especially fast pitch softball. Like a lot of sailors, I did my job, but probably griped a little too much. My service is an important part of my history.
Holderby, Steve (Now Stefani Madison) profile iconRM2Jun 1973 – Dec 1974CM/CCI'd go back to sea on the Big Blue tonight if I could! Best ship in PacFlt!
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Kalahar, RandyRM3Jun 20, 1973 – May 20, 1975CommunicationsI As a crew member I participated in both "Operation Eagle Pull" and "Operation Frequent Wind" (Cambodia & Vietnam). The memories remain!
Flores, LouisLI5Jul 29, 1973 – Jul 29, 1976X-2Served in "Operation Frequent Wind, and Eagle Pull" The evacuation of Siagon. I still vividly remember seeing Nam choppers crashing on the flight deck and on the side of the Big Blue. Vietnamees women and their children burn to death .
Lloyd, RussOS2Aug 1973 – Jun 1975OIServed under Capt. W.D. Hart. My Division officer was LTJG Mitchell. Participated in Operation Frequent Wind. I had the watch in CIC and made a not so good recommendation to the bridge during an emergency break away.
Hall, KevinYN3Aug 1973 – Jul 1975X-1Operation Eagle Pull and Operation Frequent Wind (evacuation during the pull-out from Vietnam, April 1975)
Knapp, KeithDS1Sep 1973 – Feb 1978OPS/ODHad a great tour on the Blue Ridge. 4 cruises, a year in the yards in Long Beach and many great friends.
Steve, GergMM3/MM2Sep 15, 1973 – Sep 16, 1974M DivisionRemember guys like Frost Rafters Sutherland and Beauchamp hope they read this. Hey guys I retired from the Army.
Petito, Daniel (Spuds)BT3Sep 19, 1973 – Jun 30, 1975boiler techbest time of my life great ship to serve on
Schleue, JoeMR2Nov 10, 1973 – Aug 29, 1975Auxilary DevisionI ran the machine shop. I was aboard for the Veitnam evacuation. One of the best expereinces of my life.
Jacobi, RickSKSNNov 19, 1973 –SupplyRemember the Island in Okinawa. White Beach!
Marshall, RogerEM3Dec 29, 1973 – Sep 10, 1975EThe time was like you was on another planet you never knew what was going to happen. Super crue and duty Proud to serve during the Eagle Pull & Frequent Wind In the Vietnam evac. Roger.
Lyle, DucheneauxMM21974 – 1979M
Rotherham, Kent A.E31974 – 1974Supply
Hipps, Robert/bob/hipsterE31974 – 1977Deck Div.Looking for the following: Bill Wells aka Tugboat Kenneth McConkey Sean Cashman Moose Burger- was a cook! Captain Butler Ken Fitzgerald
Smith, Brianmm3/mm2Jan 1974 – May 1976Afirst ship good times
Hock, GeorgeIS3Jan 5, 1974 – Mar 5, 1974IntelAfter all these years my time aboard the Blueberry seems like a good time. Sent to this ship after leaving BUDS training. Left the ship in Subic. Back to CONUS to start/graduate BUDS Class 84. SEAL Team 2. Little Creek.
Wegnerr, AllenETCSFeb 6, 1974 – May 1, 1978R-4
Williams, TerryMM3Feb 11, 1974 – Feb 10, 1978MThe best 4 yrs of my life. Made 3 westpacs, Viet Nam evacuations on my first cuise. What an experience. Mad lots of good friends. Looking to hear from anyone from M Div. or anyone in engineering or if you served on board during those years.
Hess, RichardDKSN/E4Feb 14, 1974 – Oct 12, 1977SupplyYo Dave L. remember me we were paying all those slobs back then. I was with old man Rhodes and then the phillippino chief. With Big Red and Thomas Bernard. Been living near LAX airport since 1978,email
Hudson, BarryOS2Feb 28, 1974 – Jul 2, 1977OIServed onboard during Operation Frequent Wind and Eagle Pull, the evacucation of Southeast Asia in 1975
Konieczny, MarkPH2Mar 1974 – Aug 1977X-2I learned so much and experienced things that still positively influence my life today.
Rogers, JimRM2Mar 1974 – Sep 1975
Woodiwiss, Tim (Woody)RM2Mar 1974 – 1977CommunicationsOn the BR for four years. Saw 4 west pacs, evacuation of VN, Shellback int, Aust, S Korea, Hong kong, Singapore, Tiwain, Philipines, many others. Made good freinds and memories. We used officers state Rm for Bible Study
Williams, B.j.RM3Mar 20, 1974 – Aug 20, 1976ComunicationsI may a lot of freinds ,remember evacuation of Vietnam,drydock in long Beach CA. Being blown up to test the ship. Wish I knew then what I know now.
Weber, ScottMM2Apr 1974 – Oct 13, 1977MQuite the experience. Made lots of friends, saw 1/2 of the world. Was a great way to start my career.
Robinson, BobENFNApr 1974 – May 1975A
Woodward, Paul/woodyMMfn/3/2Apr 1974 – Jul 1, 1979Mdiv&Agangunder Capts.Butler, Hart (the best),McKakentire(AKA)Capt.___k Stick and Moore.Best liberity with shipmates was always Subic City. How about Jolos,softball in White bch. Looking for Fred
Gillingham, BobBM 3Apr 1974 – Sep 19751st DivisionHad a ball throwing helicopters into the water
Leighton Junior, ArnoldSK3Jun 1, 1974 – Jul 30, 1976S1My First Reinlistment was performed on Board.
Rotherham, Kent A.SK/SNJun 1, 1974 – Feb 4, 1976SupplyI would like to hear from any of the shipmates. E-mail or call 309-692-3190.
Ahlquist, AndyRM 4Jun 1, 1974 – Aug 7, 1976CommunitationsServed during Operation Eagle Pull & Operation Frequent Wind. Was Lead Teletype-repairman.
Johnson, DougRMSNJun 1, 1974 – Sep 3, 1976commMade 1 Westpac. Had some really great times with some really great people
Burris, RichardOS/2Jun 1, 1974 – Aug 26, 1977OIThe time I spent on board was the most formative time of my life. Operations Frequent Wind and Eagle Pull. I still tell the stories!
Summers, Joe(Drifty) profile iconE4 BM 3rd ClassJun 15, 1974 –1st DivisionWestpacs, Austrailia, PI, Evacuation of VN seeing who was on board and still alive
Williams, RockyMMJul 1974 – May 1976AWorked with a good group of guys and had some good times for the most part.
Barnes, BruceHM2Aug 1974 – Jan 4, 1977Med/DentalSaigon Evac, bomb testing the ship, dry dock, moving medical storeroom to armory spaces, Australia, ran the pharmacy, to much fun...
Smittick, DavidE3Aug 3, 1974 – Dec 4, 1975Boatswain MateServed on the Blue Ridge during evacuation of Cambodia. What an experience during those times. I enjoyed growing up during that period and loved the westpac, hong kong and Tipaie
Barnett, JohnSep 1974 – Jul 1978 Great duty and Great crew
Knapp, LarryMA2Sep 1974 – Aug 1975ADMINI have a spec req of a Marine that was on the ship during the Saigon evacuation. The articles I have read about the first landing of a CH47 on the first morning is different from what I saw.
Chapman, RickAC3Sep 1, 1974 – May 30, 1975TACRON 1 UNIT AServed under Admiral Whitmire.Eagle Pull, Frequent Wind. The cookout on the trip home. I was one of the streakers. Times I'll never forget.
Speir, OttieHM 3Sep 5, 1974 – Aug 10, 1976Medical
Cherry, BryanLCPLOct 1974 – Jun 1975MarDetI was ANGLICO onboard as part of an amphib unit. Great ship and crew.
Kaat, KennethRM1Oct 1974 – Nov 1975Comm
Stewart, Earl (Ed)MSSAOct 18, 1974 – Dec 5, 1974SupplyWas T.A.D. on the Blue Ridge for a couple of months, although I only short term, the Blue Ridge was home. Was on board for 1974-75 westpac. Great crew, was a cook, served with Fisher, Love & Chapman.
Acosta, EdwardSH3Nov 1974 – Jun 1978S-3Where's Pat Huglin, Herman Acosta(my pinoy brother), Renan David, Tom Conrad, Bob Boggs, Freddy Domingo, too many to mention. My
Walker, ChuckRM1Nov 1, 1974 – Aug 28, 1975Communications
Hock, GeorgePTANNov 7, 1974 – Apr 21, 1974intellHave to say I worked and partied with some great guys. Had some fun on my one and only WestPac. Cmdr Horn was my OIC. PT1 Addleman was my lead PO. Anyone remember Daryl Smockor Whitey?

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