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USS Bonhomme Richard (LHD 6) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Bonhomme Richard (LHD 6). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 165 crew members registered for the USS Bonhomme Richard (LHD 6).

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Schneider, DannyPFC1969 – 1970WeaponsI am the daughter of Danny Schneider looking for anyone who may have known him as I was very young when I lost him! Any and ALL information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and God Bless!
Loon, RichardENSAug 6, 1970 – Feb 3, 1971Engineering
Stephens, DiannaIT WIFE (EX- RMSN)Sep 19, 1995 – Jul 16, 1996
Roll, HaroldFCCSep 1996 – May 1998CMMarried with one daughter. Work for shipbuilder that built Richard in Mississippi. Having a great time.
Howardell, SteveLT (LDO)1997 – 1999Combat SystemsEMO & CSO for pre-comm. Retired & building the newest LPD for the Navy.
Pena, Diana profile iconABH31997 – 1999V-1 Crash & Salvage
Russell, Harold profile iconCWO3 / Ltjg1997 – 2001EngneeringGreat Tour !!!
Nyberg, KristianMR21997 – 2000R
Davis, Jerome profile iconE-41997 – 2002V-4Plankowner.. Jerome Davis
Deines, CurtisMM3 THEN CM2 NOWJan 1997 – May 2001MPO1Left active went into navy reserves in Wichita Ks, now affiliated with the Seabee's. Just got back from the desert with NMCB 15...Talk about a different kind of 5 day vacations in Thailand!!!
Ramsey, DonaldAOCS (AW/SW)Jan 18, 1997 – Jan 28, 2002Combat Systems LCPOJust wanted to say that it was great serving with everyone in Combat Systems Department. To my fellow CPO's "Deeply sorry I did not get to say fairwell and following sea's to all". AO'S to you all. IYAOYAS
Meyst, DennisIT3Jan 26, 1997 – Jan 26, 2001IT
Wroten, ThomasAK 2Mar 1, 1997 – Jul 6, 1999S6
Freshwater, Kurt "fresh"EN3 THEN, NOW EN1Mar 12, 1997 – May 30, 2000A-GangPLANKOWNER!!! Good times on the 'Big Dick'. No regrets. Now in the Reserves with Naval Coastal Warfare. Funny, I deploy more now than I ever did on Active Duty.
Raymond, JohnIC2Apr 1997 – May 2000CIMy thanks to Capt. Keith. Although I didn't know it then, and certainly didn't appreciate at the time, he was infintely wise in his dealing with me. I am truly greatful, now. Strange, turns out the bad guy was me.
Lucas, DavidE-4Apr 1997 – Aug 2000EXECUTIVE
Valenzuela, Michael (Val)ABH3Apr 12, 1997 – Sep 20, 2002V-1 & V-3
Solby, ToddRM3Jun 10, 1997 – Aug 10, 1999RM
Miller, DeeHM1Jun 30, 1997 – Aug 1, 2000MedicalProud Plankowner !
Weselis, JimCDR (LDO)Jul 15, 1997 – Jul 21, 1999AIMD OfficerPreCom is tough duty. But very rewarding. Especially when you work with detailers to surround yourself with good people, and have fun when times get stressful. Retired 2001, now working with a defense contractor in Naval Aviation in San Diego.
Gray, Kenneth GrayhoundAK1(AW/SW)Aug 1, 1997 – Jun 10, 2001S-6I THOUGHT THE FIRE DRILLS WOULD NEVER STOP!
Burns, RishiIT1Sep 15, 1997 – Sep 25, 2000CA
Irmen, MatthewBT1Oct 1997 – Aug 2000P1 and p2My last ship, met a lot of great people
Hewitt, BrandyAK3Oct 1997 – Jul 21, 2001SupplyPlankowner
Earley, JohnnyAoOct 15, 1997 – Dec 20, 1999Combat systemsLike to say thank u chief Ramsey. I remember the old AO click for the old NTC. I remember hooking up with the americorps girls and hot ass Mississippi. Club metro. I'm a nurse and im married two kids boy n girl.
Ingram, DonaldABFC (AW)Oct 16, 1997 – Apr 30, 2000V-4I was the leading Chief of V-4 Division. I pre-com the ship when she was in Ingles Ship Yard in Passagola Mississippi
Johnson, JamesE-5/ BM2Oct 24, 1997 – Aug 8, 20002ndChecked in for precom. Stayed there until after the 1st deployment. It was good to see a lot of familiar faces from the New Orleans. It was also great to meet new people as well. Keep in touch. Look me up on face book
Farlar, NatashaPO3/ IC3Nov 22, 1997 – Jan 2001EE05 and CI01
Seitz, SuziOS21998 – 2000OPS
Gorski, Al1998 – 2000GATORBlue Water Rhythm Band, anyone????
McDonald, JenniferABF31998 – 2000V-4I hope all is well with the folks I served with on the BonneHomme Richard...Godspeed, and always PEACE
Buchanan, JesseHT-21998 – Oct 2003R
Torres, Paulo (Doc)HM31998 – 2000MedicalPLANKOWNER!!!!!!!!!!!
Eckhart, Dorothy profile iconAC31998 – 2000ATCHi everyone! I would love to hear from anyone that may remember me!
Cooper II, JohnDK21998 – 2001S4Best time with this crew!! Would be great to connect!
Hawkins, Chris (Hawk)HM1 (FMF)Jan 1998 – Jan 2000Medical (Radiology)Plankowner and ship's first x-ray tech. BHR was the first ship on the West Coast to get Digital X-ray equipment. I rolled off as I was selected for an Officer program and then reported to USS Boxer (LHD-4) with FST-9 as the DIVO/MRCO.
Woodbeck, Jerry / WoodyBMCSJan 1998 – Sep 2001DECK LCPO
Joseph, SteveIT2Jan 1, 1998 – Jun 5, 2001COMM CA/CR 01They called me "Joe" and we invented the "Stop Bar Show". Thanks to the boys in Comm for doing it the way we did...right! Larabee, thanks for the meal hookups at midrats
Cychosz, GlenAM1(AW)Jan 5, 1998 – Dec 1, 2002AIMD IM02I put a lot of hard work and effort to set up my shops and was not rewarded at all. The crew was great and the ports where fun on the first deployment.
Shyrer, JoeMA2Jan 9, 1998 – Mar 21, 2000MAAThe precommissioning at Pascagoula was the best experience of all. It was interesting to see just how corrupt the upper echelon could be while on liberty. Beer will make people do some unusual things.
Bensel, JustinMM3Jan 26, 1998 – Aug 16, 2000MP02
Taylor, DevonEN1(SW/AW)Feb 1998 – Dec 2000A(PLANKOWNER) Hello there shipmates I completely enjoyed my time there. I had way too much fun. It was a true honor and pleasure to have served with you all. GOD Bless...!
Mercant, NenaSeaman then SK3Feb 1998 – Nov 2001Deck Department 1st Division / S8 SupplyA lot of good time in both departments. Deck was the best I'd have to say. Some may disagree but it was alot of good times there
Whalen, ChristopherMR1(SW)Feb 8, 1998 – Apr 3, 1999Rback still hurts from all the stabbing
Lyman, AnthonyIT2Feb 12, 1998 – May 28, 2003CR/CA
Harris, JohnMM3Feb 12, 1998 – Sep 29, 2002mp01
Rivera, OrlandoTHEN MS3 NOW MA1Feb 15, 1998 – Oct 1999S-5 THEN CO'S COOKPLANK OWNER
Aranza, AlexE-4 EN3Feb 23, 1998 – Oct 26, 2001MP2/A Ea06
Artist, FrankOS2Mar 1, 1998 – Mar 20, 2003OPERATIONS
Foster, JefferyEN3 (SW)Mar 1, 1998 – Sep 21, 2002DIVISION APlank owner
Atkinson, JosephineABF3Apr 1998 – Dec 30, 2000V-4 Aviation FuelsPlankowner--Maiden Voyage
Garcia, AnnetteABH3Apr 1998 – Nov 17, 2000V1
Cooney, ShawnOS2(SW)Apr 1998 – Nov 11, 2001OIWhat a great ship and what awesome shipmates on the "Bonnie Dick"! Fun times and hard work as PRECOM "Plankowners", but a time I wouldn't change for anything!
Grubb, James profile iconHM1(SW) GrubbApr 1998 – Jun 2001MedicalHad a great time, first PMT, Plankowner, I see a couple names I recognize HEy
Bermudez, DanielMM1(SW/AW)Apr 1998 – May 2003MP01I am now retired and currently working at NASSCO as an Engineer. Great crew I think there was no better crew after we all left the ship.
Hampton, AlexanderBM2Apr 1, 1998 – Sep 15, 2002DECKPLANKOWNER
Norcross, BenjaminHM3Apr 15, 1998 – Jan 11, 2002Medical
Rumpke, MikeAO2(AW)Apr 21, 1998 – Oct 1, 2002Combat SystemsNedd some Info on awards any help would be great =)
Korba, JamieAO2(AW)May 1998 – Dec 7, 2002COWas onboard for the first two deployments. Had alot of great times with friends like AO2 rumpke, AO2 Tschannen, AO3 Lahue, Ao2 Sedano, AO3 Tilton, and AO2 omez,AO2 Vong,and AO3 Standlee.Met my wife there also.HM3
Gardner, JasonAO1May 1, 1998 – Jul 1, 2002CS/CO
Patterson, SherwoodABH2Jun 1998 – Jun 2002V-1Part of the original crew and assigned to V-1 Air department. I Loved the time I spent on the ship. Hard work but great people & beautiful scenes. I now live in Tokyo. I'm a Christian missionary pastor, wife & 2 kids.
Greene, StephenMM2Jul 8, 1998 – Aug 6, 1999
Coronado, JoseIT2Jul 18, 1998 – Jun 15, 2000RADIO CENTRALHave a great short time on BHR...just remembering CAPT Frothingham.
Tumulak, Joseph "toomee"BM2Aug 1, 1998 – Aug 1, 20002ndI LOVE IT WHEN YOU CALL ME SUPER BOATSWAINSMATE! I miss all of you! Drop me an email sometime!
Huntington, DavidBM2Aug 1, 1998 – Aug 1, 20002nd
Allesio, R. Wayne, JrMM2Aug 15, 1998 – Apr 2000MI wanted to let his fellows Navy folks know Wayne passed away June 17,2013 from complications due to Multiple Sclerosis. Comments. can be made on FB at in loving memory of R Wayne Allessio
Hernandez, MarcosEN3Aug 19, 1998 – Jun 19, 2000a-gang
Loehrmann, AndreaRp3Sep 1998 – Aug 2001Admin
Simpson, JessicaAG3Oct 10, 1998 – Mar 1, 2001V3 and weatherThe further I get from those days onboard the Bonhomme Richard the more I realize what an immense impact they had on my life. I had a blast and I wouldn't change it for the world! Thanks maiden voyage crew for memories to last a lifetime
Weaver, SandmanE-4Oct 11, 1998 – Jul 17, 2000AIR DEPARMENT- CRASH AND SALVIGE
Winter, JoyAIRMANOct 31, 1998 – Jun 17, 1999Aviation Fuels
Roberts, ThomasMA1Dec 15, 1998 – Jun 1, 2000Executive/Security

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