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USS Kearsarge (LHD 3) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Kearsarge (LHD 3). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 312 crew members registered for the USS Kearsarge (LHD 3).

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Poarch, TashaSEAMAN2001 – Dec 2002Deck/ SecondWhen i was there i hate that place, ut since then ive had a car wreck and an now a paraplegic.And will never walk again. I have so many Awesome shit there!
Phillips, CharlesMM32001 – 2006Aft MMRPit Snipe for Life.... Do your self a favor and do you 20 and then get out. Don't think your smarter then everyone else. Anchors Away......
Palomo, HassanE4/EMMar 2001 – Jun 29, 2004E-div
Taliaferro, EloisApr 2001 – May 2003C4I/X3
Martinez, MariaHM2(SW)Apr 2001 – Apr 2003MEDICALGood times...
Vahle, (Dc2)DC2Apr 20, 2001 – Aug 10, 2002Repair
Wright, LatrinaE4/DK3May 8, 2001 – Jan 19, 2004S-4BEST DIVISION TO SERVE IN!
Simpson, PaulMM/ E-5Jun 2, 2001 – Mar 25, 2005G-4/ FWD MMPUmm...yea, never forget it...loved it and hated it at the same time. I wish I was still there sometime. Still in the navy, still on a boat...
Moore, ErikFC3Jun 16, 2001 – Aug 16, 2002Combat SystemsJust wanted to holla and say WUSSUP. And to all my nuh's still aboard. Stay up. And someone give a special holla to Centeno. Wussup dawg!! See you soon
Fendel, BrandonIC2Jul 9, 2001 – Jul 14, 2006CIIgnorance never settles a question.
Griffin, PaulMM3Jan 16, 2002 – Jan 17, 2006Forward Propulsion
Renteria, AndresAO3Jan 25, 2002 – Mar 3, 2004im3iyaoyas
Tate, ThomasBM1 2 LDO (ENSIGN)Mar 2002 – Nov 1, 20032nd & 1stArrived a BM1, Departed an LDO Ensign. Great Ship, outstanding Deck Dept
Washington Jr, DuaneCS3Apr 2, 2002 – Aug 28, 2005S-2Hey, Look me up on\BOOBIE4MAYOR
Betancourt, RayMM2Apr 12, 2002 – Mar 26, 2004Assault/MP-2
Santos, Ship Painter Third ClassFOUR YEAR SEAMANMay 22, 2002 – Jan 22, 2006DECK DPT 1 Life is great and I luv it. Im glad I got out from that place . And to those , who dont like the military just do your time and get out. Is was something that you want it to tried, but it did'nt work out .
Gutierrez, Juan "gutz"EM2Jul 2002 – Jul 2005Damn good SHIP!!!! Best Engineering Dept!! Been through alot of BULL and still came out strong!!! So far no other ship is better!!!!!!!!!!! I got an email address!!!
Roland, RobertAT2Aug 29, 2002 – Aug 15, 2006Calibration LabThe MST (Morale Suppression Team, the black hats) have been more active than usual since the new CO came aboard. He is a cleaning fanatic, and in between him and the exalted leadership of AIMD, the morale on the ship is very low.
Randall, Mike 'Nostrildamus'MM2Oct 2002 – Mar 2004ABig shout to all the A-Div shops--in general, to The Engineering Department. We kept the ship alive!
Williams, DanePH/ MCNov 14, 2002 – Mar 26, 2007OP
Jeter, HenryAGCNov 15, 2002 – Nov 15, 2005OA
Epps, KennethBM3 (SW/AW)Dec 28, 2002 – Dec 5, 2006Deck 1st CRMDthe special K was a learning experience, started out rough but eventually worked itself out, would like to thank all my old LPOs BM1 Edwards and RP1 Bradley for the guidance and good luck to everybody that served on this fine ship.
Powers, BrandyBM32003 –1stwas a great ship.. i had a blast there!!
Jackson (Tucker), Elizabeth (Bibi)FC3Jan 2003 – Jan 2006CW
Sobczak, ChristinaE-4/CTO3Jan 2003 – May 2004OPSCTO3 Rodgers aka CTO3 Sieberg
Dunham, ToneyFeb 2003 – Jun 2006DentalPlankowner
Harden, Earl aka CornbreadAK2(AW/SW)Mar 12, 2003 –AIMD IM1/ Production controlBig up to my boy AK1 Sweat "J" Jones and AZ1 Shaw, AZ2 Thomas,Small, Lil bit Williams,MA1 now MAC Wilson aka Sweat Willie "D" babe, Scott la Rock, GO. I see you little Penny big SK2 you. It was different but could'nt do anoth
Zarabia, LuisABH3Apr 2, 2003 –air department
Mangas, JackAM1May 15, 2003 – Jan 15, 2003AIMD/IM02This has been a tour of great growth. Many lesson in life were learned here. Many friends were made and many rung of the brow.
Lehnert, WilliamENSIGNJul 13, 2003 – Jan 19, 2004Disbursing Officer (S-4)Best ship in the Navy.
cortes, RebeccaJul 27, 2003 – Sep 20, 2004AIMD/IM4
Tavera, DavidE-3Aug 7, 2003 – Jul 19, 2006S-2"Ham and Cheese"
Felton, ChrisOS2Nov 10, 2003 – May 6, 2007OI Baby! YayThe only life I knew in the Navy was the Kearsarge life. It was a life greatly lived and appreciated. Good Luck to those on board and to those that we serve later.
Rice, Chaney/ Chainsaw profile iconE-12004 –engineeringUss kearsarge 152nd ground forces. IT linguistics. Logistics strategy command. Intelligence CFO. Secret clearance. posts Iraq Afganistan Pakistan Russian spec op post 132 Badges Armed conflict resolution Sniper badge
McHaffey, JoshuaHT3/E-4Jan 4, 2004 – Jan 26, 2006Repair Division
Miller, Christina (Female Miller)AOANMar 2004 – Jul 2004AIMDI miss this ship
Atteberry, MatthewHT3Apr 9, 2004 – May 14, 2007RepairWas a good ship my first 3 years onboard. Then after a bias HT1 got there it all went to hell. I have never thought of how many ways to make a man "disappear" then after he got there. Then his daddy HTCS got there, went from bad to worse!
Simpson, Robert/simpsMM3Apr 14, 2004 – Apr 9, 2007MPAI crossrated. Maybe next time around I'll hassel with the Meps people some more.
Behri, Neritan/albanian MaffiaMM3Apr 19, 2004 – Dec 9, 2007mpfsteam the world, great snipes.
Lang, Christopher "Langchop"MM3Apr 29, 2004 – Apr 7, 2009MPAI have never been on antidepresants until reporting to this ship. But I still love the Navy. Go Navy beat Army, 3 more years and I'll be through.
Austin, JessicaBM2May 1, 2004 – May 15, 20061st/2nd/SIDES
Parmenter, JonpET2(SW/AW)May 21, 2004 – Dec 2, 2008CA / S10What a ride
Wright, KevinEMCM(SW/AW)May 31, 2004 – Jun 30, 2007CSI/ AND ENGINEERING LCPO
Ingram, CurtiliousSH2Jun 2004 – Jan 2009S-3N/A
Carman, GregFC2Jun 3, 2004 – Sep 19, 2006CWNothing like busting up non-skid on the aft missile deck once a quarter.
Larson, SaraE-5/IT2Jul 22, 2004 – Dec 8, 2008C5I/CA
Konyok/ Perdomo, ChristinaE3Aug 2004 – Sep 11, 2005V-1Hit me on <a href="!/ckonyok"> Facebook</a>
Kucharski, MichaelET3Aug 5, 2004 – Jul 1, 2007CSE1
Nwokeuku, RenaultE-4/MA3Sep 12, 2004 – Sep 12, 2007CX
Lawson, Travis "Law Dog"MM2/E-5Sep 16, 2004 – Sep 2008Main Propulsion AftThis ship has taught me a lot about leadership. I may have not chose an easy job in the Navy but I'm proud of how importartant my job is onboard steam ships. A dieing breed.
Happel, John "Happel Juice"FC2(SW)Oct 15, 2004 – Aug 1, 2006CF
Russaw, JohnGMC(SW/AW)Nov 5, 2004 – Jun 1, 2007Weapons
Cook, ChristopherE2/SADec 27, 2004 –DECK`The kearsarge is the best ship in the fleet

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1992 | 1993 | 1994 – 1996 | 1997 – 2000 | 2001 – 2004 | 2005 – now

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