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USS Kearsarge (LHD 3) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Kearsarge (LHD 3). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 312 crew members registered for the USS Kearsarge (LHD 3).

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Hollobaugh, JohnRM1Oct 1, 1991 – Jan 12, 1996CommunicationsI am a Plank Owner and this was my last ship before retiring in 1998. To all those that were stationed aboard hope you all are having a great time. Fair Winds and Following Seas to ALL. My Email is
Bradley, ChrisFCCOct 14, 1991 – Oct 12, 1994Combat SystemsPlank Owner, I spent 18 months in Pascagoula Ms. with a small group of pre-commissioning crewmen monitoring the construction of the ship and completed the first deployment of LHD-3
Brand, JeromeAD1Oct 17, 1991 –AIMDThose who knew me I have not changed other than my age and what I know. What I did not know then I know now of who I am. Many knew what I did not why did you not tell me? Tom Hankins you knew and hid that truth Why?
Mason, StephenPN1(SW)Nov 1991 – Jun 1995X2PLANKOWNER Was the 1st PN that check into Kearsarge. I was the only Admin type and had to do all the Admin work. PC, YN, DK, etc.. But was a great ship. My 2nd Precom, my 1st Precom was USS IOWA in April 1984
Jones, JamisonSKSN1992 – 1996GSKDown with the AK's, Long live the SK plankowners
Crane, Alfred (Fred)BT11992 – 1994EngineeringPLANKOWNER..I agree with BT1 Lang, this ship could cause severe use of anti-depressants, but it did have a great crew.
Costanza, StephenOS 31992 – 1996OPS/OIPrecom/PlankOwner
Stillson, JeremyMM3 A-DIVISION1992 – 1997I was an original Plankowner of LHD-3. We had some crazy times! I got one name for ya'll. Big Booty Trudy! Now that's funny right there, I don't care who you are!
Whitcombe, RobBT1(SW)1992 – May 1995BPlankowner. Last of 5 duty stations in the Navy. Left to be a civilian after almost 13 years of service. Never looked back after leaving. Enjoyed my time with my shipmates of the Kearsarge.
Van Meerten, DavidDS11992 – 1997CS/CDPlankowner
Reddick, JeffreyFN/SH31992 – 1997Engineering/ Supply S-3 Division Plankowner!!!!My career started on the mighty Kearsarge will never forget the good times and hard work with my shipmates. Hope we will meet again someday!!!!!! Was the crew barber for those who forgot.
Aukland, GeraldE41992 – 1995V3Plank Owner
Ragas, Cedric (C Rock)bm31992 – Jun 16, 19961st divhad a great time on this ship, remember some of the names on here and would like to stay in touch with shipmates. always sitting down reminiscing about the fun times, lil black, houston, jones g,bm1 pettaway,bm2 hayes,
Blount, MauriceAK1992 –Supply
Asterman, TimO3E CAPT USMC1992 – 1994COMBAT CARGOFIRST CCO / Precomm /Plank Owner USMC
Houston, BobAK1Jan 1992 – Feb 1996S-8/S-9Precom/Plankowner, Hey Darryl, Whats Up if you should read this.
Steve Costa, ShanerE-5 / OS2Jan 1, 1992 – May 1, 1997OperationsOS2 Shaner - Plankowner
Wright, Patrick J. profile icon  NEWE-5 OS2 Jan 1, 1992 – Mar 15, 1997OPSIT WAS HOT!!! The crew on the Kearsarge made everything Cool Though. Thanks Fellas. Treven Briscoe, Eugene Moore, Big J, Thomas, MCclaine, Shaner, Shoemaker, Sounders, Rieger, Washington and alll the rest of my brothers
Childress, GregAG3Feb 1992 – Jan 1995OAPlankowner
Greening, GeorgeLI-1Feb 1992 – Aug 23, 1994admin/opsoriginal plankowner.........loved the party times in pascagoula.....never forget the freindships ive forged during the best of times there..................loved the parties with the xo and the gangs............the first to retire on her
Ruple, Darryl profile iconAK1Feb 3, 1992 – Feb 28, 1997S-6GO...AK's. This was the best ship Ive ever been on....other than The USS Midway CVC-41
Skinner, JoeDS2Mar 1992 – May 1995Combat Systems
Moore, Charles (Choppy)ABF3Mar 10, 1992 – Jun 16, 1994V4Was a Plank Owner. Worked on the flight deck. Just looking for old shipmates. Everybody knew me as Choppy
Klemm, MattDS3Apr 1992 – Nov 7, 1997Best ship I've served on. Made some great friends who I still keep in touch with.
Richardson, Trevis (Rich)BT3 Richardson (Rich)Apr 1992 – Jul 1995B divisionPlank Owner
Hill, JohnPH3May 1992 –Plankowner contact me here
McKiernan, BernE-5 DS2May 12, 1992 – Sep 9, 1996Combat SystemsPlankowner
Bowen, GerardHM3Jun 1992 – Jun 1995HPLANKOWNER Where's the rest of medical?
Breland, RobertDS3Jun 10, 1992 – May 3, 1995CD DivisionPlankowner
Searle, StephenFC1(SW)Jul 1992 – Mar 1997Combat SystemsPlankowner
Reeves, JasonBT3Jul 4, 1992 – May 12, 1996MPWhat a great crew ....... a shitty couple years commissioning ....... and a grand young ship. I miss my pit.
Hill, RascellMSSN/E-3Jul 26, 1992 – May 15, 1995S-2Precom/PLANKOWNER
Stevens, JohnnyDP2Sep 1, 1992 – Oct 1, 1996S-7
Quatman, William (B.j.)AO 3Sep 2, 1992 – Aug 2, 1996CO
Heffner, GilBMCSep 16, 1992 – Apr 29, 19972ndGood luck Deck
White, AllenABF1Oct 1992 – Nov 1997V-4 FuelsPLANKOWNER MED CRUISE 95,97
Pope, EricEM3Oct 1992 – Mar 1997EPlank Owner
Kangas, JohnBM1Oct 1992 – Oct 1996All DeckPrecommed the old girl. Good ship. Served with some great guys.
Pruett, MichaelAK1Oct 1992 – Apr 1996S-6/IM-1Plankowner
Scott, ChrisAK1Oct 1992 – Oct 1997IM01
Slazinski, Jason (Ski)ANOct 4, 1992 – Oct 4, 1994V1Plankowner here! WOW! It's been so long!! I see a ton of names I recognize. Many drunk times and trouble while waiting for this ship to be commissioned. I met some truly wonderful people and still have an unbelievable amount of respect you
Sexton, CareyABH3Oct 6, 1992 – Aug 1, 1996V-1Plankowner Fly 1
Milton, TroyDC2Oct 10, 1992 – Jan 1, 1998Repair and Damage Control
Jones, C. BrockBM-3Oct 22, 1992 – Oct 21, 19962nd
Qualls, ShedrickABH3Oct 25, 1992 – Oct 25, 1996V-I AIRPLANKOWNER
Laureles, JoeABHOct 31, 1992 –PreComm Had the best of days & a lot of trouble in the barracks. Wish I would've been there to pick up O'grady!
Foster, BobbyEN-3Nov 1992 – Apr 19, 1996AUX/ AIMDPlank owner.
Spicknall, ShannonAN / MS3Nov 1992 – Mar 1994
Webb, ToddBMCNov 2, 1992 – Nov 2, 19931st DivisionMet some great shipmates here, I left prematurly with some medical problems. I went on to 3 years at NavSta Little Creek and then PreComm the Truman CVN-75, did 4 years there and retired to N.C.
Silva, UpulABH 3Nov 10, 1992 – Mar 13, 1996V-1Plankowner. Where's the rest of V-1?
Meyers, ClavalanAirman AprenticeNov 18, 1992 –Flight DeackFirst and best division on the ship!
Riggs, John T.HM3Dec 1992 – Jan 1997Medical
Powell, PatrickE-4/MM3Dec 1992 – Apr 1997A Gang!Plankowner. Great times with my friends and the guys I worked with! Yeah, I was the guy in A gang who could immitate anyone! Ah, memories!
Tope, ThomasAS 3Dec 1992 – Jul 1996IM-4
Leonard, JamesETCDec 2, 1992 – Aug 23, 1996CEPlankowner
Decker, ScottDC2Dec 15, 1992 – Jun 10, 1996ENGHad a blast, met alot of good friends. Had Fun, miss the ship!

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1992 | 1993 | 1994 – 1996 | 1997 – 2000 | 2001 – 2004 | 2005 – now

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