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USS Wasp (LHD 1) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Wasp (LHD 1). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 472 crew members registered for the USS Wasp (LHD 1).

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Harris, Sheri SmithMM31997 – 1999Engineering deptI worked in the Aft engine room with MM2 Weidor...loved my time there...
Hopkins, ClarenceMS11997 – 2001Supply
Tofts, PhilipABHAN1997 – 2000V1Hope all is well with the old crew. Feel free to reach out and say what's up!
Richard, Romyrome69E21997 – 2000S2
McCartney, ShawnCTO1Feb 1997 – Feb 2000OT/SSESone of my best tours. I miss being afloat.
Harding, CoreyE-4/DC3Jun 11, 1997 – Sep 7, 2001ENG/DC shopYeah! You can't stop a DC men. I was on there now I'm coming back in May 05'. It's been awhile but I'm coming home. to the DC men it's on again. I seen so much and I'm ready to do it all over again!
Rios, PedroEM-4Aug 9, 1997 – Jan 9, 2000EMLoved my time onboard and our 98 Med Cruise. Looking to connect with anyone that remembers me there.
Weaver, James (Big Worm)BM3 (SW/AW)Sep 1997 – Oct 20001ST AND FINEST...SECOND TO NONE
Sutton, Corey profile iconDC3Sep 1997 – Dec 1999R / DC shopI've been trying to catch up with MS3 Walker and OS2 Keiser. Any help would be appreciated.
Keizer, WaideOS2Sep 18, 1997 – Feb 10, 2002OIMany memories on this ship. Too many to list!
Brown, Gregory (Mutt)HT3Sep 19, 1997 – Dec 25, 2000REPAIRwell i was in the ht shop from sept 97 till a couple of weeks before my eaos (christmas day 2000) i was usually seen with R division crew Many people called me MUTT
Pennell, DanielleBMSNOct 1997 – Mar 1999DECK 2ndI was just looking for anyone that I sailed with in 1997 to 1999 Had a blast miss you guys a lot Please feel free to contact me at anytime to talk about the good ole' days!!!!!!
Chacaltana, ErickaE3Oct 17, 1997 – Jun 30, 2001V4I miss everyone in the V4 division
Meck, Ronald JamesGM3Dec 17, 1997 – Nov 19, 1999VG Division
Mittelsteadt, Gordon profile iconAO31998 – 2002G3Im out and working as a correctional Officer in the state of California. I have an 8 year old daughter and one on the way.
Pierce( Cooperman), StephanieDTDR AND SRFeb 1998 – May 1999Dental / DeckHey anyone from the 98 med cruise. Kade,hey man whats up, anyone elses whom I hung out with Please give a shout ...I would love to hear from ya.
Williams, Latresha "Lil Boats"BM2 (SW/AW)Mar 18, 1998 – Sep 1, 1999firstI was just curious to see if anyone from the Wasp, knew about this site! I miss all of my old Dept. You helped me be who I am today....
Heemer, RyanABH 3 (AW)Aug 20, 1998 – Aug 19, 2002V 1
Antony, Mickey DDK3Aug 28, 1998 – Oct 28, 2002SupplyTrying to connect with the men and women i served with.
Fehrer, Valerie DyanEM3Oct 1998 – Aug 1999440
Whitmire, ScottAD1 (AW)Oct 30, 1998 – Aug 15, 2002IM01I really had a great time on WASP. Really enjoyed the people. Saw a lot of things, and went to some new places. Thanks and God Speed.
Johnson, LesterMM3Nov 17, 1998 – Aug 17, 2001MP1Worked hard but, I left a little too early...
Welch, TyroneEM2Dec 28, 1998 – Sep 27, 2003REWIND*****
Redic, MarvinBM11999 – Feb 1, 20032nd / 1ststarted in 2nd div then went to 1st div look me up at
Howard, RobertEN3Jan 1, 1999 – Jan 1, 2002Auxiliary
Maurer, StephanieAirmanJan 19, 1999 – 2000V-4
Villanueva, MichaelET3Mar 1999 – Jul 2003C4I/ CATo all my boys (and girls)I met on the Wasp, isn't it good to be gone? If you're still there, well, I can't rain all the time. See you when I see you. It was real and it was fun, but it sure wasn't real fun.... Sloppy Dons Med 2000
Sanders, DevinBM3May 1999 – 2001Deck 1st DivisionGreat ship and a great crew!
Hickman, Jeffery ( Bodene )AM3Jul 25, 1999 – May 15, 2003IMO2AM2 Miller,AM2 Alarcon,AM3 Escalante,AM1 Riley,AD2 Taulbee,ABH2 Pryor,ABH2 Moore,ABH1 Cleveland,ABH3 wellington and cheferre,ABH3 Sinklear,EM3 Lagamba,EM2 Driver and to all the others who i missed. i miss yall....Med cruise 00 Persian Gulf 02. Peace.
Markley, AmyMM2 / MA1 (SW/AW)Aug 1999 – Jun 15, 2003A DIV / MAAI was an MM2 and after 911, cross rated to MA2.
Day, Bobby "jughead" "juggernaut"BM2(SW)Sep 1999 – Sep 20012nd/1st DeckAnyone out there from Deck during my time, Email me
Kennett, JesseABH2Sep 7, 1999 – Nov 21, 2003V-1Great first tour! Still serving in the Navy today, but as an AWR1...
Collins, JamesAS1Sep 13, 1999 – Sep 28, 2002IM04I had a great tour on the Wasp. The Wasp was my first ship. I learned a lot and met a lot of good people. The Wasp is the epitome of the amphib navy and would do another tour there any day.
Callaway, JessieAC3(AW)Nov 1999 – Sep 2000Tacron 21Good Ship, Good People, Good Cruise
Rogers, David "Dk1"DK1Nov 1999 – Jan 2002S-4To all warriors past and present, GOD BLESS and Keep You Safe. I enjoyed my time aboard. Thank you for making my tour a memorable one. I miss everyone of you and think about you often. Hard Chargers All. With Spirit, Pride, and Honor A TEAM.
Rodriguez, RoseE-4/MMFeb 14, 2000 – Feb 14, 2004Forward MMR
Melendez, Luis ELCPLFeb 19, 2000 – Aug 6, 2000HMM-263I served for about 6 months on the Wasp as part of an LF6F with the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit.
Nealon, DavidCWO2Apr 2000 – Jun 2003CE / CI
Bell, JosephE-6/AT1Apr 11, 2000 – Mar 8, 2004IMO3I miss all of you and I'm glad you're finally home, but I'm even happier to have moved on. I hope that some us try to stay in contact. CWO4 Shotwell,ATC Brookins,Thanks!! Shep,BigD, Roachass,Gonzo,Mac,Hell man,and all I don't have spac
Arnold, TeresaCTR1(SW/AW)Apr 16, 2000 – Apr 16, 2003OTI met a lot of nice people onboard this ship that I will never forget. Even thought it was my first and last ship, it gave me many memories that will forever be imbedded in my brain.
Martinez, FrankEM2May 2000 – Aug 2005EEIt was some trying times, but I made it out alive!
White, TravisCTT2 SW/AWMay 8, 2000 – Jan 17, 2004OPS/OT02
Wright, MatthewE1-E3Jun 2000 – Mar 2003Deck Department 2nd and 3rd Div.
Welsh, GeorgeE-3Jun 14, 2000 – Nov 3, 2001Deck - 1stJust found this site and am hoping to contact some old salty dogs from the Wasp.
Wright, MatthewE1-E3Jun 19, 2000 – Feb 12, 2003Deck
Tackett, JeffEM2/EM1Jul 5, 2000 – Jul 1, 2004
Tackett, JeffEM2/1Jul 5, 2000 – Jul 1, 2004E-Div and A-DivSpent time in 440 Shop, Hydraulics Shop and Rewind Shop. Put on EM1 there thanks to the guys that worked for me. Looking back, realized we had good times. Still telling people stories from my time on the Wasp.
Soskin, EvanQMCSAug 2000 – Oct 2002NAVServed with some of the best people that I have met in my 20 year career.
Fontanez, GeorgeCS1Aug 2000 – Jul 2004S2Hello everyone! CS2 while on the Wasp and the majority of time was the captain's cook. Many good memories!
Hoctor, TomCWO3Aug 2000 – Dec 2003V-1
Simmons, RickAKCSAug 1, 2000 – Apr 1, 2002S-6
Blood, KyleCTT2Sep 25, 2000 – Sep 5, 2003OTIt was an honor and a priviledge to serve with everyone aboard the Wasp. I wish you all the best, and no one will be forgotten.
Thorstad (Heck At The Time), ValerieYN3Oct 2000 – Jun 2001C4I YEOMANLOVED IT!!! ITCM Stoddard, LCDR Murgatroid, LCDR Heatter, ETCS Shannon, FC1 Lorenz, I can't type everyone on here, but I remember you all!!! :) GOOD TIMES HAD BY ALL!!!
Flores, MarleneE-3Dec 18, 2000 – Dec 18, 2004V-1Love the whole Flight Deck crew....never mind only the people who actually worked, Big up to "Fly 1",,,
Blastenbrei, RobertMS2Dec 20, 2000 – Jul 3, 2003
Sanders, William (Sandy)OS1 (SW/AW)Dec 20, 2000 – Nov 1, 2003OIWASP was my final ship of my 21 yr career. Made many friends and gained some good experience. My final deployment (2002) was one of intensity and going into the unknown as we searched for terrorists after 9/11 attacks on our homeland.
Laitola, TiffanyITC FORMER CTO1Dec 30, 2000 – Jun 15, 2003OPS/OTThe WASP was some of the best times I've had in the Navy. Some of my best friends were made while onboard the ship. That is where I learned the real meaning of a "relationship" with Christ. I found true followers of him.

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1988 | 1989 | 1990 – 1991 | 1992 – 1993 | 1994 – 1996 | 1997 – 2000 | 2001 – 2003 | 2004 – now

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