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USS Wasp (LHD 1) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Wasp (LHD 1). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 472 crew members registered for the USS Wasp (LHD 1).

Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1988 | 1989 | 1990 – 1991 | 1992 – 1993 | 1994 – 1996 | 1997 – 2000 | 2001 – 2003 | 2004 – now

Goodell, JohnDS1 (SW/AW)1987 – 1992CDCDPre Nucleolus Crew, Plank Owner, First Med Cruise.
James, FredSKSNSep 19, 1987 – Aug 19, 1991S-8Plankowner
Poovey, Bob C.MM1 S/W A/WOct 21, 1987 – Jul 7, 1992EA02Plankowner Fire Marshal Aux Duty officer Ballast Control Officer
Horton, Darrol "Jet-dog"EM-2 ELECTRICIAN/ SEABEEOct 26, 1987 – Dec 15, 1991Engineering/Plankowner /Original-crew. Where were all the women when I served ??? We Survived Shock-Trials on the coolest ship in the world.It was quite an adventure. But i dont really miss those SMALL Pay Checks. hope ya'll are all doing fine as well. C-ya
Norris, Jon (Known To Most As "chuck"DPSN1988 – 1991Ops, OZPlankowner, Joint Intelligence Center (at the end of the "Yellow Brick Road")
Beaupre, Nick "beau Knows"AS/AW 31988 – 1992AIMD/IMO4PLANKOWNER Made alot of friends that I would like to see again
Wright, MichaelRM21988 – Jun 5, 1992CommunicationsPlankowner...from pre-com to our first Med Cruise. Had a great experience and seved with a ton of great people. Would not tade the experience for anything.
Gambardella, Rosario / GumbyDS21988 – 1992CDPlankowner. Many good memories. Made allot of good friends and hung out with some great guys. Hope there's a plankowners reunion some day. Good Ol Capt. Picot. PRECOMDET WASP (LHD1), PRECOMUNIT WASP (LHD-1), Commissioning 1989.
Johnson, MichaelEN31988 – 1992EngineeringPlankowner.
Erger, MarkET#1988 –CE02Comms division, helped write the SOPs during precomm. Great ship and still get back to her from time to time to do some work.
Parker, MartinRM21988 – 1991CommunicationsPlank owner.
Hoffman, RonAT31988 – 1993AIMD IM03Plank owner, Proud to have been part of the original crew, was a sad day when I went aboard a few years ago. Hey Nick, Buckley, Dave, Joey, Randy, Doug, ! Shipmates join at retired 07
Bramstedt, AndyAT31988 – 1992AIMD IM03Proud to be part of the original crew.
Kelly, TroyBT1988 – 1992MPFORWARDCan't believe how long it's been...miss the forward engine room crew. Some of the best people I've ever met.
Casanova, RaulAD31988 – 1992AIMD IM02Just wanting to hear from some of the plankowners.
Tillman, Victor (Dog)EM1988 – 1990ElectricalHit me up. Not the same old dog but its still me. 6785224660
Rockenbaugh, PhillipAO31988 – 1992combat systemI got the opportunity to walk on board the ship after 22 years . The Wasp still looks great. I look back and think of the good times .
Brown, MichaelAS31988 – 1991Aviation SupportGod blessed me with me some good friends on the wasp
Arellano, DimasE-11988 – Jul 22, 1992EPlank owner. Great time on board. Could have done more. Met lots of great men. Miss it all and would do it all over again except for the 3 captains mass and the summary court marshal. Big Oops.
Don Jenkins, JenksDC31988 – 1992RepairMany memories. Looking for Vetter and Westburg.
Casborn, Adam (Cas)HM31988 – Mar 3, 1991Medical
Harrell, MarkBM21988 – 1992Deck 2nd Div.Plank Owner.A lot of cleaning back in the beginning. Even though I took my career to the NSW side it was nice knowing both sides of the Navy. Some of the things I got away with back on that ship, scares me to this day.
Quinn, WesleyQM31988 – 1992Navigation
Baker, Jessie Shake N BakeDS21988 – 1993Combat SystemsPascagoula, PRECOMDET, Builders, Sea, Acceptance, Shock trials, lots of hangovers, great friends made, awesome times and memories. Poker nights, things which cannot be listed here ??? Impersonating an officer, pranks
Morales, Erbinabh3Jan 1988 – Sep 1988v3Had so much fun back in those days!!!!plank owner!!! Wish I could go back and do it again, for sure. Think I was one of the first to go to the Brig..Lol!!!! My email is!!
Anger, JeffABH3Jan 1, 1988 – Jul 31, 1991V-1Plankowner
Luzader, DerrickRM3Jan 1, 1988 – Jan 1, 1991COMMLook me up on face book!!! lets keep in touch
Ledger, Mark profile iconET1 - ETC(SW)Feb 1988 – Jul 1991OE - CE4th sailor to report to Nucleus Crew; losing the SPS-52 Antenna during Shock Trials; Donning Khakis 14 SEP 90; a lot of learning and training the ship & crew; not nearly enough underway time; GREAT Shipmates!
Scott, Kevin "Scottie"YN3Feb 9, 1988 – Jun 5, 1991X1The first crew member! Before the ship was completed...before the ships skipper checked aboard. PRECOMDET WASP (LHD 1) building L-28, then building KBB at NOB NORVA. PRECOMUNIT WASP (LHD 1) in Pascagoula, MS and commissioning July 1989.
Barnett, MichaelEn2Mar 1, 1988 – Apr 1, 1990A div ships hydraulic shopAwesome experience on board have been a civilian for awhile my email address is
Gorham, BarnyBT2Mar 4, 1988 – Jun 15, 1994MPA lot of years has past but the wasp is still in my heart
Carlson, RichardE-4Apr 1, 1988 – Feb 1, 1989May 1992I work in the air department in the fuels department ABF (purple shirts). Was there from the beginning in Pascagoula Mississippi.
Cross, GeraldIC 1Apr 15, 1988 – Jun 9, 1991EPlankowner Gonna isn't getting !!!! Woulda shoulda coulda!!!! great bunch of guys, but i don't miss the ship at all!
Shipp, BuckleyAE2Apr 21, 1988 – May 20, 1991AIMD/UH-1 Helo CrewGreat Ship, Great Crew. Would love to know where they all are now !!
Sidlauskas, (Sid) SidlauskasDC3May 15, 1988 – Feb 15, 1992RepairGreat fondness during Pre-Com in the Gulf at Pascagoula and onboard The Wasp. Now serving onboard the M/V Tokitae in the Washington State Navy.
Ward, Rich / Stan The ManE-5 mm2 SW/AW NEC 4283May 19, 1988 – Aug 15, 1991A Division EAO1Hydraulic shop from there went to Cryo school (thanks for the advice back then MM1 Poovey!) ran cryo plants on carriers till 2000, got out hired on w/Praxair in 2000 still operating commercial cryo plants love it!
Miller, RobET1Jun 1988 – Aug 1992OEPlankowner- Radar uber alles!
Fleming, DavidAD1Jun 1988 – Feb 1993IM01Plankowner/Original Crew...Stinger Crew Supervisor...QA
Sauer, William profile iconAS1 SS/AWJun 1988 – Aug 1991AIMD IM4 and IM1 QAPlankowner
Sowell, CharlieISSR - IS2Jun 10, 1988 – Aug 28, 1991OZLHD-1 Plankowner-served in pre-commissioning unit in Norfolk and joined ship's company in Pascagoula, MS with CAPT L.F. Picotte, YN3 Kevin Scott, ISSA Don Moore, ISSA Sean O'Brien, PHSN Ernest Frazier, DPSN Joe Hoechst, and ISC Ray Borra.
Cochran, BobbyACCM(AW/SW)Jul 1988 – Dec 1991OC We All Survived Picotte, Long Hard Days, WASP LHD.
Davids, JeffABH3Jul 1, 1988 – Jun 4, 1991Air V-1Plank Owner.
PhillIIps, RandyJul 13, 1988 – May 22, 1992Enginering
Phillips, RandyE3 FIREMAN/ HULL TECHJul 14, 1988 – May 22, 1992EngineringShould have done more while I was in.
Ness, MichaelABH-3Jul 21, 1988 – Apr 22, 1992V-1Come on guys, we're coming up on the 20 year anniversary of putting this girl into action. Lets get together and remember what it was like to be young! Maybe we could even talk the Navy into having some sort of dependants day cruise.
Tilton, PatrickEM3Jul 30, 1988 – Oct 15, 1991EngineeringOriginal Plankowner - I took what I learned in the Navy and started my own Electrical Company in Phoenix, AZ. Please call Hawkeye Electric if interested in a job. Now Hiring Electricians. Per the captian keep your stinger up.
Messersmith (Now Kotyk), MichaelAG2Jul 30, 1988 – Dec 21, 1991OAThis was my first ship. I didn't enjoy it when I was there but afterwards, I realized it was my best tour of duty. I "stayed Navy" and made Chief. I retire in Dec 2007
Karam, VinceAMSANAug 1988 – Jul 1992AIMDI was a Plank owner and worked in the Air Frames Shop. Had A Great Time and Grew up. Thanks to Everyone. Hi George!
Cleanthes, JasonANAug 1988 – Jun 1990S-6PLANKOWNER - Worked NAS Virginia while we waited for the ship to be built, then moved on and took her to Cuba for Shock Trials... Had a blast, really learned alot, even from AK1 Sims who didn't like me much.. OFW!! Awesome ship!!
Parry, BryanDS2Aug 1988 – Aug 1993CD
Borgen, MarshallPH3Aug 1988 – Aug 1990ops
Hinds,, BuddyQMC(SW)Aug 1988 – Feb 1992NavigationI take pride in taking Wasp from a floating hulk in Pascagoula to her first Med Cruise,do miss all the fine sailors I worked with,but not all the long days and hours.Still follow the ships actions today and take pride.
Cox, RodneyABH3Aug 1988 – Mar 1991V1Had some great times. Im a plank owner. Im out of the navy now and work as a police officer in north carolina but i will never forget those good times on the wasp.
Williams, JamesDT3Aug 1988 – Mar 1991Medical\Dentalserved in dental with PO Thomas and Dr. weber. We shared the same berthing as the signalmen and radiomen.
Palmer Sr, DonGM2Aug 1, 1988 – Aug 1, 1990Combat SystemsI am a plank owner of this ship and my step-father served on USS WASP CVS 18, in 1959. He was part of the Blimp Squadron.
Sims, DougAK1Aug 4, 1988 – Apr 3, 1991S-6Great Ship/Great Times, PLANKOWNER
Runnels, RunANAug 15, 1988 – Jul 23, 1990AIMDPLANKOWNER! Was an airman when we were in Portsmith ship yard before I swapped duty to the Abraham Lincoln.
Yovanno, JonAS3Aug 18, 1988 – May 18, 1992AIMD/IM04PlankOwner. How the time flies! A way of life we lived that will never be replaced!
Vance, RogerRM1Aug 21, 1988 – Nov 16, 1990Message CenterPlank Owner This was my final act on active duty in the Navy
Aviles Jr., Luis A. profile iconBMSN(sw)Aug 23, 1988 – Aug 22, 1992Deck/FirstPLANKOWNER Fells good to be civilian,but will do it all over again. Live now in Hampton,Virginia. Happily married to Tonya and have one son, Javier.Was on First/Div. Hometown is Cabo Rojo,P.R.
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Robinson, PaulBmAug 29, 1988 – Aug 1991Desck 2Precom norfolk pasc gitmo and the bombs those were fun. Original plankowner
McDonough, MartinSM3Sep 1988 – Jun 1991Plankowner
Fragoso Jr., Abelardo(abel)RM1Sep 1988 – Jun 1992CM
Jerger, JohnET1Sep 1988 – Jan 13, 1993CSPlankowner- 83 crew member to join the ship. Involved in writing up ship service manuals and space inspections at Ingalls
Swint, DavidQM3Sep 1988 – Jul 5, 1992NavigationPlankowner. I served with a great crew and made it through shock trials and GETMO. I deployed on the first Med cruise. Master Helmsman qualified. Nothing like the days in Ingals shipyard pulling fire watch or living in Constitution Hall.
Brooks, NathanEM3Sep 1988 – Aug 1991E20 years in the Navy and still going strong and am now a Senior Chief. Miss the great times and people on the Wasp. Still in Norfolk with CNE for a final tour.
Long, Randy (Stroke)AT2Sep 1988 – Apr 1991IM-3
Rose, RichardCWO2/RMC(SW)Sep 1988 – Oct 1992CRNuke-One Plankowner. LHD = Long Hard Days
Barajas, Felipe profile iconBT1Sep 1988 – Jan 1990MP DivisionYou will be hard pressed to find a more rough and harsh plankowner than Captain Peacock. Otherwise, I enjoyed my time from PCU, Commissioning, Shock Tests and until the day I transfered to converted from BT to GS.
Ouzts, WillieQM3Sep 1988 – Jun 2002NavigationPlankOwner. Served with a Bunch of Outstanding Sailors! Constitution Hall and Pasacagula Mississippi! Those were the days.
Kleinertz, Walter "Walt"E6 BT1Sep 1988 – Mar 1994MP2, Oil LabPLANKOWNER. looking for old shipmates. my email is
Beard, Leonard profile iconE 3Sep 1988 – Feb 1991Engineering / R-DIV
McKinney, MikeGySgtSep 16, 1988 – Sep 18, 1990COMMPlankowner--LHD (long hard days) It was a great time serving aboard her.
Jakovac, William D.EM1Oct 1988 – Oct 1990EPlankowner. Always in the Gator Navy. Proud to have been part of the first crew of the finest ship.
Oldham, MikeABH3Oct 1988 – Apr 1992V1 - Crash & SalvageMed Cruise in 91 was awesome. I miss that ship sometimes....
Wadsworth, Henry (Da Wadz)DS3Oct 1988 – May 1991Combat SystemsPlankowner Was in the shipyards with her being built LOTS Of Problems but a whole lot of fun as well
Peterson, KevinE-4/ABHOct 1988 – Mar 1992V-1Plankowner, Nickname(Padeye Pete)
Adams, MichaelSM1/E-6Oct 1988 – Apr 1989SCLoved the ship and my position as LPO. Hated that my knee took me off and eventually caused my discharge.
Preston, SeanIC-2Oct 1988 – Dec 1991EHad some of my best life experiences as a Plankowner on board USS Wasp. From the barracks to the pier, lots of great memories here. Stingers up!
Jackson, Lawrence, LjBT2Oct 1988 – Jan 1993MP2Hello shipmates. Had a blast while on this ship.
Mitchell, EugeneLtOct 1, 1988 – Sep 29, 1990DeckRetired in Durham NC
Sturdivant, JayABHANOct 4, 1988 – Apr 4, 1992V-1Constitution hall and Essex hall were awsome and so was spray-painting all the lifevests but I really didn't find my groove until we got underway and I started passing out all the underpants(skivies).
Lee, KelvanQM3Oct 5, 1988 – Jul 12, 1992Navigation
Maxwell, KenBT3Oct 12, 1988 – 1991MP2 forwardPlank owner -remember quite a few of the precom guys.I was with the ship the whole way thru 91. still think about everyone i served with . many pictures of her and the crew back then hope new and old crew are doing well.
Morales, Julio (Mo)AD1(AW)Oct 12, 1988 – Apr 1, 1991AIMD
Coplien, DonMS1 Oct 20, 1988 – May 1, 1991S-5Plankowner Had a great time working in the Wardroom and Captain's Mess.
Robinson, RogerABH3Oct 31, 1988 – May 6, 1992V-1
Gilbert, JoeAT1Nov 1988 – Feb 1991IMOPlank Owner with Crazy Capt Picot -
Lamneck, JohnE-3Nov 1988 – Oct 1990EngimeeringBest time of my life.
Duncan, LeonardFIREMENNov 1988 – Jan 1990Forward Engine Room, BT sidePLANKOWNER
Schellhammer, Ron (Shelly)ABF3Nov 1988 – Aug 1992Aviation FuelsPlankowner. had alot of great itmes with the men on the USS Wasp. It was my honor to serve with all of you. Grapes forever
Brooks, Alan Aka BlackANNov 1988 – Aug 27, 1992V-3I would like to knw where some of my friends n fellow shipmates are today. Marcus cishem from Memphis ,Tn. My man Thaims from Mississippi. My bro rodrick besley from Ny/Alabama.
Karam, Vince profile iconAMSANNov 1, 1988 – Jul 29, 1992AIMDPlankowner
Collins, Dwayne (Pony Boy)ABH3Nov 14, 1988 – Oct 24, 1991V-1 Crash & SalvageBest Command ever.
Peaslee, MichaelABH3Dec 1988 – Apr 1, 1992Air V-1Met lots of new friends, and have stayed in touch with a couple over the past 11 years since I got out, great Med Cruise in 1991.
Sladek, ToddRM3Dec 1988 – Mar
Gilbert, JoeAT1Dec 1988 – Feb 1991IM03Wildest Skipper in the Navy..Will always remember Lenny marking out crows with a marker in the passageways.
Arellano, DimasE-1Dec 1988 – Jul 22, 1992EPlankowner assigned to rewind shop.
Powers, ThomasABHANDec 1988 – Sep 1992V3Plankowner. We played D&D in the bottom nose of the ship.
Thying, MichaelAK3 (AW)Dec 23, 1988 – Jul 21, 1992S6/S8Plankowner/Stinger. Pre-Com Det, Pascagoula, Shock Trials, Gitmo, Maiden Cruise. Yep, there for all of the firsts.

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