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USS Nassau (LHA 4) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Nassau (LHA 4). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1001 crew members registered for the USS Nassau (LHA 4).

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Johnson, LakeLTJG2000 – 20011st
Wallace, PeterET3 (SW)2000 – 2004C5I
White, ShannonMM32000 – 2004MP-1
Newsteder, Joshua G.LCDRJan 1, 2000 – Apr 15, 2002Air Aircraft Handling Officer20 Yr Complex Overhaul, MARG 01-1, + another Yard Good Tour, a real "eye opener" The Sailors are great!
Bonebrake, ChrisE-5/SIGNALMANJan 1, 2000 – Apr 15, 20022ndAny old friends from the big nasty,get ahold of me,
Hitchcock, Wayne "frank"E-5/BM2(SW)Jan 1, 2000 – Sep 20032ndthanks all for the good memories and fun times, roop, indian, rog-man, boggie, big bo, ant, chip, dre, stew, karate, tibbi, pepin, guth, and all the others, be good, good luck and stay in touch
Lindfors, Lil Ralphie, R.j.ms3Jan 31, 2000 – Dec 17, 2003S-2get out my copper, clean as you go, don't sleep in the walk in, follow the 1090, ( pfft not if i plan on eating). don't eat & drink in the galley, Field day, dog the watch if Sr. doesn't have duty,
Jackson, ChrisOS2Feb 2000 – Sep 2003OI
Yocum, ShawnDC3Feb 2000 – Aug 2003R
Boyer, JoeyAD1Feb 8, 2000 – Jul 3, 2003AIMD QA
Quarles, Anthony(Olde-man) profile iconCS2(SW)/E5Feb 9, 2000 – Apr 9, 2004S2/S5LOVED THIS SHIP(MANY CRUISES) CAPT GREEN WAS THE BEST CAPT I EVER SERVED UNDER
Allen, DaveOS1Feb 15, 2000 – Aug 25,
Vogel, Kennymm2Feb 21, 2000 – Feb 21, 2006a-gang
Mitchell, JackSM2(SW/AW) NOW MA2(SW/AW)Mar 23, 2000 – Feb 15, 2004NAVI miss the command allitle but I miss my boys in the signal bridge had alot of good times. I miss being a signalman. good times good times.
Miller, BoE-5 BMApr 3, 2000 – Jan 12, 20043rd deckHave alot of great memories on that hunk of tin. good freinds to like Ant, roop, boggey, crazy K, stew, rog-man,chippy, indian, frank, tidd bitts,Big Ed the whole deck gang. Coming back to VA next year fellas...PEACE.....
Aguilar, LuisIT3Apr 4, 2000 – Jan 1, 2002c5ihey sandeen are you still leaving your computer unlocked hope you learned your lesson didnt like you any way hey blackwell congrats on making chief wish i could have seen that whatever happen to it3 love shout out to it2 mckracken
Stewart, Jason (Stew)E-5 BM2Apr 8, 2000 – Dec 18, 20031st DECKSee yall
Todd, MattIT2Apr 17, 2000 – Oct 26, 2004CA
McCracken, KelseyE3/airmenMay 2000 – Oct 2004V-1
Hickey, PrestonIT2May 3, 2000 – May 3, 2002DECK
Balch, PaulRPSNJun 2000 – Dec 2003ChaplinMiss my friends, kinda miss the library. Don't miss the long work hours and being underway. Kinda wished I stayed in the navy.
Misfeldt, MichaelJO3Jul 5, 2000 – Jul 8, 2003Deck/adminWent on 2 cruises and loved my time on there. Especially with my girl BM3 Clark and AK3 O' Kelly
Cassidy, MelvinQM1Jul 10, 2000 – Jul 7, 2004ONWhat up to the signal bridge First.Sigs for life.The last SM1 on NASSAU.I learned aout the navy on there.Good luck to my friends still the Big Nasty.
Blackwell, DominicITCJul 19, 2000 – May 14, 2004CR/C5IThe Nassau turned out to be one of the best ships I had the priviledge of serving on. CR Division is the Best! I wish you well.
Rogers, JesseBM2Jul 30, 2000 – Apr 15, 20042ndDamn was the Nasty a long tour. A lot of good times on her and some crappy ones too. Roop, Tibbits, Frank, Kharazi, Bogey, big gay Bo, Indian, Deucer and of course drunken Stew... good times
Balch, PaulRPSNAug 1, 2000 – Nov 4, 2003ChaplainInteresting time, served during Operations Enduring and Iraqi Freedom as ship's Librarian.
Holt, NathanABHANAug 25, 2000 – May 15, 2004CRASH AND SALVAGE (WE ARE NOT PART OF V1)I wil have served 4 years in the navy and less than four on nassau come may2004. The crew was and is cool but the schedule sucked but look at the outcome. WE BECAME HEROS AFTERALL
U'Ren, DavidOS2 (SW)Sep 1, 2000 – Feb 1, 2004Deck 3rd / OIWill Never forget the time spent on board. All my old buds, BM Boggie,BM Jeff,OS Glass,MA Gunth,MA McCain,MA Dikes,FC Koss,BM Steve M, and a couple others.. Stay Safe Guys
Woods, EricABH3Sep 15, 2000 – Oct 28, 2002Air Dept.
Russell, TimFCCS(SW/AW)Oct 2000 – Jul 2003C5I
Sterling, BrandonBM3Oct 2000 – Mar 20051st Div/3rd Div
Ward, ShawnOS1(SW/AW)Oct 28, 2000 – Oct 1, 2002OIMany memories and no I don't miss Norfolk a bit.
Sandeen, DavidIT1(SW/AW)Nov 9, 2000 – Jul 2, 2004CRI really enjoyed my time on board the "MIGHTY WARSHIP". Made a lot of friends and saw things that I would not have seen anywhere else.
White, Christopher(Whitey)MM3Dec 10, 2000 – May 20, 2004mp2yeah i was on the big nasty in the pit but wouldnt have had it any other way,im glad i was a snipe,im glad im off that shity ship,but i miss the friends i made
Lane, WaylonMR2(SW/AW)Dec 12, 2000 – Apr 4, 2004A-GANGGreat times on the "Big Nasty" Happy to be off of it as well. Made a lot of friends, hope everyone is doing good. Mac, we all miss ya man. Til we meet again.. Drink to the foam!
Rosbach, JoshuaAO32001 – Oct 2005
Dicks, ChristopherCTO32001 – Sep 15, 2004OPS
Letourneau, Charlesmm32001 – 2004mp2
Noe, ScottLT2001 – 2002MPA
Ba, Francois-regisAN2001 – 2003Power Plant
Mann, JoshABH3Jan 2001 – May 2005V-1
Edison, Jarol (Sweet E)OS3 (SW/AW)Jan 4, 2001 – Jul 24, 2005OIDifferent then anything I ever have experienced before.
Carter, RobertAT2/E-5Jan 5, 2001 – Sep 30, 2003IM03Had some great experiences on this ship...and met some good friends
Weaver, ScottAO 2Jan 27, 2001 –ASSAULT CREW
Orellana, CarlosEM2Feb 1, 2001 – Mar 13, 2001Salvage shopSup
Wilhite, JonathanAO3/E-4Feb 1, 2001 – Sep 5, 2004Weps/G-1Best times of my life. Will always remember everyone and everything.
Watson, Ryan LeonGMFeb 18, 2001 – Jun 19, 2004V-2 / G-2BEAN ON 2 CRUISES, FIRST SHIP, THE BIG NASTY, 3 CAPTAINS. LOTS OF SHOOTING
Rood, David C.AK1(AW)Mar 14, 2001 – Apr 9, 2003Stock Control / Hazmat / S-6One of the Last Aviation Storekeeper in the Navy. Retired 30 June 2003 Good Luck and Go Navy
Miller, JeffreyAZ3Apr 2001 – Oct 2005IMO4/Flight DeckMy best time was being a DCPO for V1 Div. Met a lot of great folks and just wished that I had re-upped instead of leaving. Miss the brotherhood of the crew.
Koetje, DonnieGM2Apr 24, 2001 – Aug 29, 2005Weapons / G-21st and last ship. Was on the dreaded 9 mo. cruise. Shot alot of guns and still fear the word "EXTENDED"
Brown, ChrisIC3May 2001 – Jul 19, 2004C5I/IC DivisionTop Gator decommissioned? Thats bs. How are they gonna replace the best amphib the world has ever seen. Had some of the best times on the Nassau. I can proudly say, I survived the 9 1/2 month deployment. Thx Nassau!
Mansary, Alhajimm3Jul 18, 2001 – Jul 25, 2005MP2I love the entire crew onboard the nassau during the time when am there.Rhoades,i looked back at those days when those fools use to punch you in the stomach,i was really upset,as i want to fight back.BZ to u all.
Colon, JulioMm3Aug 2001 –Lp2
Oliver, LasandraYN2Aug 3, 2001 – Jul 10, 2002SHIP ADMIN
Moore, ShannonAO2Aug 23, 2001 – Jun 6, 2003AviationThe best ship I ever been on, all my crewmen email me this is the best ship
Woods, TimE6/ ET1 WOODSAug 26, 2001 – Nov 14, 2003CEHad a good tour. glad to be on shore duty!
Peschke, ChristopherE6/ET1Sep 2001 –CEFirst cruise, accomplished (SW/AW) during cruise, and made E6 upond returning.
Michaud, MichaelE-6/ET1Sep 2001 – Nov 2003CS03
Michaud, MichaelET1(SW)Sep 10, 2001 – Jul 4, 2003CAGood duty. Enabled me to convert to NC.
Williamson, JavonSK3Sep 17, 2001 – May 4, 2005SupplyI meet alot of great people, SKCM Lewis, MM1 Richardson, soon to be ABF1 Ford, SK1 Thomas and a whole rack of people. One person can mess it all up, but you know a wise man is still a man but he will know that he is still just human!
Davis, Clint profile iconAS3 (AW)Oct 7, 2001 – Apr 26, or 479-763-7200
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Davis, Clint profile iconANOct 7, 2001 – May 20, 2003V12002-2003 Deployment
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Williamson, JavonSK3Oct 10, 2001 – May 5, 2005S1NAVY IS GOOD, NASSAU SUCKED
Aleman, EdwinET2(SW)Oct 29, 2001 –CE
McCune, KjHM3Nov 2001 – Oct 2003Medical
Drerup, GregBM2 SW/AWNov 9, 2001 – Nov 15, 20062nd DeckTo all the crew of.. Big Country, Boggey, Chippy, Rogeman, Roop, Frank, STEEEW, Tibbits, My Boy The Indian, & The Stallion thanks for the good times and helping me become a real Boats!! POS LCREEK Hit me Up!! To my beautiful fiance Linda!!
Childs, DavidIT2(SW/AW)Nov 19, 2001 – Jun 19, 2006CR/C5IThe "Big Nasty" was quite and experience for me. But I must say that it was a major stepping block in my carreer. I has prepared me for what ever i may encounter.
Correa, M. A.SK3Dec 2001 – Dec 2003SupplyIts been a while. Hope all is well. Made some of my best friends here. Keep in touch. My email is:
Sommer, AlexAN/E3Dec 2001 – Feb 17, 2004ABH(flight deck)When i was on it i mostly enjoyed it, met few good people i wish i could keep in contact but been moving around i didn't know how to contact anyone. But when i was there it was alright kinda miss it though.
Backman, BrettAN-AO6Dec 1, 2001 – Sep 26, 2003Weapons (G-5) Just good old LT, AOCS, and me. :-)I haven't been F'd as hard since I left the Nasty. Thanks for making me the fall guy. :) If anything strange or seriously bad happened to you during my time aboard... It was probably me. You're welcome...
Keefe, ThomasEM3Dec 17, 2001 – Oct 31, 2005E-DIV
Backman, BrettAO4Dec 18, 2001 – Sep 30, 2003G-5/Weapons<---- Civilian now. :) I wish I could fling poo at the Nassau.
Benson, BridgetBM3Dec 31, 2001 – Mar 9, 20042NDWell a few years later and i kinda miss that place. Hind sight is 20/20. April 2010

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