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USS Nassau (LHA 4) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Nassau (LHA 4). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1001 crew members registered for the USS Nassau (LHA 4).

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Ingram, MikeFIREMAN/HT STRIKER1995 – 1997Repair
Fuchsgruber, ThomasEM21995 – 1995E-Div.I served on the Nassau for a little less than a year, but it was a great ship with some of the best crew I have ever known. Would love to get back in touch with some of the guys who served around 94-95. Thanks.
Fuchsgruber, ThomasEM21995 – 1996E-Div.I served on the Nassau for a little less than a year, but it was a great ship with some of the best crew I have ever known. Would love to get back in touch with some of the guys who served around 94-95. Thanks.
Shaw, JamesAMH31995 – 1997AIMD
Somoano, EricMachinery repairman fireman1995 – 1997Repair
Intriago, Howard X. (Howie)AM3Jan 1995 – Oct 4, 1998Aimd/AirframesI'm currently assigned to Squadron VP-64 out of willowgrove, Pa. as a reservist and picked up 3rd after being out for five years. I continue to be an Airframer with a great Squadron, and I work with P-3 Orions which are the Submarine hunters of th
Intriago, Howard/ HowieAM3Jan 1995 – Oct 1998Air V3/ Aimd AirframesServed on the Nassau from 95-98. I went into the reserves at NAS WillowGrove where I was in a P-3 squadron VP-64 and then into a new KC-130 squadron as VR-64. I've transferred over to the NJ Army guard and I'm currently in IRAQ 08-09.
Mendoza, J. CarlosMM3Jan 4, 1995 – Sep 22, 1997A-Gamg Steam and HeatHas a blast. im so glad i still stay in touch with the great men i met.Im trying to get a hold of a few others i would love to catch up with like JJ Gamble, Corey Sherman, Luis Sanchez, Mike Rodriguez, Steve Hernandez
Pierce, Abe "Bubbles"ET3Jan 12, 1995 – Jan 9, 1997OPSRemember when we sank the tugboat pier? Remember when the portside aircraft elevator nearly fell off? Remember when the POOW nearly shot off the OOD's foot? Remember Mardi Gras? Remember Wally's "training" video's? Ah, the mem
Mansberry, BrianABH3Jan 18, 1995 – Jan 17, 1998V-1 Crash
Nichols, Rod / HotrodPH3Feb 1995 – May 1999OperationsIt was a very good experience being on the Nassau. I loved doing my job. Working with and traveling with some of the best Sailors in the US Navy
Okoren, BillyIc3Feb 7, 1995 – Feb 12, 1996E divisionA fresh air snip for life
Wylie, CharlesAO3Mar 1995 – Nov 1997CA
Smith, SmifCTN1Mar 15, 1995 – Apr 1, 1998OZMighty Warship Nassau!!! AKA The BIG NASTY. Hightlight of tour NEO and Halifax. It seemed like I was an E-1 my entire tour.
Barnett, EdwardHM3Apr 13, 1995 – Jan 1, 1998MEDICALLooking forward to hearing from some old shipmates.
Chavarria, Chava (Valador)MM3Apr 15, 1995 – Dec 20, 1997A-GANGHad A great time on the Nasty Nassau. Whats up. Remember Valador is always watching out for you
Finnegan, SeanAO3May 1995 – Aug 1998CA DivisionI was an ordie from 95-98.
Hoz, Bruno LaE4/ABH3(AW/SW)May 5, 1995 – Nov 9, 1998V-1GO NAVY
Herberger, BretIC2Jun 6, 1995 – Jan 14, 2000ICNever A Set Schedule Always Underway. A good ship "the Big Nasty"
Hansen, Mike profile iconSM3 / E-4Jun 6, 1995 – Dec 17, 1997Comm/CSNever thought I'd admit it, but I actually missed it after a few years. You all were top notch.
Benson, JohnE-3Jul 1, 1995 – Jun 21, 1997Communications
Ore, GeorgeMS3Aug 1, 1995 – Aug 20, 1999Mess HallHey ya'll what up?! Was glad to serve with you all, miss all the fun times, jokes, and food. Dont miss the marines, haha jk! Would love to hear from any of my old pals, and tell me where other of my MS guys are now!
Parelius, WalterIC3Sep 1995 – Sep 1997IC
Webb, JasonDC3Sep 15, 1995 – May 15, 1997RepairJust looking for old friends.
Phelps, Charles W.MM1Oct 1, 1995 – Oct 1, 1997Main PropulsionN.A.S.S.A.U ( Never Again See Shore Always Underway). Thanks to all my fellow hole snipes for the great memories.
Mccracken, RoyIT2 (SW/AW)Oct 4, 1995 – Mar 11, 2003ADP Flying SquadI want to thank all the great people I worked with over the years. I gained valuable knowledge and experience in my time aboard. The "CRACK" is back......
Rocha, AlejandroGMSAOct 24, 1995 – Dec 24, 1997Combat Sys., Deck.
Taber, ChristophorDT3(FMF)Nov 5, 1995 – Aug 15, 1997Dental
Hart, ScottGM3/ SNNov 27, 1995 – Aug 20, 1998Ist and the WeaponsCame onboard as a deck seaman, struck GM. I enjoyed my time onboard, when I wasn't getting my busted too badly, but my off time during those years will last a lifetime.
Lauckner, Trinity "Lucky"EM2Dec 1995 – May 2001Great Ship, great friends looking to make more in 2004. Can't seem to get enough of the "Big Nasty."
Jeffery, Gregory LTDec 1, 1995 – Jan 1, 1999DeckGreat memories of wonderful shipmates and fun times.
Estep, AllenAO3Dec 24, 1995 – Feb 22, 1999cacaaa,iyaoyas.
Goddard, ChadFN MM31996 – 1998Oil LabLooking for MMC Campbell or BT2 Mazzeo. Or anyone really. I hope everyone is doing well. We had alot of great times on this ship.
Bates, JeffEMFN1996 – 1997E-DIV
Herzog, Steven L. "Ayuyu"ABH-3Jan 1996 – Sep 1998V-1Lots of memories from the MIGHTY NASSAU, will never forget the call for "FLIGHT QUARTES, FLIGHT QUARTERS". (FLY1 RULES)
Greene, W. QuentinAMH1(AW)Jan 3, 1996 – Oct 30, 1998IM2Best ship in the Fleet
Donahue, Kevin, (Phil)AG2Feb 21, 1996 – Feb 21, 2000ops/oaDont miss the 4hr Friday Field Days, or the 6:00 am pt mornings.
Huddleston, ChrisET2Mar 1996 – Jul 2000CE
Kroenke, Willi (Kranky)DCFR-DC2Mar 26, 1996 – Apr 7, 2001RepairCurrently on the ROSS. Anybody from Repair division or any one I knew you can get a hold of me at
Teague, Anthony "Buddha"BM3Mar 26, 1996 – Dec 27, 1999Deck 1st Division
Vaughn, NickMM3Apr 1996 – Sep 1999mp-1How's everything going. I would like to hear from the mp-1 and 2 guys. take care.
Thomas, MarkIT2Apr 1, 1996 – Oct 15, 1999CA
Harris, BryanMM2(SW)Apr 5, 1996 – Mar 20, 2001A- GANGStarted out in MP-2, moved to A-GANG and stood watch in Main Control. Went recruiting, made E-6 and just reported to ENTERPRISE. MM2 CASE is onboard with me if you remember him.
Hittle, AndrewOS2May 1996 – May 2000OPS/OI
Aris, RicoAT2May 15, 1996 – May 5, 2000AIMDGood times,good ports. Mark brown e-mail me. Carl Barber whats up?
Allen, Dan profile iconGM3Jun 1, 1996 – Jul 1, 1999Combat Systems, Deck and finally Air...
Bennett, Grevell "the Great Bendini"AOANJun 6, 1996 – Apr 4, 2000V2What's up the crew from 96-00.
Younkins, AndrewRM2 (SW)Jun 16, 1996 – Oct 25, 1999C5I/CA DivWorked with the finest ADP crew on the waterfront. The LAN administrator (and best one) that ship has ever seen.
Robinson, TalmadgeMM2Jun 21, 1996 – Oct 24, 1998M-Division
Jones, KaceyET2Jun 28, 1996 – Nov 28, 2000CEHad the greatest time and friends while serving on baord.
Greenwell, JoeMM2Jul 4, 1996 – Oct 28, 19982 mmrI was space sup. for two meds. served on the ecct team and qualified as eoow while there. enjoyed my time in the GATOR Navy. Looking for bt2 Cambell or bt2 Flowers
Graham, Jamie profile iconE-4/IC3Jul 24, 1996 – Nov 21, 1998IC
McDonald, MarkMA1Aug 1996 – May 2001SecurityGreat Friends, Great times, Great ship!
Wince, Richard SMAC(SW)Aug 1, 1996 – Sep 1, 2000Security
Irish, BryanIS2Sep 1996 – Jan 2000OZGreat ship with a great crew. Had the time of my life on two cruises working with the greatest people I have ever known (Bobby Ross, Joey, Kenny, and others). The people I met, the places I visited, and lessons I learned will be with me forever.
Carter, DanvecoETCSep 20, 1996 – Sep 30, 1999OPS/OE C5I/CE
Bundick, ScottIS2Nov 1996 – Oct 1998OZ
Habel, BrianABHAN E3/ ABH3Dec 1996 – Sep 1998V3 AirSpent my whole time on the Nassau in V3 Div. Had a good time and worked hard. Was aboard for Operation Silver Wake and Guardian Retrieval. Took part in a few NEO's. I look back on my time aboard and wish I could do it again.
Myerly, ChristianOS 2Dec 9, 1996 – Jul 10, 2000OIHope all are doing well!
Ogrim, FredMM3Dec 10, 1996 – Aug 6, 1997Main PropulsionJust enough time to get one Med Cruise on Board.
Flores Melendez, CarlosABH - 3Dec 22, 1996 – Dec 21, 1999V-1
Valland, RobAC3 AW/SWDec 25, 1996 – Dec 1999OC DivisionHad a great time in OPS, and a great first tour. Made a lot of friends. Wish I could do it all again!!!
North, JeffDC3Dec 27, 1996 – Apr 4, 1997RLooking for any R Div E-Mail me @

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