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USS Nassau (LHA 4) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Nassau (LHA 4). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1001 crew members registered for the USS Nassau (LHA 4).

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Pepin, LIT1(SW/AW)0000 –C5I/CAWow, The Nassau was some adventure. I miss my good fam in Deck Dept, Security, C5I, SUpply. Damn did I have some fun. If anyone wants to catch up with me just search for me on NKO, I update my info on the reg. 14 years left till retirement lol.
Burns, AndyPN1(SW)Apr 6, 1001 – Jun 9, 1994AdminServed onboard until transfer to NAS Oceana in 1996. Hung out mainly with LI1 Pat McCoy & PN2 Ken Sossoman. Spent hundreds of hours in the Print Shop playing poker with Harry Swisher & Skip... and occasionally... Lt Hummel.
Hawkins, JamesLT LDOApr 9, 1970 – Oct 13, 1981E and AssultPlank owner, Commissioning Electrical Officer. Would be very much interested in a reunion of Planowners and wanna bees.
Thau, Walter LABFAN1977 – Dec 1980V-4Commissioning Crew , Plank Owner.Still have my year book, Old and tathered due to a major flood. Plack is on the wall. Now living in Florida. Looking for some NASSAU patches, Any would help. (need them for my flight jacket )
Wolfskill, JohnBTCAug 15, 1977 – Apr 15, 1982MPPRECOMM Crew/plankowner. Hey you guys! We ain't getting any younger, or any better looking. How about a reunion before we all croak. Contact me!
Thau, Walter/ JapcrapABFANDec 1977 – Dec 1980V-4 Aviation FuelsProud Plank Owner. I was the First to report to Pascagoula, Miss. I was there for about 3 weeks before someone else showed up. Totaly Enjoyed my Time aboard the NASSAU. Great Crew and Great Ship.It was my Honer to Serve.
Dickherber, BillET21978 –Precom crew with the finest group of individuals to ever sail on Nassau!
Gaul, RonMM-31978 – 1982MPTomahawk! were is Herman? Great ship! Engineering ruled!Wolfskill, one cool BT-1& BTC Nolan?,Rennie?,Edwards?,Turpin?,Bell?,ECT..? White ahh #@*^ him!
Rennie, PatBT21978 – 1982MPa reunion sounds good to me its been a long time
McElfresh, Mike / MacDP21978 – Jan 21, 1981OPSPlankholder
Plum, StevenEM31978 – 1980EngineeringPlankowner
Smith, JerryEM31978 – Mar 1, 1982ERewind shop, power shop, and lighting shop
Bell, DavidBT21978 – 1981EngineeringAs I look back to the time I spent on board, I would not trade it for anything. Now that she has been decommissioned, I am even more proud to be a plank owner.
Berglund, Owen (Big O) profile iconDP21978 – 1981Data ProcessingAn amazing experience and unique opportunity to grow up and see parts of the world. Worked with Sam and Hopkins and Chief Lawson
Jester, RobertEM31978 – 1980Electrical
Coveney, ChristopherMS3Mar 1978 – Aug 8, 1980S-2Plankowner, fondly remember the ride back and forth from Gulfport to Passagoula.The reinforce ex. and 30 day show the flag cruise will never fade.Where are the rest of the stewburners out there? Sorry she's been decommed
Mershell, GeneEW2Mar 5, 1978 – Oct 15, 1981
Cremeans, TimBT1Apr 1, 1978 – Apr 17, 1980Main PropulsionHello fellow plank owners and all members of MP division. It has been a long time since I talked to anyone from that period of my life. It was some wild times and I served with some great guys. Lets send some email and see what develops.
White, RandallBT1Apr 1, 1978 – Dec 18, 1980MPOil King
Wilson, GaryEM2Apr 10, 1978 – Jun 18, 1980EI was an electricians mate in ships company took the 1st trip to Gitmo and the caribbean and survived beautiful southern Mississippi in the shipyard.Plankowner.
Braxton, Glen E.GMG2Aug 25, 1978 – Aug 24, 1982Combat SystemsPrecom / Plank owner - Gitmo, Marg 1-82, Wog fest, Life was good ? No accountability no restrictions, nightly booze fest and VA beach babes, the time of my life. Thanks. (Lots of photos available to share)
Donovan, JosephYN2Oct 1978 – Mar 1981XI was the first person assigned to PreComm. Greatest crew ever! Came with the Air Boss, CPT Rogers, from HM-12 and HM-16.
Gerken, Austin (Don)ET2Oct 11, 1978 – Jun 29, 1982Combat Sys2nd to Precom. /Plank owner (1/11/78), Depart 29 June 1982
Morgan, Bradley M.IS2Nov 1978 – Jun 1980OZPre Comm Crew/Plank Owner, I still have my yearbook (it's a little musty) and my Plank. I lost touch with everyone after I left. Great Ship-Great Crew!! Miss the pre-comm days in good old Mississippi!!
Ianucci, Cap'N I profile iconCaptainNov 1978 – Jun 1981Executive OfficerPlankowner and Commissioning XO. Ship reinforced GITMO. Sailed on short notice to MED for Harrier-Carrier Ops,Took CINCLANTFLT on Carib Show-the-Flag round trip, had our 1st UNREP in the MED. It was an honor to serve with this crew.
Schonig, JohnACC(AW)Nov 1, 1978 – Aug 1, 1982HTCNUC CREW/PLANKOWNER. Left the best ship in the Navy for EEAP with transfers to Key West,Whidbey Island,Barbers Pt,Corpus Christi & HM-15 (Alameda). Retired in 1994 as ACCM(AW) with my last two tours as a CMC. LHA 4 was the highlight of 30yr
York, Coy O.AZCNov 20, 1978 – Jul 16, 1982AIMDPrecom was a challenge, Gitmo Reenforcex was a job; and the Harrier Carrier trip was fun! Mombasa was beautiful and the Wog fest was great! I miss it all. AZCM(AW/SW) Retired!
Shannon, William NCaptain, SC, USNDec 1978 – Jul 24, 1981Supply DepartmentPlankowner; it was an honor to serve on NASSAU. Retired from active duty August 1988 on board USS CONSTITUTION in Boston
Batton, JerryOSCDec 15, 1978 – Oct 15, 1980oibest ship in my 28 years of service
Cavallaro, RichCAPT, USMCDec 15, 1978 – Dec 14, 1980Combat Cargo OfficerPlankowner
Jackson, Jerome/big JackABH-21979 – 1982V-1 AirPlank Owner. Fly-1, Fly-2 and Crash Crew! (Flight Deck)!!! AKA (BIG JACK).
Mullen, ShawnYN31979 – 1979AdministrativeHello all fellow plankowners!
Duncan, Randy 'Bear'OS21979 – 1982OIPrecommisioning - Plank Owner. What a ride! Seems like we were always on the run. Never met a bunch of better guys in the world. Remember our first missle shoot? Oouzo - in France...
Robinson, MarkBM31979 – Dec 27, 1981DeckI would be interested in hearing from some of you old shipmates, and would love to see a reunion take place.
Runnels, Mark / TinyOS21979 – Aug 8, 1982OIA backward small town boy from Michigan did a lot of growing up and saw a lot of the world. Some of the best times of my life.Cribbage games and Liberty ports oh my. I would realy like to find Jack Conklin .all emails welcome .
Nester, DavidGMG21979 – 1980coOne of the best ships I had the pleasure to serve aboard. Nucleus and precom duty was privilege to be a part of. Hey to all the gunners and FCs. GMC(SW)
Gault, RonMR-21979 – Oct 1980RPlank Owner-Glad to see it's not just me that would like to go to a ships reunion. If it's not done soon, not many of us will be left.
Suchland, EverettLT1979 – 1981RadioRadio Officer/Asst Comm Officer. Best radio gang in the Atlantic Fleet on a brand new ship. Any reunion coming up? Hard to believe 30 years will have passed in 2009.
Lanlgey, Benny (Bj)ET21979 – Aug 1983Combat SystemsPreComm/Plankowner
Gatchalian, WillieAZ11979 – 1982AIMDDid Art work for the Ship's News, cruise book and Nassau T-shirts. Plank owner.
Burns, DavidEM31979 – 1981AssaultPlank owner, of all ships served on, the Nassau was the best
Doxsee, JohnIC21979 – 1981E
Mayo, Jamessn1979 – 1981DECK , 2ND DIV.
Boughton, Marshallem31979 – 1980engineering
Mills, JohnBT21979 – 1984Main PropulsionHey Guy's I haven't had any contact with my old shipmates since leaving the Navy, But as are all getting a bit older you start looking back on the old times. Send me an e-mail at
Arceneaux, Hopson profile iconMS21979 – 1984supplyLooking for Phil Matthews who was an MS1 at this time.
Franco, Alcides AlAbh41979 –AviationMiss the life, miss the crew, or was it just being young
Deason, DaleOS21979 – 1981OIWill never forget you guys. Still sailing, sailor to the bone.
Richards, LouMMC1979 – 1983M2Put this baby in commission.
Kuzniar, RickMM31979 – 1982Main propulsionHay guys I have bin missing the good old days some of the best time of my life, I'm hoping to hear from old friends,not getting any younger.
Nolan, William (Bill)MM21979 – 1982MPPlank owner! Wasn't notified when they Decommisioned her. Would have liked to have been invited. Would also have liked catching up with all my crew mates! Ron, thanks for remembering me.
Wagner, AlanSH31979 – 1984S-3
Davis, Kevin (Sgt Rock)E5/PH1979 –OZBest Ship in the Fleet. Just ask Catain Kearns later became an Admiral. Lots of hard work and Great Deployments. From Nassau to Europe to Africa and Norfolk We got those E's. ShipMates PEACE! PLANCK Owner/Shellback.
Cobb, William D (Dave)BM-2Jan 1979 – Aug 1981SecondGreat Ship & many good memories
Rennie, PatBT2Jan 1979 – Aug 1982MPI think a reunion would be cool.I hope all you guys are having a great life. Never Again Volunteer Yourself. lets keep in touch
McHugh, RickDPSR TO DP2(SW)Jan 1979 – Oct 1983OZGreat ship to serve on, fond memories of alot of fun things that we took part of. Retired as a CWO3
Stanley, RickSM1Jan 1979 – Sep 1982CommunicationsPreCom... proud PlankOwner and Shellback! I remember great crew members and great times! Would love to hear from former crew members...especially the SIGs amd RMs!
Shrieves, JohnDK5Jan 1979 – Jul 1980supply
Osiecki, RichardIC2Jan 1979 – Apr 1982MP & EHad a great time. We were the 4 muskateers Tomahawk, Herman, Lonski (who has passed away) and myself.
Butts, JeffreyLTJan 10, 1979 – Feb 4, 1981Commisioning Battery Control OfficerMy first pre-comm. A true pleasure to serve with these fine men!
Onoroto, MichaelSm3Jan 10, 1979 – Aug 29, 1982Signalman division (comminications division)Im looking for sm2 john reeves and sm1 rick stanley and sm1 jerry coble and sm1 lynn baxter and sm2 david courtright and smsc louis alderman. Im hoping all is well. After waiting 34 years im rated at 100 percent va dav.
Nicholson, NickMM3Jan 19, 1979 – Jun 23, 1981AuxPlank owner/need new plank,lost in fire/old friends please contact
Austin, BobDS2Feb 1979 – Dec 1981Combat SystemsPre-Comm/Plank Owner
Hoyt, AndyHM2Feb 1979 – Oct 1981HPre-com/Plankowner Well look what I stumbled onto. Hey guys! It's most cool and highly nostalgic to see a bunch of familiar names. Hope you're all well. June 6, 2008 --- check out
Bullers, SteveEN2Feb 1, 1979 – Oct 16, 1981AssaultPlank Owner
Gregovich, RickRMSA / RM2Feb 1, 1979 – Apr 1982CR/COMMPlankowner . Served again on Nassau from 86-88.
Compton, JimmyBM2Feb 1, 1979 – Dec 1, 19822NDPLANK OWNER: I loved this Ship and Crew. Still active duty and tried to get NASSAU orders for my twilite tour but couldn't work it. Remember Bonds, Blomgren, Dolson,Turner, Senior Mayes, & others. Mates hit me at
Cruz, EddieE-4/EMFeb 1, 1979 – May 6, 1980ElectricianI was one of the original crew members of the Uss Nassua. I was present when the Uss nassau was commission by sentorJohn Warner and his wife at the time te actress Elizbeth Taylor. I am a disabled vertran due to an injury on board ship.
Brandt, JamesEN2Feb 4, 1979 – Jun 16, 1980AssaultPlankowner. Retired in September 1995
Goins, Tommy (T. J.)HT2Feb 7, 1979 – Jan 2, 1983RStill see her on the waterfront and she still looks great.
Rollins, RichardOSSA to OS2Feb 20, 1979 – Aug 15, 1982OIWith 21 years of service behind me I can truly say this ship and crew was the best. Still speak to and gather with OI brothers as often as possible.
Dunn, EdwardHM2Mar 1979 – Jun 1981HPlankOwner, Preventive Medicine Tech. The memories get sweeter as time goes on. I went USNR and retired in 2001. Go Navy!
Hubbard, DavidABH 3Mar 1979 – Jan 1984V-1 V-3Plank Owner I am looking for people from the flight deck or hanger deck that are plank owners. Or anyone that wants to chat.
Smith, DaveEN 2Mar 1979 – Dec 28, 1982Engineering (AssaultPlank Owner What a crew, What a ship, and what a party. Where did everyone go? Buck Buck, Maki, Bull, Brush Hog, Piltcher? Knock, knock.. Hey, who's got that stern gate key anyway? Probably Woody..
Maggio, JoeYN1(SW)Mar 1979 – Mar 1983Hello fellowshipmates. I have retired as of Jan 1999 after 20 yrs of active service. My e-mail address is Would like to speak to fellow shipmates and have a few beers.
McMahan, M.k. GrubbyAZ-3Mar 1979 – Apr 1982AIMD Im1
Wheatley, Lawrence-larryQM2Mar 1979 – Nov 1982NavigationPlank owner-commissioning ceremonial messenger-still using navigation skills in passtime
Buckley, GlenHT2Mar 1, 1979 – Aug 13, 1982RepairGood times, good friends, good ship. Would not trade those times for anything.
Harris, DavidLI3Mar 1, 1979 – Aug 4, 1980ExecutivePlank owner. I missed the 30th reunion for the Nassau. I'll be there for the next one. Would like to hear from anyone who can remember me. E-mail me at Collins,John Powell email me. 1-303-4310028
Day, MarkOSCMar 10, 1979 – Nov 30, 1984OI
Holmos, RobertIS1Mar 11, 1979 – May 1981OZPrecomm/Nucleus Crew. First crewmember to go to Captains Mast...She was worth it. Anyone ever hear what happened to OS1 Jim Goody. He took my Cadillac and never brought back.
Pope, Daniel (Danny)RM3Mar 15, 1979 – Mar 10, 1981RadioPlankowner
West, WilliamMar 15, 1979 – Jan 30, 1982E Plank Owner. The great times spent serving on her led to 22 years of service. She really is the ship that can do it all. She now is assisting in hurricane Ike relief efforts here in Galveston.
Buckley, GlenHT2Apr 1979 – Sep 1982RepairGreat adventure. Served with alot of good guys. Hope they are all doing well...
Lull, KevinE3Apr 1979 – Jul 1982S3
Bonds, WardMS3Apr 1, 1979 –supplyhello I was the skinniest cook on the ship 79 to 81 and I was in deck department to. doing good I am working at a state prison still a cook and still skinny . I will never forget the Nassau and the crew members
Henderson, RickE-5 RADIOMANApr 3, 1979 – Feb 15, 1981OCPlankowner, came on board while pre-commissioned in shipyards in Pascagoula, Mississippi.
Thompson, JamesHMCApr 13, 1979 – Jun 1, 1982H-MedPre-Com/Plank-owner.....Agree that a reunion is in order. Can't believe that it has been almost 30 years!!!
Jones, DonHT2Apr 17, 1979 – Mar 23, 1981RPlankowner. It is 2008 and I am still on active duty, stationed in Groton. Ken Stokes is trying to put together a reunion for 2009. Let's all try to find as many Plankowners as possible and get together one more time!
Meixsell, Don/maxEN3Apr 19, 1979 – Jan 13, 1982A DivisionPlank Owner. Loved this ship !!!!
Tokarcik, John "Tomahawk"MM2May 1979 – Dec 1982MP For & Aft . Engine RoomPre-Comm Crew, Plank Owner, For & Aft engine room. I had a great time aboard this ship. Snipes Rule!!! You got to know it.
Riddle, JerryCWO4May 1979 – May 1981AIMDPLANK OWNER - Assistant AIMD Officer
Warlow, WoodyABHANMay 1979 – Jun 1981V-3I am a plankowner, l miss the old Gail. I learned so much about me and my shipmates. Thank you Nassau.
Poe, RoyAD2May 5, 1979 – Feb 2, 1983AIMDPrecom started as non rate AR. Worked my way up to AD2 in AIMD Department and departed the ship in 1983.
Lonski, JosephIC2May 30, 1979 – Apr 21, 1982engineeringPlank-Owner.I worked with Tokarcik and worked for Wolfskill.Hope everything's OK. Re-Union sounds good.
Rickman, Scooter (Scott)HT2Jun 1979 – Nov 13, 1982Pre Com/Plank OwnerIt would be great to hear from anyone I served with.
Snider, BillGMG1Jun 1979 – Mar 1982I often wonder what happened to all the Gunners Mates (and AO1 Augie) that I had the pleasure to serve with. I landed back on the west coast after I left, but I'll always be greatful, because I made Chief because of my time aboard Nassau.
Cryder, Allan "critter"OSSNJun 1979 – Feb 1982OPSHi gang how is everyone? HI, Chief Batton and all the rest of you. Sounds like we are getting a bunch together. A reunion somewhere would be great.
Rogers, CharlesABF/E2Jun 1979 – May 1982V-4Has anyone seen Jeff lately.
Sherman, JosephBM3Jun 1979 – Jan 1983Deck Dep.
Weber, EugeneABH3Jun 6, 1979 – Jun 6, 1982Air Department
Walker, JosephASEANJun 8, 1979 – May 2, 1982
Wallker, Joseph/joe profile iconasmanJun 8, 1979 – May 2, 1982aimd precomm-plankowner/would love to see some of the guys that i served with ws a heck of a trip great ship.would love to see a reunion of plankowners. still live in va.
Olszewski, Anthony SkiHM3Jun 10, 1979 – Sep 10, 1982MedicalBest Damn three years of my life. I'd give my right arm to do it all over again.
Gore, ScottEM2Jun 10, 1979 – Jul 24, 1982Engineering
Warren, DavidIS3Jun 15, 1979 – Jul 1, 1981OZWould be nice to have a reunion or hear from old shipmates.
Larson, Martin -marty- Aic Callsign VikingOS2Jun 16, 1979 – Aug 21, 1984my first ship, the best one i could have gotten! lots of friends, any one know were jr, pops miller, duncan or any of the others are? want to hear from all of you!
Guild, AnthonyRM2Jun 21, 1979 – Nov 10, 1980CRPlankowner and the 1st DCPO for the Radio Gang. Still have my plankowner jacket and certificate. Proud to be part of the comissioning crew. I remember a lot of the names here too. The Radio gang was tight and damn good too. Talk to me...
Olund, Ron profile iconMRFNJun 24, 1979 – Mar 5, 1981RMy 1st ship. Lots of fond memories.
Foote, GaryAD#Jul 1979 – Mar 1, 1982V1
Stokes, Ken (Hoss)BT 2Jul 1979 – Jun 1981MP OIL LABI am a plank owner and would love to hear from some hole snipes I served with !!!!
Baxter, RaymondBT-3Jul 1979 – 1980main propultionI'll never forget the great people I served with on the USS Nassau. They were like family, God bless my ship and all the crew members that ever serve on board her. She will alway be great the crew were my brothers!!!!!
Baum, TommyAS-1Jul 1979 – Apr 1984AIMD
Pearce, William  NEWMM2Jul 1, 1979 – Jul 20, 1980MP DivisionPrecom and plank owner, I miss those days,I miss the singing with Ken Stokes and others. I just found out they decommissioned the Nassau somewhere in Texas. So sad. These were the best days
Stewart, Donald (Stew)IC3Jul 4, 1979 – May 13, 1980E divPlank owner IC gang interested in a reunion
Kelley, Chris BrunoGMG2Jul 11, 1979 – Jul 24, 1982coPlankowner would like to hear from any other Plankowners especially from combat systems department email address
Lennon, TimHT2Jul 28, 1979 – Sep 30, 1981RAfter all this time and I still remember every ladder, and compartment. Those were some good times, with some great people.
Palapo, Erasmo (Rusty)RM1(NOW KNOWN AS IT1)Jul 28, 1979 – Nov 30, 1979OR(Radio)I am a "Precommunit Sailor" and "Plankowner" of the great ship USS Nassau LHA-4 and very proud of it. Even prouder to note that on 30Nov1979, I retired onboard; placing myself as the first crewmember, precommunit member and plankowner
Graves, Lawrence (Larry)GMGCJul 28, 1979 – Oct 1, 19813rdFrom Pre-Comm in Pascagoula to Norfolk in 82 where I transferred to a major staff command, the guys in Nassau's gun gang busted their humps for the Navy and their country. God bless them where ever they are.
Kelson, KenOS2Jul 28, 1979 – May 1981OIPlankowner
Bludworth, ScottOSCS(SW) RETAug 1979 – Oct 1984OIDid Dino really take that skift in Athens???
Doucet, RalphBT 3Aug 1979 – Aug 18, 1980EngineeringI'm a proud plank owner of her commisioning crew. I miss all of my Bt and Mm brothers
Johnson, GeneE5Aug 1, 1979 – Sep 1, 1981AIMDPlank owner, some of the best memories of my life.
Harlan II, HerbertSSGT/E6Sep 1979 – 1979Nucleus Landing force staffTook the ship down to Gitmo the re-enforcement excercise. Met lots of new friends and returned to my birthplace (i.e. Guantanamo Bay Cuba) having just gotrten married the night before we left
Wood, Keithen3Oct 1979 – 1983assaultGreat first command and some awesome guys to work with... hard to believe its been so many years already!!
Whitley, James MichaelE-1Oct 1979 – 1980Boiler tech
Hurt, FoleyABH1 (AW/SW)Oct 18, 1979 – Apr 1, 1999ret after 21yrs. LHA4, CV62, Bermuda (x2) CVN 73, ROTA, LHD5...would love to hear from old shipmates around the world or retired.
Fleming, PatCPL/E4Oct 19, 1979 – Nov 24, 197938th MAU(REIN)Best ship in 22 years, on 38th MAU to reinforce Cuba......Block and tackle by the galley probably still has my head print on it
Betleyoun, KenABF 2Nov 2, 1979 – Aug 8, 1985V 1 V4Where are you guys.

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