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USS Belleau Wood (LHA 3) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Belleau Wood (LHA 3). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1394 crew members registered for the USS Belleau Wood (LHA 3).

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David, DanMSCS/CSCS2001 – 2004S-5She's such a great ship. Met a lot of good friends on board.
Saucedo, PamelaLTJG2001 – 2004SUPPLYShe was in poor condition when she was brought back from Japan. With hard work, sweat, and tears, the crew brought her back to life. Thank you for the wonderful memories and life-long friendships mighty USS BWD.
Turk, RianAN2001 – 2003Flight deck
Gutierrez, Josephine AK1(AW/SW) JOJOJan 1, 2001 – Jul 15, 2005S-6BELLEAU-WOOD was my first ship & there were so many memories made here. IF I can go back to the ship, I will no second thought. It was a great ship. Shut out to all of the crew 2001-2005 and The Tropang Pinoyz. Much love
Garcia, Ak1AK1Jan 2, 2001 – May 24, 2004S-1/S-6/S-9
Jobe, LSK2Jan 3, 2001 – Jan 10, 2003S-8Cried when she was decommissioned.
Maddox, AnthonyFN E-3Jan 3, 2001 – Aug 1, 2003MP-01I missed the fun that I had with all the people down in the pit... We had some great times down there. I wish that I could have see you all again... See you all soon hopefully... Hit me up in Philly or in a mail @
Cestero, LinaBM3Jan 6, 2001 – May 15, 20052nd DeckThese where the good old days being a part of the ship
Flournoy, TrentBMSNJan 9, 2001 – Aug 31, 2004DECKI miss the Dawg, met alot of really good people, she will always be a part of me and was a really good learning experience. Lead me to where Im at today. SEMPER FI!!! Any old shipmates out there Im at
Ferguson, DanGM2Jan 10, 2001 – Feb 8, 2004CWShe was no DDG but she made up for it with her crew, she will be missed.
Gilliam, GedaE-0Jan 17, 2001 – Jan 18, 2005DECK WHAT"SALUTE"
Smith, PearlDECK MONKEYFeb 2001 – Oct 2002firstthe worst command of my life but met a lot of good friends.
Garcia, SantosSK3Feb 2001 – Oct 2005s-6, im4, decom teamMy first and only ship, It was great. To all of ya'll who know me whats up. jessie, lil d
Jensen, AaronBM3Feb 3, 2001 – Jul 29, 20051stit was the worst best mistake of my life!!!!!!!!
Batchelor, "batch"AOANFeb 4, 2001 – Sep 5, 2004CW/ CGGood times, bad times... The longer you are off her the less bad stuff you rember. The good memories you never forget. OH ya AO1 Martin.... you were right all along!
Frye, Christopher / The Dark KnightIT1(SW)Mar 1, 2001 – May 21, 2004C5I/CRWay to many memories, but had an outstanding expereince. Hey to all CR Div personnel, SURPRISE!!
McCullough, DudeAOAAMar 5, 2001 – Aug 8, 2001C4 combat weapons divisiondry dock was a bitch! it was nice to have been shitting below the flight deck. especially once summer had come on in full force. BTW AOC Smith was a *&%^$!!!
Armstrong, JamesE-2/ANMar 15, 2001 – Apr 23, 2002V-1I miss everybody that i worked with and wish like hell i would have never left.
Staskivige, Ronnie/ KooterMM3Mar 21, 2001 – Sep 20, 2004MP1Good times, bad times you know we had our share, Whats up Mikey and Woody?
Schaefer, RickyFCSNApr 1, 2001 – Apr 30, 2001CF
Bruton, Clifford profile iconMM1Apr 15, 2001 – Jun 15, 2003A Gang
Fuehrer, KristinRP3May 2001 – Dec 2003ChaplainNever forget our switch in Japan from the wonderful ship Essex to the bubble gum barge!!! What a shock, eh?!
Rhinehart, JonathanAM2Jun 2001 – Dec 2004AIMD IM2
Bruton, CliffordMM1(SW)Jun 5, 2001 – Jun 1, 2003A
Romero, OrlandoQM3Jun 10, 2001 – Jun 11, 2005NavigationReally didn't spend much time on the ship but the time I did was fun!
David Wright, EdubEW1Jul 2001 – Nov 2002OT02I left some of the best friends on Da Wood. Tommy, Watts, Harvin and Oaks( Tha Click). Hit me at
Enriquez, JoyABH1Jul 5, 2001 – Mar 2005AIRWow, so many great people...I miss Air dept dearly. I met my husband there and we call Emily our Belleau Wood baby! I was the worst OOD in the history of the Navy. I am glad I retired and have such wonderful memories.
Estrada, ErikIC1(SW/AW)Jul 13, 2001 – Oct 28, 2005C5I/CJThis was my first ship! I arrived as a new IC3 and left as an IC1. Had some rough times and bad times, but the Belleau Wood was a great place. I met a lot of great people there and they will be missed. Good luck to all of you.
Wiebelhaus, CurtMM3Jul 15, 2001 – Jul 15, 2005MP-1These where some of the best times. The Devil Dog crew is top class and was the best ship in the fleet. It is a shame she had to go. Hello to all my fellow pit snipes. Kooter, Mikey, Timo, Carlos, Maddox, Barnes, and erveryone to come.
McNeill, Charles(mac)E-5/BMAug 2, 2001 – Jul 17, 20051st.My first ship, made my career what it is today. I never forget it nor the people I served with, will be truely missed.
Cerda, MarcBM2Aug 3, 2001 – Jul 15, 20051st,2nd,3rd/ DECK The BELLEAU WOOD was my first ship and she will be missed. To all the people who i served with on her i wish you far winds and following seas. oh yeh and " DECK WHAT ! "
Carlos, C- LosEM1Aug 16, 2001 – Oct 28, 2005EMY FIRST SHIP, REPORTED AS EMFA AND LEFT AS EM1
Vestal, ShawnCS3(SW)Aug 21, 2001 – Sep 16, 2004S-2Made some great friends on this ship during my only tour in the Navy, Great ship but command wise was messed up, too much inner politics and not enough dedication to the people that serve. Came in as a FR in A-Gang and left as a CS3 in s2
Coffman, MichaelMM2Sep 2001 – Sep 2004MP-1I've never worked or lived with better people in my life this ship has given me the knowledge and mind set that will carry me through the rest of my life. Hello to all who read this and good luck in the next chapter of tyour life.
Woodward, Tim (Woody)MM3(SW)`Sep 12, 2001 – Aug 18, 2005MP-1I think it will be the best time in my naval career, you just dont find an engineering crew as well as good friends like on the Belleau Wood. If I could I would do it all again.
Burwell, JasonCS3/E-4Sep 15, 2001 – Oct 15, 2005S-2
Logan, John (Chaps)LTSep 17, 2001 – Dec 14, 2003Religious Ministries TeamFor my first duty station, I wouldn't change a thing. We had the best of times and challenging of times, but when you add it all up, it was fun. I especially enjoyed our onboard religious activities as well. I miss the old BWD.
Craven, Timothy/wesHT3Oct 1, 2001 – May 2, 2005my first, and best ship, she was good to me and i will never forget her, she will always be in my heart. i cried when i heard she was sunk, but i was glad to hear she didnt go out with a fight, and stubonto sink. only her walls know what happend.
Leyva, Justin profile iconEN3Oct 1, 2001 – Sep 29, 2003Engineering
Derouin, BillieCTO2Oct 1, 2001 – Jul 2005OZBest Command, best people, and awesome deployment
Mertes, EricAT3(AW)Oct 10, 2001 – May 24, 2004610
Gloria, Roy (Mikey)ATC()AW)Nov 2001 – Nov 2004IM-3/IM-1/SafetyMy 1st CMD in Khakis. Trial by fire as DIVO. Steep learning curve but great sailors and Marines in IM-3 + awesome support from THE MESS = success. Wasn't all fun, but I wouldn't change it for the world! She served well!
Mooney, TimPR1Nov 12, 2001 – Aug 12, 2005IM-2 and IM-1Came here as a 3rd and leaving as a 1st. Good place, just happy to leave.
Schaefer(Wester0, Patricia(Patty)QM2Nov 14, 2001 – Feb 2005NavigationFirst and only ship, loved every moment of it! At the time not so much, but looking back I wouldn't change a thing!
Klimstra, MikeCTO2Dec 21, 2001 – Apr 12, 2004OPSAn expirence I wouldn't give up for anything.
Bernard, Kathryn "Bernie"E-4/ SM3Dec 29, 2001 – May 27, 2004Deck 1st/ NAVI miss working with my shipmates and liberty call

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