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USS Belleau Wood (LHA 3) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Belleau Wood (LHA 3). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1390 crew members registered for the USS Belleau Wood (LHA 3).

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Hanson, BenCPL/USMC1986 – 1986Marine Light Attack Squadron 367 Only did some sort of some PHIBLEX type deal off California, but really did enjoy the display of professionialism and hospitality aboard this great ship!
Johnson, David1986 – 1989Does anyone know where I can get the 1989 West Pac Book. Left the Wood April '89 from Subic Bay PI. Please email if one is for sale.
Cradit, JosephHTFN1986 – 1988Repairhad the best time ever on west-pac, just found out a month ago they made her into a artificial reef off of hawaii..HT1 gomez was the coolest LPO..rouche was a dick...was-sap ramirez,arbuckle,dixon,hemstreet..hats off to ya all
Pulley, AllanSN-SH31986 – 19902nd div to S-3 DIV
Taylor, RobertRMCS(SW)1986 – 1988CREnded up doing two tours on the great lady
Taylor, CharlesMM11986 –MRetired after 20 years. Am hoping to run into some old shipmates.
Dean, Ronny (Cook-e) Watch Captain profile iconMS11986 – 1988S2Hi shipmates I made so many friends aboard the ship during my time there....miss all my buddies. I'm living in oregon, so if you would like to email me we can talk about old times.
Souder, RonaldSCPO Retired1986 – 1987DentalI served 5 years active with only 1 sea duty. Remained in Reserves for 22 more years retiring with 27 years. If I could do it again, I would definitely stay active duty and would prefer sea duty over shore. DN to HMCS
Fink, James {ike}MM3Jan 1986 – Aug 1990MI stood watch in the fwg main eng room would like to hear from some of you ex snipes.
Orner, SteveASM2Jan 1986 – May 13, 1988IMO4looking for some of my old shipmates. I found Fred Bell.
Fink, James ( Ike )MM3Jan 1986 – Sep 1990M DivisionStood watch in the fwd mn. machinery space. Would like to catch up with some old " SNIPES "
Watson, ScottFC2Jan 1, 1986 – Jan 25, 1990CSFMiss the old times,,,bitched like every other sailor but sur e miss it , had a great time back then,,,anyone out there drop me a line.
Himango, PatrickMM2Jan 1, 1986 – Dec 31, 1988SupplyI'm looking for friends of my wifes dad, all i know is that he was on a westpac on LHA-3 in 1987... Does any one remember him by name at all?
Nelson, CarlOS2Jan 6, 1986 – May 30, 1989OIIt was a great run...Never have I been around so many clowns in my life.
Watson, ScottFC2Feb 1, 1986 – Feb 18, 1990CSFgreat friends, great liberty ports, I went to the decommissioning, what a great time...Saw a few shipmates, but not as many as I would have wished. The ship looked great. She will be sunk off of Hawaii, sad, but better than being scrapped.
Stevens, RandyPH2Feb 1, 1986 – Feb 1, 19900ZI have many great memories of this ship and 0Z div. Hi Chief Schultz, Paul P, Allen M, Jeff B, Greg M, Tony K, and all the others. I now live in Sioux Falls SD. Send me a email at Take care and God Bless.
Huber, Matthew profile iconEM2Feb 25, 1986 – Feb 25, 1991E divisionHad a great time on USS Belleau Wood. Thanks for all of the memories shipmates. Loved those west pac cruises. Hope all of my old friends are doing well.
Sigountos, JohnHM2Mar 1, 1986 – Jul 1, 1989H MEDICALAfter 3 years on Her,totally believe that 'sailors belong at sea'&'land is just a navigational hazard'. Had a great time on a GREAT ship.Terminated my next shore duty early to do my last 3 yrs of my 20 on the USS AMERICA.
McMahan, RichYN3Mar 1, 1986 – Jan 1, 1988AdministrationI am happy to be a part of the best navy in the world and the most dedicated shipmates in the world
Wettlaufer, DougHT 3May 1986 – Jun 1988RepairI was assigned to M division during my first West Pac and worked in the FWD Hole. After that I went to the Shipfitter Shop and worked with Max Arbuckle, Kevin Profrock and alot of other good guys. I will remember my time spent on the Wood
Magsumbol, MarcosEMMay 4, 1986 – Jun 9, 1989EOne of the best !!!!
Hall, Jimmie (Jd)OS1May 15, 1986 – Apr 30, 1991OIIt was my last tour at sea, couldn't have ask for a better one. Had some of my happiest times on her. Got me to Austrailia. But, I'm glad I didn't make the move to Japan.
Lynch, Leroy profile iconE3Jun 1986 – Jun 22, 1989V-3Being in the USS Belleauwood from 1986 to 1989 was the best time of my life. I loved the crew on the ship and they loved me. We was like family. I still think of the fellas every now and then. Find Kevin Johnson
Hedgebeth, DariusMIDSHIPMAN FIRST CLASS (DUKE UNIV NAVY ROTC)Jun 5, 1986 – Aug 5, 1986Served aboard Belleau Wood during my first class midshipman cruise the year before my commission. She had the best crew in the fleet...does anyone remember when Clint Eastwood embarked to film scenes from "Heartbreak Ridge" in '86?
Perry, KelleyDNJun 15, 1986 – Oct 18, 1989Dental/MedicalWhat a great site! Got to see Thailand, Vancouver, Seattle, Adak AK, Korea, Phillipines(of course),and last but certainly not least, Sydney. Drunk as often as i could be. Met a lot of other good people. As miserable as I was, wouldnt trade one memory
Hicks, StevenMM2Jul 1986 – Sep 1990EM01Wow sorry to read she was decom and sunk. She was my first command and I learned alot from her. We spent alot of good times in Subic and Austraila. Rest in piece ol girl
Sanders, James/ ColonelIC 3Jul 12, 1986 – May 17, 1988E Aft Boiler RmGreat ship, good crew. Lots of good times on WestPac 87, PI and Sydney were awesome. Went to the decom ceremony, got to go on board one last time, would like to have pictures and/or video of sinking??
Ponschke, PaulIS2Jul 14, 1986 – Jul 20, 1989OZI will always remember the great times aboard this ole lady and the shipmates I served with in OZ Div., Alan Moore, Tony Koch, Randy Stevens, Jeff Bice, Calderone, Chief Schultz, LtCDR Potthast. Fair Winds and Following Seas.
Delplato, DominickABH3Jul 25, 1986 – Jul 24, 1990V3/V1ALSO WORKED IN CRASH AND SALVAGE. LOOKING FOR GUYS THAT SERVE THE SAME TIME...Curtis Taylor, James Fernette, Alan Sieracki...
Chamberlain, ToddHM2Aug 1986 – Oct 1989H MEDICALLots of fond memories from my time on the Wood, and the hours spent in flight ops. Didnt like a lot of it at the time though, but they are experiences of a lifetime. Sure do miss the friends I made.
Russell, JimAO3Aug 1986 – Feb 1988CSWVery good times and friends !
Ergott, RandyMM3Aug 1986 – Jul 1989Aft Engine RoomAlready in contact with quite a few guys I served with. Just got on here to see if I knew anyone else. If you recognize me send a message or an invite on Facebook.
Nine, JonMM3Aug 1, 1986 – Feb 10, 1988Engjust checking to see if I know anyone
Stephens, MichaelAD3Aug 10, 1986 – Apr 15, 1988AIMDLooking to see who is still out there.
Kuhn, JohnE-4Aug 20, 1986 – Aug 20, 1990
Pascoe, DavidOS2Sep 1986 – Aug 1989OI
Smith, Bryan "Smitty"ABH3Sep 1986 – Jun 1990V-1Great times and a great crew. I miss and think about you guys all the time. Thanks for the great memories!
Schaefer, Jonh (Shamu)E-3Sep 6, 1986 – Sep 1, 1988air hanger deckAnybody remember dominic dell plato,curtis? barney? Harland borden?
Washington, Howard (Tony Or Wash)e3 and e4Oct 1986 – Apr 1989engineeringlooking for EM2 EJ, EM 1 Harris, Currey, PA Fort, and others. Miss the wood
Pray, AnthonySGTOct 1986 – Oct 1988AOHad an awesome time being stations ships company working and living on LHA-3 for two years working along side my fellow Aviation Ordnance men . Two WESTPACS for me.
Shannon, ToddAMS3 EAWSOct 3, 1986 – Oct 3, 1987aimd airframesI got on in Bremerton Washington in dry dock I never knew there was so many needle guns West-pac 87 was awsome rember the 30 days in the PI we thought we was going to Tasmani but ended up in Syndey I loved it all
Schaefer, John(shamu)E-3Oct 13, 1986 – Dec 20, 1988v-3HEY ALL
Smith, JerryDS2Oct 30, 1986 – Jan 2, 1991CBS/CSEGreat ship and times! Miss the 2 hour work days while in port...
Emerson, MarkBM2Nov 1986 – Sep 19892nd Division / Duty Master-At-ArmsBetter known as the Drift Wood, the one story I always tell is when we drifted for 36 hours before being towed for another 24 hours. Not to mention that it was on the Belleau Wood that I was approved for conversion tot the MA rate.
Bice, JeffersonIS1Nov 5, 1986 – Apr 16, 1989OZ
Apodaca, MikeEN3Nov 10, 1986 – Jul 11, 1989A-Gang/Engine Shop Looking for my engine shop buddies and shipmates
Kienzle, DavidDPSNNov 10, 1986 – Jun 22, 1992bGreat times, even though it didn't seem like it at the time! But I always loved those cruises! The philipines Rocked! West Pac '87 and '89 was a blast, what i remember of them anyway!
York, RobertFNNov 17, 1986 – Nov 7, 1990MJust wanted to say "high" to the snipes. You guys can reach me via email.
Seman, PatE3Dec 1986 – Jul 198711Th MAUGreat time & good lifelong friends made
Campbell, MichaelLcplDec 15, 1986 – Jul 3, 198711th MAUHad a great time and some very good friends.Miss all the fellas from the Engineer Plt
Halinski, Patrick "ski"ABH2Dec 31, 1986 – Jul 30, 1990V-1WestPac 87 and 89...what a blast! Those were the days of overnight liberty in PI, Thailand, Australia. There are things I will never forget and things I want to forget. Anyone remember the DriftWood?

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