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USS Belleau Wood (LHA 3) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Belleau Wood (LHA 3). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1396 crew members registered for the USS Belleau Wood (LHA 3).

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Ray, RobertMMFN1981 – 1985MP Aft
Theis, KurtABH31981 – 1985V-1
George, SteveABH1981 – Apr 10, 1984OA/Fly1-Fly2WOW! What a blast from the past. Sorry to hear that this was the first of the Tarawa class to be decommissioned. Was a GREAT ship, GREAT crew and GREAT ports. Would love to hear from some of the old crew memebers.E-mail @
Jurach, JerryCPL USMC1981 – 1982i was stationed at camp pendleton in the marine corps and went on the 1st and 2nd west pac cruises. i was hma-169 in pendleton and joined up with hmm169 and hmm-262 squadrons out of hawaii.i was in the aimd airframes shop. great times.
Burgess, JonLHA 31981 – 1983R
Hipp, StevenABH-21981 – 1983V-1USS BELLEAUWOOD! GREAT SHIP
Amador, MarkAD31981 – 1984AIMDThree west-pac tours, the first on the flight desk as an airman, the next two in the powerplant shop on the hanger deck. Great times traveling abroad with great people! Looking back I have fond memories of my times aboard.
Puterbaugh, MarkAE1981 – 1983AIMD
Sanchez, GeorgeIC11981 – 1984OZWhat sup Devil Dogs!? Sad to see they sank our pride and joy. Big Al, donde andas? Miss you shipmates and that cold, maybe not so cold, San Miguel beer! email
Wyatt, Mr.peabodyF31981 – 1982R
Stone, RobinAZ31981 – 1984AIMDSad to see the Belleau Wood was sunk. Made me proud though that they couldn't sink her as a firing target, but had to be scuttled instead.
Bell, Chuck profile iconABH21981 – 1982V1Anyone seen Jack Wingarter? email me at
Bell, ChuckABH2Jan 1981 – Aug 1982V-1Best tour of duty I had in the Navy. Has anybody seen Jack Wingerter?
Foster, DanET2Jan 1981 – Apr 1984CSEI did the first two and one half WESTPACs. I enjoyed all my time. I miss the ET's in CSE Division. I would love to hear from them. I still travel about as much if not more.
Gilliam, Russell / "gil"EM3Jan 1981 – Jun 1985E....degaussing in Pearl on her first deployment...., damn those cables were heavy....!!!
Sedillo, AndrewSM2Jan 1981 – Oct 1984Signals CommunicationArrived in Hawaii. Made all 1st three West Pac's. Took part in the Iran hostage ordeal, hung out offshore 48 days strait. Picked up Vietnamese refugee boat. Dropped them off in Singapore. 3x Shellback. I have returned to landlubber status
Carratala, Rinaldo (Ray)E-3 CplJan 1981 – Jun 1981USMC, C-BTRY 1/12, BLT 3/3Participated in TS '81. It was my 1St. West Pac. Met a lot of good friends and it was an awesome experience.
Schifano, Patrick (Rocky)QM3Jan 2, 1981 – Jun 30, 1984NavigationI loved my time on board the Belleau Wood, some of the best times of my life! God Bless the P.I and Japan LOL Australia was the greatest .
Bell, JohnnyABF-3Jan 2, 1981 – Jul 1, 1983FUELSLets go back to the Phillipines. Anyone seen Bos'n Vargas? Email me at
Cocozello, GeraldE3Jan 5, 1981 – Jan 5, 1984boilermakeri was only seventeen when i was on the belleau wood i was young and stupid i enjoyed going on west pacs and meeting people it was a time in my life that i will never forget
Forsythe, VonQM2Jan 10, 1981 – Nov 5, 1982Navigation
Godfrey, DavidAG3Jan 10, 1981 – Aug 30, 1981OA (Weather Guesser)TAD from USS Peleliu LHA-5. What an experience. I guess you had to be there to believe it.
White, DenisAG3Jan 10, 1981 – Jul 8, 1983OAHard to beleive it's been 25 years, and she's been sunk. Brian Campbell, Tony Barnardo and I still keep in touch. Skiter blew us off in August 2006. If Frank White (no relation) is still alive; he doesn't own socks.
Kemp, SheldonOS3Jan 12, 1981 – May 25, 1986OII remember CDR Doty.He held my IDcard forever cause I couldnt drive a car the right way and Hatchett!!! Devil Dog forever!!!
Arroyo, Israel / DocHM3Jan 14, 1981 –India Co K Bay Devil Dog DocMy first West-Pac and also hers, Cherry west-pac for both of us. Great Memories. Olangapo was jumping, I hung out with recon for a time in a small bar down the street from JOJO's. SSgt Richie was in charge of us.
Mather, JamesSGT USMCJan 15, 1981 – Aug 6, 1981HMM-165First westpac, refugees, crashed CH-46 into her side and we lost Cpl Eddie Schell. Airlift in Sri Lanka. Good boat and good times.
Hurn, KeithCPLJan 15, 1981 – Aug 10, 1981AIMD IMO4I was one of three Marines that worked in the Hyd AIMD Dept. We were picked up from Pearl with the HMM-165 helo squadron.
Lukitsh, Kevin (Luke)E-2Jan 26, 1981 – Feb 4, 1982V-3IT WAS AN EXPERIENCE THAT I WILL FOR EVER REMEMBER
Embry, JeffJO2Feb 1981 – May 1983OZ/OAHave fond memories of the 1st 2 Westpacs. Caught the ship on the first one at Hong Kong. I remember the great times while underway....and the ports of call. Belleau Wood was the best ship in the Navy.
Blake, MauriceE-3Feb 1981 – Aug 1981Ships Platoon I did my 2nd West Pac with her in 81 was TAD from Kilo Co. BLT 3/3 to ships platoon working on the flight deck when the crash happen, I am looking for information on the me at
Madore, DanDP2Feb 1, 1981 – Oct 1, 1983ODBittersweet to hear the old ship sits submerged off Kauai as I picked up the ship for the 1st of 2 WestPacs there after A school. Just missed degaussing darn! Nice to see OPS shipmates, CDR Doty and DPC Kuhlman.
Hendrickson, HarryRM1Feb 14, 1981 – Feb 14, 1986CommunicationsHad an ok time. Would like to B.S. with some of the guys I served with to see how they are doing it's been a long time.
Davis, KevinE3Feb 16, 1981 – Feb 17, 1985Engineering
Neal, MikeASM2May 1981 – Jul 1983AIMD IMO4Looking for anyone AIMD 82-83. I talk to Phil Harris in NC now and then. Sad to see the ship sunk.
Patience, BillAT3May 5, 1981 – Aug 17, 1983IMO3Grew up on that ship allot (needed it). Wish I had a better tour, but I remember it well. AE1 Hale and LCDR Gault gave me a break, Still in 32+ years, an O-5 (12 1/2 USN/R, 20 USAFR) OIF in 2008. Shellback 6-13-81.
Doty, WellsCOMMANDERJun 1981 – Oct 1982Operations OfficerTook her on first deployment. Great ship with a great crew and Marines. Makes me feel old, now that every ship I served in has been scrapped, sold or sunk. But the "Belle of the West" was the best. JC Hayes a superb CO!
Morrell, Terrance MorrellMMCSJun 1, 1981 – Jul 30, 1984MP Aftthis was one of the rememberable ships I served on, too bad it met the end it did. Makes me sad, put a lot of sweat, blood, and tears while I was aboard. Good memories.
Phillips, ChuckHT2Jun 10, 1981 – Jul 10, 1986"R"Retired in 1997, sure hated to see the Wood go down. She was a great ship and I enjoyed my time there. Any shipmates out there drop a line and say hi. Working for the Army now at Ft. Leavenworth, no I'm not an inmate.
Noble, Jon "punkin"E-2Jun 14, 1981 – Jun 14, 1985RSorry to hear about the old gal.Enjoyed my time on the wood. Contact me all you guys. G Gower ,sharrock, phillips.anybody that was there in that time.
Foster, JeffBT-2Jun 19, 1981 – Mar 24, 1983MP-aftSad to see the ship go down like that a target ! Just to end up a home for fish! Had a lot of good times on that ship and lot of fun with the crew of aft MP div . now that I am in my 50s I miss those times.
Latham, TerryAGC/AGCSAug 1981 – Jun 1983OAFirst ship, joined in PI as new chief. Most of div did some drugs but liked them all. Made senior chief onboard. upper air crew...what a bunch! Fry eye, burn out, crazy al...figured if I could make it thru rest of time in Navy downhill.
Kuhlmann, AlDPC (SW)Aug 1, 1981 – Aug 20, 1984ODPromoted to Chief while onboard. During my 22-year career, this was my favorite ship (also served aboard USS America CV-66 and USS Kitty Hawk CV-63). Played on the ship's softball team, and we won our share of trophies.
Gallegos, DavidE-3Aug 1, 1981 – Oct 10, 1982
Phillips, ChuckHT2Aug 3, 1981 – Sep 12, 1986RI was sorry to hear that they sunk the old girl. I remember sinking that well deck a couple of hundred times during 1-A detail from DCCentral. Just wanted to say hi to all my shipmates. Drop a line now and then if you wish.
Phillips, ChuckHT2Aug 18, 1981 – Sep 23, 1986RGreat times, Great shipmates. It was a sad day to see her sink. Five years and four Captains, for some that was a career.All in all, It was one of best times in my career.Any shipmates want to chat, drop me aline.
Nagel, Dan profile iconAG3Sep 1981 – Apr 10, 1983OACame aboard after the first WestPac. Had a great time on the second WestPac. Played softball in PI, Australia and Hawaii. I don't understand why they had to sink her? I'd love to hear from you guys.
Hatchett, Houston B.OS3Sep 9, 1981 – Jun 30, 1985OI1st ship. The best Wespacs, No GULF! From Ohio, but I retired June 2002 and relocated to Nashville,TN.
Monk, RobertSn-Bm3Sep 18, 1981 – May 20, 1986Deck
Steele, Sterling Stratton Steele profile iconMM3Sep 20, 1981 – Apr 25, 1983Aft Eng. RmTerrence Morrell/Laredo/Barragan/Strain/Stonger/Kendricks/Lanceta/Foster/Lemkuil/Killian/Baumgartner/and the guys in the Foward Engine Room. Got a new and final seventh name:Sterling Stratton Steele/Alexander, Ira Ray..
Drown, ErwinMM3Sep 20, 1981 – Jul 31, 1985engineeringmade three wes-pacs and dry dock in Bremerton. best five years of my life. Think about the old girl a lot.
Allen, John profile iconSM2Sep 30, 1981 – Jun 14, 1985Comm/SigsJoined the BW when I was 17 and grew up over the next four years, making 2 West Pacs. Wonder what's up with SMC Raleigh, SM1 Dye, Villanueva, Sedillo, Booth, Folmsbee, Robertson, Connelly, Barcus, Dupree and others?
Puglisi, Victor (Pug)EW 1Oct 20, 1981 – Jan 13, 1984OWI owe many thanks to the officers and men of the Belleau Wood, what a team! At the end of the day , she always got us all home safely every time. Rest easy girl, and thanks for the memories........
Keel, AndrewBT-3Nov 1981 – Oct 1983Boilers
Monk, RobertBM- 3Nov 1981 – May 1986DeckThe best 5 years of my life. Two West-Pacs countless things done and places seen.
Kelly, JamesRMCNov 8, 1981 – Apr 28, 1985CRReported onboard as RM1 and worked my ass off to make RMC.
Villanueva, RaySM 2Nov 28, 1981 – Jan 29, 1985CommunicationsLooking for some ole shipmates. Two west-pacs around the asain tiger loop and a glorious year up in the Great Northwest.
Hatchett, Houston profile iconOS3 E4Dec 1981 – Jun 30, 1985OI
Rowling, Alan, AlABHANDec 10, 1981 – Aug 10, 1985V-3 then V-1This command made me want to stay Navy!
Marion, ArthurABH-3Dec 19, 1981 – Apr 23, 1985V-1 THEN V-3The finest ship every with the Most awsomest crew . the friends i made will always be like family. did west pac 82-83 and pac 84, then off to china lake

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