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USS Tulare (LKA 112) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Tulare (LKA 112). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 81 crew members registered for the USS Tulare (LKA 112).

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Evans, LloydIC3Sep 1955 – Jun 1957EWas on original crew. We were assembled at Long Beach NS and transported to Treasure Island NS. Ship was being completed at Bethlehem Shipyards in San Francisco. Visited Australia on way to Wespac.
Diprete, EdLTJGAug 1956 – Aug 1957Supply & Disbursing
Smith, Jerryelectrician mate 2Feb 27, 1957 – Mar 19, 1961e divpo in charge of boats and batterys,lots of fun on 3 wespak ceuses,met alot of good people,wish i could it all over again
Bounds, JamesEN 2Mar 1958 – Nov 1961AThis was my first command. I stayed in the Navy and left in 1979 as a ENCM. I remember John Freymouth ass my mentor and many others onboard. After 23 years in the Navy I worked for General Electric for twenty years.
Dean, GeorgeRD2Mar 1958 – Sep 1960OIReported from RD "A" school as an RDSN, departed for "B" school after shipping over while in dry dock in Portland, Oregon. Left Bulwark MSO 425 in '63 to shore tour as recruiter. EOS 1966. Ret. PD Lt. 1992. Live in Ohio
Williams, James (Willie)sf3Apr 19, 1959 – Oct 12, 1962first and rthe big(T)was my first ship.i made lots of friends there it was the best ship i served on.
Kribel, RobertLTJGJun 1959 – 1961Fox
Sullivan, B. G. (Sully)DC21961 – 1965Rwas AKA when I was on board. Worked in R division
Poinsette, John Stockton JrSA/SNMay 16, 1961 – Aug 31, 1962UnknownThis information submited by Steven Poinsette SSgt/USMC Son of John Poinsette
McGhee, Brothers Terry And TimothyBM3Sep 9, 1961 – Sep 10, 19651st DivisionServed with my brother Timothy, he was in 3rd Division... Looking for shipmates who remember the Tulare being in Chu Li in 1963 and Da Nang in 1964 and 1965 cell 208.290.2687
Jobe, GarlandEM3Nov 10, 1961 – Jul 1965electrician
Ware, SteveEN1962 – Feb 1964boatsIt was a great crew I totally enjoyed being part of and wish I had not been transfered to the LPH 5. Would totally enjoy metting with my shipmates again.
Snyder, GailSCPO ENApr 14, 1962 – Aug 20, 1962RepairLCM "Mike" boat repair
Wood, Robert (Woody)ETN2Sep 1962 – Sep 1965OEGood ship with great shipmates!
Gresham, Russell profile iconQM3Sep 19, 1962 – Aug 2, 1963Navigation
Herren, RonBT21963 – Jun 19, 1967B Div.
Cavallin, Marshall / SpeedyE-31964 – 19682ndI can't remember the exact dates I served on Tulare.I know I went on board in 1964 and got off in 1968. They put me off in Danang of all places. Tulare was a AKA then.
Hoyt, Russelle3Mar 15, 1964 – Dec 31, 1965m
Poisal, MikeSN/BM1965 – 1966BoatsI was an Assault Boat Coxswain on LCVP and LCM Boats.
Dowell, BoydE3Jan 10, 1965 – Sep 29, 1967R divisionGlad I'm out and still playing bluegrass. Please email anyone who remembers me. Boyd
King, FrederickE3Feb 1965 – Feb 1967Boatswain mateLooking for crew that served during this time.
Brown, M. T.BM3Sep 1965 – Jul 1968First
Brousseau, JerryE-31966 – 1967
Sterriker, Thomas-sweet Peabm1966 – 19682ndi remember speedy playing the bandjo and all my good buddies in 2nd div=james ray, john zinkowski, tripp, howard, brant, smokey, scott larson 1st div and mickey moore. best years of my life.
Cooley, Mike profile iconRM 3Jan 1966 – Feb 1969Operations
Hoff, Garye5Aug 1966 – May 1970supply
Robinson, RichardEN3Oct 28, 1966 – Apr 22, 1968A gangI was an engineer on the lcm6s on the rivers of Vietnam
Gustavson, BillFTG3Aug 1, 1967 – Aug 1, 19684th DivThe Tulare was my first ship out of Boot Camp and quite an interesting experience. I had been to A school and was a striker for Fire Control rating. Painted the sides, helmsmen for a bit, Captain Thompson's driver etc.
Toews, DaleE2Nov 1967 – Jun 1968mworked in the engine room and road the boats hauling beer to the army
Quade, Gary G.RM2Dec 1967 – Jun 1970OperationsI was in the radio shack and on duty the night the USS Frank E Evans was run over. The "Oboe" bells really started ringing. I remember Peters, Cooley, Phil, Bud and Ott! What a crew!
Beck, Steve profile iconEN3Oct 3, 1968 – Jul 18, 1970A DivisionWorked out of the machine shop doing general repairs. Chief at the time was Chief Neely. Worked with Troy Ford, Ron Tuttle, "Tiny" Pfanensteil, Mark Kason, Chad Lewis and friend HM2 Cruz Lopez, many others.
Begley, RickE31969 – 1970RadioThe ONLY thing good about my time on the Tulare was befriending Dave Bolton. Our family's have been friends all this time. I left the Navy and became an Army officer and retired after 28 years as a Lieutenant Colonel.
Little, DanielBoatswainmate 3rdJan 3, 1969 – Aug 21, 19721st DivisionHave alot of good memories of the Tulare. Would do it all over again. Have lost track of all my ship mates.
Quick, ArthurSF2Jan 4, 1969 – Mar 1971RLooking for shipmates between these dates in any division onboard USS Tulare that did tours in Vietnam. I have a cruise book from Nov 1970 to May 1971 with all crew members listed and protocol and crossing the equator.
Harper, JimBMSNApr 29, 1969 – May 12, 19731st division
McLaughlin, Walter / ButchBM/ SMJun 10, 1969 – Mar 22, 1971BOAT GROUP
Lopez, CruzHM-2Aug 15, 1969 – May 13, 1970
Preston, RobRD2Sep 1969 – May 5, 1972OPS
Ayers, BobBM31970 – 19711st
Haines, ReedBM31970 – Aug 18, 19721stloved that tour of duty some of the best shipmates you could ask for
Nunnally, Thomase boatsman1970 – Feb 19723 (?)This is "Iceburg" , crew member aboard the USS TULARE LKA 112. Would love to connect with fellow shipmates. Thomas Turner. Eugene Davis. Henry C. Davis. Pedegrew. Herbert Shaw.Clay.Shane.Badone.Babylotion.David Marez.
O'Neill, JohnBT31970 – Jun 1972engineeringmade a lot of great friends and had a lot of great times never to be forgotten !
French, DickIC 21970 – 1972engineeringlooking for shipmates. Served with George Duke, Phil Tyne, Mark Fitch, IC6 Cirone, John Rutledge
Blair, JohnRD3Nov 30, 1970 – Mar 7, 1972OImeet a few good friends and had a great time.

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