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USS Saipan (LHA 2) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Saipan (LHA 2). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1313 crew members registered for the USS Saipan (LHA 2).

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Hughes, RandiIC11981 – 1986EI had some great times on the o'l Saipan-Maru. Unfortunately, I didn't realize it at the time. I met a lot of great people on that ship that have changed my life for the good. I wished she was still afloat so I could visit but she's gon
Sullivan, Mark/sullyHT21981 – 1983I was on the Saipan for only a short while.That was the year Saipan was in portsmouth Naval Ship Yard for an overhaul. I just happened to see Saipan at port in Morehead City, N.C.(5/18/07) and it brought back old times.
Kaufman, PaulSKSN1981 – 1984S-1If it wasn't for ImDaul I would still be serving today. :)
Cassidy, JosephE41981 – 1982
Rawlings, RickBT31981 – 1984MPWorked in the Oil Lab (oil king) and Spent some time FWD Eng Room.. Well it was an experiance..........
Ellison, StanMA2-11981 – Aug 15, 1983MAAHad alot of good times and met alot of good folks. Gotten alot older but sure miss alot of my friends.
Laramore, Tim (Larro) profile iconEM1981 – 1983ESaw where the 'Bathtub' had been scrapped. Sad to see her go like that. Always figured aft roving watch would leave the plug out. Is Sokolowski and the boys around? Or any of the light shop guys. Give me a shout.
Cipres, SalE31981 – 1982Aviation Intermediate Maintenance Department (AIMD)I'm searching for a few ship mates. Estrada, Mario and Hoffman who worked in AIMD. We served together and completed a Med Cruise.
Sokolowski, Chris profile iconEM31981 – 1984E-divQuite a few memories of the old tub still around Laramore
Baxter, DonnE-2Jan 1981 – Feb 23, 1982Supply
Clark, CharlesBT3Jan 10, 1981 – May 30, 1982MPServed in the aft engine room and the oil lab.
Lukasavage, DavidE3Feb 1, 1981 – Apr 24, 1983ExecutiveLooking to connect to those I knew on the USS SAIPAN
Benson, JonYN2Mar 5, 1981 – Oct 30, 1984Admin/DeckLooking for all those who served in the Admin / Deck Department between 1980-1984, or for other crew members who served at that time and remember me. Hope you're all doing well. I'm driving truck in the midwest now.
Whitmer, ThomasSM2Mar 9, 1981 – Nov 16, 1985CSSome of my fondest memories in my life are from USS SAIPAN.Would appriciate contact from any of my old shipmates,especially from the signal bridge
McCurry, Dwighthm3Mar 10, 1981 – Jul 4, 1984MedicalI will never forget the north atlantic tour. Crew members i remember Lt. Dort , Dr. Iams, Vickram, dave, and many faces but i forget there names. Hello Alonzo were ever you are bro! I have some pictures of the crew.
Austin, MichaelOS2Apr 1981 – Jun 1985OIBest ship in the fleet.Had alot of great people
Minkler, James (Henry)SK2Apr 1981 – Jul 1984S-1Came aboard as a E-3 in Deck division and transfered to Supply. Left Saipan as an SK2 and retired from the service as SKC (SW/AW/SCW). Would like to get in touch with some old buddies. How about it Ed Trammell?
Beloff, Ron Or RM2Apr 1981 – Dec 1985CRLooking to find Robert "Benny" Barnes.
Parsons, RobertDS2Apr 10, 1981 – Jun 3, 1986oewasted to much money playing poker..enjoyed the ports.It was great fun!!
Opperman, EdwardPNC(SW)Apr 20, 1981 – Jul 15, 1984XI reported onboard as a PNSR left as PN2. Made many friends and shipmates.
Sorette, AndrewEM3Jun 17, 1981 – Jan 17, 1984Power ShopSaying hi to all the electricans i work with u guys were great miss u all
Wohlgamuth, Neal "Wolf" profile iconE-4 ABH3Jul 28, 1981 – Aug 28, 1985V-3I like to remember all the good times that were had with my shipmates and will always hold them close to me. Would love to hear from everyone that remembers me, I remember you all. Drop me a line, and let's catch up.
Farrow, DavidE4/CPLAug 1981 – 198210th Marines(cannon cockers)finding this site really jogged the memory(whiskey bent and hell bound)
Dargan, ReginaldSep 1981 – Feb 1982Weapons Co BLT 2/6 32 MAUI remember making Corpral on this ship allowed to work with the ships MAA's crew for while I learned a lot about professionalism hit the MED with you guys in the fall of "81" lots of good liberty. Did my time in the Corps&20 in the A
Hammond, Tony (Doc)HM1Sep 1981 – Feb 1982BLT 2/6 MedicalFound this site by accident, love the memories of the liberty ports and the sailors and marines I served with. Out of 30 years in the Navy, I spent 22 at CLNC with Division and MarForLant!
Logan, TimE1Sep 8, 1981 – May 15, 1983
Qm3 Duquette, JosephQM3Sep 15, 1981 – Jul 30, 1983NAVIGATION DIVISIONI was in Navigation Div. I remember flying on board off the coast of Italy on a CH-53 in 1981. I loved the ship. I remember our best Captain ever, Capt. Renard. I remember having my best cruise ever with my brother.
Gramm, J.c.RM2Sep 30, 1981 – May 12, 1985CR Div/CommsMika, Don A, Bee, Mergan, Scoobie, Chief Shobe, Chip Bazen, jimmy Wills, Farron,Tiny Spradlin, Hope your all well! Life is good... I hope more of the old crew sign into this site! What a great crew we had! Lotta laughs!
Jordan, MichaelEM3Oct 1, 1981 – Dec 5, 1984Engineering
Hughes, RandiIC-1Nov 1, 1981 – May 19, 1986E-DivisionLooking for Ken L. Davis, ICC and Eduardo Santiago, IC-2
Ricket, ThomasE- 4 PC3Nov 15, 1981 – Aug 23, 1985adminI live in beautiful colorado outside denver. a single dad to 4 sons. I work for the post office as i did on the ship I had a great experiance and was blessed with the command(s) I servered under as well. the ship and places will not forget
Porter, RichardAK2Nov 15, 1981 – Mar 15, 1983S-6It's strange how we look back and remember ourselves in relation to others. What a Med Cruise!!! S-6 was a good home and Saipan was GREAT ship. Hello to all assigned to S-6.
Renk, SteveE-3Dec 26, 1981 – Aug 31, 1984V-1 CRASH&SALVAGEHey Fellas! Looking for Greg,Buck,Kenny,Scotty,Bobby OK you too Shroeder
Manuel, DannyMS21982 – 1986
MacIolek, TedRM11982 – 1985CRArctic Circle, Grenada, Teamwork 84
Wier, Dwight TileSM3Jan 1982 – Sep 1985
Bone, StevenE-4Jan 1982 – Aug 1983Eng
Sweet, WalterBM2Jan 14, 1982 – Sep 14, 19852nd&1st Dlv.Hello deck Dept.
Frawley, BrianHT1Feb 1982 – Oct 1986
Carlson, Dayl/ ChuckAR-ABH3Feb 1982 – Oct 1986V-1Death Star 2 holds many fine memories, she was the start of my naval career. I'm sorry she's gone, like her crews from bringing her to life, to standing the final watch, neither her or her crews will be forgotten.
Poche, MikeFC 3Feb 2, 1982 – Aug 15, 1986cf
Poche, MikeFC3/E4Feb 2, 1982 – Aug 15, 1986the last two years were the worst of my entire life. but i HAD to stay until the edn of my enlistment.
McCraw, DerrickAK3Mar 1982 – Oct 1983S-6Looking for Michel Humphrey
Egan, DavidemfnApr 1982 – Jun 1985EGood times, Great people. Tate, Mitch, Sakie, Geno, Steveo, Smitty, Bauer, Al Walker, Wooley, Roger Washington, Chuck MacKenzie, Neil Sirmons, Wonger and the "Ranch Master" Lance Yardley. Too many to list all. thanks!
Spradlin, Doug TinyRM3Apr 1982 – Nov 1984CRNothing but great memories! I would like to hear from anyone I served with. I am still in contact with Stubbs. I've been a Mailman in IN. for 31 years. Two people I've tried to find JC Gramm, and Mika Miller.
Humphrey, Michael W.AK3May 1982 – Aug 1985S-6
Jett, GlennSKSN-SK2May 1982 – Nov 1985S-1shame to see Saipan put down, lots of good times and memories there
Hilbert, JeffDP2May 1982 – Dec 1984CD / S-7
Coe, BudMS3May 10, 1982 – Oct 31, 1985s2cuba sucked, grenada,, sucked worse, we just wanted home. Ian, been lookin for ya for a while!
Flewellyn, StevenPH 3Jun 5, 1982 – Jul 16, 1984OPSWas there for refit and Grenada any one from the photo lab at that time gimme a shout
Manuel, DannyMS-2Jun 24, 1982 – Jun 24, 1986Supply / S-5I worked in the ward room, I also was the Capt. cook for Capt Bennett, and Capt. West. I retired in '93 MSC.
Andrews, BruceOS2Aug 1982 – May 1988OIHad a great time, some times too good, for those of you that remember me. Would not trade my experience in the Navy for anything. Great bunch of people. Back home in Missouri.
Francia, Tony profile iconLTJGAug 1982 – Nov 1984OEOE division Officer and stood bridge watches. What a ship. Really liked the time spent in the fiords of Norway during Fleet Ex
Gary, HokansonHM1Aug 1982 – Feb 1985Medical
Reese, James/ FacesnAug 1982 – Aug 19852nd DeckHey brayton.I remember all those braught back alot of memories. all good tho. anyone wants to e mail me its i ope to hear from the people that remember me
Miller, BrianGMGSA-GMG2Aug 1982 – Sep 1985CGWhat a ship, what a crew, I sure learned a lot on this ship, grew a lot too. I sure do miss the guys, we had some great times when the work was done. Contact me thanks!
Jackie Holloway, HollowayMS3Aug 1, 1982 – Feb 1986S-2
Banks, MiltonMM3Aug 26, 1982 – Aug 12, 1986A-GangI hope all is well with every one, Stay up and Stay Blessed!
Uzat, Pedro " Pete"ABF 3Sep 1982 – May 1988
Peters, SandyDP2Sep 1982 – Apr 1985CD / S-7Ship yard,GITMO,Grenada,North Atlantic,Med. Lots of good memories. Jeff "Cowboy" Corbridge, Tim Foster, Greg Cornet (RIP), Tor Maynard, John Neagele, Pat Branley, Gene Huft, Mike Foran. Oh I don't miss sleeping nxt to chain locker
Murphy, Kevin?smurfHT2Sep 13, 1982 – Aug 15, 1986R Division/ShipfittersBest experience of my life. Should have been a lifer!
Haase, MitchBT-3Sep 13, 1982 – Sep 13, 1986MP DivisionWow! 25 years passed real quick! That was a fun time in my life back then!
Giannoutsos, Thomas "gino"OS2Sep 15, 1982 – Jan 19, 1985OICrazy Crew. Many parties. D&D Games. Shipyards. Gitmo. Grenada. North Atlantic. & EN3 Trujillio??,, WHERE ARE YOU?? If you were there, youd understand. Ken Harris, Duane Holtz, John Berget, Hoffman - Email Me in Florida.
Transue, JohnRMCSSep 20, 1982 – Oct 1, 1985CR
Burrell, ChrismmOct 1982 – Feb 1986a-gang
Wender, Ian A.ABH3Oct 5, 1982 – Feb 11, 1985V-1
Black, StevenHT2Oct 11, 1982 – Jun 27, 1986REPAIRHad alot of good times ! Where is HT B. Walker, B. Phelps,C whitley,Colemen,
Twiford, GeorgeBT3Nov 1982 – Mar 1987MP Aft/fwd Eng/rmsI was looking through facebook for old friends and came across this sight and thought to get in touch
Smith, Tory (Smitty)EM3-EM2Nov 1, 1982 – Sep 1, 1986Electrical Division Michael Landon... Thank you for my Guidance and Mentoring. Your wisdom and lessons in life has provided me the path to success today. Okay now to the Fun Stuff... to Dave Mitchell, Dave Egan, Vinny and Sader the Rat Pack Miss you guys
Trammell, EDMM2Nov 12, 1982 – Dec 20, 1986MP - Main Control TopwatchHad some good shipmates during my stay on Saipan. Didn't think she'd last this long! First to get washer and dryer in main control. What a luxury!
Willis, JamesMMFANov 16, 1982 – Sep 21, 1984MPIts been more than twenty five years since my days aboard the mighty saipan. It seems i think about those days more now than ever before. Just finding out now she's been decommissioned feels like a tiny piece of my soul is gone.
Toler, William "Benny"DP2Dec 1982 – Dec 1984Data ProcessingHey Everybody - Saw lots of names I remember. Like many of you, my time on that ship was most a positive and wonderful experience. Hope you are all well. I am currently a Govt Employee in Indianapolis IN.
Chastain, MarkMM3Dec 1, 1982 – Sep 7, 1986AssaultCapt. Bennett, haze gray and underway. Where's ALL the Cardinal Co. that went to the Saipan. Wesure had some WILD times.
Harper, JamesMR2Dec 1, 1982 – Apr 15, 1986AuxillaryLeft a little early and with a wake but have settled into an even keel and a good life.
Toma, Hiroki profile iconEN4Dec 1, 1982 – Aug 11, 1985A DIVISIONBoat shop...shitty times and uforgetable times...I would it all over again.
Yardley, LanceIC3Dec 3, 1982 – Jun 1, 1985ethink of our departed bro's woolley and watkins often.saipan was ok.; but nothing like the parties at my ranch in newport news. anyone remember'''''''''.. ic1 art gage f u . you stole my entire c
Gosh, Francis JudeMM3Dec 10, 1982 – Dec 2, 1987A-gangWorked in hydraulic shop. Aft.Steering was my home!!! Looking for any of the guys from my shop!
McCloskey, Dennis (Mac)MM2Dec 28, 1982 – Dec 15, 1988EP01 and 2
Fredericks, JoeHT2Dec 30, 1982 – Aug 25, 1987Repair

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