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USS Tarawa (LHA 1) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Tarawa (LHA 1). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1044 crew members registered for the USS Tarawa (LHA 1).

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Glandon, JimEW31989 – 1990OT
Ramos, ThomasRM31989 – Mar 1, 1993CRLotsa great memories with a bunch of great people...Hollis T, Shegog, "Blue", Osborne, Keupp, Sanchez, Stanley, Moody, Olson, Buck Williams, Cotton, Ushery, "Oppie", Clatt, Pack, Manning, Vann, Stevens...INT....ZBZ...
White, TimSeaman1989 – May 1992OperationLI
Newkirk, MichaelFC3(SW)1989 – 1990CFSee previous entry... had to add another profile due to email change and lost passwords :)
Carrington, JohnMMC(SW)1989 – 1992MP-1Best main space crew ever.
Houdyshell, JohnE21989 – Oct 1990ABHHello former shipmates. Worked the Flight Deck and The coolers in the mess decks. Under Lt. Bradshaw
Davidson, DaleEM-3Jan 1989 – Jul 1993E
Brozyna, JerzyABH-3Jan 1989 – Aug 1992V-1
Gary, JansenPH3Jan 1, 1989 – Jan 1, 1991PhotoBeing a PH on that boat was the best job there was. Never got a helo ride but those LCAT rides were sweet. LHA1 opened the world to me. Hong Kong rocked!! Best Wishes to all my photoshack shipmates (even the psychotic Photo Chief J+14!!)
Bonner, AndreIT2Jan 6, 1989 – Sep 18, 1991OPS
Hodge, RickDC3Jan 10, 1989 – Jul 20, 1991R divhad a great time on the Eagle of the sea, met alot of very good people. Like to say hello to all my shipmates especially Rodgers, Heavy-D, Gags and Valley.
Raymond, ChrisRM3Jan 16, 1989 – Dec 29, 1991OCGood times for the Old navy way and good people all around to know
Robinson, HalbertMM3Jan 20, 1989 – Jun 28, 1992mp2
Goodwin, RichardMS3Feb 1989 – Aug 1992Wardroom (S-2)
Gilliam, Russell / "gil"EM1Feb 1989 – May 1992E....Desert Storm...!!!
Robinson, Halbert\'LHA 1\'Feb 16, 1989 – Jun 27, 1992mp2best time of my life
Scanlan, Mickey TovioABH2Feb 17, 1989 – Nov 17, 1991V-1Reveille, Reveille all hands trice up and make up, prepare for muster. Chow hall! Releive the Watch! The Navy jargon has left me and it brings pleasurable thoughts of reminiscing foreign ports: Thailand, Philipines, Japan, The persian gulf ports.
Clark, BillMM2Feb 20, 1989 – May 1, 1992MP1
Temaeva, AnaniasE-3Feb 22, 1989 – Feb 21, 1993ABHAloha shipmates! Loved the flight deck! Hated the 4am musters, all night night vision bounces with no dinner or no hot water for showers and can't forget the brown water out of the drinking fountains! That my Navy...gotta love it!
Solivan, Anthony "sully"OS2Mar 1989 – May 1993those were some great toimes in cic. currently living in tampa. miss the fellas. give me a shout
Rodgers, Stevemm1Mar 19, 1989 – Sep 13, 1991engineerbest experience in my life! would like to give a shout out to my best bud on the ship..Rick Hodge,Halbert Robinson,Valle,Lobianco,Hoeker,Michael Brush,Storrs,JP Anderson, & all others that I was in contact with! USS LHA1
Gaglione, Charles "Gags"DC3Mar 20, 1989 – Sep 1, 1992RTrying to find my shipmates I served with in R div. Hope everybody is doing well. Like to hear from you.
Moreau, PierreEM3Apr 21, 1989 – Apr 21, 1992ElectricalServing on the Tarawa has been one the most exciting times in my life. I appreciated working with such dedicated men and my visits to some of the most beautiful places around the world. VIVE LA LIBERTE!!!!!!! FREEDOM FOREVER!!!!!!!
Govea, EduardoHM1Jun 5, 1989 – Dec 11, 1989Fleet Surgical Team 1 Embarked for westpac, liberty in Pataya beach, Hong Kong, Korea, Sasebo JPN, and the best PI. Looking for anyone that was part of FST 1. Ships Co. Medical Dept. or Marine Docs. Had a great deployement.
Barker, DaveOS2Jul 1, 1989 – Aug 1, 1992OIIt was me that called LT Werts in his stateroom every ten minutes while we were in the gulf. Don't mess with the track-sup sucker; we will make your life hell even if you are an officer. :) Boars of War!! If you were there email me. Dave.
Campbell, Wayne (Abdul Kamul}Jul 1, 1989 – Dec 5, 19893rd MAW/ MAG- 16/ HMM- 163 Went on a WESTPAC. Had a ball with the Marines and crew of the Tarawa. I learned a lot!!
Monarez, Mike profile iconE-3Jul 16, 1989 – Jan 5, 19932ndI'm not looking for any person in general. Anybody who was in deck dept. at this time is, or remembers me is welcome to give me a shout. I have many fond memories of this time in my life.
Mendoza, ArmandoEM1Jul 25, 1989 – Jul 28, 1992E.div Powershophello shipmate Iam LPO of E div my email I would like some information with Em1 galuz , Em1 Nobleza. Em2 tubbs
Hatcher, Christopher RM3Aug 1989 – Mar 1992RadioLoved hanging out with the guys, brotherhood we were a tight crew. Still remember west-pac and Desert Storm, great times with these guys. Best moments of my life.
Bellon, CarlosAS3Aug 15, 1989 – May 16, 1993V1 and GSEI miss this ship.....last time I saw it was back in 1995 when I did my "AT". Enjoyed every single port visit and this is where I got my SHELLBACK certificate.Nothing last forever & I'm very proud to be one of her crew.
Shannon, Patrickmm-3Aug 29, 1989 – Dec 12, 1992MP-2cant believe it has been so long since I was there ,miss all my good buds .if anybody remembers me drop me a line.
Deets, WilliamRM3Aug 30, 1989 – Aug 30, 1993Comm
Bendickson, TonyBT2Sep 1989 – Jun 1992MP-1I have alot of great memories, the boiler room taught me how to work, pushed my limits physically and mentally. Pretty much made me who I am today, been through hell.
Grose, Lawrence "larry"OS2Nov 1989 – Nov 1993OIIt has been a long time since I have seen the guys on the USS Tarawa. Looking forward to seeing those crazy guys from CIC we really had some good times and made some lasting friendships. Hope to hear from you guys soon.
Akers, TomCWO3Nov 1989 – Mar 1992EElec Officer
Hodge, TimOS2Nov 11, 1989 – Apr 4, 1993OICan you believe it's been over 15 years since the gulf! 7 on, 7 off, 5 on, 5 off, boy those were the days!
Clements, WilliamE6Nov 26, 1989 – Jun 12, 1991neuclear reactor operatorplease contact me i would love to hear from some of my old shipmates
Greene, Swinton profile iconABH3Dec 1989 – Aug 1993V1 Crash & SalvageMy first ship after recruit training had a lot of good times and wonderful port stops. To all the ABH's, shellbacks, and golden shellbacks god bless you all.
Hickerson, DonaldMSSNDec 3, 1989 – Dec 19, 1991Food ServiceI had such a great time on the ship. From going to Subic Bay Philippines to Dubai UAE where I bought tons of gold.Having fights in the East Coast club on the strip. Great working in the Chiefs mess, priceless memories.
Thiel, RichardENSIGNDec 31, 1989 – Dec 18, 1992OI

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