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USS Tarawa (LHA 1) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Tarawa (LHA 1). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1045 crew members registered for the USS Tarawa (LHA 1).

Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1975 | 1976 – 1977 | 1978 – 1979 | 1980 | 1981 – 1982 | 1983 – 1984 | 1985 – 1986 | 1987 – 1988 | 1989 | 1990 | 1991 – 1992 | 1993 – 1994 | 1995 – 1996 | 1997 – 1998 | 1999 – 2000 | 2001 – 2002 | 2003 – 2004 | 2005 – now

Cain, DougRM11973 – Jan 24, 1977OCSent to Pascagoula on Precomm to assist the contractor in developing the Communications System Computer system. Served till discharge January 1977.
Ford, TomDP1Jul 16, 1973 – Jun 1976ODOne of 9 men assigned to Littons, to assist the contractor in the completion of the LHA Computer Systems. Then assigned to ships crew.
Bacorn, RonABF 3/ CM 3Dec 1973 – Jun 27, 1977V-4Saw John Hess ABF 3 and Ron Partain ABF 2 a number of years ago heard Lt Jones made Capt. I remember all are TADs at San Diego before the ship was commissioned. Wonder what happened to Chief Hudspith.
Glaskox, Carlos1974 – 1975Although I was not a crew member, I assisted in the construction while employed at Ingalls Shipbuilding.
Stock, PaulFTM11974 – Mar 24, 1977WeaponsPLANK OWNER--Badass basketball team-MaHOOCH,Doc and Doc,Reed and ME. Going to the 'Y'. to play the BOYS. John Wayne and Spats(Who let JWS drive the golf cart). PRE-COM, Perdiem,Pascagoula what a trip! Clontz I loved my last ten "T"
Stahlecker, BruceET11974 – Jun 8, 1978OEPlank Owner, Precom, Pascagonla, Sea trials, Commissioning, Panama Canal crossing, Acapulco stop, Op Eval off of Camp Pendleton, Shock Trials, Shipyard in Long Beach. I still have tee shirt stating I survived shock trial.
Smith, JohnFTG-3 - FTG-11974 – 1979G Div/Gun Fire ControlGreat memories from precom and the Westpac in 79'. Good friends and good times!
Cruz, JesusENCSFeb 25, 1974 – Nov 11, 19783-M CoordinatorPlank Owner
Pompa, JoeDP2Mar 17, 1974 – Mar 17, 1978OPSPlankowner
Yoos, RalphIC1Mar 30, 1974 – Jun 15, 1977EPlankowner IVCS / APS / GYRO Tech
Stenton, BrianABF1 RETIRED CWOMay 1974 – May 1979V-4 LPOGreat ship great crew. To all Air dept Pers...ABCM Wilbet Martin USN RET. Passed away July 2002.Great friend and shipmate. None better
Pastula, JohnFTG1May 1974 – Aug 1979FAny other Pre and Post-Commissioning people on this? love to hear from you... Have lots of pics left I can share...
Pollard, DaleYNC(SW/AW)Jul 1, 1974 –XI was the second man to report to the nucleus precommissioning crew located in Pascagoula, MS. I have been and remain deeply proud of my service on board TARAWA and I'll never forget all the YN personnel,.
Anttila, VernFTM2Aug 1974 – Jan 1977WepsPreCom in San Diego to Inital crew in Pasgagoula. Sea Trials in the Gulf. Order of the Ditch. Had a great time with a great bunch of shipmates.
Harris, Rodney (Harry)OS2Sep 1, 1974 – Aug 25, 1979OIServed 5 wonderful years in the Navy and miss it everyday. I'm now a retired Air Traffic Controller and live in Plymouth, Mi. Our son is a 2nd Lt. in the Air Force currently overseas. Our daughter is a teacher.
MacNamara, JoeDS 2Sep 6, 1974 – Dec 18, 1978OpsData Systems Technician, Plank owner, Order of the locks.
Anderson, Jeff (Andy)QMOct 1, 1974 – Oct 28, 1976NavigationPlankowner...part of the best damn crew in the world!
Norwood, KevinDS2Oct 1, 1974 – Jul 1, 1977OEPlank owner, went to LHA2 in summer of 77, Plank owner there also
Treziok, WalterCWO3Oct 10, 1974 – Apr 1, 1977S1/S6 and S3 (SupplyPLANK OWNER. First Aviation Stores Officer. Commissioning cermony escort for the widow of General Julis C. Smith.
Ainsworth, RobertBM1Oct 23, 1974 – Oct 10, 1977SecondPlank Owner, trying to get in touch with some of my buddies.
Clayton, BrooksOS1Oct 27, 1974 – Dec 7, 1977OI Commisioned ship Precom LPO San Diego transit
Berry, KeithOS3-OS2Nov 1974 – Jan 1978OIReceived orders out of A school, spent many months waiting for the ship. On Precom and commissioning crew. Never forgot the blast tests. Went to the decommissioning Dec 04, 2008 Grand time! photos at
Mejia, FranciscoABH2Dec 1974 – Nov 1979V1 / C/SFirst ship. Enjoyed the time aboard. Learned fast. Good crew. Great Liberty. 2nd tour DEC '81' - Jun '85 (AW) USN (ret).
Banks, WilliamMM1Dec 30, 1974 – Aug 15, 1977A DivisionLots of Long Hours
Clontz, SteveGMG31975 – 1979WeaponsPlank owners from Weapons Div. please contact me
Batley, RaymondBM 3RD CLASS1975 – 19791st and 2nd I missed the guys i served with.Great guys and some really fun times.
Hogan, SeanAN1975 – 1979V-1I'm Riding my Bike cross country from NY to make this reunion in vegas I hope plenty of the plank owners are coming me , Inman ,Kowalik, Clatt , Mcnair Dex Howell will all be there. I hope more will join us
Wenck, PatrickE31975 –2ndPlankowner and went to the Decom. A rare experience and one I will always cherish.
Miller, Richard RM21975 – 1977communicationsPlankowwner, great times pascagoula, better Acapulco
Case, GeneHT31975 – 1977shipfittersPlank Owner, Several months in the ingalls shipyard tracing out the pipelines and relabeling them and or repairing what was needed.
Tolaro, Vincent Splash Or The FonzABF 11975 – Jul 18, 1978V4Plankowner AN when l was on the ship. I left in the Navy in 1978, came back in 1982 did shore duty at NAS Lamoore CA. Made ABF1 did Sea duty on USS John F Kennedy and finally went on the TDRL list at NWS Yorktown VA.
Huybrecht, MarkEM 21975 – Dec 13, 1976EPlankowner,precom crew,Panama Canal transit was great experience.Passcagoula 500 was highlight of time in Mississippi.
Clark, RobertYNSN1975 –X DivisionFirst assigned to the Chaplain's office (Ed McMahon, Fast Eddie) as clerk, then later to the Engineering as Chief Engineering Officer clerk
Joffrion, JosephE21975 – 1975deckcame from training in Millington, TN to precom at barracks 57.
Homicz, HenrySH1/SHCJan 3, 1975 – Apr 15, 1977S-3Plankowner S-3 Div LPO Made E-7 onboard
Ouellette, George P.YNC/ISCJan 3, 1975 – Apr 1978OZTARAWA is now a decommissioned ship and will be towed to Hawaii at the end of March 2009. There she will be in the reserve fleet and maintained so that she could be rapidly re-commissioned to join the fleet again if necessary.
Goucher, NormAG1Jan 3, 1975 – Dec 31, 1976OAEnjoyed most of the time aboard even tho spent most of it at Fleet Training Center, 32nd St in San Diego. Worked on Admiral's Staff at Coronado Amphib Base for 3 months and then back to Precom Detail as Training Officer.
Purrington, DanRM3Mar 1975 – May 30, 1978radioplank owner now retired
Perez, RubenE-5/AK-2Mar 1, 1975 – Aug 1, 1976S-6Made close friends onboard and joined the Pascagoula Little Theater. Became attached to the Piper family from Cali while there. My roommate while on Pre-com was Scooby. A special time in my life. Retired Associate Warden
Pompa, JoeDP2Mar 10, 1975 – Mar 17, 1978OPSA time of my life I will never forget. Made many good friends. Too bad I was not able to make the decom ceremonies. It would have been nice to set foot on board one more time.
Erickson, MikeABH2Mar 12, 1975 – Feb 12, 1979V-1Plankowner, CTT1(SS) USN-Ret
Kirk, DonaldABCM Command Master ChiefApr 1975 – Aug 1977command?Master Chief Kirk passed away on Nov 22, 2010 He was the perfect sailor and father. He will be missed!
Hill, Charles HillSMCSApr 16, 1975 – Apr 18, 1979Comm/comphipron7 Plankowner/seatrails/commissionoing/Panama/mexico/westpac and returned on Staff duty.I would love to be able to attend the decommissioning.
Webb, DaveMS2May 1975 – Feb 1979S-2Plank Owner S-2 Div Chief's Mess, Last of the true "Stewburners". Naval Station San Diego Flag Football Champs 1975. We should have went pro. Cross planks in 1988, I was over 6 feet tall, joined & retired U.S.C.G.
Shoter, RichardABH3May 1, 1975 – Dec 19, 1977AIR-V1Still looking for a year book for the yrs. of 1975-77 was in with martin,holt,erickson,slimgoodie,washington, all ABH'S,in V1 I was on spot 6 for almost a 18mo. Does anyone every here from Wishom, or the cook Dent?
Ocegueda, CarlosET5May 1, 1975 – Feb 28, 1979Electronic TechnicianPlank Owner. Wonderful time taking her thru the Panama Canal to San Diego and various test. Spent 11 months retrofitting her in Long Beach naval shipyard before going back to SD and then being discharged prior West Pack
Landrum, SteveEM2May 9, 1975 – Oct 17, 1979EPre-com in San Diego. Pascagoula crew, shake down, etc. Plank Owner Panama, Order of the Ditch. Acapulco, San Francisco, San Diego, Long Beach (dry dock), back to SD 1979 West-Pac. Domain of the dragon, Shellback
Powers, StevenMS3Jun 1975 – Feb 1978SupplyPlankowner. Member of Precom and commissioning crew. Really enjoyed the trip through the Panama Canal.
Kornegay, Harvey profile iconPN2Jun 1975 – Jun 1977AdminPlankowner. Remember losing power off the coast of Cuba going form Ingalls to San Diego.
Wischmann, DonaldAK2Jun 1975 – Sep 1977S-6Plank Owner
Castner, ChuckQM2Jun 1, 1975 – 1976NavigationI was a plank owner on the #1. We were based out of 32nd street in San Diego andI was only a pup. Played basketball for the ships team and severely broke my ankle which eventually lead to my ending up at Balboa Hospital.
Fisher, LarryHN3Jun 6, 1975 – Jan 1, 1980USNRLooking for someone that knows the location of avionics on Oriskany (CV34) I’m planning a scuba dive on the ship and if possible I would like to stick a camera in a porthole and take some pictures (father worked there).
Seaman, JohnGYSGTJun 10, 1975 – Nov 15, 1977Nuclues Landing Force StaffBest tour I had in the Marine Corps. Other than one Master at Arms who was a jerk. Crew and officers were the tightest group I ever worked with.
Dalton, Bill DoolinEN3Jun 18, 1975 – Aug 21, 1977APlankowner What Ingalls couldnt make work. We did and that goes for the whole crew.
Kuning, BobEW1Jun 18, 1975 – Aug 16, 1977OpsJoined Tarawa precom detail in mid 1975, plank owner and sailed her through the Panama Canal (very memorable). Participated in shakedown and RefTra, but never went too far from SD on board before I got out.
Hearon, BarryEW2/ EW1Jul 1975 – Feb 1979OIPlank Owner- Looking to contact EWC Dennis Kemper, EWI Bob Kuning- Also, EWC Fontenot (Frenchy), who made CWO and was transferred, don't remember where.
Riley, Mike (Peewee)EM3Jul 5, 1975 – May 21, 1977EngineeringPlank owner. Loved every minute I served aboard Tarawa. Greatest shipmates ever. Go F-Troop. If you see this you will know what it means. Great times in Pascagoula,Panama, and San Diego. Great friends!
Brady, DonaldEn 3Jul 30, 1975 – Feb 20, 1979A gangPlank owner,pre com crew. Panama crossing..spent time at installs before com
White, DanOS2/OS1Aug 1975 – 1980OIPlank owner. 79 was great cruise.Lots of great shipmates. Know the wherabouts of some, but would like to hear from others
Giovannucci, MikeMM3Aug 1975 – 1977engineering main controlPascagoula , barracks, canal, Acapulco, memories, plan on vegas in 14
Colvin, RodneyE-3 Aug 1975 – Aug 28, 1981deck 2nd
McNair, David {dangerous}ABH-3Aug 12, 1975 – Oct 7, 1979V-!I am a plank owner of this fine ship! and very proud to be a member of the first crew ever! This makes me a plank owner,my best friend is gary clatt and still is. We have stayed in touch and all is well. I wonder where,holt,harbin,linder and frantz b
Lavery, LarryABH2Sep 1975 – Jan 2, 1977V-3PLANK OWNER I was pre-com detail San Diego I made good friends and have good memories. Old friends please write
Burch, RickE3Sep 1975 – Sep 1979V-1Plank Owner, Would like to hear from some of the guys in V-1 and other areas. Sure did have some good times on and off the ship, and the 1st Westpak.
Mahoney, WilliamABH-3Sep 1975 – Sep 1979v-1Was a new sailor on the TARAWA.Didn't like theNAVY,at first.but as cruise went on,ITWAS THE BEST TIME OF MY LIFE !! I got many lifetime friends,and the greatest life
Fullenwider Jr., Wallace E.DP2Sep 1975 – May 1979OPS - OD Dept.Precom/Plank Owner, Was reasigned in the middle of WestPac 1979 to FCTCP Point Loma Cal. as a Instructor for LHA Management Information System - Operations/Programming
Pereyda, KenseamenSep 17, 1975 – Sep 17, 1978firstLike to see the plankowners at the reuion
Larsen, Clinte2 avSep 18, 1975 – Nov 20, 1977crash crewplank owner precom
Dukas, HarryMS3Sep 19, 1975 – Feb 27, 1979S2/S5I had a great time onboard her. I met some of the most intelligent people on the face of this planet. I would like to say that I am extremely Proud to have served aboard her and very Proud to be a PLANKOWNER!
Evans, DavidETN2Oct 1, 1975 – Nov 10, 1979Operatios
McNair, David (Dangerous}PO2Oct 11, 1975 – Oct 11, 1979V-1I david just wanted to connect with anyone that might of remembered me good or bad,I am a fireman in tracy ca. and retire in 2008 not far off just wanted to say the tarawa was the best command I saw in my 10 years of service hello to all
Naqin, Jim "bm3"BM3Oct 28, 1975 – Oct 28, 19791stPlank owner/ First Westpac
Milam, MikeRM1/RMCNov 1975 – Jan 1978CRPlankowner. Spent a year in Pascagoula, MS. precom crew, then finally got off in Jan 78. Went back as RMC from Feb 81- Jul 84. Total 5yrs 9mos onboard. Had good times and bad times but it all counted toward retirement.
Howell, Dexter "Fly Dog"ABF3Nov 1975 – Aug 1979V-4Plank Owner.It was good to see people at the reunion.Hope to see more at the next one.
Wenck, Patrick (Trapper)BMSNNov 1, 1975 – Apr 4, 19772ndDeck Ape and proud of it. LCS Operator, Flying Squad, just a young Boats. Plank Owner. Just saw her today transiting through San Diego harbor. Great friends, excellent men, miss the times. Fair winds, following seas to the current crew.
Reynolds, RandyABH-3Nov 15, 1975 – Sep 21, 1979V-1Plank Owner, and very proud to have been part of the first crew. I guess it was really that many years ago. Retired now and lots of great memories.
Freeman, Robertgmg3Nov 18, 1975 –deckHad fun with great people. Saw some pictures before decommissioned she changed some, I didn't see 5"54, mark45 or 20mm? contact me.,
Kondracki, RichardYN2Dec 10, 1975 – May 25, 1979Executive/AdminHad a blast, can't believe it's over 30 years ago. Dennis O'Keefe and I are going to the decommissioning in San Diego on December 3 and 4th. Hope to see you there.
Lemon, RandyET2Dec 19, 1975 – Sep 1, 1978OPSPlank Owner Radar Tech

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