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USS Ponce (LPD 15) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Ponce (LPD 15). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 598 crew members registered for the USS Ponce (LPD 15).

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Mathias, MikeFC31992 – 19963rdRemember forward CIWS shop!
Barnes, JimHN1992 –H-MedicalWould be great to hear from old shipmates. You can e-mail me directly at:
Sellers, DanPN21992 – 1994ADMIN
Sanchez, AlbertHM3Mar 31, 1992 – Mar 31, 1995MedicalWhat's up crew? I miss my alcoholic days in the ship. Miss the good times...
Marcum, BillySK3Apr 1992 – Apr 1995S-1It was an honor to be a member of the Proud Lions.
Currier, BrianE-3Apr 1992 – Apr 1994Deck
Baas, KenOS3Apr 13, 1992 – Dec 27, 1996OIThose of you who remember, good times in Odessa, Israel, SPAIN (all ports) I was on class C in Boston after my F up in Halifax (Coming home a little too late) Canary Islands after that horrible 2 1/2 month off Liberia.. Mid watch was the best!!
Lindsey, BrendenHM3Apr 30, 1992 – Oct 14, 1993MedicalMy 1st ship. Good times. Good people.
Spahr, JohnHT2 (SW)May 22, 1992 – Aug 21, 1995R DIVHad a great time with great shipmates. Sometimes I wish I had stayed in. Thanks to DCC Cribb and the rest of the Engineering Department for everything.
MacIntyre, RodLTAug 1992 – Aug 1994DentalI was the Dental Officer and had great times as the MWR officer on our various deployments.
Briscoe, KelvinQMSNSep 30, 1992 – Sep 29, 1995NAVHaze gray and underway! Thats the proud pig! Am now residing in outskirts of Atlanta. Too many buds to list. If you know the Briscoe, give me a hollar at kelvin.briscoe @ yahoo. Shout outs to all of NAV.
Briscoe, KelvinQMSNSep 30, 1992 – Sep 30, 1995NAVHey - Kelvin Briscoe here. My email address is: Contact me.
Lang, JasonBTFNOct 1992 – Oct 1994forward boilerHey guys how's it going. Time flies.
Hooverson, BrianMS3/E4Oct 1, 1992 – May 5, 1996Supply CO's CookWow what a change. Im now an MA1 Dog Handler! its better than cooking!!! even though it was fun.
Weeks, RonaldE-4/BM3Dec 12, 1992 – Aug 30, 19961ST
McCardle, RobertABH1993 – 1995
Miller, Mark (Sparky)AR / AA1993 – 1995Air dept.Howdy y'all-I went to the Carrier CVN-73-then to oceana NAS-then to MSD-22(Naval Coastal RiverRat) Trained at black water(ssew,fpft,sct sniper,etc)-The went to kingsville NAS, then went crazy, got out in 07' Praize God!
Lewis, Philip E-6/MM11993 – 1995AuxiliariesMany sunsets and sunrises manning the stern gate. Pretty good med. Spent more time inport overseas than norfolk. Glad I got to see Ukraine, isreal, and a great tour in Rome. Shout out to MR1 Stumm and MR2 Swall.
Young, AlbertAS31993 – 1996AIR DEPTThat was a learning experience , best of times, best shipmates, anywhere, Great old days. I am now retired warrant officer army cwo4.
Murphy, MurphMS3Feb 1993 – 1998S2
Zurzolo, SamET1Mar 1993 – Mar 1996OPS/OE Div
Bolvin, ChristopherGMG3Mar 1993 – Aug 19953rd DivisionWas in 1st Division starting out, but struck as a GMG and was assigned to 3rd Division. Had many fun times and I remember I reported to the Proud Lion 7 days before pulling out for my first Med Cruise.
Borneo, B LoveABHMar 7, 1993 – Mar 13, 1997AirI remember the days to bad those are gone to everyone whatup blessing to all. Hope everyone was able to prosper after to ponce. Still in the military cross branch army SSG still miss all the good ports and drunk times.
Dressler, JeremyEW3May 1993 – Apr 21, 1996OILooking back, OI division was alright, remember taking care of few guys after some rough nights. Albania, what a shit hole, the rest were pretty good!
Cribb, RickDCC(SW)Jun 1, 1993 – Jun 1, 1998Great Ship, Great Crew!
Hern, DonaldBMSNJun 14, 1993 – Jun 14, 1995yo
Hoffmeyer, MichaelQM3Jul 26, 1993 – Nov 24, 1994Nav
Hoffmeyer, MichaelQM3Jul 26, 1993 – Feb 8, 1995NAVShout out to Dressler, Haas, Briscoe and QM1 Freddie Brown (where you at?!?!) Hit me up at
Fishman, EdHM3(SW)Aug 1993 – Sep 1996Medical
Cribb, RickDCC(SW) - E7Sep 1, 1993 – Jun 18, 1997Repair DivHad A great bunch of guys in R Div, Ens Paysuer as Div O, Ht1 Shoats in the HT side and DC1 jolly in the DC Side. Capt. Mahoney at the helm. great crew, best 4 years of my 24 years active!!!!
Hern, DonnyBMSNSep 10, 1993 – Sep 10, 1995DeckI had many great times serving my country. Had an awesome time hanging with Murry, Conerton, Gaither, Fishman, Borneo, Hass, Naudeu, there is more, to say the least. Best time was in odessa ukraine, or jamaica. Best of luck to all my shipmates peace!
Bullard, RedBM2Sep 10, 1993 – Nov 30, 1997Deck 1st and 2ndSee Jay Atwood Pete, Jaybird, Andy, Mark, Stimpy, Thanks for everything
Savarese, ChrisE2Oct 19, 1993 – May 9, 1995BMtommy connarton, mike murray how the hell are you? have tried to contact everyone and never got through. my email address is would love to hear from you both!!
Gulley, DavidOS3Nov 1993 – Jun 1997OIThis Gulley, I am sure yall remember all the crazy times in Spain, France and esp. Turkey
Bennett, JasonOS3Nov 3, 1993 – Jun 8, 1997OI
Susavage, FrankSM31994 – 1995OPSThough short-lived, great times and at
George, E. T.GMG31994 – Feb 19973rd/WeaponsSeeing the site and reading the comments definitely gave me a laugh! We went throught some crazy $#% didn't we?!
Atwood, JayBM3Jan 1994 – Mar 1999Deck - IstF*** the Boatswain.
Stewart, Michaele3Jan 1994 – May 1995deck
Panasuk, Steve (Pancake)SWCSFeb 1994 – Aug 1997M and RGood to see some familiar names. Hope your all doing well. I missed this stuff so I signed back in the Navy reserves with the Seabees as a Steelworked. Still miss the days on the Ship! Would not mind a liberty port!
Dees, LewisMMCS(SW)Feb 12, 1994 – May 22, 1996MWhere you at Redneck?
Degrado, JamesE3 BTFeb 16, 1994 – Feb 17, 1996BTHi everyone, man I had some good times back in those days. Trying to reach some old pals to see how they have been. If anyone remebers Alex Schapper, Steve Panasack, Jim(Jimbo), Jesse, and Matt. Please let me know.
Marcum, JamesYN3Mar 1, 1994 – Oct 1, 1998AdminWhats up if anyone would like to contact me my email is
Burk, RonnieYN3Mar 15, 1994 – May 20, 1998ADMIN/ENGINEERINGWhat's up Bradley, Atwood, Chief Cribb, and all of you. I'm an appraiser now in Oklahoma. Bradley (Sawyer), you still shave your legs?
Stammreich, John (Aka "Commo"LT / O-3Jun 4, 1994 – Oct 15, 1996CommsNothing like sweating it out off the west coast of Africa! Also got the dubious roles as Command Legal Officer, CMS custodian, etc. Waited 10-months for final SWO board w/o help. Thankful now to have never earned it. THANKS, PONCE!
Crum, ScottieSK3Jun 16, 1994 – Mar 9, 1994supplyHad a great time on the Lion . I will never forget the friends i made on the ponce. Billy marcum. Dom uribe Brian Erwine, Brian wosocki, Craig Witila take care.
Czajkowski, JohnMM1Jun 30, 1994 – Jul 17, 1997MP2 MMR/EOOW
Czajkowski, JohnMM1Jul 1994 – Jul 1997MP 2MMRThanks to all the hole snipes for all the great memories.....
George, E. T.GMG3Aug 1994 – Feb 19973rd - WeaponsI have a lot of great memories from the Ponce, even if it didn't always seem that way while making them! Hope everyone who reads this is doing great...take care y'all.
Harrison, PatrickHM2Sep 1994 – Apr 1995MEDICAL
Valentin, Pedro (Val)ABH1Sep 1994 – 1996AirMy last ship and it was the worst
Bounyavong, XaynalithE4/SH3Sep 14, 1994 – Sep 14, 1997S3Best and worst time in my life on this ship...But made a lot of good friends and memories too!
Dannenbring, NicholasSH3Sep 17, 1994 – May 20, 1997SupplyAlways remember Proud lion
Kenyon, KyleCPL E-4Oct 1994 – Apr 19951/6 Bravo 22nd MEUMed Float
Sawyer, BradDKSNOct 1994 – May 1998Supply
Wyatt, AndyHM1Oct 2, 1994 – Oct 1, 1996Medical
Sawyer, Jason BradDKSNNov 1994 – May 1998Supply
Jolly, CurtDC1Dec 1994 – Apr 1998r

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