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USS Northampton (CC 1) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Northampton (CC 1). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 178 crew members registered for the USS Northampton (CC 1).

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Dakin, DeanBT3Mar 1953 – Sep 1954B
Ferranti, NickRD1Mar 7, 1953 – Dec 15, 1954K/OICombat Information Center on this ship was a giant leap forward.
Taylor, Arthur H., ArtENSJul 12, 1955 – May 18, 1956Fox- Fire Control OfficerReported on board- fresh caught Ensign out of Annapolis. My Sea Daddy was a second class PO '"Pappy"... who taught me everything I needed to know below the 04 level. Quaified as OOD on Med cruise in '56 and went to Submarine School
Francisco, Richard (Dick)ET2Jan 1956 – Jun 1957OEWorked on electronics in Radio Central and UHF#2
Gauthier, H. JohnBT2Jan 1956 – Mar 1959BWeb master for ships web site also email contact
Summers, GarySNJun 25, 1956 – Jun 19593rd
Pelland, WilliamDC2Jan 1957 – Oct 1959r
Brown, James profile iconBT2Feb 1958 – Dec 1964B
Mehnert, KarlRD31959 – 1962radar
Brown, James Or JimBT2Feb 8, 1959 – Dec 4, 1964B
Hawkins, RonaldSNApr 1959 – May 19622ndRan Bos'n Locker for 3 years-Many great guys-On-board for Cuba Missile-JFK-North Atlantic-Blue Nose-Med.trips.Have gone to many reunion-great time. come join us
Branske, EdGMG2Jul 1959 – Nov 19623rd DivWork on 3/70 Guns
Raffa, Carmen / RaffE3Jul 9, 1959 – Aug 22, 1961enginemen
Butler, GeorgeMR2Aug 29, 1959 – May 1, 1962A
Lindsey, Daniel (Danny)E5/IC2Nov 1959 – Nov 1962E divisionI would like to find Mel Livingston, McGinty, & Quinn. My days on the ship were some of the most enjoyable days of my life.
Dorton, HomerEM31960 – 1961E DivisionI have only a few pictures from the time on board.
Maxwell, Georgerm11960 – 1960ocretired RMC
Shay, DaveE4Jan 1, 1960 – Sep 23, 1963AWorked in boat shop. Remember when boats were destroyed while shooting ships guns. While refueling, I was chosen to take records to tanker high line. What an experience. On board when JFK visited.
Reichenbaum, RonaldFT3Feb 1960 – Oct 1961FOXCame aboard after boot camp. Was on watch when ship led the Invasion at "Bay of Pigs" Cuba. Worked on Fire Control Systems.
Stewart, DavidYN3Jun 1960 – Jun 1963PersonnelWorked in Liason Office... Knew guys in Signalmen, personnel, etc.... Jerry Pearson, Bob, Johnson, etc
Van Vliet, CornelisFNSep 10, 1960 – Jan 24, 1961Afrom USS Springfield inNorfolk. Came aboard Sept 60 just before Nato Cruise I was in M div & A Left CC 1 in Jan 62 transferred to MSTS i deployed, on USNS Eltinge on NATO mission. Dutch van Vliet
Groft, Ronald J.mm2Oct 1960 – Aug 1964m-div. aft eng roomserving as v-pres. and pres. of reunion assoc.-2006 thru2011 for reunion information call 765-477-9977 home or 765-430-6536 cell phone.
Hurley, JayETN2Nov 1960 – Jul 24, 1964OE Radio 5 UHF/VHF
Crandell, Walden,wally,stretchPH2Dec 1960 – Jul 1962operations,photo labPresident Kennedy,Bay of Pigs, a hurricane. Chief Berntsen, Robbie, Mouse, Lafin, Bunny in the Photo Lab. Chief Baker and Hoffman in the print shop. Good memories of sea duty and shipmates.
Sterling, William (Doc)HA/HN1961 – 1962H Division
Mullins, Wittialetn21961 – 1962oe
Robinson, RichardYN21961 – 1962PersonnelI worked in the Capt's Office under E.N Berry. Capt. was John Slaughter. Worked with James Hendrickson also a YN.
Denney, JohnFT-21961 – 1963FOXIn the crew 1961-1963 when JFK & Jackie were aboard for their cruise to Venezuela. I was an FT-2; worked on all gun radar systems; I was MAA when we evacuated Pentagon brass by helo w/Captain "Texas" John S Slaughter.
Newton, Kenneth  NEWet31961 – 1963oe
Sellers, SmacksE-3Jan 14, 1961 – Jan 24, 1963AHi to my Old Buddy Dave Shay
Bounds, ChiefMRCJan 20, 1961 – Aug 15, 1964A
Benysek, Bruce Benny profile iconETN2Mar 12, 1961 – Feb 15, 1963OERadio Central Crew
Pedersen, BjarneIC2Apr 1961 – May 1963E
Brancolino, EarlRMSNApr 12, 1961 – Jul 31, 1964ORGreat shipmants. Worked with transmitter team.
Dorton, Homer (Killroy)EM3Apr 15, 1961 – Mar 31, 1962E DivisionI have a few slides taken while we were waiting for JFK to come aboard. I changed from EM3 to IC3 to facilitate my assignment(s). Chief Driscol and the Sr Marine (E9) was my direct upline contact /co ordinator
Soucier, PatrickRD3May 1961 – Feb 1965OIThe years I spent on board the Northampton is a time I look back on with great memories. Wish the ship could have been saved as a memorial rather than scraped.
Ney, BruceETN2Oct 1961 – Sep 1963OEPresident Kennedys visit , blockade Cuba, storm 1962
Sterling, William (Doc)HN1962 – 1962HospitalI would like to know isf anyone has photos of President Kennedy coming aboard to review the Fleet jn 1962.
Nulty, KurtMR31962 – 1964EngineeringLooking for any long time fellow sailors.
Sustare, B. DennisETR21962 – 1965OEI was ET for the tropospheric scatter transceivers that took up the forward tower.
McNelly, BarrySEAMANJan 1962 – 1964I first met up with the Northampton in Cuba. I was one of a couple sailors who painted the forward mast. Top to bottom. The back side with no later. Worked for a great crew. Did a lot lot the leather work and fancy work on the quarterdeck
Grow, LarryMM2Jan 1962 – Dec 10, 1964A,Left Norfolk VA on military plane for Gitmo in Jan. ship was doing training,, about 10 inches of snow in Norfolk.. Door kept trying to open on plane and they stuffed wet paper towels in the cracks,, Crazy trip
Donovan, TimothyRMCJan 1962 – Jul 1962CommunicationsThe duty was excellent and interesting. Especially when Pres. Kennedy came aboard in April of 1962. However the ship spent too much time at sea or other ports than Norfolk. Capt Slaughter was a great skipper..
Guerriero, SamHospital CorpsmanJan 3, 1962 – Mar 8, 1963Hospital DivisionPassing in review at sea when President Kennedy was aboard. The Northampton saile in the opposite direction between two lines of ships from carriers to tugboats.. what a sight!!
Johnson, CurtisSFM-3Jan 16, 1962 – Apr 25, 1963R-divisionResponsible for maintenance of all doors and hatches. Was on board during the Cuban blockade, visit by President Kennedy, and the Caribbean cruise. Did work in the presidential suite. I operated the ships hobby shop.
Rosa, TaddRD3Aug 1962 – Apr 1964OIIt was a great ship! Am looking foreward to contacting others in OI Division .
Rodriguez, JoeSNSep 21, 1962 – Feb 17, 1964Radio Group
Handerhan, JimRADIOMANOct 1962 – Oct 1964
Mehl, NelloS4Oct 1962 – Nov 1963DeskOn board while waiting for CT School, in Pensacola Fla. Also on board during President Kennedys visit. Does anyone have photos taken during his visit?? Would you share with me. Please contact me at Nello Mehl @

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