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USS Trenton (LPD 14) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Trenton (LPD 14). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 878 crew members registered for the USS Trenton (LPD 14).

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Wilder, J. DustinET3Jan 8, 2003 –CFThis is one of the hardest working shipmates I've ever encountered. He works after hours and volunteers off time to trouble shoot equipement.
Sherwood, ChadE5/OSJan 10, 2003 – Jan 17, 2007OI
Whitaker, MichaelDNJan 16, 2003 – Feb 16, 2006DENTALI miss the Trenton. There where many great experiances, and a lot of great shipmates. I hope with my remainder of the time in I have the chance to meet them all again.
Nay, Miles Payuk (Eskimo)LPD 14Feb 2003 – Apr 2004A-Gang (Nay-Gang, really)What up Trenton.. It was good while i was on there even tho i hated my life most of the time. Im outta the Navy now Back in Alaska working on the Pipeline.. What up Engineering Dept,, This ship made an cocky kid humble.. But i still talk smack..later
Green, DowanABH3Feb 19, 2003 – Nov 11, 2006airi hated the trenton when i was on board. but know that i think about it i miss the trenton alot.
Hartley, MattSN/NOW MA3Feb 27, 2003 – Mar 12, 20051STBest Part: made some good friends and had too much fun in South America. Worst part: seeing so many people get kicked out for stupid things, and bridge watches. LPD-14 has a bad rep but it's only what you make it. South America was the sh*t.
Marcelo, SamuelPNC(SW/AW)Mar 15, 2003 – Apr 15, 2004ADMIN/PERSONNELThe TRENTON was simply the greatest "gator" in the fleet. The TRENTON was one of my finest tour of duty in the US Navy! I am happy to know that she will still be sailing the 7 seas with the Indian navy - more power to them!
Borja, Michael A. Jr.SNMar 23, 2003 –2ndthis is the first ship I have been on in the Navy.
Winters, Old Man WintersE-4/MM3Apr 10, 2003 – Dec 16, 2006EP02It wasn't the ship it was the people who was in charge of the ship especially engineering. But to all my guys holla back. we made it from hell and back. we were like slaves staying hot and sweaty all the time. good luck to yall...
Frank, Frank The TankHTFA/3May 30, 2003 – Jan 17, 2007R DivMan good to see people from the old ship. She was the last of the good navy boys, glad I got to serve on her. To this day it has been my best command, I served with the best the Navy has had to offer me.
Roe, DongABH3Jun 2003 – Jan 2007AIRI hated the boat while I was on board, but now I think of it, it brings me back a lot of good memories.
Bradfield, RonET3Jul 2, 2003 – Nov 29, 2004OPS/OEI can't believe Trentons been decomed. I learned alot while I was onboard and met alot off really good people. It was a time in my life that will always stand out. I wish I didn't screw up and get kicked out!
Lizares, John PeterFNJul 5, 2003 – Jul 5, 2004ENGBest LPD on the waterfront!
Seys, JonathanSM/QM1 (SW)Aug 1, 2003 –Nav
Zele, JosephOSCSAug 22, 2003 – Jan 17, 2007OPS/OIGreat shipmates, great times, great ship! The crew was the life of the "Mighty 14" !!
Lee, Billy "Buddy Lee"MMFN/ EN3Sep 3, 2003 – Jul 8, 2004EA 01Had alot of fun and miss the people alot, really wish i was back there LSD's suck(tortuga and fort mchenry)
Stambaugh, JoshSN NOW HNOct 10, 2003 – Oct 3, 2005Firstit was a good first command. it taught me alot about myself, but i wouldn't ever go back, its time to move on. the ports were bad@$$ plus south america were i ended up on liberty risk most the time. anyways keep on trukin.
Jackson, KellyPC2Oct 16, 2003 – Jun 28, 2006S-1
Victor, BarbosaSNOct 28, 2003 – Oct 14, 20042ndwhat up to all my boys in deck, it sure feels go to get out of there i cant complain i had a good time on that ship
Gibbs, JonathonSN DECKDec 21, 2003 – Mar 17, 2004Deck 2ndCurrently serving on board the USS Trenton great boat lvoing every min. of it
Ayling, StevenENSDec 22, 2003 –Eng O
Smith, KenGM12004 – 2006WEPS
Foster, TamikaLTJGJan 2004 – May 2006OI/MM02It was fun, except for when it wasn't. Great, hardworking crew with quite a few "characters". I have mostly good memories of my shipmates. I hope everyone is happy and blessed.
Cantu, AndrewBM3Jan 1, 2004 – Jan 1, 2006DeckNo greater gator. Great friends and leaders. Hated it while I was there but missed it when i got to my 2nd command. Great training from my supervisors allowed me to go from E-1 SN to BM2 (SW) in the 4yrs of my service.
Gawrys, JacobSNJan 3, 2004 –Deck, 2ndMy first ship, not all that bad. it took some getting used to. dont really have anything to compare it to yet...will see as time goes on
Dreyer, ShawnDC3 NOW DC2Jan 5, 2004 – Jan 17, 2007repairrough time hated standing watch but i miss the ship
Marston, AngelaENS/LTJGJan 11, 2004 – Jan 17, 2007FSO / Disbo / Saleso / MWRO / PAOShe's been apart of a lot in her 35 years, this last deployment and Lebanon was just the icing on the cake. It'll be sad to see her go, but atleast she'll go on to serve elsewhere.
Bain, AntwainOS2Jan 23, 2004 – Jan 8, 2007OIThe ship was a little ran down but that'show I was "broke in" the navy. I have met some really cool people and have learned a lot. MIGHTY 14!
Tamayo, JonFCCFeb 8, 2004 – Jan 12, 20073M/ WEPSGreat ship, great people.
Gruber, AlexCTT2(SW)Mar 1, 2004 –OIFirst ship, cool people, gotta see it to believe it.
Keeter, ChristopherIT3(SW)May 2004 – Jan 17, 2007OCMiss some people, don't miss others. Probably the best/worst ship ever commissioned. Feels like I did three years on a floating nuthouse. Peace to Tullos, Glascott, Youngman, all the IT's, Youngman, the cooks, and whoever else. ONE
Vargas, CarlosABH2May 23, 2004 – Jan 17, 2007V-1A great beggining to a new career in the Navy. So far a sghip with lots of memories and lots of good friends. I miss the Trenton crew.
Short, ChristopherE-5/FC2Jun 12, 2004 – Jan 17, 2006Weapons
Mauel, DavidENS/O-1Jun 16, 2004 –1stIt takes allot to keep her together... but she is a proud old lady.
Smith, MichaelSNAug 1, 2004 – May 29, 2005DeckI was only there about 8 or 9 months but I met some of the best friends in the world. Unfortunately most of us are out now bc of the great 0 tol. policy. I had an absolute HORRIBLE time as a Seaman, my chain of command was terrible. Atleast I'm of
Chapel, Dwight "Chaps"E-5/EM2Aug 11, 2004 –ENG/EE
Llanofuentes, JesseAD3Aug 24, 2004 – Jan 17, 2007AIR/ V-1It was my first command , made many friends there , i miss the people it was a lot of fun, had great memmories of been there, we all know the we all complain at certain time but now i wish i could go back, USS TRENTON was a good experience
Tullos, TullyHTFNNov 28, 2004 – Dec 18, 2006RepairAs much as i hated her when i was there, i miss it now. Hardest working eng. dept in the fleet. Lot of good guys, you know who you are....good times
Young, RichardEM3Dec 2004 – May 2006Engineering / E-DivisionHated it when I got onboard. But not too long after, realized I met some of the greatest people in my life. Villagomez, Rivera, Gunderson, Baker, Dale, Dergunov, Clark, Trombley, Fields, Chapel, Thomas, Quezada

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