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USS Shreveport (LPD 12) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Shreveport (LPD 12). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 807 crew members registered for the USS Shreveport (LPD 12).

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O'Connor, KevinIC31973 – 1975IC-GangI did a bunch of the carib cruses one middie to the north atlantic and part of a med.Watched a lot of movies in the shop.Had a great time.Hung around with Randy Elswick,Bob Bullock & Steve Holloway
Johnson, DaleRM11973 – 1974CROnly onboard for 1 year. Chief McMillan, Chief Chesney, Chief Amidon. Green, Meservey,Lisiki, Larson, Chazeyka, Hardey just to name a few.
Vertrees, TomEM21973 – 1976E Great Tour Many good people, Elswick Brennan Gilbert Melton Farr Mr Balles Nasitka Tim Thompson Lintern I could go on. Hope to hear from some of you
Johnson, JosephE-41973 – 1977V-Division Air Dept.Served aboard the Shreveport for 4 years. We went through the Devil;s Triangle and suffered severe damage. Had alot of good times while serving on board. Would like to talk with some of my old friends.
Tillman, Terry profile iconE31973 – 1975Deck---AFT Line Handling RoomI Remember Russel, Conti, Jack, and a few others. Seaman Bonnely fell overboard while on life bouy watch. He was never recovered. The paint locker and bug juice from medical. I also remember Yanke and Green. Tom Conti MI
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Hayes, Rick HM31973 – 1974Medical (Sick Bay)Remember, I used to help take care of you guys. I remember Indio, kevin Dewyre, Ken Browne (the mail guy), Mike Campos, Kid Killeen. I was always the Doc at flight quarters. I have GREAT MEMORIES OF ALL MY SHIPMATES. ..
Terrell, FrankE 3Jan 4, 1973 – 19751st DeckHere's Terrell-- Still in E. Tn. -- Where is all the old gang you know the boats & sides division? How about a get together?
Phaneuf, JoeHT 3Jan 20, 1973 – Dec 20, 1974RepairGreat guys in repair division, learned a lot.
Hayes, MauriceSNApr 5, 1973 – Dec 15, 19741stShreveport was a great ship & a good place to work. After being aboard a PBR in Vietnam is was great to serve under under Lt. Davis and Capt. Richardson, I departed to Shreveport for Music A school to become a MU3 with the Atlantic Fleet
Herron, Charles (Alfred E)FTGSN, FTG3Jun 1973 – Oct 1974DeckWhere's all the FT's and GM's
Chapman, RayRMSNJun 1973 – Jun 1975CRMy wf&grtgrndchldrn thnku 4tkng cr of a yng smn who knew no btr. MyLrd&Svr thnksu. Im indbtd 2u4evr. Grt tms Fnd mems. Clay Webber&any1else cntct me Did20 rtrd1993RMC/SW. Who wns th bet?
Melton, DelmasEM3Jul 1973 – Jul 1975EHello all you old sparkies,Conner,Elswick,Lintern,Vertrees, I would sure like to hear from all of you.
Elliott, RandallHT-2Jul 1973 – Feb 1977RI remember Sea Dog, Fritz, Clem, Dan, George, Bob, Luke, Stan, and many other friends. Yes, I do remember Ensign Worth. I'll never forget the Big Wave (loss of lives from that). Also, the death of my friend Clem. Sailor
Melton, DelmasEM3Jul 1973 – Jul 1975Engineer Division
Kipp, JohnshsnJul 15, 1973 – Jun 15, 1975shipservicemanhad some good times
Nasiatka, John S.HT2Jul 30, 1973 – Sep 14, 1975R
Nutter, SteveEM2Sep 1973 – Apr 1976E division
Borowiec, VictorET3Oct 1973 – May 21, 1975
Johnson, Bradley StephenE-2Oct 12, 1973 –
Acquaro, DominickMM3Nov 1973 – May 1976Engine Room Aft turbineWorked with Glazier, Dodds, Howie, Vankirk, Munier, Reppke,Schworm, Mcneil, Bugsy, Brown Fink, Chief Charles etc.
O'Brien, DennisSK2Nov 1973 – Jul 7, 1977SupplyOn board during "THE WAVE" Remember alot of good times. With great people. Where is every one from the Supply Division from those days?
O'Brien, DennisSK2Nov 1, 1973 – Jul 7, 1977S-1
Bernard, WayneABHCNov 10, 1973 – Jan 1, 1976victorgood tour of duty made many friends,also made cpo went recruiting,then bach to sea and e8 retired 81,havent been near a military instillation since.
Baggott, MartyGM3Nov 11, 1973 – Nov 11, 1976gunners matefirst visit to website--FLASH BACK TO 70's!!!good times and friends.On board during the BIG WAVE off Hatteras.Hung out with Todd Baldwin, Bill Gurge,Steve Luca aka WOP, Bob Mederios,Bob Pekar,Steve Weston and others. would love to hear from anyone
Key, JohnMM3Nov 11, 1973 – Oct 12, 1976M DivisionEnjoyed my time aboard
Wakefield, Harold CharlesRM31974 – 1976
Gray, Herbert J.1974 – 1975
Sarratt, JimE-31974 – Dec 1977EngineeringI miss Chief Dummitt
Radish, LarryEN31974 – 1976A GIG ENGINEERgreat time even returning from iran 75
La Rue, Mike profile iconBM 31974 – 1978deckHey All, Just trying to find some of my old shipmates that I use to hang out with. contact me at I would like to get in contact with Rob Klein or Charles Manyard..
De Leur, NicolaasMR21974 – Feb 1976a gang
Rutherford, KeithE3Jan 28, 1974 – Jan 28, 1978M
Thompson, TimE5Feb 15, 1974 – Jul 23, 1977electricalwanna talk to steve nutter & terry lintern it was a trip!!
Simpson, DavidMM1Feb 20, 1974 – Dec 26, 1978Engineering
Gilbert, DennisEN2Mar 1974 – Oct 15, 1977A- GangA great crew. Great friends.
Brumenschenkel, BrumRM1Mar 1974 – Sep 1974Communications
Reilly, RobertEMFNMar 1974 – Jan 1976E-DIVISION
Glazier, DouglasMM3Apr 1974 – Aug 1975Engine RoomWorked in the forward Engine Room with Dom, Hunter, L.R., 8-Track, Meunier, Polak, Van, Howie, Al, Dodd, J.B., Reppke, Dorak and Chief Charles.
Enright, James (Jimbob)E-3Apr 1974 – Jul 1975Would'nt mind making some amends to my old shipmates.
Bazar, Andrew WETN2Apr 17, 1974 – Jun 12, 1975OEPort calls: St. Thomas, St. Croix, San Juan, Colon, Port Everglades, Portsmouth, Rotterdam, Carteghena, Santa Marta, Montego Bay.
Yost, Edward A.ENS-LTJGMay 1974 – Jun 1978X -DECK 1ST 3RD CICServed May 1974 thru June 1978..Went thru the big wave coming back from the Med cruise.. I SEE LPD-12 Mored port side to in the Phila Navy Yard.. Needs a paint job..Ist Div Officer, lay to the deck Office!!
Yost, Edward A.LTJGJun 1974 – Jun 19781ST, 3RD, CIC, X
Christoph, CharlesLTJGJun 1, 1974 – Apr 30, 1977R 2nd and CICODCA prior to Kahler. Remember good liberty with R Div on Vieques and OS, New Years in Palma, the wave, and Compton, Walters, Holton, Raitt, Porter, Worth, and Check who attended my wedding. Retired O6 Intel 2004 from USNR. Live in N. VA.
McClatchey, WilliamLT.Jul 15, 1974 – Jul 20, 1975H-Div Medical OfficerServed on several CARG cruises, multiple carribbean ports, Panama Canal, Cartagena. Subsequently served on USS Midway CV-41 in WestPac in 1979, retired as LCdr.
Benton, Terry E3Sep 1, 1974 – Jun 1, 1976B Forward fireroomHad some good times back in the day. Bildge rats live on.
Altman, MikeE3 Hospital Corp StrikerSep 13, 1974 – Apr 26, 1975MedicalI came aboard a very young 17 year old and did 90 days mess duty then a "striker" in sick bay. Just before we took the Med cruise most of the senior corpsmen got out of the cruise. I medivac off with the Commodore.
Raitt, JebLTJGOct 1974 – Jul 1977First, then OE (Electronic Warfare)I learned a lot from the ship and my shipmates. I saw some great places, had some outstanding experiences and some bad ones. But such is life. And I'll never forget the Night of the Wave. I was the JOOD when it hit.
Nelson, CharlesBT3Oct 1974 – May 1978BMiss service more then I hated it
Lucca, StevenMS3Nov 7, 1974 – May 20, 1978S-2Does anyone remember the Med. in 1975? Or how about when the wave off of Cape Hatteras crushed the glass on the bridge? Wow those were some fun and crazy times.
Helseth, David. ( Speedy)MMFADec 1974 – Mar 1977Stream heat / eng.The xo was O'Malley I. had just off the bridge changing watch at time of big wave!!
Jamerson, TerryCPL./E4Dec 1, 1974 – Dec 20, 1974HMH-461, CH53 Chrew Chief, USMC
Gomez, Victor (Tito)e-3 airmanDec 20, 1974 – Dec 26, 1978Airdalesome memorable days of my life. swooping down us13 to nyc.Rome ,kielbasa,m.cotto, I remember the band on ship.h.penn played the bass d.henderson on sax rome sang me on my congas. one med two carribean and guantanamo bay
Penn, HarryE-4 RadiomanDec 27, 1974 – Dec 29, 1978RadiomanI was on board the USS Shreveport during the time it hit a massive wave that resulted in the ship going into dry dock. I also played bass in a little shipboard band that played from time to time for the crew while at sea

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