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USS Juneau (LPD 10) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Juneau (LPD 10). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 684 crew members registered for the USS Juneau (LPD 10).

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Langston, JamesIC-21975 – 1976EDid my last westpac on the J
McElheny, RobertE21975 – 19791st divisionHad a lot of fun. Saw places I'll never see again.Served with BM1 Westman,Jacko,
Coggins, PatrickSN1975 – 19761st Div
Hulen, BruceEM31975 – 1979EI met some great shipmates who became my friends. Over time I lost touch with them. I saw in the news this week where 7 sailors lost their lives on the USS Fitzgerald. Got me thinking about old friends. Please contact me
Smith, DonETN31975 – 1977OEOne of the best times of my life. Miss the friends and fellow techs.
Sauget, MitchBT3Mar 11, 1975 – Nov 17, 1977B -Would like to here from anyone who served on the Juneau from '74 to '77. Especially the hole snipes.
Tullar, DaleE-3Mar 11, 1975 – Sep 1, 1975B division
Lind, MerlynMS1Apr 1975 – Nov 1, 1978S2Hope I/we kept you fed well while I was on board. I worked in both the bakery and galley. Retired in 84, moved to Minn. 21 years, Anoka. Had our own C-store, cafĂ© and meat market. Moved to Arkansas in 2005, Cherokee Vil.
Armstrong, DanielBT3Jun 1, 1975 – Feb 1977B Division, Fwd holeMy first ship. I spent 20 years in the Navy.
Greathouse, Don "Doc"HM1Jul 1975 – Jul 12, 1976HLooking for the sickbay crew
Blahovec, JimBM3Jul 14, 1975 – Dec 23, 1976Div 1If anyone remembers me or was in my division shoot me a email we had so much fun
Schulz, HerbBMSNAug 1975 – Jul 19792ndThought I would get on this crew list since that's how I found some people. It's great to hear from all the old shipmates again. e-mail @
Hernandez, JohnnyPC3Aug 1975 – Sep 3, 1976X-Div
Arias, FrankSM3 - SM2Aug 1, 1975 – May 1, 1979OCServed on the signal bridge. Looking for SM2 Gilbert.
Warren, SteveOS3Sep 1975 – Dec 1979OII just received a call from Joel Hynes telling me about this site. This is great. I have a lot of fond memories and look forward to making contact with old friends.
Craite, ClydeFTG2Sep 26, 1975 – Aug 19, 1977ThirdI had some great times and made some great friends! Made two WestPac cruises, became a Shellback. Now I'm retired and live on a lake in Minnesota.
Hoffman, Mark (Hoof)MM3Oct 1975 – Mar 1978ALooking for old shipmates
Tom, TierneyHT3Oct 4, 1975 – May 9, 1979RepairStill kicken at 50, I had many good times on board the Juneau. Hey Chuck been a long time
Harrison, Steve / 'harry'SM3Oct 23, 1975 – Oct 20, 19792nd then Signal BridgeGreat times! Contact me
Sciacca, DominickHT 3Nov 1975 – Jun 1979RTrying to find a few old shipmates. Living in N.C.
Tate, SteveETN3Nov 15, 1975 – Oct 1978OEThe USS Juneau (Junebug) took a boy and made him into a man. It took a polywog and made him into a shellback. Memories of "Tater" (me) and the crew will last forever.
Jeffrey A Eskildsen, JeffAIRMAN1976 – 1978Any body from this time that served contact me
Gruenwald, GaryLCPL1976 – 1976USMCParticipated on Operation Bear Ice in Alaska and enjoyed our port in the ships town. Would like to hear from all USMC/USN that served.
Klein, ChuckRm21976 – Nov 1977CommunicationsHad a great time. Met some great people wouldn't have missed it for anything.
Burnett, DennisE41976 – 1979OIServing aboard the USS Juneau 24/7 365 days a year with a group of men you become like family would love to hear from any of you guys that served 75 through 79.
Verostek, MartyGMG2Jan 16, 1976 – Jul 16, 19793RDRetired GMC(SW) Aug 1999. Great first ship and division. Will always remember her! Living in sunny California. Any former shipmates around? Those were the good ole days! And yes I remember GMG2 Hartly as a steaming Seaman.
Parkin, JohnABH-3Feb 1976 – Sep 1979VictorSpent most of my time working up on the flight deck and in control tower.Enjoyed the few times we left and took helo rides.Remember CWO Johan wanting to do fire fighting every chance. I won't forget the memories I had aboard her.
Wadlington, TomEMFeb 1976 – Oct 1978fresh air snipe wow dont this bring back memories or the lack there of.i ofen wonder what happened to some of you guys . if any body cares to e-mail me that would be cool
Quirk, PeteBM3Apr 1976 – Sep 19792NDHAD A GREAT TIME ON THE JUNEAU , Anyone from 2nd Div during this period contact me .
Quirk, PeteBM3Apr 1976 – Sep 19792ndHad a great time on the juneau any one from 2nd div. contact me @,
Boyd, KeithBMSNJul 1976 – Jul 1980Deck / 2ndStayed out in california for 10 years then moved back home to New Jersey. Drop a line if you want to
Shulok, SteveETR2Jul 1976 – Oct 1979OELots of great memories from the names on the crew list. Spent 20 years in Chicago before returning to Canton,Ohio. Life is good. Hope everyone is doing well. Jacob Imbody, what's up buddy. Hope you're well. Hey Kevin.
Savage, RichardGMJul 24, 1976 – Mar 24, 19803rdJim Hartley. What the hell is going on? Long time buddy. Often wondered what youve been up to. How is life treating you? Be great to get a response from you. Catch up on old times.
Garner, Thomas/tBM3Sep 23, 1976 – Sep 23, 19801STWould like to here from members of the Deck Department and other who know me!
Druschell, ChuckBM3Nov 1976 – Nov 19802nd
Plante, ClintQM3Nov 1976 – Aug 1980Navigationmentioned aft steering. almost going aground.going out on sea trials leaving dry dock from Portland. was on Helm - lost control with right 20 degrees rudder. The Forward generator went out. Mud flying up from screws
Hartley, JimGMG2Dec 1976 – May 19793rdAlive and well in Ohio. Where is everyone else from the wonder years?
Sutton, MikeGMG3Dec 1976 – Jun 19803rdGoodtimes. bad times, 2 PACs, lots oif girls, lots of friends

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