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USS Juneau (LPD 10) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Juneau (LPD 10). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 684 crew members registered for the USS Juneau (LPD 10).

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Harmon, RaymondEM31970 – Aug 1974
Wickwire, William WhiskeyOS31970 – 1974operations OI
Perritt, ThomasBTCMJan 1, 1970 – Jun 10, 1972Engine roomPlank Owner
Trujillo, SteveSK4Jan 2, 1970 – Jan 11, 1971Supply/staff/I was with ships company for about three months before being transfered to staff on the Juneau. I made the deployment and when the ship was heading back to Long Beach, I got off in Subic Bay and flew back to the States to be dischared .
Morris, JosephSM2May 5, 1970 – Dec 10, 1973C-DivisionWhat a way for a young kid to grow up,but it worked,
Legrand, DrewSEAMANMay 26, 1970 – Feb 18, 1972DeckNumerous trips from Long Beach to Viet Nam.
Winningham, John "Winnie The Pooh"PC3Jun 16, 1970 – Mar 1, 1972XGreat time with great guys. Still remember ship's 1st birthday off the coast of Vietnam. Go to the head of the chow line if you want lobster.
Deines, MichaelMR2Jul 1, 1970 – Aug 24, 1971A Machine Shop West pac trips,& summer Midshipmans cruise .
Buchleiter, CharlieLTJGAug 1970 – Jun 1972SupplyThe best Wardroom and Chief's Mess that was afloat in the 70's. Numerous turnarounds from Long Beach to Viet Nam, Midshipman trip the summer of '71, with visits to Australia and New Z.
Wood, RobertEN2Aug 6, 1970 – Jun 10, 1972AWent on two WESTPACs, saw lots of neat places, made lots of friends. I went to work for the Army, and I'm now Director of Environmental Management at Edwards AFB, Ca. Can't seem to leave DoD.
Dean, EddieSEAMANSep 1970 – Aug 30, 1973ships servicemanI worked in the ships store.
Sorensen, Daniel "Robin"MRFNSep 1970 – Apr 27, 1973A
Hilton, RobertBMSep 29, 1970 – Jun 17, 1975BoatmateRetirement
Schmidt, Gary / DustyE-2 to YN2Oct 1970 – Jul 1974Messcook then "X"Sorry to see this old girl get de-commissioed. Lot's of fond memories of WestPac, SDiego, etc. Retired after 21 years in Uncle Sam's Canoe club. Currently reside in Ontario, Oregon. Hello and good health wishes to all former shipmates.
McElroy, James (Mac)E-4 PLOct 2, 1970 – Apr 10, 1971BLT 2/4 usmcRetired from usace.had the time of my life
Wickwire, BillOS 3Nov 1970 – Feb 1975OI
Bruder, EricIC31971 – 1973E
Wyatt, GaryMM21971 – Sep 9, 1972MWorked in Main Control. Would like to hear from anybody who worked in Main Control during my time aboard and later. Painted throttle board green and wanted to know if it was still that color.
Newell, BrennonHT31971 – Mar 1974RepairWOW long time age. Living near Portland Oregon.
Palmer, Gary/arnold/red CloudE-31971 – Aug 21, 1973 signalman
House, JohnMMFN1971 – 1973M Division
Sirick, Jimos21971 – 1972operationsCIC team - and a crazy one at that, but the best.
Stevens, DouglasLI3 - LI21971 – 1973Supply
Buss, John / BuzzardBT21971 – 1975B div.
Flynn, DanRM2Mar 1, 1971 – Apr 29, 1973RadiomanRadioman 2nd class on the USS Juneau LPD10
Brady, RoyPN3Apr 1971 – Sep 1972I was abord the Juneau from 71 thru 72 and transferred to TACRON 12. I am trying to locate a shipmate named Larry Cooke he was a Dental Tech 2nd Class.
Coppick, RichardABH3Apr 14, 1971 – Dec 14, 1974
Smith, Bob/smittyABHApr 14, 1971 – Oct 1, 1973VA great experience for a young kid. Made alot of good friends like Dennis Delaney in V division.
Smith, Bob/smittyABHANApr 14, 1971 – Oct 1, 1973V DivisionI wish I could go back to those days. They were some of the best days of my life as a young kid. I had many friends on board that I still think of to this day. What a way to spend your late teens and early twenties.
Robinson, David/ RobbyBM2May 10, 1971 – Feb 28, 19751st and 2ndRan with Roy Dahlstrom, Big Tate, R.A. Jones, Darrell Perkins
Batzek Sr., DavidSNJun 1, 1971 – Jun 10, 1973DeckOne of the longest tours During The Vietnam War Ship Had been up and down the coast and Even had South Vietnamese Rangers aboard to be transported up north for a big operation
Gillispie, RichardMM3/YN3Jun 27, 1971 – Jun 27, 1973X DIVISIONMy primary mission while aboard the Juneau was Maintenance and Material Management Records. I joined the Juneau just a week before she went to Juneau Alaska for the States Celebration in 1971. Sorry to see her go.
Davenport, PaulEM2Jul 10, 1971 – Sep 29, 1974EStarted military career on the Juneau. Still in the reserves as an 0-5. But...the Juneau days were great.
Freeman, CharlesSeamanAug 1, 1971 – Aug 1, 1973Navigation
Rowley, RichardRM3Aug 4, 1971 – Jun 3, 1975C
Trujillo, Tomen3Sep 1, 1971 – Sep 27, 1973ahad a great time with a gang
Milhous, JohnBT-2Oct 1971 – Jul 25, 1975B divisionEnjoyed my time aboard the Juneau,lots of long hours and hard work in the boiler room.Had many good friends there and we all worked hard together.
Watson, DavidRM31972 – 1974COMM
Berg, James profile iconABF31972 – 1974VICTOR
Mc Inerney, KevinCS3Jan 1972 – Sep 1973S-2Fine ship...first westpac on her in 72. I was senior baker till I swapped duty with another CS on an old DD. use to hang out with Don and Benny from X division
Swagerty, Terrylt (jg)Jan 1972 – Jun 1972CICServed under Captain Guertin, Rod Coffman. Worked with RD1 Plume
Ballagh, William (Bill)RM3Jan 1972 – Oct 1972OPSAppendix operation cause me to leave early. What a cruise in the Gulf of Tonkin.
Zornick, HenryJO2Feb 1972 – Jun 1975X
Owensby, Dean "buster"EMFR=>EM3Feb 17, 1972 – Sep 2, 1974EIC Gyro shop, lighting shop, Aft engine room. I still have junk laying around from the cruises to Nam etc. many of us crew stayed stoned, drunk, on meth or LSD for the entire time i was on it. nimitz blew that for us.
Murphy, ClarenceE4Mar 1, 1972 – Aug 5, 1975
Haslam, John "Limey"SK1Mar 10, 1972 – Jul 25, 1975SupplyMeet some really great people and some good officers also.
Bedell, WilliamCSSAApr 25, 1972 – Sep 28, 1973S-2A time in my life that is etched in my memory forever.For all the members of supply, from the LT's to the Master Cheif on down. From Nam to Subic Bay, Oka to Cal. Something never to forget.
Scott, ClebeABH 3May 1972 – Aug 1973VictorEnjoyed my time aboard the Juneau. Think about those days more now. Some great friends and some unusual experience that not many can say they have experienced. Good luck and lz ong life to us all for our service
Crisler, BebeETR3May 22, 1972 – May 22, 1973ET GANG
Tevlin, DennisHM2Jun 4, 1972 – Feb 4, 1976HI made two WESTPACS on the Juneau, Was on board during the stabbings and Harrier landings. Retired in 1999. as a HMC. I was ships company on five ships, but the Juneau and her crew were the best.
Bailey, DavidEW1Jul 1972 – Feb 1976OIRan across this site as I was looking for some old pictures. Lotta memories. After leaving the Navy, moved to San Antonio, for about 6 years then to the Memphis area. Been here since. Drop me a line,
Hill, David LeeSGTJul 2, 1972 – Aug 4, 1972USMCShore Party
Mastrangelo, Jim StrangeMM1 MM2 MM3Jul 12, 1972 – Jan 17, 19747th FleetI worked in the forward, and after engine rooms, and I was in charge of the after engine room the last six or seven months I was on board, I have a lot of good memories, from those days, someday we might all meet again
Baumfalk, Terry L.BT-2Jul 25, 1972 – Jan 2, 1976B-Looking for anyone who served aboard the Uss Juneau LPD-10, during 1972 - 1976, in B or M divisions, found 5 shipmates already, please E-mail me,thanks
Leisch, WayneMM3/MM2/MM!Sep 30, 1972 – Aug 13, 1976
Woodward, RichardE4Oct 1972 – Dec 1973NavyLooking for anyone else that served during my time on the USS Juneau
Frost, KennethQM2Oct 1, 1972 – May 27, 1976NMy first ship and some of my fondest memories. I would enjoy meeting some of the old gang again.
Houser, MichaelHT2Oct 28, 1972 – Oct 1, 1977"R"Spent 5 yrs. on that ship, tried everything to get off. I'm glad I was unsuccessful. I met a lot of great guys, and had more fun than any civillian would be allowed. Just wish I hadn't killed so many brain cells.
Vogel, RichardQM2Dec 15, 1972 – Jul 15, 1975Navigation
Coulter, DannySNDec 23, 1972 – Aug 23, 19732nd
Smith, ForrestMMCSDec 28, 1972 – Nov 2, 1973M

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