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USS Denver (LPD 9) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Denver (LPD 9). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 531 crew members registered for the USS Denver (LPD 9).

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Decker, DaleAIRMAN1989 – 2000airbecame addicted to crystal meth on this ship
Peterson, Greg "pete"BT3Jan 1989 – Oct 1992B
Batey, JamesE3/MSJan 10, 1989 – Jan 11, 1992S-2
Moore, PeterossnMar 1989 – Jul 1992opsalways loved mess cooking and restricted mustering. oh yeah good times. I'm alot more squared away now.
Severson, TimothyABF3Jul 28, 1989 – Aug 1993V-4First ship, met some good people in Air Dept. Steal Beachs were good. First Shell Back was fun. Now a retired ABF1 AW, Working as Laboratory Tech. at Las Vegas McCarran Airport.
Jones, ThomasIC3 / E4Sep 1989 – Jun 1992Proudest time of my live
Ward, ScottABF3Sep 12, 1989 – Jul 12, 1993AIR - V4I still draw on the experiences from the job & people I met & worked with. Good memories & growth for life & professional expierience
Cooper, VirgilEM1Oct 1989 – Feb 28, 1993
Drago, RichardSK1Oct 10, 1989 – Sep 10, 1992S-1Endless days and nights drills, drills and more watches in Upper V. Hated it then miss it now.
McCain, AlanEns/LTJGNov 6, 1989 – Nov 2, 1992FSO, Disbo/SalesNever a dull moment on the Denver!! Learned lots and taught others quite a bit too! My favorite time was deployments to the Gulf - Dubai. Still have crazy pictures from that period.
Lopez, ErnestoE2/SEAMANDec 29, 1989 – Nov 7, 1990DeckHello Everyone! Short but memorable. I hope that everyone i served with is doing well. Whats up GM2 Rios?
Evans, AlanBT31990 – 1991b
Ruiz, LorenzoE-4Jan 1990 – Jun 1994EngineeringWe went through hell but it was all worth it.
Parchim, David (Dutch)RM3Feb 1990 – Jul 1991Radio CentralI had a good time on the Denver, even if it were a short time. I was able to be a part of RIMPAC 90 and was onboard for Dessert Shield/Storm. If anyone has an extra cruise book, please let me know.
Angel, Gene "Gator"DCFNMar 1990 – Jun 5, 1994What can anyone person say. At the time it was not fun, but I wouldnt trade it for anything in the world. Does anybody remember the "Fab Four"? Dave o Willie R earle H ande Gene A
Tanner, PaulBM3Mar 1990 – Nov 19932nd. deckHad a great time. Learned alot from BM2 Marsh
Geiger, KirkE-3Apr 15, 1990 – Jan 3, 1994Spent time on the Denver during our deployment in teh Gulf, Somalia & drug running ops off the Panama Canal. Worked our butts off, flight quaters, general quaters & midrats. But have to say the times in the "PI" & Singapore made up f
Nguyen, MichaelE3Jun 1, 1990 – Jul 30, 1993DeckWe went to hell and back. Good life long experience to grow and great descipline learn from the NAVY. If I can do it again I will join as an officer and be a lifer. Should be able to retire and collect pension from the n
Conroy, TracyLTJul 14, 1990 – Jul 22, 1992AIRI was the airboss from 1990 - 1992, during Desert Storm. Had good time w/ Capt Parkhurst.
Mendoza, GuillermoE-3Aug 9, 1990 – Sep 13, 19933RDit was fun when it was fun!
Curl, GregoryE2Sep 23, 1990 – Mar 31, 1992V
Dow, AllenSH3Oct 1990 – May 1995S3/4Great Time!
Kelley, JohnGMG1(SW)Oct 1990 – Oct 19923rd
Biegalski, ToneyE2Oct 10, 1990 – Oct 10, 1992Deck
McVay, RandyEM31991 – 1993E-Divi remember dropping anchor in that bed of kelp, then getting towed back to "SD" by that Frigate, the Reed i think?
Holbrook, Jamie ( Bullwinkel )E31991 – 1992B
Kosanovich, MarcMs31991 – 1993Supply
Benham, CliffMM1Feb 1991 – Oct 31, 1995A
Luna, MargaritoE-3/ SeamanFeb 1, 1991 – Oct 20, 19921st Division
Marler, PerryBM1Mar 1991 – Mar 19931st and 2ndI remember the time when the name was changed in paing from DENVER to NEVER the CO was fuming! The MANY times we broke down and were stuck inport without liberty! Oh and let's not forget being towed from Camp Pendleton by an FFG! Anyone e-mail me
Mesman, DonaldMM3Mar 1991 – Apr 1, 1994MI'll never travel the world like that again.
Baslee, TymssnMar 1991 – 1993s-2 wardroom2 cooks in the wardroom worked our asses off. i wanted to love the ship but had nightmares for years after of that thing on fire, forward storerooms flooding, deadstick, kelp beds, i got off before africa run and went subs--denver does--
Beaty, CedricOSSN/OS3Mar 3, 1991 – Jul 24, 1994OperationsGreat time...bunch of ops and made good friends. Long lasting experience, would do it again in a heartbeat!!!! Hope that I can reconnect with some of the old crew even the Marines of the 13th MEU
Duncan, BrandonRM3May 1991 – Feb 1995At the time all I could do was count the days till I was out the Navy..Looking back I have yet to work around people like we had on this ship. I can say that it is quite nice to take a hot shower, have good drinking water and a/c....etc.
Frank, EdwardET2May 1, 1991 – Apr 16, 1994OE
Boscarino, Michael (Bosco) profile iconLT(jg)Jun 1991 – Jun 1994OEMy Last Sea Tour! Desert Shield, Desert Storm, Mogadishu. What else can you ask for?
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Carpenter, DennisRMSNJul 9, 1991 – Jul 9, 1994OC
Schittone, Anthony (Tony)E-5/RM2Oct 1991 – Feb 1996OCOh what a time! I was greatful to leave, but received a bunch of experience. Made a bunch of friends. 2 deployments and a bunch of ops. It would be lying if I was to say the time was wasted.
Schmitz, KennyBM1Oct 1991 – Sep 19961st/2nd
Hosman, ShiloE3Dec 2, 1991 – Aug 16, 1996S2

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