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USS Denver (LPD 9) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Denver (LPD 9). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 531 crew members registered for the USS Denver (LPD 9).

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Miller, LarryGMg21985 – May 24, 19893rdI liked a lot of my Fellow Gunners mates but disliked most other people on the crew. However as I look back on things I did have a lot of fun on that ship.
Morrison, John J.fireman/a gang1985 – 1988a=gangsorry to all my navy brothers for being such a mess while aboard.i have grown up over these many years.i do have great memories of my days on the denver.shout out to hall,granger,my brother dwayne k.,hatcher.mann,mash.
Sichta, ChrisGMG3/E-4Mar 15, 1985 – Mar 14, 1989Deck
Erway, JohnOS3Apr 1985 – Jul 1987OILooking back it seems like it was pretty much a two-year party. Although, we worked pretty hard when I first reported on board and spent that summer in dry dock and the yards undergoing a major overhaul.
Green, TerryMR1Apr 1985 – Jul 1991R-DivEnded up serving 24 years on carriers and amphibs, 13 WestPacs, even served on the same LSD my dad had been on as BTCM. I retired as a CWO but remember the guys on the Denver as probably some of the best I know.
Walterick, RobertBT3Apr 25, 1985 – Oct 7, 1987
Myers, HeathEN 3May 1985 – Dec 1988ENG
Jameson, BrianBM3Jun 1985 – Jun 1989DeckLoved serving on her and am glad to see her still in service. She would rattle your teeth at the aft section but always got us to where we needed to go. I miss those times but i still loved dropping the anchor.
Richardson, TreyBT2Jul 5, 1985 – Jul 26, 1987B
Forster, MikeEM2Aug 15, 1985 – Dec 15, 1989E
Rasnick, LannyENS, LTJG, LTOct 1985 – Aug 1989EngineeringAuxO, MPA, SMMO First ship out of school. Learned a lot. Had a great time and worked with some amazing people. Would definitely do it all over again.
Cain, RonBM31986 – 1991deckhad a great time now that i look back and remember all the fun we had.miss all my friends!
Porter, ChuckE-4/PN3Jan 1, 1986 – Jan 31, 1990X
Schweitzer, ToddLTJan 20, 1986 – Sep 1988Supply
Welburn, AndrewABH3Feb 1986 – Aug 23, 1989AIRI have many fond memories of my time on the Denver, we had a great crew and a top notch C.O.
Simpson, DaleMM3Feb 1986 – Aug 1988MM01First ship and I really didn't know what to expect. Had a blast in BC, Westpac, Portland and all those trips to Hawaii!
Keller, GeneLCDRMay 1, 1986 – Jan 30, 1989SUPPLY
Walker, DarrellBT2May 30, 1986 – May 6, 1990BWhat a ride!
Cain, RonBM3Jun 16, 1986 – Aug 16, 1991deckhad a great time now that i look back and remember all the fun we had
Cain, RonBM3Jul 1986 – Aug 1991deckhad a great time now that i look back and remember all the good times we had. miss all you guys.
Willis, DanMS3Aug 31, 1986 – Apr 15, 1990S2
Hamilton, KennyRM3Sep 2, 1986 – Apr 12, 1988CRFun times aboard miss all the guys from the div hope everything is going well for all of you.
Steinig, BillE4/MS3Sep 9, 1986 – Sep 8, 1990Supply/4Ah, what a blast. I have fond memories all of the ports-of-call we visited on 2 west-pacts. To all the crew members of the galley- you really made it a fun place to work. A Special Thanks to:(T.E., A.B., J.L., D.W., J.C.) You guys are great.
Steinig, BillE4 /MS3Sep 9, 1986 – Sep 8, 1990supply
Morris, Jerry ( Bonehead )MM2Nov 11, 1986 – Dec 11, 1990MMO2Hade a great time on the boat, stood MMOW aft engine room. Dont miss the heat, but sure miss the good times on WesPacs, 1987 & 1989. Hope to hear from some of my old shipmates.
Cruz, ReynaldoET11987 – 1991OEi loved the comradrie and teamwork in the OE
Cersosimo, NickBM3Jan 1987 – Aug 1990Deck DivisionIt was a time of my life. I have to say Hong Kong was my favorite port. Use to hang out with Steve Choate.
Smith, CarlEW2Jan 1987 – Jan 9, 1990OPSHad some of the best times of my life then. Met some really great people and a few assholes.
Carter, AjayeE-6Jan 3, 1987 – Dec 12, 1989E
Phelps, MorganETSAJan 10, 1987 – Jan 5, 1989opsGreat times with all you hard working fellas- great team building- fire drills, security allerts- for some of us- restricted men musters, PI..whew! long time ago...
Reilly, G LyndenSM2Feb 23, 1987 – Sep 22, 1991commI had a lot aof fun now that i look back on it.
Fontilea, SunySH2Aug 10, 1987 – May 18, 1991SUPLY S-3My First duty station and by far the best shipboard duty I had in my entire Navy career.... Next to the Mercy but that doesn't count. I still remember WESTPAC 89 and 90-91.
Sacramento, SacE1Dec 24, 1987 – Jun 22, 19911st Division then 2nd divisionDenver is my first duty station, from what I have learned onboard the Denver shape up my successful Navy career. Missed welldeck, boat deck, anchoring anytime of the day. Just want to say " what's Up" to Suny
Gooding, JonBM-31988 – 1992Division 1Had a great 4 years. Met some really great people
Ford, MikeLI31988 – 1989X
Johnson, BruceMIDSHIPMANMay 7, 1988 – Sep 1, 1988Did my NROTC Midshipman rotation on her, Pearl Harbor & Long Beach - any buds around from that time?
Hunt, BradySMSNMay 19, 1988 – Jan 5, 1990commLooking back it was fun and had great friends.
Miller, Troy profile iconE-4/BM3Jun 7, 1988 – Jan 12, 19922nd/DeckHoping all of my friends are well and may the lord be with us all as we continue our journey.looking for smalls,housely,Roberson and Pelzer all of deck os/Johnson in fact anyone that was a good friend
Godsave, BrianRM3Jun 12, 1988 – Dec 27, 1991OS
Godsave, BrianRM 3Aug 1988 – Dec 27, 1991Ops/ComLooking back it was a great time and I would not trade any of it.
Muehlberg, Michael (Mule Train)E5 / IC2Aug 25, 1988 – Sep 17, 1991/ IC Shop - Site TVOhhh the times we had on that bucket of bolts. I swear half the time it was held together just by the layers of paint. Would't trade a minute of the time served with my shipmates.
Thompson, Kenneth ( In Trouble Again Thompson )SM3Sep 1988 – Mar 1991SignalmanLooking for Jim Gay, Rick Konue, Micheal Deathridge, Larry Tate, Mike Brady, Jeff Gardener, Kirk Garbin, Bruce Prevost, any of the Radioman (1988-1991), any of the airman (1988-1991)...
Dobson, CurtisE4/BT3Nov 11, 1988 – Nov 11, 1991Some of the best times i ever had were on that ship even if we were sweating it out in the aft fireroom.Miss all you guys alot . Feel free to contact me and talk about the good times
Cornejo, SantiagoE-5/MS2Dec 14, 1988 – Jul 23, 1992SUPPLY S_-2
Thomas, James (Jim)LTDec 28, 1988 – Jun 9, 1992Supply OfficerGood ship and good sailors. Desert Storm was our proudest moment.

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