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USS Denver (LPD 9) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Denver (LPD 9). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 531 crew members registered for the USS Denver (LPD 9).

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Belham, PaulABF31974 – 1978V-4
Powell, DougEW-31974 – 1977OIWent on a couple of WestPacs but Operation Frequent Wind (Evacuation of Saigon) has to be the operation that stays with me.
Calhoun, GeorgeSEAMAN1974 – 19781'ST DeckGreat Ship, Great Guy's, Really Injoyed Being A part of the flag ship Denvers Crew :}
Paulman, BillMM31974 – 1979(also known asFirst worked with MMC Clydesdale. Was married by ship's chaplin LCDR Brogden (sp?)
Elmore, Mike (Elmo)ETN41974 – 1976ETOn the Ship for Frequent Wind. Now working at LBNL Berkeley Ca.
Dodson, PaulRM3Jan 10, 1974 – May 10, 1978CommunicationsI went on several Westpacs and remember being on board with: Alphonso Allen, Michael Reese, James Hill, Stanley Benson, Hicks. Remember several crazy trips to the Philippines and how the natives KNEW we coming B4 we did
Dendy, AllenBTFN/CSSNJan 15, 1974 – Aug 15, 1975B & SupplyWorked Aft fireroom and then switch to Cook.
Hampton, EdFTG2Mar 1974 – Oct 19773rd"Operation Frequent Wind"......Dumping the helo's over the side!! Dan getting seasick when they announced shifting colors. The tear at Okinawa, the fire off of Japan.....some good memories, some not so good. No pictures of her with guns!
Koeninger, RickOS3Mar 1974 – Jan 1978OII served from 74 to 78, great ole ship, we went to the reunion a few years ago and got to go out on her again, she was very much like I remembered her. Saigon evac, hitting the pier in Oki, the fight with the Prairie crew on the pier at Oki
Mitchell, PaulRMCMar 1974 – Mar 1975I'm writing for my dad, he retired off the USS Denver in San Diego (I was 6) & past in '84. I don't know anything of his Navy time except he was a radioman and Cpt. Jenkins liked him. Any help/pictures is GREATLY appreciated. Thank
Wienke, RandyEM2Mar 1974 – Jul 1977ElectricalServed in E Div... enjoyed the WesPac cruise of 75... even with the time in Vietnam, the accident in Okinawa, and the fire off the coast of Japan. Good duty. Spent my last couple years in the tool issue room.
Jones, RayBMC (SW)Apr 1, 1974 – Aug 3, 1976x divlookig at the site
Goode, Carle-2Jun 9, 1974 – 1977medicalmedical deptment grew list during operration frequent wind 1975
Dowell, RoyGMG-3Jul 5, 1974 – Jul 5, 19783rd
Davison, Rolland, Aka DavyDK2Aug 1974 – Apr 1978Supply (disbursing)Worked in the disbursing office with Ens Williams and Ens Palenshus. Many good memories and fun times.
Koeninger, RickOS3Sep 1974 – Jan 1978OII was onboard during operation frequent wind the evac of Saigon, pushing the helos off the flight deck, boat loads of refugees, rice being cooked by hundreds on the flight deck, White beach, SUBIC , oh yeah! Great times on the ol dildo.
Koeninger, RickOS3Sep 1, 1974 – Jan 24, 1978OIServed under Captains Jenkins, and Jones , both fine gentlemen. Time of my life I will always remember, would'nt trade it for anything.
McCloud, ShorndenMA1Nov 1974 – Nov 1977XCame aboard as a BM2 and learned a lot from my "Sea Daddy" BM1 Henry Pierce. Made MA1 before I left. Retired as a MACM(SW)in 1992. The Denver was my favorite tour of duty.
Hill, JamesSM3Nov 10, 1974 – Mar 23, 1979CAI came aboard the Denver with SR Stanley Beason. We were in 1st division with BM1 Peirce,and BM2 McCloud.Peirce called us "slip knot." I enjoyed this command the most.
Hill, James-mackSM3Nov 10, 1974 – Oct 4, 1981Ops/ComI had the distinguished honor to serve under the command of Capt. Harry T. Jenkins. It was on our way to vietnam when he displayed more thana seasoned military man. He became a father. "Operation frequent wind." 1975
Stoutenburg, DanaBTFNDec 1974 – Sep 1977"B" After EngineeringServred with Captains Jenkins & Jones. Went on one WestPac Operation Frequent Wind (Evacuation of Saigon) . Last year was the best working as B&M Divisions supply Officer next to DCC. Best Buds "John Boy" Whatley, Alan Cardoza, Dwayne J
Bass, BruceMM1Dec 1974 – Mar 1980M and A DivGood times, bad times........... Hey Mike, JJ, Smitty.
Beason, StanleySM2Jan 2, 1975 – Nov 16, 1978OCI reported aboard as a Seaman Recruit and served in 1ST Division. I was a SM stricker and left as a SM2. I reired after 30 years serving two tours as a Command Master Chief. I grew up onboard the Denver, great crew.
Null, RichardBM2/BM1Jan 2, 1975 – Sep 9, 19771st/2ndMet two wonderful BM's on board Henry Pierce and Howard Wortham both who became Deck LDO's
Dorn, FredE-4Mar 15, 1975 – May 15, 19753rd marI was a marine who served during operation frequent wind
Guidry, MichaelE-3Mar 17, 1975 – Apr 17, 1979ENGINEERINGI`ve been addicted to the high seas ever since my time on the Denver. Currently vessel operations for the Army Corps. Great memories. Remember Whatley, Bass, Benson, Bubba, Havelich, Hell all the mm`s, bt`s and engineers. Lamont Freeman.
Askew, JonathanENFNMar 23, 1975 – Dec 23, 1978A Gang
Hutton, MerittMM3/2Apr 1975 – Feb 1976P-2Transferred (swap) from USS Blue Ridge during Frequent Wind. MMOW #2 Engineroom when the fire broke out. Got all my men out safely.
Lindberg, DaveOS3May 1975 – May 1976OIGreat time,Iwas just a kid. Rick,Jerry,Frank..Subic,Inchon,SasseboOkinawa hawaii,unbelieveable..Mess cooking Skin diving,Drinking.Ended up on the Raleigh in norfolk
Smith, C.j. "smitty" Or "doc"HM3May 18, 1975 – Jun 7, 1977MedicalCame on right after Viet Nam evacuation. I shared Jesus with several guys that were not intersested at the time. I was ordained in 1981. I became an RN in 1983. I remember Chaplain Broughton, MA1 McCloud, Stan Beason,Marty Haglund
Richardson, DougMM3Jun 18, 1975 – Nov 14, 1979MBoarded the Dever at White beach Okinawa and did two more wetpacs after that. Worked in the aft engine room.
McCabe, MikeSH-3Sep 15, 1975 – Sep 15, 1978SUPPLYHad a great time west pac . I was young at the time and learned alot . Great time in P.I.
Clark, Gary - SpiderYN3Nov 25, 1975 – Jul 14, 1979Captain’s YeomanI need my brothers (75-79),who were on the ship to help me out! I am seeIng if I qualify for any benefits for my 8 yrs of service! But the VA told me I did not serve on this ship and I have 4 yrs of service! Please Help!
Gray, MichaelRM21976 – 1978
West, RobertPC2Jan 4, 1976 – Sep 15, 1980X DivisionI enjoyed being on the ship. Played guitar and sang on the flight deck during 79 West Pac cruise. XO called us the hummers and strummers.
McDonald, JerryFAJan 30, 1976 – Apr 18, 1978BI was in # 2 fireroom. I remember chief Long. He and I were on watch the day # 1 blew the boiler. They said Lt. Finney jumped 3' in the air at quarters. I would have loved to have seen that.
Hawkins, Doug "Hawk"RM2Feb 1976 – May 1977OCFirst ship tour. Knew McCloud and Beason. I retired RMCM (SW) Nov. 94. I had a great time people!!!
Womack, NeilMM 3-2Apr 1976 – Apr 1980M DivisionThe Denver taught me perseverance.
Hall, MichaelOS2Jun 1976 – Dec 10, 1979OIBeing an OS with an AIC specialty gave me a great career; ATC! We sure had some fun in OI division! This was an experience I wouldn't change for anything! My best friend became my brother-in-law.
Hall, MichaelOS2Jul 1976 – Dec 1979OIHated every minute but wouldn't exchange the experience for anything!! Meet some really great people! Two WESTPACs in 2 years. These were the 8-9 month ones, not the 6 monthers.
Rinehart, DaytonE-3Aug 10, 1976 – Aug 22, 1978Aviation FuelMy first duty station. I have lots of great and fond memories of the many people I served with, and had the privelidge to honorably serve and visit numerous interesting places throughout the globe on WESTPAC and NORTHPAC tours.
Peffer, BillE3 / ANSep 1, 1976 – Mar 1, 1978V3Good times,,,,,,WestPAC and NorthPAC.... Enjoyed all.
Banks, NicholasSM1Oct 28, 1976 – May 13, 1977OC
Greene, JohnnieET2Nov 1976 – Mar 1980OPSOverall it was a great experience, there were a few things that could have been better but that's life.
McCain, BillPN2Nov 21, 1976 – Sep 30, 1980X4Great crew and great deployments.

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