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USS Denver (LPD 9) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Denver (LPD 9). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 536 crew members registered for the USS Denver (LPD 9).

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Cargal, JackET3(SW)0000 – Oct 17, 2006OE/OW
Cannilla, MarioSEAMAN SECOND CLASSJan 1946 – 1947I wish to find out where is my ship, the USS Denver now? Did it get decommissioned? Or is it in service? Can I visit the ship somewhere? It was a light cruiser, # 58
Scherdin, BobRD-2Feb 1967 – Jun 1970OIPlank Owner; Created Mile High, Mile Ahead ship's Logo, at Sand Point NAS, Seattle; Responsible for avoiding collision in Hong Kong Harbor 1970; Son Michael RD2 on LPD-7, Music Minister Robbin Kudder RD2 on LPD-8.
Valrey, FosterE3May 8, 1967 – Jun 1970Machinist Mate
Redd, SteveRM2Oct 3, 1967 – Feb 3, 1970CommPlankowner-and part of Pre-Com crew at Sandpoint, WA. Great time and experience. Am currently President of the USS Denver Assn. For more info please email me at: Next reunion 9-08 Pensacola, FL
Carter, DanielRM31968 – 1969comm
Bolz, CharlesGMGSN1968 – Nov 19693rdI spent most of my time working in the ships armory as I had a knack for small arms. I volunteered to go to Viet Nam when the call came out for a need of Gunners mates. I was a plank owner on the USS Denver.
Ladendorf, TerryHT 21968 –-This is for my Father who is a plankowner. He passed away. I served on USS Kitty Hawk and had the chance to board the Denver once while I was in port. It was quite an honor to stand on the ship my father helped put in to commission.
Torres, Robert (Rj)E5 (SF2)1968 – 1972R-DivisionA Plankowner I Am... Spent my entire 4 yrs in the Navy aboard the Denver. I'll never forget my friends...Ladendorf (may God rest his soul). Ince, Beard, Miller, Wakefield, Lovelady, Crowe, CWO Ramero and Ole Chief Huckaby…
Gray, DavidE4 LI31968 – Dec 31, 1970Xplank owner precom detail was ships printer had really great times being in X div. kept me out of alot of trouble. Why a ship printer was asigned precom detail I do not have a clue did absolutly nothing.
Zinanni, Tomsn1968 – Jul 1970boatswain matei was one of the original plank owners, i was aboard the denver in bremerton washington while the ship was in its final stage of completion
Holtzman, Garye-31968 – Nov 1969DeckWas a plank owner.I remember half of us reporting to Bremerton and living in those old baracks.After being onboard for awhile i volunteered for viet nam and was stationed on river boats on the cua viet river.
Parsley, RogerE41968 – Dec 19711st Div. then X div.One of the plank owners. Glad that I had the opportunnity to serve with a bunch of great guys, and Officers.
Stanley, NorvinDC31968 – 1969RPlank owner, attended precom school in San Diego and Bremerton, Wa, made the trip down the coast to Long Beach,Ca . Hard to believe the Denver is still on the front line,look forward to attending decommissioning .
Gates, Bob profile iconSK21968 – 1971Deck then StoresRoger, Allen, Jimmy(Cisco) and all who are not on here this is great would like to know how U R and maybe talk old times. think about you all thru the years.
Oneal, RodneyMR2Jan 1968 – Sep 1972ai miss po city
Boellaard, KenMM3Apr 10, 1968 – Oct 4, 1971mSpent a couple of really good years with the crew I worked with Now semi-retired and living in Sioux Fallls,SD Plank owner
Crawford, TomABH3May 1, 1968 – Dec 1, 1970AirI am a blank owner of the USS Denver and served on the flight deck during air operations.
Wilson, AlanAE3May 5, 1968 – Feb 10, 1970AIR
Hyden, JimLCDRMay 15, 1968 – Jan 8, 1970CRI belong to the USS DENVER ASSOCIATION. Made up of vets serving onboard or their spouses and descendants. Our website is Contact me.
Hickman, LarryGMG-3Jul 1968 – Nov 1970DeckPlankowner-Had excellent men in 3rd Div. Gunnery-Good Homeport in Long Beach-Good ship to serve on.
Sliger, HaroldETN 2Jul 1968 – Jun 11, 1970OE
Hyden, JimLTJGJul 15, 1968 – Jan 10, 1970CommunicationsPlankowner. Now with the USS DENVER Association. Website at Reunion in Denver Spring 2013. Join our Association. $25 annual dues.
Peeler, JohnE-3Jul 29, 1968 – Feb 16, 19711st divisionServed navy, army national guard and naval reserve acu-2 also retired government 40 yrs.
Blikre, GreggETN-3Aug 1968 – May 1972OEPlankowner, Electronics Technician - It was great to sale on the Denver for 1 day again in January 2002 - You guys have taken great care of her!
Seymour, JonABH-3Aug 1968 – Jan 1970AIRPlank owner, LSE, and member of gun mount #3 for GQ. Seems today they were the best days of my life. Had a wonderful visit when I was able to tour the ship in 1990 while in San Diego. Thanks to all you current sailors for keeping her so fit.
Tobelmann, RalphENS/LTJGAug 1968 – Jun 1971AsstCommOfc/MPA/Navigator
Sowders, CharlesBT 3Aug 1968 – Oct 1969Bwhile B div was not my choice I met some great friends THOMPSON AND CRAIG GRACE . Later Thompson and I volunteer for Vietnam to get out of B div I was assign to junk patrol boats in HA TEIN
Rice, Chuckyn3Aug 1968 – Aug 1969StaffThe small group of people I was with was led by a wild man named Bill Hewlett. He worked in the post office. Rick Knighton in the personal office was good friend also. Good days.
Alford, Carrollsf3Aug 10, 1968 – May 16, 1972r divisionPre-com and plankowner. Have alot of fond memories spent with friends.
Wilson, Dennie profile iconSnAug 15, 1968 – Jan 8, 1970Deck 1st. Div.I still remember some of my buddies, D. Harbison,J. Mize, R Black, Bm3 Moore, Bm3 Brickner,Mitchel, Holtzman,Parsley,Zapada,Captain Herbert Carr,I would be happy to hear from anyone.
Wakefield, JerryE 3Aug 18, 1968 – Nov 5, 1969RWas plank owner
Morrow, StewartE3Aug 30, 1968 – Nov 15, 1971Air
Beard, JohnnyE-5 (SF2)Sep 1, 1968 – Jun 15, 1971R-DivisionI was on the pre-com detail and a plankowner of the USS Denver LPD9. Remember goodtimes with my shipmates. Ince,Wakefield,Torres,(RIP)Ladendorf. Remember the great Ports we visited. Miss those times. Love to hear back.
Crawford, GeneE-3Oct 1968 – Jan 21, 1970DeckPlankowner and Boat Coxswain
Crawford, Gene (Rabbit)E-3Oct 1968 – Jan 21, 1970DeckI was on board when the Denver was commisioned. I was the first man flown off the Denver in 1969 for emergency surgery in San Diego just before the Denver left for Alcapulco.
Murphy, TracyIC 2Oct 1968 – Jan 7, 1970EPlank Owner Early out, Thank you President Nixon!!
Mitchell, William ( Mitch )EM 3Oct 15, 1968 – Apr 25, 1972EA plank owner of the Denver LPD-9. Was an electrican and had great friends in that and many other divisions. Miss them and many of the great times I had (the ones I can remember) during my time onboard the Denver LPD-9.
Gougler, DennisE4Oct 15, 1968 – Jan 9, 1970R DivisionHappen on here and saw some names I remember. Odd I could remember as old as I have gotten. Wondering about Shaw, Davenport, Lovelady and the whole crew. Saw something about Torres, what happened. Remember him well.
Bellinder, RonseamanOct 26, 1968 – Jan 1970RadiomanEssex, Shertzer, where are you?
Raffety, JerryIC2 PLANKOWNERNov 1968 – Oct 30, 1969EI'm glad to hear the old girl is still afloat,after the first shakedown I didn't think she could make a west-pac
Richey Rph, Triple Threatens/ltjgNov 11, 1968 – Jun 1970a&rI had the honor and priviledge to fulfill my military obligation with the first great crew of the "Denver." I used the acquired discipline to complete pharmacy school!
Menard, Ronald profile iconENS/LTJGDec 1968 –Ship's ServiceAn extraordinary tour for a boot Ensign privileged to serve with Senior Chief Cecil Manning who was instrumental in leading our division and the department to win the Blue E on our first ever Annual Supply Inspection.

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