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USS Dubuque (LPD 8) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Dubuque (LPD 8). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 731 crew members registered for the USS Dubuque (LPD 8).

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Vuiller, MichaelMM31979 – 1981Engin
Christner, Scottbmsn1979 – 19811st div deck deptToo bad youth is wasted on the young. Didn't make the best of the opportunities I had, but sure had some great times with some outstanding people. Experiences that I'll never forget...haze grey and underway!
Kavaloski, Chuck/skiBM31979 – 19821stWhat a time it was! We took great pride in keeping the Dubuque working and looking good and also found time to have way too much fun! Thanks to everyone that was a part of that special time, I will never forget.
Pope, Davidbm31979 – 19822ndHello shipmates.. The "Crazy 8"... Had a lot of good times while serving aboard..As well as some bad times Lol. All good now.
Sanchez, FernandoSHSN1979 – 1981SupplyOkinawa was where I first came aboard. Meet Juan Hernandez, Terry Lejunne, my best buddies. Pattaya beach, Hong Kong, PI, Japan, Korea, Singapore, what fun,I was Ship Store operator. What a great part of my life DBQ, 8
Garrison, MarkOS2Jan 1979 – Jun 1982OII'm retired from the Navy now, But of all my ships the Dubuque was the best. Hi Mo, Mike Medberry, and the rest of the OI gang
Garrison, MarkOS2Jan 15, 1979 – Jun 18, 1982OI
Arcangel, GabrielSK2Feb 1979 – Feb 1983S-1Started in 1st division and changed rate to SK, left crazy 8 to go to NOACT Clark AFB P.I.
Figoli, David aka Flyin' FigSNMay 22, 1979 – Dec 13, 1980KStill making sparks Just not on the fantail!
Williams, Doug (Bear)SHSNAug 1979 – Jul 1982SupplyClean and sober now and going on 11 years. Work in the field of addiction. Have a degree, and state and national credentials. It was meant to be to be denied reenlistment. Thank God for people who cared and grateful for the experience.
Butler, TomLTAug 1979 – Aug 1981MP01
Dalton,, MichaelSNAug 17, 1979 – Apr 2, 1982KHaze grey and under way. I miss all of you guys
Vance, Miles Or Miloabh3Sep 1, 1979 – Apr 3, 1983v-divisonwould love to hear from any shipmates!
Frazier, GregBT2Oct 1979 – Jun 1982MPO1See a few names that I remember, Had some great times with some good people, I value the people and places I went.
Veal, Walter KeithNov 1979 – May 2003Enginnering A ACR and steam heat shopWhat a blast...only see on guy I knew in the list though...I know there are several more out there.... Come on Snipes...fresh and hole alike... also all my shellback brothers.... calling out Neptune.
Nicholas, CortsSNNov 3, 1979 – Mar 7, 1981KUnion Electrician Washington,D.C. area. Hi Bear Mikey....There were monsters Back there on aft look-out!!!!!
Nicholas, CortsSNNov 5, 1979 – Mar 7, 1981KWest-Pac '80 was interesting...Tailand,Singapore,Hong Kong, P.I.,Korea,were the main ports. Did another West-Pac on the Fort Fisher(LSD-40). No more hair sculpting, Bear? Hey Mikey, there were monsters out there on aft-lookout!!!!!
Vuiller, MichaelMM3Nov 10, 1979 – Sep 15, 1981THE ONE AND ONLY AFT HOLE SNIPESHAD a great time on the west-pacs,shellback init,etc... Met alot of great people MM'S BT'S,Hoosier,Bernie,Bon,Bruce,Chuck the list is endless.Really miss the craziness. BILLYBOB,STEVE and myself renting the dirt bikes after the Old Man forebi
Eric C Alexander, AlexMSSNDec 4, 1979 – Feb 15, 1983S-2It was a period in my life I shall never forget and reflect on it often
Hall, JamesSN1980 – Apr 19822ndI enjoyed the west pac's, shellback initiation among other things. Looking for another shipmate named Nick Everett.
West, FredSM31980 – 1983CVHey gang, I miss the West-Pacs, Subic Bay, Hong Kong, Thailand, Hawaii, and San Diego! Any shipmates out there Like Waldo, Larry, Alex, Stethem, Jon Burtner, Boot, Jack Tate, and any shipmates I served with, feel free to contact me! Fred
Inks, James (Jimi Inks)MMFN1980 – 1981# 2 Screw Crew (aft engine room)Great times with great friends...Tex (Ritter the Bull %$#@@$#), "Big Balls" Bob, Johnny "Generator" , Mike Vercelli, Andy Craven, "Vicious" Ed Veci, Randy Masingail, Billy Bob, Wheelz. Take care guys !
Tatman, BruceEN3/MA21980 – 1983A & MAA
Hanneman, CraigBT3Jun 10, 1980 – Jun 15, 1984AFT fireroom, West pacs were long but had a great time at the ports met lots of good friends great life experience
Dunham, JerrySK-3Jul 4, 1980 – Sep 28, 1982S-1The Crazy 8 what a time.
Cox, MarkDK2Aug 1980 –DisbursingSick as a dog on first westpac. Played lots of poker with my boatswain mate buddies. Remember being mad at the marines because they are all our damn chow. Haha. Overall, not a bad experience.
Fleury, John BT3Aug 13, 1980 – Aug 14, 1984MMR 1An experience to never forget nor regret. Being a Snipe was what being in the Navy is all about in my opinion. West Pacs were the best, haze gray and underway. If any of my old shipmates should see this, drop me a line.
Foster, Robertbm3Sep 1, 1980 – Jul 31, 19841stwant to say last call has come for petty officer Mike Leger my dear friend
Robertson, TerryEN1Sep 14, 1980 – Jan 1, 1984A DIVISIONhead of the boat shop
Hubbard, DanIC2Oct 1980 – Oct 1982E-DivisionTwo years onboard the Dubuque and 2 westpacs if I remember correctly, lots of ports visited. I remember some really bad storms.
Bairos, JamesMM2Oct 7, 1980 – Jun 5, 1984EngineeringJust posting this to see if anyone reaches out. Jones,Zappa, Ski, Jimmy K. & Johnny C.!!!!
Webb, HaywoodRMSNNov 1980 – Feb 22, 1983CRGreat memories of the DBQ. Anyone want to contact me, feel free.
Pelszynski, Stephen/skiMM3/E-4Nov 15, 1980 – Nov 5, 1984AuxiliariesI hope i can reconnect with my long lost co-mates
Nordhus, JohnMM21981 – 1984#2 Screw Crew/ A GangThree Westpac Deployments, debarked in Subic during #3... Hope y'all had fun in Australia in '84.Drydock (remember the Aft ER fire?)Shell back 1981 cruise. Member of Capt Cullen's "deep water dive club", Mariana Trench 1981.
Behrens, Vincente31981 – 19852nd
Shaw, WalterJO21981 – 1983OpsLoved being navy journalist doing SITE TV. Lots of memories. Me still in San Diego after Dubuque.
Keenan, JamesGmG21981 – Dec 17, 1984Gunners mateLiving in Boston ma. Working for myself. Always wondering what some of my old buddies are up to. Played on softball team and ships Basketball team.
Jackson, CharlesYN1Jan 10, 1981 – Jan 20, 1983XI was a yeoman first class along with Yn1 Utsey we ran amin and personnel. love the Dubuque.
Duarte, RichardMS/3Jun 1981 – Jan 1985
Johnson, LynnLCDRJun 1, 1981 – Apr 1, 1983Supply OfficerWas SUPPO from 81-83 - one of fondest assignments. Remember a lot of great shipmates. Retired in "wild and wonderful" WV
Lacasse, NormEM2Jul 10, 1981 – Sep 10, 1984ElectricalWhat a time Navy life was! Looking was sweet. However, everything pales in comparison to eternal life in Christ! Two WesPacs were great. It would be wonderful to hear from anyone who remembers me. Drop me an email.
Leyba, RudyBT3Aug 1981 – Feb 1985B DivisionOn board USS Dubuque I remember John N and a few other guys listed. I also do remember the fire onboard, I remember fighting it and carrying the yard worker out.
Homeyer, RichardMR2Aug 20, 1981 – Jun 10, 1985A gangFirst ship out of boot camp. Worked as a BT, HT, MM and struck for MR and made MR2 by the time I left. I walk by her everyday as she is moored @ PSNS (Bremerton, WA) where I work now.
Stephenson, RexRM3Sep 1981 – Apr 29, 1985COMMUNICATIONSI was to young to know that these years aboard the DBQ were some of my best memories growing up. I can still remember Rudy, Pratt, Jeff, Chief Holder. Olongapo PI, OMG what a place. I know you know,let's keep it that way
Deal, GregBM3Oct 1981 – Jun 19851st. deck apesgood times. nice to see some names here. did my 4 and got out. 13 years later joined reserves. bm1 now. war vet. of iraqi freedom. contact me guys at ressquid at aol. would be nice to hear from you guys.
Rau, MattHT1Oct 1981 – Oct 1987Retired in 2001 and now living the good life in Iowa working for the county, miss all my old ship mates. Would like to here from ya.
Kindel, LawrenceE-6Oct 1, 1981 – Oct 1, 1983S-3I went to SH "a " after LPD8 .
Curtis, Christopher profile iconAIRMAN E-3Nov 1, 1981 – Jul 1, 1984AirWould love to hear from anyone on board while I was!

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