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USS Dubuque (LPD 8) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Dubuque (LPD 8). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 732 crew members registered for the USS Dubuque (LPD 8).

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Hopkins, PaulQM31976 – 1978NAVIGATIONlooking for some old shipmates, I have found some,in the nav department. still loking for (crawldad,Terry Crawford), ,Jack Webb , Bass,and a few others I have found Kieth Jenkins and Brian (hauss ) Bass
Mollet, RobertSEAMAN APPRENTICE1976 – 1976Deck
Lavallee, MikeIC-21976 – 1977EThe Dubuque was my second ship was on the Tripoli LPH 10 first. Many good times Hi Kurt and Dave both in the IC Shop with me.Hope life is being good to all take care.......
Glaze, Charles profile iconSMSA1976 – 1978ComunicationHi everybody I was part of that signal gang has anybody heard from SMSC Paige SM1 Hamlen SMSN Snow SMSN Waters all from wespac 76-77
Eppley, StevenBM31976 – 1980k-DIVISIONsome of the good, bad, and terrible times. I worked for chief Singleton, miss old Fedorenko, Sam Ehling and others. I remember the sad day in Honk kong when one of the Bms passed from a overdose 2 WEst PAcs, the things that went on!!!!!!!!
Cruz, Manuel profile iconABH31976 – Mar 1980V Division
Jenkins, KeithQM21976 – 1979Nav
Gilliland, BradleyEW21976 – 1979OIFirst command out of A school as an EWSN. Met the Dubuque in the Philippines. OS1 Gagnon was my Division PO. Served two Westpac's, nothing but good memories.
Hoskinson, MikeANJan 1976 – Jul 1977AirMy one and only West-Pac. Requested an AT "A" school when we got back. Got it. Yeah, I remember breaking down and not being able to go to Australia. Flight Deck LPO was Rickard "Rick", made chief, still called him "Rick" duri
Martinez, MartysnMar 13, 1976 – Feb 11, 19802nd & 3 rd
Allman, FredEMFNMar 14, 1976 – Mar 22, 1978Did a lot of growing up in the service.Enjoyed the time at sea,especially when the sea was flat as a pancake.Thought the ship was going to break up when we did 21knots.Wondering where BMSN Terry Crawford is? Wish I had made more of myself while in.
Martinez, Ken MartysnMar 27, 1976 – Jan 11, 19802 nd & 3rdthose where some days we had back then miss the old ship and good friends .
Murphy, GaryFNApr 11, 1976 – May 11, 1978RI think about the old DuBEQue a lot,I miss everyone and going places.
Hankins, SteveRM3May 8, 1976 – Sep 15, 1977CommunicationHad a great time aboard the dubiQ.
Cornish, RobertHM2Jun 1976 – Feb 1979MedicalSure miss Subic, Olongapo, Yokosuka and did I mention the PI! Two fun WESPAC deployments and Portland Oregon, lots of fun.
Bentley, RodericBM 3Jun 1976 – Jun 19781st Division
Shalz, Donald profile iconRM3Jul 1976 – Jul 7, 1977Radio ShackHad a great time. Went on westpac for 11 months and then got discharged. Have great memories of that time in my life. GO NAVY.
Shelton, Clarence (Larry)BM2/BM1Oct 12, 1976 – Sep 15, 19802nd DivisionThe best times I had in the Navy were on the Dubuque. The best friends and shipmates were on the Dubuque. Would like to keep in touch with some of those shipmates because they were the best.
Smith, John L Or SmittyHT3Nov 1976 – Aug 1979RWhere in the hell is Enewetok? The boys on the cruise of 78-79 will know. What a bang and not to talk about the Philippines. Take care boys.
Holley, ThomHTFNNov 1976 –RLooking for old buddies, Dave Kellond, Randy Johnson. living in Portland , Or now
Dix, KennethSADec 1976 – Dec 1977Deck ApeI enjoyed my time on the Ship and have no regrets,just good memories.I miss all my old pals.You guys know who you were.Take care and God Bless you guys.
Peterson, PaulE3Dec 1976 – May 19802nd/K/VRemembering a lot of good times, some bad times, some forgettable times. Mostly remember the people I worked with.
Rivera, FelipeDec 3, 1976 – Aug 8, 1980Signal Gang memories. Does anyone know where SMC Page, SM1 Bell are located. Also SM2 Shelton 2nd Division sure would like to know how these Great Sailors are doing in life.
Langston, JamesRMSR/SA/SN/3/2Dec 15, 1976 – May 23, 1980CRDCPO, Xerox 7000 repairman, Watch Section Supervisor, Member of ships running club and basketball team. Served with AN Rogers and Shelton. ET2 O'nick. RM2's Shulz, Swem & Wetherall. RM1's Healey, Weaver. SM1 Bell
Morrison, WilliamBM3Dec 19, 1976 – Jul 10, 1977Deck
Jackelen, JeffRm3/2Dec 28, 1976 – Dec 28, 1980CRI mostly hung with you skivvy-wavers. Junior, I ran into Eddie Vanegas in my hometown in Rock Springs, Wy. I think he went back to Califronia, later. 307-248-3311 cell. Eddie has been in Tx, still in the oil business
Ihde, MarkBM21977 – 1980K 2nd2 WestPacs. I recognize some of the names on the list. Am back to living in Montana, now. Still workin' for Uncle Sam. Wouldn't trade my Doo B Q experience for anything!
Intermaggio, James (Maggi)FN1977 – 1982ELoved my time on the 8-ball, in retrospect. Love to hear from the guys I served with. Too many good times (sorry Capt., older now and, hopefully, wiser) Invaluable life lessons learned. Thanks to all.
Cronkright Jr, GaryEN-2Feb 1, 1977 – Nov 22, 1980A-DIVISIONLooking for anyone who served during my time frame. The doo bee q had a small crew, and I'm sure I knew most everyone on board. I would sure love to hear from some one. Anyone. Clifford Ellwart, Jay Gieser, Clyde Tilson, Guy Peterson
Impastato, AnthonyET3Mar 1977 – Jun 1980OEReally miss the West Coast.
Jones, DennisSM2Jun 3, 1977 – Nov 21, 1980CSOne of the most memorable periods of my life.
Hubbard, JohnE3Oct 21, 1977 – Oct 21, 1981RSmokers, MoJo, the P.I. over 50 Captains Masts, mass explosions, (I still deny the one in the Shopfitter shop, and the one off the fantail) damn our keystone cops were stupid. Chief Tolbert, hope your still with us.
Hubbard, HubbabubbababyboowaaFNOct 21, 1977 – Oct 21, 1981RUpdated email on this entry. Fill free to contact me. Looking for HiHo, Chuck Penny, Dale, Dave. Smitty if you see this, thanks for saving my ass in the lower Kern :) Who remembers the "L-Ktruck
Gagnon, Albert M.OSC(SW)Nov 25, 1977 – Sep 16, 1982OI /OperationsVery Interesting Duty and a great Bunch Of Officers ,Chiefs and Petty officers and Crew
Thorgrimsen, StevensnNov 25, 1977 – Apr 1981second
Hood, TimE2Dec 7, 1977 – Aug 1, 1978RadioStill looking for o'shipmates
Kellner, Mark-steam BuzzardMM/FNDec 27, 1977 – Dec 30, 1979Aft Eng RmJust wanted to say hi. I was young and a pain in the ass so I hope I didnt offend to many. Had good tim es and good friend's learned alot and wished I had learned more was not so proud then, but abundantly proud now!
Allen, DaleBM31978 – Apr 20, 19802nd
Case, GeorgeMM21978 – 1980MAfter engine room. Miss some of it, not all. Retired from my civilian job in 2010. Living in my home state of Michigan. Contact me anytime, if you wish.
Kite, TedBT31978 – 1982#2 fireroomThe years I spent aboard the Dubuque were some of the best of my life. I would really enjoy hearing from any of my brothers that shared this time with me.
Payne, RodBT2Mar 1978 – Aug 1, 1981BMy wife bought me a USS Dubuque ball cap for my 55th birthday it brought back a lot of good memories
Woods, DavidMR1May 26, 1978 – Jun 8, 1980Agang
Corlew, MarkSNJun 1978 – Jan 19801stPicked up ship in P.I. and finished a West-pac with them and came back to San Diego with them, where I still live to this day. Met some unbelievable people and went to unbelievable places. Would like to hear from some again.
Rogers, RogABFANJun 18, 1978 – Apr 30, 1980AirI loved my time on the DueB Q!
Gilbert, William (Gumbo) profile iconEN2Aug 1978 – Sep 1981saw some of the guys on the list i remeber one of you owe me money went on a couple of west packs yea i remeber the steam buzzard lot of rummors about you i used to hang with ridehouer castro and larson mostly
Gilbert, Gumbo/billen2Aug 24, 1978 – Feb 7, 1981A divlooking for shppmates
Massingill, RandyMM3Sep 1978 – Nov 1982MPO1Were in the hell did everbody go?
Weaver, CalRM1Sep 1, 1978 – 1980CommunicationsGreat Radio Shack and Great First Class Mess. Fondly remember serving onboard.
Alexander, Eric Al & AlexDec 1978 – Feb 15, 1983I've often reflected on my lack of maturity, during my time onboard the DBQ. But I cherish many valuble experiences. Archangel, Gabriel drop me a line

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