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USS Dubuque (LPD 8) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Dubuque (LPD 8). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 731 crew members registered for the USS Dubuque (LPD 8).

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Pesce, JohnE/21973 – 1974decktime i left she was in drydock long beach calif. wow what a town and what a time. good/bad memories mostly good. then i went to phillipines uss stein de-1065
Westmoreland, HubertAbf21973 –AviationProud to have been an airdale purple shirt aboard the Dubuque
Tinney, DeanE-3Jan 1973 – May 1976OperationsEndsweep through Eagle Pull, there are some days I still remember.
Biederman, Raymr3Jan 1, 1973 – Aug 31, 1975Engineering/Machine Shopwasn't always fun but overall a great experience. didn't seem like much at the time - end of the war and mine sweeping Hai Phong Harbor in 73 and back again for Fall of Saigon and refugee rescue in 75.
Tinney, Dean (Ironman)YNSNJan 19, 1973 – May 21, 1976Deck, Engineering, Operations, Captain's OfficeI didn't fully appreciate the experience until it was over. I have found a few friends from those days, some of them now deceased. Overall, many good men to have served with and turning 21 in Hong Kong is something I'll never forget.
Salecki, Eric (Slick)QM2Feb 1973 – Sep 1976NavigationI have found memories of my time aboard Dubuque. I would like to get up with a few of my old shipmates.
Lawler, Arthur ArtETR2Feb 22, 1973 – Sep 25, 1974ElectronicsGood ship. Lots of fun in Haiphong Harbor (ha ha)
Edwards, Jerome ( Dusty )E3Mar 15, 1973 – Jul 17, 1975SKI was the ship Barber and LT. or EN. Mayo was over supply and SH's and the Barber shop.
Stephens, BobBMCMay 1973 – Jun 1976DeckLooking for David Sanders (Sandy)
Henle, Tom TaRM3Aug 1973 – Dec 1975communications (CR)made 3rd class aboard dubuque and made lots of friends looking for any old comm crew mates possible reunion
Martin, PjBM3Aug 21, 1973 – Jan 28, 1974decki was promoted to Bm3 on board this great ship. i was in chargw oe of troop berthing on the starboard side and pms p.o.
Walker, AndyEN4Sep 1973 – Mar 1975A gangCame on board in San Diego in '74, and in Hawaii, Capt's gig engineer slipped and injured knee, so took over duties, Bill Hassel[sp?] coxswain, and dont remember bowhooks name. left ship when on way to Vietnam.
Finchum, DavidHT3Oct 1973 – Mar 17, 1977RHope everyone is ok. Looking for: Dwight Lehman HT2. Also don't remember the guy's name we lost at sea.
Rouse, KevinE3Oct 23, 1973 – Aug 3, 1976Boiler roomLots of fun.Seen places I'll never see again.Great friends. It was the best of times and the worst of times. Helped get those people out when Sigon fell
Croix, JohnMM11974 – 1976M
Krouse, ArtSA1974 – 19752NDHad seizure all hands working party - May 1975 Pearl Harbor - left ship - med center in Hawaii
Freeman, NellisPNCSJan 1974 – Jun 1975AdminHey shipmates. I retired in 1984 and living / working in the Bay area. Great memories on LPD 8. Remember BT1 Proctor, PNSN Woodie (Hawaii)..met up with Proctor at NTC. Wish all you guys contined success...great crew.
Gaines, MarvinE4Jan 1, 1974 – Jan 1, 1978started in deck went too supplythe life lessons i learned on that ship. i carry with me to this day.
Geiger, Jayen2Feb 7, 1974 – Jan 12, 1978a gangjust looking for people sure glad to see there is a place for all of us to connect
Kolb, JonCWO2Mar 1974 – Jan 1976OE
Ott, PeterE3Mar 1974 – Feb 1976R
Kolb, JonCWO2Mar 15, 1974 – Jan 30, 1976OI
Simcock, Donaldmm3Apr 15, 1974 – Feb 22, 1978# 2 eng. room
Johnson, GeorgeYN3May 5, 1974 – Jun 20, 1977I served as Chaplain and Captains Yeoman aboard USS Dubuque during the 74 - 77 Wes-Pac tours. Whats up Harold, Vernon Packard, Marcus Foster, and albright (keep up security) Some of the best days of my life. I live in DC, where are U guys
Harrell, Larry W.E4Jun 1974 – Apr 1977Medical
Welch, Ww profile iconMMFNAug 1974 – Nov 1976MI wish you all well. Be safe and stay strong
Lindsay, MarcusE-3Aug 1974 – Aug 29, 19751st Divison/ SNTrying to see about finding records to show the VA I was over there in Vietnam. It's crazy that they can't find any record. I've told them about "Frequent Wind" and they tell me they need more information so I can file.
Stoll, CraigE-3Sep 1974 – May 19772ndI remember many a good times, and the time we set of f the coast of Viet Nam during evacuation. I made lots of good friends that I'll never forget. Has any one heard from Jay Clower or Johnny Logston or Skintight?
Stewart, Michael Aka "Stew"SeamonSep 1974 – 19762nd commandWould love to catch-up with others.
Uberti, Robert / BobbyE4Sep 1974 – Aug 19771st divisionLooking for my buddies who served in the evacuation. I'd love to connect with all of you.
Crawford, VinceRM2Oct 1, 1974 – Jul 29, 1977Communication RadioHad a lot of fun, looking forward to other members of the crew at that time.
Cruz, Tony (Taco)HT2Oct 1, 1974 – May 30, 1978R
Olson, ChuckRM2Oct 14, 1974 – Sep 25, 1975CRI left USN as RMC in 1982. I knew Vince Crawford, he was an RM3 CR Divi. acting Yoeman when I departed LPD8 in Sep 75 for Navcomsta SFran. The Dubuque participated refugee's rescue ops during Operation Eagle Pull , fall of Saigon in 1975
Gavin, TerryE-4Nov 1, 1974 – Aug 1, 1977FirstI served on the USS Dubuque from 1974 to 1977 during the evacuation of Saigon and would like to hear from people who were there during the same time
Leonard, William/willSNNov 21, 1974 – Oct 25, 19752ndwhere are the dogs?
Croix, John profile iconMM1Dec 1974 – 1976MWould love to hear from anyone who served with me.
Wilson, DonEM21975 – 1980E
Petchauer, JohnE-31975 – 1976R
Heinen, KurtIC21975 – 1979EThe Dubuque was my 2nd ship, the first being the USS Somers DDG-34. It was great going to the "Gator Navy" . I had many great times on the Dubuque and many adventures - LOL with alot of good people!
Pulliam, Brucee31975 – 1978ewhat a ride those 3 years were 2 westpacks alaska portland still in portland hope everyone is doing ok
Andersen, JamesBt2Jan 1975 – Aug 18, 1978BI was on the dubuque from 74-78.Had some really great times with good memories. Their was nothing like the "hole"
Fisher, MarkMM2Feb 10, 1975 – Aug 29, 1978M
Davis, GordonmmmaFeb 20, 1975 – Jun 20, 1976machinist mategot on th dubuque in yakoska japan right out of boot camp san diego. was in the machinst mate div. for while befor getting school for postal clerk and going to the cook ff1083
Wood, Bill - WoodyFeb 25, 1975 – Jan 25, 1979navigationJust looking for OLD shipmates
Taylor, Cameronabh -e3Mar 1975 – Aug 6, 1976flight deckTrying to locate our ship's patch that was specially designed on board.
Taylor, ScooterABH-E3Mar 1, 1975 – Aug 6, 1976Flight Deck CrewI, also, remember the death of our ship mate in Hong Kong when Petty officer Master at Arms Albright was found dead and looked at me and smiled and said he is gone, get a stretcher.
Mantz, MartyABF2Apr 1975 – Jan 1977Flightdeck/AirdalesGot on (and off) in Yokusuka. finished Westpac, did Alaska (remember Anchorage?) Loved the times aboard, remember Pearl and breaking down trying to go to Australia.
Davis, DanMSSNApr 1975 – Aug 30, 1978SupplyA lot of great memories(and a few not so great) Wouldn't change any of it. The diversity of the people that you lived and worked with made everything seem so surreal. Good luck to you all.
Meinecke, RonHT2May 1975 – Aug 23, 1977RHey Finch...did you ever get your rifle back? hehe Are you still living in Danville Ind? Take care buddy.
Green, Tim (Skinhead)SMSNMay 10, 1975 – May 20, 1977Communicationspaul remember the liqour store in hawaii //I seen crawford in 1978.In Tacoma Wa.I talked to Tom Maleport in 1989.
Maleport, ThomasSMSNMay 10, 1975 – Feb 18, 1977I talked to Tim Green in 1989, are there any other shipmates out there?
Crawford, CrawdadBM3Jun 30, 1975 – Jun 29, 1979DECK BM3this is crawdad looking for some old buddies
Cook, FloydFTG3Jul 1975 – Jul 1977Weapons DeptI had some of the best times of my life.
Lohman, DaveEM2Jul 10, 1975 – Jun 3, 1980EI think I grew up on the DooBeeQ. I loved the time at sea: two WestPacs, HK, Taiwan, etc. Alaska. I have a hard time putting names to the faces I remember and faces to the names. Does anyone remember Enewetok?
Csobor, JohnLI-3Aug 3, 1975 – Aug 4, 1979PersonnelHow is everyone doing? Had a great time on board the Dubuque.Enjoyed both west-pacs, overhaul in portland, and enjoyed San-Diego! Hope everyone is happy and healthy. Anyone hear from JO-2 Zinchak?
Sheffer, TimMM2Sep 18, 1975 – Apr 4, 1980MP01Growing up on two Wes-Pacs, a cruise to Alaska and maintenance in Portland, Oregon. Friends gained and lost. I do remember Enewetak Atoll, the Marshall Islands rusty Schlitz cans. New years in Yokasuka. Reconnect at TAS
Bowman, RichardHT2Oct 19, 1975 – Jun 28, is great to see the doobie q 2 wespacs 76 77 78 79 long live olongapo.does any body remember the drug bust in portland? tilson nigger cyrus dead men are any shipmates out there?
John, DelbandoLt. JGNov 12, 1975 – Aug 18, 1979Boiler; Weapons ;navigator; Personnel / Admin.What a great chapter of life! Great friends, great shipmates, great adventure. Would be great to hear from anyone that remembers Mr. D from 1975 - 1979. That means BTs and MMs, BMs, GMs, OSs, QMs, SMs and officers
Marriott, BradABH2Dec 1975 – Jun 1976Air Department

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