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USS Dubuque (LPD 8) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Dubuque (LPD 8). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 731 crew members registered for the USS Dubuque (LPD 8).

Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1967 | 1968 – 1969 | 1970 – 1972 | 1973 – 1975 | 1976 – 1978 | 1979 – 1981 | 1982 – 1984 | 1985 – 1986 | 1987 – 1988 | 1989 – 1990 | 1991 – 1993 | 1994 – 1996 | 1997 – 1999 | 2000 – 2002 | 2003 – now

Pitts, William E. IICSSN0000 –Was aboard during the first Vietnam War Cruise
Trammell, William (Bill)AJun 4, 1965 – Mar 28, 1967APlank owner, good ship and crew.
Hamilton, William(bill)DC2Mar 27, 1966 – Aug 5, 1968R (repair)plankowner,Norfolk,panama,Calif,'nam,good ole olongapo pi,japan,became shellback,up the river w/prisners,saw all of wespac,lotsa good friends,then did 2 more 'nam tours/2 dif.ships.looking 4 Duane(Danny)Buchanan,Dc2,from Az,call6088685456
Lasher, Mead (Skip)EM3Oct 10, 1966 – Jul 2, 1970EngineeringI participated in the pre-commissioning shake down cruise, made the trip through the Panama Canal to San Diego. 2 WestPac cruises. Great ship, crew and great times in Asia. Would enjoy hearing from crew members.
Ewers, Teddy E.SCPO/WO1Nov 3, 1966 – Jul 31, 1968I made WO1 in July 06 1968 and was transfered off in Danang to the USS Rankin LKA-103 on the East Coast
Ronald, MitchellSEAMAN1967 – 19682ndiwas precommission crew Pascagoula Mississippi. Made one westpac deployment we released VC prisoners of war.
Burnette, RonaldMM11967 – Mar 1969auxiliary
Slaughter, TomRD 31967 – 1968OIWas part of pre-con in Norfolk then Pastagola. Made cruise via Panama Canal to San Diego. Prepared for Westpac but ended up in Balboa Hospital and eventually with a medical retirement. Still in San Diego 12/07.
Christy, DavidRM21967 – 1970RadioWas part of the pre-com crew in Pascagula. Had a great time there. I remember the Viet Nam sailors we took back and the whale boat we gave them cause their "Junk" fell a part as soon as it hit the sea. Remember the oil tanker colision.
Oliphant, PeterLI21967 – Sep 30, 1969X/ADMINFirst LI, precom,Pascagoula,Norfolk, PCanal, San Diego, Nam, on bridge for unrep collision, scary,knew lots of good guys, PClark,JGary, BRohrbach, Woody, Randy fr TX, brothers from Philly, hope u r all well, we endured!
Tillis, FredET31967 – 1969electronics
Christy, DavidRM21967 – Apr 1970CommunicationsPLANK OWNER
Lieb, MichaelMM31967 – Jan 24, 1969m divisionEarly 1967 until separation on 01--24-1969. Assigned to ship in Pascagoula, MS. Still have my plank owners cruise book. Wont forget my time on the Du-B-Q. C rats in the enginerom. Watched the collision at sea.
Miles, JerryEN21967 – 1970A Divisiongreat opportunity and experience for a young single man. Two Wespac cruises, crossed equator on one and initiation was a blast. Liked Subic Bay and Hong Kong and Singapore best. Left some great guys behind.
Campe, CharlieAN1967 – 1968Air/VPlank owner, Vietnam, prisoner release, 1st Air Cav to Saigon, departed 1968 for LPD7
Schuring, RogerE31967 –Electrican
Hutchinson, George (Hutch)CS2Jan 6, 1967 – May 1, 1968SupplyWas in Pascagoula, I reported to the Cleveland waiting for the Dubuque crew to start showing up. Had a lot of "McHales Navy" times while in Pascagoula. Duty Driver when I couldn't get out of it:-)
Kimmell, DoyalETCFeb 1967 – Aug 1969OEI retired from the Navy in Feb 80 and retired from Texas Instruments in Dec 03
Judkins, GeorgeBT-2Feb 10, 1967 – Feb 10, 1969Bplank owner came to pascagoula in 67. looking for contact with shipmates.
Shelton, WalterMMC Ret.Feb 15, 1967 – Dec 14, 1968A DivisionI worked in the filter shop and on the ships main air conditioning systems. I also stood watches in main control while underway. I completed 27 years in the reserve. I am a mechanical consulting engineer in Carolina.
Tresidder, AlanPN2Mar 1967 – Jun 1970PersonnelServed on Dubuque from precommissioning in Pascagoula through PACWEST tour. Released POW in North Vietnam. Plank owner. Crossed equator...(fun times that).
Cross, JimGMG3Mar 1967 – Dec 19683rdPlank owner, Pascagoula,- good times- Virginia, Panama Canal, 1st WestPac cruise, dropped off Vietnam prisoners, upriver on LCM as gunners mate, taking first Calvary to Saigon, butts beat as polywogs, retired fr railroad
Goo, PaulFNMar 9, 1967 – Dec 11, 1970DC/Ship FitterBoarded ship at Norfolk, Virginia. Cruised to Panama Canal, San Diego and three West Pac tours. Shipmates D. Taylor, H. Tomas, J. Cruz and many others. I have some great memories would like to get in touch.
Rohrbach, RohrYN3Mar 11, 1967 – Dec 20, 1970NAVIGATIONLOOKING FOR PAUL E. CLARK, QM3
Mathiesen, Bill / "Mat"EM 3Apr 1967 – Jan 1971E"plank owner" had alot of great memories and met alot of great guys. spent my entire enlistment on the dubuque. keep wondering what my buddies are doing now? get in touch with me!!
MacKenzie, GilbertCS 3Apr 1967 – Jul 1969SuppyPlank owner. Took her from the East coast through the Canal to San Diego. Did her first tour to Viet Nam. Made a lot of trips to Da Nang and up the coast to the DMZ With the marines and army. We were the first ship to return war prisoners.
Thompson, Richardsk1Apr 1967 – Sep 1968supplyPlank owner, was in Pascagoula, pre-commission crew. Inventoried all spare parts and assigned them to locations in supply storage rooms. Was on ship from east coast through the Canal to San Diego. 1st tour to Viet Nam
Mathiesen, Bill "Mat"EM-3Apr 1967 – Jan 1971E hey old shipmates ! changed my old email address, you can contact me at this new email address
Trammell, William HEN1Apr 1, 1967 – Sep 8, 1969A Was in Pascagoula pre-commission crew. A lot of good memories, times and friends. I retired from the Navy in 76, civil service in 98. Would like to hear from old crew members.
Parker, GaryBT3Apr 15, 1967 – Dec 22, 1968#1 BoilerroomPrecomm thru 1st west pac tour. Plank owner.
Pepin, JosephBT 3May 14, 1967 – Nov 14, 1968BAny one serving in 67 or 68 on LPD 8 feel free to e-mail me at
Cole, RichardRD2Jun 1967 – May 1970OIPrecom in Pascagoula and first two WestPac cruises. Remember the "Ho Chi Minh yacht" incident well. The trip upriver to Saigon was interesting. Couldn't turn around until we got all the way up, and the Saigon River was too shallow to use
Smith, RolandMM3Jun 1967 – Jan 1971EngineeringI was Log Room Yeoman and Throttleman in Main Control. Plank owner. I need someone to fill me in on the date that we went into Saigon. I filled a PTSD claim and I need that info. Can anyone help me???? Thanks
Guzy, DanielMM3Jun 1967 – Dec 1970MWorked in #2 engine room
Hunt, Bobby/bobRD2Jun 1, 1967 – Oct 30, 1968OIPrecom crew and plank owner. Great bunch of guys in Operations. Good times on and off the ship.
Pribbernow, LynnRM3Jul 1967 – Feb 1969OPSPlank owner transferred to Phibron One staff 1969
Feltman, RayE3Jul 1967 – 1970GREAT SHIP HEPL MAKE IT
Breedlove, Lawrence (Larry)ETR3Jul 1967 – Apr 6, 1970Operations - ElectronicsWent aboard at Ingalls Shipbuilding in Pascagoula Miss. I was a side bouy when ship was commissioned. I am a plank owner . Good Sailing Everyone
Taylor, David,EM2Jul 22, 1967 – Sep 19, 1970EngineeringReported aboard in Norfolk, and after Commissioning, took the ship thru Panama to San Diego. After completing shakedown exercises, completed 2 West Pac cruises. I am also a "Shell-Back". Contact me
L`heureux, Arthur / FrenchieE 3Aug 1967 – Dec 9, 1970Deck 2 sec.Started out in Virginia 1967 & then to Pascagoula as Pre - commissioned crew. Dubuque was commisson 1 Sep 1967 & plank owner. Was in deck dept. 2nd div. Well deck & boat deck crew & crane operator abt. 2 yrs.. Was aboard until 9 Dec 1970.
Van Hoose, TomBT-2Aug 15, 1967 – Oct 1, 1970B division
Rodeen, Sven L.CPOSep 1, 1967 –MMCSMy father was proud to be a part of the US Navy and to serve his country. He was born on Feb. 25, 1930 and passed away June 25, 1998 at his home in Vancleave MS. God Bless the women and men who serve!
Hudson, MatthewBM3Sep 1, 1967 – Dec 1, 1970Deck BM3
Dervinis, Wesley DervyE 3Sep 1, 1967 – Dec 10, 1970istwas on borad with good guys 1ST diviosn work in paint locker ,had many friends and is a shellback,just how many can say that. also had oneyear as 2nd class boastnmate, nickename Dervy,good times in subckbay,had my new year drink onboard ha
Hudson, MatthewBM3Sep 1, 1967 – Dec 1, 19702nd / and P.O. CargoI made two wes pac cruise to vietnam on board the Dubuque.It is a beautiful ship, and still is.I was on board when we had the vietnam prisoners on board.I served my four years abourd the dubuque. and yes i'm a plaque owner.
Marquardt, Rembert A. (Chips)RD3Sep 1, 1967 – Dec 23, 1968OIPlank owner- Precom from Pascagoula MS. through 1st West Pac. Thanks to Cole, Fleetwood, Hunt, Moore, Wilson and Chief Creech for all there support. Good times had by all. I’m now retired and living in Tennessee.
Carlsen, Charles profile iconANSep 1, 1967 – Apr 4, 1970AirGood ship, great crew. Saw a lot pf the world. Two tours of duty Viet Nam. Plank Owner
Wetzel, JackHM1Sep 10, 1967 – Jun 15, 1970Hwas on pre-com crew-pascagoula-balance crew norva-went thru panama canal to homeport san diego.2 westpac deployments-was aboard when we released NVA prisoners north of dmz.bought old bought boat in danang to release them-ruddder broke-admiral in char
Garlington, RickETNov 1967 – Feb 1970Electronics shop
Burrack, RandyETR2Nov 21, 1967 – Apr 19, 1971OE

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