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USS Cleveland (LPD 7) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Cleveland (LPD 7). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 604 crew members registered for the USS Cleveland (LPD 7).

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Salas, Roy G.ABF31992 – 1996
Brown, RickBM1 (SW)1992 – 19932nd
Watts, BentleyE-21992 – May 15, 1994Deck DeptLooking to re-connect with old friends from Navy days!
Conway, NeilOs31992 – 1993OpsI am looking to catch up with people.
Crawford, Carlmm3Jan 1992 – Sep 1996A-Gang
Pizarrro, GusE5/SK2Feb 1, 1992 – Mar 31, 1994Supply/SS01Hooyah! Flat-bottomed - shake and bake..... "That which you do for yourself dies with you, that which you do for others will be immortal".
Gacutan, Patrick "G00K"RM2 / E5Feb 14, 1992 – Jul 28, 1995COMM / CR
Salas, RoyABF3Mar 5, 1992 – Jul 12, 1996AirFuelies Rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Flood, JohnET3 (SW)Jun 1992 – Jan 1995OESpent a couple of years of my early years on the Steamin Cleve. Met some great people. Currently living in PA working as an IT Manager for a logistics company.
Desantiago, ChrisE 2Jun 8, 1992 – Jun 6, 1994deckLooking for anyone onboard from deck dept at that time or peter santos or demitri tarver
Burgower, JeffOS3Jul 1992 – Mar 1995OIFor not going to college, I made some good FRAT type friends who are now considered family. There are some people I have lost contact with, and would love to re-communicate with.
Monahan, Adam profile iconE3Jul 28, 1992 – Dec 27, 1994V AirSteaming Cleveland! Sad to see it gone from the Navy.
Gonzalez, RafaelDC2Sep 9, 1992 – Sep 13, 1996repairproud to have been a member of the only division that counted
Ratuita, ErwinSK2Oct 2, 1992 – Oct 2, 1995S-1
Pickard, "Larry" LawrenceSM1(SW)Oct 16, 1992 – Apr 1, 1995OCLEO OPS OCT 92 TO DEC 92/LEO OPS MAR 93 TO JUN 93/WEST PAC JUL 94 TO DEC 94. Another of the Navy's finest. Great Crew good times. Always will remember the Mombasa Surf Club and Shark Beach!
Massol, AlbertE8 SHCSOct 26, 1992 – May 25, 1997Supply S-3Out of my 27 years of Service The Cleveland will always be in my heart. I became a leader and a mentor, learning form the best of the best. My best S-3 and CPO Mess! Taygon, Parker, Stevens miss you brothers. God Bless
Shoemaker, JamesADANNov 1992 – Jun 1993Aviation
Crowell, MichaelAN1993 – 1998Air
Lizo, Paul profile iconRM1Feb 1, 1993 – Jun 30, 1996CR
Johnson, Tim "j-nutt"PCSNFeb 21, 1993 – Nov 3, 1996S-4Hey "Q"; Whats up to Allen, Pete, Lawrence, Gibbs, Reggie Noble, Randle and any one else that I left out. West Pac 94!
Stipanov, KrisSNApr 1993 – Apr 19951ST
Crane, KevinE3May 1993 – May 1995DeckUmm.....I remember a lot of drinkin, some fightin and givin the officers a hard time. Lets hear it for duty vehicle and teaching people how to drive! Ended up working at NRL for a few years. Sparks? Stepanov? Hope everyone is well.
Keesee, IanQM3May 1993 – 19952nd Division
Branch, JasonOS2May 1, 1993 – Dec 30, 1997OIFrom E2 to OS2, did 2 W-Pacs, partied with Russians in '95 (anyone else remember that?). got to surf in Africa, and re-upped. Hated bein' on that boat, but forever grateful for the memories. Renaud, Lightle, Blackhorse? Hope your well.
Ocamica, AnthonyGMG3May 5, 1993 – Oct 6, 19963rdMy time aboard the Steamin' Cleve was very memorable. The places we traveled and exercises we took part in left me with a sense of pride, accomplishment, and satisfaction. I'm proud to have served aboard USS Cleveland.
Goodwin, RussellPC1/PCC (SW)Jun 1993 – Dec 1994S-12Two of the best years in my Navy Career. The best Deployment I made in 20 years. In my time onboard I met some great guys!
Terry, MarkMM2Jun 1993 – Mar 19991 MMR / P1Gotta love being on the best LPD class on either coast. No joke during my last couple of years there we were considered the best engineering crew on an Austin class period. I would like to hear from any of you who remember me.
Cano, JamesET3Jun 1, 1993 – Jun 1, 1996Ops
Lawrence, QuintonPC2Jul 13, 1993 – Jun 26, 1997Supply
Lindsey, KenMR3Aug 28, 1993 – Feb 18, 1995Eng
Taylor, MatthewDC3Sep 9, 1993 – Nov 14, 1997Rworked hard, played hard
Johnson, AkoOSSNSep 16, 1993 – Nov 22, 1995OperationsChambers you still suck! Well figured I would grace the presence of my loyal Tijuana bandits. I'm 5 hours south of Smith. I can contact SN Sabo, OSSN Mickelson, SN Crane and Alamo. Can't find Tarver still. Kelsey is back
Taylor, Matthewdc-3Oct 1993 – Nov 1996RGreat time.
Tepfer, BreckBM3Dec 1993 – Jan 19981st & 2nd
Mickelson, "Mick"E5/OS2Dec 1993 – Jun 1997OI
Bassett, LouisABF 3Jan 1994 – Jan 1999Air Sept V Division Looking for Oscar Flores DeAndre Harper and Gary Thornton
Smith, Kenneth "rocky"FN (MM)Jan 7, 1994 – May 8, 1996MMR 2 (P&EChambers it's Smith! Desantiago I'm looking for D and Pete too. Man WestPac 94' was a blast (right Mora? LOL) I miss all of you guys more than you could ever imagine! I miss TJ too! I really miss the crew the most! Steamin Cleve forever!
Bassett, LouisABF 3Jan 17, 1994 – Jan 1, 1998V Division
Wheeler, SpencerBM2Feb 2, 1994 – Sep 11, 19972nd
Tallerico, PeterBM2(SW)Mar 1994 – Aug 19982ndWas LPO and well deck safety- really enjoyed the STEAMN CLEVE Love the GATOR navy
McPherson, RodneyCMDCM(SW/AW)Mar 5, 1994 – Feb 15, 1997Command Master ChiefMy best tour as a Command Master Chief. Still in touch with my old shipmates from the Cleveland. It was a lot of fun!
Baraniecki, MikeETCMar 16, 1994 – Mar 30, 1997OETheSteamin' Cleve was the best ship and the best Command I served with. I'm still in touch with many of the crew from '94 thru '97. We had the best morale on the waterfront. Thanks to all my shipmates.
Eck, WilliamABH-1(AW)Mar 19, 1994 – Aug 17, 1998Air departmentI had a great time aboard the Cleveland, I believe the best accomplishment there was winning the Allen G. Ogdon award in 1993 being the only LPD in history to take the overall award from larger ships. Great job Air Dept.
Wolf, JasonE3May 5, 1994 – May 5, 19972ndAt the time I thought I couldn't wait to get out and be a civilian again. But now looking back, the days on the Steamin' Cleve were some of the best times of my life. I had a lot of good friends who I will never forget.
Chambers, RobMM#Jun 20, 1994 – Mar 20, 1998P-2Steamin Cleve!If your not a snipe then your just along for the ride!Man I miss TJ!
Mora, DanielE-3/BMSNJul 7, 1994 – Jan 2, 19971stI was on the steamin cleve for two back to back west pacs.At the time the cleveland was the most underway ship in the whole navy.Im still proud to have been part of that gater navy.
Hunter, TimRMAug 1, 1994 – Aug 1, 1995ORI was on the Ogden for a short time. I remember Rosebaum, Kassa, RM1 Wolfe, and others.
Leyden, John profile iconpnNov 1994 – Jul 19952nd
Johnson, MarcusEM 3Dec 1994 – Jul 1996Electrical
Johnson, Jeffreye-3 seamenDec 4, 1994 – Aug 12, 19971st division

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