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USS Cleveland (LPD 7) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Cleveland (LPD 7). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 604 crew members registered for the USS Cleveland (LPD 7).

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Shaw, RichardOS21979 – 1980OI
Gear, JoeBT21979 – 1981B
Cote, Markmm31979 – 1983B&M DivHad a great time with my buds, love to hear from them. See youre on the list Rico Mack. give me a holla. 2 West Pacs, Grew up in "Yahoo #2!"
Reid, David profile iconBT3Jan 1979 – Apr 1981B
Eaton, JesseOSSR to OS2 while aboard Cleveland. (Retired OSC (AW/SW)Jan 2, 1979 – Jul 4, 1982OIMy first ship. Went there as an OSSR, left as OS2. Made Westpac 80 and 82 . Remember Jeff Jones (went to boot camp and A school with him also) Dewey Adair, Garrett Witte, Rick Shaw, Billy Walker, Dale Raines and others
Feltner, DannySNFeb 1979 – Aug 23, 19822nd
Burns, LeslieEN3Feb 11, 1979 – Feb 23, 1981A-GANG BOATSHOP
Gregory, Michael CreeperRm3Apr 1979 – Jun 1982C-1Some great times with guys who became like family
Burns, LeslieEN3Apr 3, 1979 – Apr 4, 1981Awas in the boat shop
Ryan, BruceYN3Jun 1, 1979 – Jul 17, 19811st then XI started off as a BM and then they found out I could type and I went to X division as a Yeoman. I went on teh 1979-80 Westpac during the Iranian Hostage Crisis. Then we came back and went to Todd Shipyards in San Francisco.
Byrd, CraigABHSNJul 1979 – 1983A
Lopez, Robertmm2/E5Jul 1979 – Dec 1983mgreat experience good times,two west-pacs,shellback,amazed how this experience shaped my future,still live in phoenix,work for phx fire dept. .mark cote good to hear from you,rick mack if your still in phx im @ fs50
Trujillo, ArthurSnJul 5, 1979 – Dec 15, 19802nd divisionI was in Deck dept. Did a west pack In 1980. Good times
Trujillo, ArtSNJul 15, 1979 – Dec 15, 1980DeckGood times , never drank so much in my life! Glad I went in, did a lot of traveling for free! Hung out with Frank Sandoval and Ernie Tovar, from deck division.
Goppert, KeithMM2Sep 1979 – Feb 1980A-Gang Boat shop and AC-R ShopPlaying Free Bird on the guitar over the Flight Deck MC system.....swapped off in Yoko
Perkins, GregoryUDT3Sep 23, 1979 – Nov 5, 1981Team 7pollywog never more
Leighton, RonET2Oct 1979 – Aug 1982OE
Mcconaughy, Michael G.RM2Nov 10, 1979 – Aug 13, 1983C-1
Mendoza, HermanIC21980 – 1984ICHard to believe this thing is still around....great crew and westpacs
Hull, DavidOS21980 – 1982OIGot on her while she was in the drydocks enjoyed being there. left her in the phillipines on the way back in 82.
Dale, Kennethem3 Dale1980 – 1984e div
Conte, Tony "Rock"MR3Jan 1980 – Nov 1982A
Vidas, JimABH3Jan 1, 1980 – Jan 2, 1981AIRBest wishes to all "Steamin Cleve" sailors and their families. Cleveland was the first of two LPD's for me. Second was Ponce LPD-15 during the Beirut peacekeeping mission. Special hello to to all my fellow "wingnuts".
Orta, RobertCWO3Feb 1980 – Mar 1983OE
Plitt, DanLI1Mar 20, 1980 – Jul 10, 19841st & XGreat ship and great crew. A little ironic footnote, I was recalled to active duty right after 9/11 and assigned to CNRSW Naval Boat Police. Early one morning in the fog off of Pt. Loma the "Steamin Cleave" almost ran my boat over. I retired Ap
Walker, StevenElectronic Warfare Specialist 2nd ClassApr 6, 1980 – Apr 6, 1984Operations
Orta, BobCWO2/3Apr 15, 1980 – Jun 1, 1983OEEMO, first tour as a warrant and first time not on a tin can.
Zuelke, Gregg EET2Jun 1980 – Jun 1982OE
Smith, Greg (Smitty)HT2Jun 1980 – Jan 1984RI can't believe she still floats.
Bour, TonySH3Jun 1980 – Mar 1983
Morgan, BobLCDRJun 1980 – Sep 1987deck
Retheford, SteveOS2Jun 10, 1980 – Feb 5, 1984OISome of my lifes best memories occured onboard the "Steamin Cleve". God Speed to all that serve inside her.
Sullivan, JamesIC3Jun 10, 1980 – Sep 1983E DIVJoining the Navy was my best decision ever. The Pals I had a chance to become more like brothers. Every day I wish to see them one Great Day soon. Slick/Sully.
Scott, Markbm3Aug 28, 1980 – Dec 9, 19832nd divisionmost memorible time of my life
Ward, Steve WardMM21981 – 1983M
Brown, RickBM31981 – 19841stMe and my boy Weller
Carter, RogerRM21981 – Jun 1983communicationshere looking to reconnect with others on my ship. Feel free to shoot me a line at
Anderson, JamesBM21981 –1Rick, Marty, Budda, Dog, Good times. Miss it!
Stormer, JohnBT2Jan 1981 – Nov 1984BWe worked hard and long and partied harder and longer. It was so much fun I did 3 more years on the Wabash AOR 5. That was enough fun for me. Thanks for the memories!
Thompson, SteveRM2Jan 1981 – Nov 1982Short tour amidst the many sea tours of a career. Remember the Steamin' Cleve well. Good crew/great shack back then.
Dennis, ParisPN3Jan 7, 1981 – Sep 30, 1984AdminAnyone out there give me a shout out im in Wa state
Post, CarlMR 2Feb 1981 – Aug 1982A-Gang MR ShopSome of the best memories of my life are from the times I spent with the crew of the "Steamin' Cleve"...I really enjoyed the friendships I made.
Parks, CraggB T 2Feb 5, 1981 – Aug 8, 1983Engeringnot sure of the months,and the days.
Whittington, LesLTMar 1981 – Jul 1984Auxilliary and B/MA great ship and fantastic crew. Some of the best times I've ever had.
Ludwig, BillBM2Apr 1981 – May 19842nd
Johnson, JonRM1/CApr 1981 – Oct 1984OC/MAASpent most of my time as a MAA. A lot of good sailors were onboard. Retired as a RMCS
Whitfield, TerrenceEM3Jun 1, 1981 – Jun 1, 1985EA very wild, hardheaded kid. Into motorcycles and chasing women. Always in some kind of trouble. Never thought I'd look back on those times as the good old days.
Balfour, ThomasHM3Jun 1, 1981 – Jun 1, 1984HGreat Ship ... Great Shipmates
Bubar, Kendall (Spuds)CW0-2/3Jul 4, 1981 – Aug 2, 1984EngineeringI was the Damage Control Officer/Ballast Control Officer and for awhile the Repair Officer. It was my first ship as a warrant officer. I drank a lot of beer and had lots of fun with my shipmates.
Witte, GarretOS1(SW)Aug 20, 1981 – Dec 23, 1984OII am the Commander of American Legion Post #435,Edison New Jersey. My phone #s are 732-214-1410(Home) 732-619-9596(Cell) 732-985-9768(Am.Legion) I talk with Dewey,Czarnecki,Grubbs,Marshall and Jeff Jones. . OS1(SW) WITTE
Vergowven, JohnEM3Sep 1981 – Feb 1985EGreat memories! Great shipmates! We worked hard and played even harder. I'll never forget the two West-Pacs we made while I was aboard. I learned a lot and really grew up.
Rogers, DeanBT3Sep 1981 – Apr 1984B
Adorisio, StevenDT3Sep 13, 1981 – Apr 4, 1984H (hospital)Despite the early couple of month jitters, I look back and realize that those were some great times during the 2 West-Pacs we did. I met some great people,a few I still am in contact with. I miss hanging out on the catwalks while at sea.
Seymour, BarryJO2Oct 10, 1981 – Oct 1, 1984XShip's Journalist - ran the TV station, did news releases, photography and the damn cruise books! <g>
Seymour, BarryJO2Oct 15, 1981 – Oct 23, 1984X DivisionTwo West-Pacs, two cruise books, lots of good port visits. It was a tough time for me but I treasure it all.
Lowe, Bobby Punkgmg3Nov 1981 – 19843rd divthere anit no slack in a gator attack, i did to westpacs on the cleve., best friends stitch, and jon in australia lived here 20 years . best bloody bunch of people i ever worked with. anyone email me
Segura, NickEM3Nov 24, 1981 – Apr 18, 1985ESome of the greatest times of my life. Learning how to be sparky in the Navy set me up for the rest of my life. Just retired from the IBEW 569. Peace brothers!

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