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USS Cleveland (LPD 7) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Cleveland (LPD 7). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 604 crew members registered for the USS Cleveland (LPD 7).

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Gauci, DennisOS21976 – 1979OI
Foster, RichBMSN1976 – 19781stHad a great time with my shipmates. Greg Tupper, Mike Kerutis, Glenn Takechi, Mike Graybeal, Randy Livernois, and anyone else I used to hang with, try to get a hold of me and maybe we can hook up some time to talk about old times and new.
Buckellew, Mike Or "buck"EM31976 – 1978ETwo cruises 76 and 78, and drydock at Long Beach. Remembering HT2 Pete "Big Bird" Servison. Hanging out in the Battery Shop, jammin' the blues with Jack Bolduc, after watch. Practically lived in Eng Rm 2.
Sherwood, PhillipE-11976 – 1978navigationI loved this ship. Phillip Lassen and Ron Christmas get back too me with an E-mail.....
Gorczyca, TracyE4 MM1976 – 1977M
Lassen, PhilipQM3Jan 1976 – May 1978NavigationNo beach beyond reach, No bar to far
Luevano, WilliamABFJan 14, 1976 – Jun 15, 1977AirAfter my departure from the "cleve", I volunteered for duty at Cubi Pt. I was there 2 years where I met my current wife, we have 4 wonderful daughters together, I completed my tour of duty at Whidbey Island, WA. I'd love to hear from any
Quinn, Stephen ( Quinnie)EN2Jan 14, 1976 – Jul 1978A- Gang
Smith, DavidRM2Jan 30, 1976 – Jul 2, 1979C1Still wish we would have made a stop in Australia on the way back from WESTPAC in 1978, enjoyed my time aboard.
Harvey, ScupperHT2Mar 1976 – Nov 1979RAww, the Steamin' Cleve! Cruised in '76 and '78. Saw the world and made many friends. Hello to you all!
Barrientos, BarryBM2Apr 1976 – Jan 19802ndgot on in Okinawa. had great time evrywhere but more so in PI. Livernois and Lawson still remember ya'll. Whers's Gruber, Harshbarger, Bommel, and the whole gang. would be great to all get togther in S/diego for reunion.
Effan, BillHT2May 1976 – Jan 1978RI relieved Oakley in the Engineering Log Room. I served with HTCM Oakley later. I remember seeing Harvey and Renaldo and others. I served with Skip Rose on the Cape Cod in the 80's. See you in San Diego in 2011 or 12.
Stevens, DaleLi-3May 1, 1976 – May 1, 1979x division
Haas, BillETR2May 15, 1976 – Oct 1, 1978OEOf all of the things I've done over my lifetime, I still think back at those 2 years on the Cleveland. Great shipmates and experiences.
Barkema, Ned "Woofer"ETN2Jun 1976 – Sep 1979OEGreetings to all
Compton, RoyFTG3Jun 1976 – Jun 19773rdMet ship on my first Westpac and stayed on untill my equipment was removed in Long Beach Shipyards
Rhoads, GreggE3Aug 1, 1976 – Aug 1, 19807th fleetMy dad was on the steamin Cleveland from approx 76-80. Im tryin to find anyone who knew him as he recently passed away. Id like to know more. He died of Cancer & he mentioned cleaning up nuclear test areas in the pacific
Culpepper, JamesEN3Aug 10, 1976 – Aug 10, 1978AWas a good time aboard the cleve
Turbyfill, Steve "Turby"BMSNAug 15, 1976 – Oct 15, 1978secondSorry about drunken behavior turned ship around pulling out of kee lung sober 21 years miss my shipmates corwin, hudson, kearns, bommell, all you other buckley's deck apes west-pac and long beach dry dock oh yeah ox Johansen
Schirck III, Francis Joseph (Joe)SKSN (0N CLEVE) RETIRED HM1Oct 1976 – Jun 1980Deck (1st and S-12 years Deck and 2 as an SK Loved my years aboard the "Steamin Cleve". 2 Westpac's in the Yards in 77 at Long Beach. Got out of active duty in 80 Joined the reserve in 86 and retired as an HM1 in 2002. Hi to my shipmates! GO NAVY!!
Gomez, AbelRM2Dec 10, 1976 – Dec 1, 1980C-1First and only ship during my 4 year tour. Had a chance to go to shore duty, but turned it down to stay on #7. So many great memories and good times. GO NAVY.
Lawson, RobertBM31977 – 1981Deck 1stGreat times would do it all over again.
Marshall, WeldonMM/EM1977 – 1981M then EWoW, I think it would be interisting to see what happened to yall.
Nutz, RickHT21977 – Aug 8, 1980RAwesome ship. Had alot of good friends aboard. I see she is to be decommissioned this year.
McDonnell, TomBT31977 – 1980BoilerTech2 West-Pacs,One of the Mangy Dogs,2 Blr.Any one remember the Tank(66Chevy Panel Wagon)tore-up S.Cal.Blacks Beach,Mission Bay,Beach Babes! A lot of great people,many now gone.Living in Cedar Lake,IN.Tony Wilsons old house
Wilson, AnthonyBT31977 – Jun 1979B-DivisionJust looking for my brave and honored shipmates to share the past and the remainder of my life......welcome aboard.... especially the Mangy Dogs
Sekayumptewa, HubertEM-3Jan 1, 1977 – Mar 31, 1980yes the crazy indian still circling the wagons, finally became a chief---fire chief & traing officer with the hopi agency fire & rescue ----- bureau of indian affairs, hopi agency keams canyon, ariz 928-738-220 lost contact
Fredrickson, RichardMM3Jan 10, 1977 – May 10, 1978Hello guys, yes I'm still alive.
Livernois, RandyBM3Mar 10, 1977 – Apr 20, 19801st and 2ndWow, how did we survive the 70's? Got onboard in Long Beach did 2 Wespacs left in PI. Good times. Concerts at SDSU ampitheater. The club behind Lenny's.
Christmas, RonaldSK/2Mar 13, 1977 – Oct 26, 1980SupplyWow, can believe the Cleve is still steamin. I still think about the good times with the ship crew from time to time. If anybody served with me give a holla.
Sanchez, AlbertLI3Mar 29, 1977 – Feb 17, 1981Excutive DeptDoes anybody remember me, I worked in the printing and publishing Dept?
Pickman, JimYN2Jul 1977 – Sep 1980X
Sexton, GregDT3Aug 19, 1977 – Aug 8, 1980H DivI still remember the great fellas I served with...drydocks in Long Beach thru two WESTPACS....Hey out to "C.K". Sekaumptewa!!! I'll try to contact you man.
Hartsock, KevinBm3Sep 5, 1977 – Jun 11, 19812ndA great place to grow up .two west pac s memories to last a life time. Doug Bell Tim Winfield email me.
Bacon, DaleRM21978 – 1980C1I recall 2 WestPacs, an RMC named 'Ski' (Lewandowski), and a fishing expedition on the radioactive side of Eniwetok. Good times.
Goalby, Chrisenfn1978 – 1980A gang
Varvi, EugeneOs21978 – 1980OI
Lewis, Walter R.ETR 3Jan 1978 – Jan 1980ET
McConnell, ChuckBTFNJan 1978 – 1979B DivisionTo my fellow hole snipes in B division 1978 west pac
MacK, RichardMM2Jan 1, 1978 – Jun 15, 1980would like to hear from shipmates, especially my seabitch
Holley, NorvalEN1Jan 6, 1978 – Jan 11, 1980A Gang
McConnell, ChuckBT3Jan 7, 1978 – May 14, 1979BTo all the old maingie dogs that was in no: 1 fireroom, never forget how to become a hole snipe, our name sake was BTs Heaven dont want us but HELLS affraid well take over, thanks for the good times,gotta love those west pacs,ye ha!!!
Dunne, TonySH3Jan 31, 1978 – Jan 31, 1982Deck/SupplyBegan in Deck Dept. then moved into Supply. Lots of memories - some good, some not so good (lots of thievery). It all added up to the four most adventuresome years of my life.
Fields, Regional "reggie"PN1Feb 8, 1978 – Jun 24, 1981X
Clark, Jeffery ‘motor City Mad Man’BT2Apr 7, 1978 – Nov 1, 1981B divisionWhat a great experience! Two West PACs, home port San Diego, California. Overhaul in the San Francisco Bay Area. An absolutely amazing group of guys to work with! I will never forget my best buddy MM David Garcia!
Schroeder, MontyMM2Aug 20, 1978 – Dec 20, 1981A-Gang
Meyer, SteveABH2Sep 1978 – Sep 1979Air OpsGot on on Guam on the way back from the 78 WestPac. Got out in San Diego. This was my only time shipboard and it was interesting. I had fun.
McLaughlin, TimSNSep 1, 1978 –DECKChecked on board while ship was coming back from WestPac, ship was in Subic Bay PI. Crossed over from USS Hammond. Was made Deck Yoeman, never did figure that one out. Got out, came back in 2yrs later and retired as BM. Fair winds to all
Leighton, RonET2Oct 1978 – Jul 1982OE
Thorner, SteveASM3Nov 1978 – Dec 1979AirWe're coming up on 30 years ago being on the Cleveland. Some great memories. Who could forget the California World Music festival in LA. 3 days of Ted Nugent, Cheap Trick, Van Halen, Cheech & Chong. 6 guys sleeping in a 1 bedroom apartment
Neal, MichaelLTJGNov 1978 – Jul 19813rd, Admin/Per, Navigation
Bohn, KurtGMG3Nov 28, 1978 – Nov 27, 19823rd

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