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USS Duluth (LPD 6) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Duluth (LPD 6). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 879 crew members registered for the USS Duluth (LPD 6).

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Gewargis, RammyBM31997 – 2001Deck 1stMy time on the mighty mighty Duluth was long to say the least. I had great times along with bad times. Its all good though. If you found the China I bought in Hong Kong, you are welcome. E-mail me if you recognize my name. Peace guys
Guerrero, Eduardo (Boot Camp)E21997 – 1999Deck Enjoyed my time and my adventures oversea. Best over water prison sentence I've ever had. Wouldn't do it again to save my life but do not regret it. Catch me on facebook or email
Gould, Patrick profile iconLI3 - LI21997 – 1999EXEC
Roberts, VictorE3Feb 1, 1997 – Jan 2, 1998Deck seamenLooking to get back in touch with the gang in the cage. Favorite memory: Watching Ally Cat and Luna destroy any and everyone in spades.
Akins, Curtisit1(sw/aw)Feb 24, 1997 – 2001oc divisionThe best tour ever. we had a crew that got the job done. E-mail me if u remember me: U guys will always be a part of me.
Guell, WilliamE4/ABF3Mar 2, 1997 – Jun 21, 2001airMy first command ..crazy times. ............................................................................................................................................................................................
Wilkinson, MikeBM2Mar 10, 1997 – Sep 10, 20012nd / 1st DeckAll I can say is it was interesting. Lots of nice people and a great time with the fellow Deck Dept personnel. and basically throughout the entire ship. experience was fun but Im sorry to say I WONT do it again. Hey everyone. Email me hope i get one
Diaz, RobertBM2Mar 12, 1997 – Feb 10, 20011ST
Odum, ChrisBMCMar 17, 1997 – Oct 16, 20011stHey this was the best ever!! All you guys that were there for the millenium cruise know what I am talking about.
Evans, IanMR3May 1997 – Nov 1998RepairAlot of blood,sweat and tears repairing that ship. I had alot of fun there, and i'll never forget the Duluth.
Gonzalez, Rigo Aka Gonzo Dc2DC2May 1997 – Sep 2000RepairWAAAAZZZZZUUUUUUUPPPP!!!!!! I still remember Nate on s&s watch yelling TAMALES!!!! What up crew! Hit me up I miss that OL Dirty D!
McCurdy, JoshuaIT3May 15, 1997 – Feb 15, 2001P1/OCWOW! Dirty D shipmates. Definately an experience. I was in the pit first couple of years and then made it to Radio after a few captain masses. I wish everyone success. BOSHWA!
Bacon, DougEM2May 20, 1997 – Jul 31, 2000ElectricalI had a a blast doing 6 on 6 off in the "pit" with my fellow BT's and MM's. Nothing beats the Duluth hockey team!
Bostic, RobertE3Jun 1, 1997 – Aug 15, 1998Ships companyLooking for old friends, want to catch up with them.
Echeverria, William (Ithcy)MM3Jun 24, 1997 – Jun 21, 2001P2. i never heard from anyone again i just wanted everyone to know that it was a great life experience. life has been great to me im doing very well working in the elevator trade. would love tho hear from all of you. POLLACK, BAKER, DONALD,SLAWEK,JONE
Rebout, GaryFC 2Jul 20, 1997 – Sep 1, 20023RDHad a great time while I was on there. Wouldnt trade it for anything.
Gossage, DaveAS1Aug 3, 1997 – May 31, 1999air1998 cruise was my last westpac. messdeck maa. working the flight deck and standing aviation fuel watch. the heat and humidity in the gulf. pms "spotchecks". field day. the inop emergency shower in upper battery. retirement ceremony at ntc san
Jones, Joseph/physcoPC2Sep 9, 1997 – Jun 10, 2001P1/POSTOFFICEMy first command. I just came across this website. I,ve had a lot of great times and good memories there on the good old Duluth. Some of you might remember as a pitsnip and others would remember me working up in the Post Office
Mata, EmilioABF3Sep 23, 1997 – Aug 9, 2001had a good time onboard the Duluth.She was old and slow but always got us there.
Shaddix, ChrisEW 3Oct 20, 1997 – Mar 15, 2000Deck / OPSThem was some fun days on the Duluth...
Kelley, Jeremy "Ship Wreck"E3 DECK/RM3-IT3 COMMSNov 14, 1997 – Feb 22, 2000DECK 2ND (MASTER HELMSMAN). RM3-IT3 COMMSHay all you Duluthians. I had a eye opening experiance on board "Bold In Action"for Capt Stevens,CDR Cruz "CRUZ CONTROL WESTPAC 98" and Last but not least CDR Brunner. In 1999 Ship hit pier nine. I was Driving. Sorry.
Mejia, ValLI3Nov 18, 1997 – Aug 21, 2000AdminBest bunch of suckas I have ever had the pleasure to call brothers.
Mata, EmilioABF3Dec 14, 1997 – Sep 14, 2001AIRHad a blast on board the 6.
Diaz, MartinMM3Dec 16, 1997 – Jun 15, 2001P-2/P-3This was the first and last ship I was on. I will truely miss the old girl.
Miguel, CodecidoE4/ABF3Dec 28, 1997 – Sep 8, 2001Duluth was a hell of a life experience. Although the BS was a must, we made it through and people always found a way of making me laugh. I made some good friends (Mata, Hinds, Bazan) among others. Email me if you remember me (the Cuban).
Moore, Robert SMM2Dec 31, 1997 – Dec 31, 2003P-1I served five years on board duluth. It was a great lifes experience,wouldnt trade it for anything. benes,nunez,mcgrath mike and dave..... hI
Moore, Old Man MooreMM2(SW)Dec 31, 1997 – Jan 15, 2003P-1I had lots of fun on the mighty war pig. Wouldnt trade it for anything. Keep the water in the glass and the fire in the hole.
Sylvester, Mark "Sly"E 11998 – 2000THE HOLE
Dry, CurtisEMCM(SW) retired1998 – 2001Executive Assistant
Hartung, EricMM2Jan 1998 – Feb 2001p1,p2I will always remember the guys down in the hole.
McGrath, Eugene/ GinoMM2Jan 4, 1998 – Jan 5, 2003P-1/P-2 Hey al who remember me, I am a first classnow on the Kittyhawk in Japan. time flies. but send an email to me at
Slawek, JamesMM 3Jan 5, 1998 – Jan 5, 2002P2It has been a pleasure serving with everyone and this ship got us through thick and thin good and bad times. Anyone heard from Grady Barker??? Hey Derick Jones MM3 I 'd like to hear from you too!!!
Wilcots, KaiSN/E3Jan 24, 1998 – Aug 23, 19991st/Deck
Thielbar, ZebE-5/OS2Feb 1, 1998 – Sep 14, 2001OI
Whatley, Nate P-diddy Of The DuluthE-4Feb 2, 1998 – Jul 15, 2001A-Gang BitchesThe boat was rust bucket, the chain of command was bad and didnt work for the crew. but the crew was awesome. I had friends in every department. Special shout out to all of Engineering first ones on and last ones off.
Hatchett, Houston B.OS2(SW)Mar 1, 1998 – Mar 1, 2000OI
Maddox, DamonOS2May 14, 1998 – Nov 13, 2001OII had some of the best times of my life aboard "war pig 6" during westpac 98 & 00. Had some of the coolest friends you could ever want. Sure wish I could have been there when she decomd. Wassup everybody if you remember me email me.
Kellosalmi, Alan/kiloBM1Jun 10, 1998 – May 10, 20051stSeemed like I was on that ship forever. Sure miss the dirty D and all her crew.
Hatcher, DavidNC1(SW)Jun 15, 1998 – Jun 15, 2002P3 then converted to NC and moved to CCCOne of my best tours.
Eikamp, JoeOS2Jul 7, 1998 – Jul 7, 2000OI
Bates, DanE-5/GM2Aug 1998 – Aug 20013rdI met a lot of good people. Had a lot of good memories. Won't forget any of them.
Schroeder, ShaunE-3Aug 25, 1998 – Feb 14, 2001deckI loved my experience on the USS Duluth and will never forget it
Richardson, CecilAB(F) AA (E2)Oct 1998 – Mar 2002AirThe first, and last ship I served aboard. Needless of say, I was proud to be a part of the crew, and I met some pretty cool people there during my time. SHCS Meyer: thanks for the Admiral's caps! My folks love em!
Kilgore, ScottUT1Oct 6, 1998 –
Bond, JamesQM1 (SW)Nov 1998 – Nov 2002Nx01Good experience wouldnt have missed it for anything
Mares-cortez, RaulE-5/ABH2Nov 17, 1998 – Jul 3, 2003AIRUSS Duluth LPD-6. "Six The Hard Way" It's memory will live on with us.
Diaz, JosephAS3Dec 1998 – Nov 2002AirThe ship was crusty but it stood strong. I wish I was there when the ship was decommisioned. Lots of good memorries with 'ol ship.
Lucas, RyanIT3Dec 1998 – Feb 2001opsI do miss the days of being over seas
Jones, BrandonMM 3Dec 2, 1998 – Dec 2, 2002P-2As a pitt Snipe I learned and grew as a man on this ship I made mistakes and did great things with my Shipmates they always had my back even if I needed to be corrected as was a lot in those days. I will miss all of my brothers at arms.
Janak, ScottE2Dec 14, 1998 – Feb 14, 2001a
Janak, Scott Big CountryE2Dec 18, 1998 – Feb 14, 2001A-GangTHe time I spent on this ship the chain of comand was not organize. The west pack 00 01 was great when went to tyland.
Bowen, Michael profile iconOS3/BM3Dec 20, 1998 – Jun 17, 2002OI/DeckHello everyone. I was looking for pics from my time aboard when I discovered this page. The dirty D hosted many good and bad memories for me. I do miss it a little though. I hope life is treating you all well.
Zilth, WaceyMM3Dec 22, 1998 – Jul 29, 2002P-1 BABYHey there homos

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