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USS Duluth (LPD 6) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Duluth (LPD 6). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 879 crew members registered for the USS Duluth (LPD 6).

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Hinch, KenLI31972 – 1975Moved around some ended in the print shopWhat a place to grow up. I have memories that are still just like yesterday some thirty years later. Still riding a Harley.
Russ, RobertHT31972 – 1975RI have learned to appreciate this time of my life, made some good friends and had a good time. Think about it often. Hey Jay,Steve and Stanley
Passarelli, Joseph profile iconHM31972 –amtracFMF Doc afloat with AMTRAC's on the Duluth. Good time for sure. Ended up with 2 tours. Indian Red? Sgt Crow? Lt Paparone? Gunny, Staff Sgt Wargo? Lots of fine memories of young men hopefully all still alive? Check in OK?
Kreal, George (Mike)ETN-21972 – 1975operationsjust looking for some old friends. I think my departure from this planet was erroneously reported. I'm still here
Parks, FloydSTGSNJan 1972 – Jul 1972Fire Control/GunneryI was probably the only Sonar Tech ever assigned to the Duluth. Sent there by a typo - FTG instead of STG. Participated in the amphibious assault on Quang Tri in May 72. Since I was supposed to fill an FTG billet, that's what I did.
Gengo, RalphABF-3Jan 1972 – Aug 1975airlooking to hear from shipmates that remember me
Putnam, DavidL/cplJan 2, 1972 – Jun 10, 19723rd Marine Div.Participated in operation SONG THANH 6-72 as a member of ( TG 79.4 ARGA ) in contiguos waters of RVN. Was on broad the Duluth when we took gun fire from a shore battery. Semper Fi.
Gengo, RalphPO3Jan 3, 1972 – Aug 27, 1975AirANYONE OUT THERE, ANYONE AT ALL?
Streu, DanL/CPL E-3Jan 3, 1972 – Jun 20, 1972BLT 3/4 Amtrac Crewman 4th PlatoonI drove amtrac A-47 on May 24th 1972 the day we brought the south Vietnamese Marines into Vietnam Near Quang Tri. We earned the combat action ribbon along with the Duluth. Ironically I am from Duluth MN
Mahlet, Edward (Sonny)LCPLJan 3, 1972 – Aug 1, 19721st Marine Div, 3/4, Kilo Co., Wpns PltSquad leader for M60's, debarked with the South Vietnamese Marines at Quang Tri. FUBAR Simper Fi. Haiphong Harbor what a mess.
Perry, James / JimmyBM3Jan 15, 1972 – Oct 29, 19751stSpent 3 of the best years of my life on the dirty D. Trying to locate Steve & Luke both from NYC. Can't beleive it's been 30 years. Nick name aboard was Sea Rat. I served onboard with my stepbrother Billy Dodd. Would like to hear from old s
Wilkerson, William (Bill)SGTJan 19, 1972 – Jun 9, 1972K Company 3/4 3rd Mar DivServed as member of BLT 3/4. Looking for any Marines that served with me.
Irving, StevenEN2Mar 1972 – Sep 1975ATime of our lives....... My son just got out of the Navy after 5 1/2 years. He finished as a second class petty officer in the Seabees.
Russell, RandyMRFN/MR3Apr 1972 – Apr 1974A gang - Machine ShopHad the worst time of my life. Managed to do better and finally retired in 1999 as a MRCM. But still remember Kirby, Gallo, Irving, Frosty, Willeford and worst of all Messinbink.
Manderscheid, JamesEM-3Apr 1972 – Dec 1972Engineering-Electrician
Nicholson, Dave profile iconMMNApr 1, 1972 – Jun 1, 1973M division
Cundiff, JohnYN3Jun 1972 – Jun 1973Captains OfficeStarted out in Deck Force as SN and worked my way up to YN3 in the Captains Office. Was quite an experience since this was my first ship and very memorable. Would like to hear from prior shipmates.
Swartz, MichaelBMJul 19, 1972 – Sep 24, 1975
Bishop, DavePN2Aug 1972 – Dec 1975Personnel Office with PNC Cort, PN1s Walker, Summers and many others. Print shop with Dave Naleski and Ken Linch. WestPac cruises in 73, 74 and 75. Had more damned fun in those years than any one person should have in a lifetime.
Pierce, Paul, Aka Beachball With Arms (And Legs)BTFNAug 1972 – Sep 1973B DivisionI left ship with a bum knee in Subic. Had surgery at Subic Bay base hospital on top of the hill. Served the next 12 months light duty in NAS North Island, San Diego. Where's, Pee Wee Valdez, Kavin Dresen, Mako, Malone?
Scherner, JohnFTG2Aug 1972 – Oct 19753rdSo long ago it seems like a dream, but the 30th anniversary of the Saigon evac brought it all back. Good to be a part of something big! Many fond memories and stories!
Douglas, RickABH-3Aug 1972 – Mar 1975VThe whole thing was a trip.... Good memories. I'm a Professional Pet Chicken Trainer (PPCT) now... in Alaska
Rath, JeffreyBM3Aug 16, 1972 – Sep 5, 1976Deck 2ndGood Ship and good people I hope you guys are doing fine
Bahler, BobCS1Aug 18, 1972 – Mar 26, 1975SuppyI Retired from this Ship. Had a time on it. I was a Cook and a baker
Barth, Jay (Road Runner)HT-3Sep 1972 – Sep 1973R-DivisionIt was a joy serving on the Duluth; made some good friends there like Robert Russ, Ken Hunter, Ronald O'Conner
Copage, Rufus {chief}CplOct 1972 – 19773rd marines B.L.T 1/9Came from uss fredricks got busted up boarded in Taiwan I believe been Lon time ago now
Swope, Robert (Bobby)ABH2Oct 3, 1972 – Nov 18, 1975VictorWhat a wild ride!
Morrow, JohnOS3Nov 10, 1972 – Aug 24, 1975OPSserved with CPO Frankhauser, Steve Ciolek, Steve Nalley, Mike Rosendahl, Dave Sampson, Pat Butler (signalman), Steve Rossi (EW)
Lawson, KennyBM3Nov 12, 1972 – Jul 1, 19752ndtrying to locate Steve Kasman from NYC
Rodekamp, David3RD CLASS PETTY OFFICERDec 1972 – Jan 1976A Division
Delph, JimE3Dec 28, 1972 – Jun 22, 19751sti hope i can find anyone who served onboard 72 to 75 i would like to talk about the old days
Lazaretti, MarkPFC E-21973 –105 mm Artillery UnitHad a great time swimming in the lower well deck and watching movies on the flight deck at night.
Smeltzer, Steve (Smeltz)ETN21973 – Aug 1974OE
Michalenko, Gary (Mike)PN2Jan 1973 – 1975X - PersonnelThoroughly enjoyed my tour of Duty aboard the DULUTH. Had some GOOD TIMES, and some BETTER TIMES! WestPac, Vietnam, Guam, Okinawa, Japan, Taiwan, The Philippines....had a BLAST. Would love to hear fm shipmates (
Barz, WilliamABH-3May 1973 – Sep 9, 1975Air (Pri-Fli)U.S. Army Retired 2004
Thompson, Dennis "bear"MMFNMay 1973 – Jan 1975m
Wright, Johnpo-3Aug 8, 1973 – May 22, 1976suplyI am looking for Jerry D. Johnson P.O. 2.. Can any one help me? Any information would be great. I was not a crew member...I was aboard the U.S.S, Halsey, Jerry and I were friends, and I would like to write him.
Byrd, JohnE-4/ETSep 15, 1973 – Apr 28, 1977OPSLooking for Old friends to go fishing with. Looking for Mike Ehrbar (Big Mike) from NY. Lost contact with Howard Sexton ,last contact North Hollywood. Have E-mailed Dan Davila , Mike Kreal (Little Mike)has passed on. I just found out about Dirty D
Riley, DouglasEN2Sep 22, 1973 – Feb 16, 1974DeckTAD (ACU-1 LCM8) VN again, this time for evacuation duties.
Douglas, FredericET1Nov 1973 – Aug 1974OI
O'neill, Peter J.E-3 AIRMANNov 2, 1973 – Jul 30, 1976VictorWhat an exp. This is where i grew up! The above date of arrival aboard is an estimated time.
Posey, JamesRM3Nov 21, 1973 – Nov 21, 1975
Gross, Richard (Rick)MMFNDec 1973 – Jun 1974EngineeringWas transferred off ship to Balboa Naval Hospital from docks in Long Beach. Trying to locate Jack Oglesby and David Johnson.

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