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USS Ogden (LPD 5) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Ogden (LPD 5). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 740 crew members registered for the USS Ogden (LPD 5).

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Devlin, AndrewLCPL1976 – 19774th Marines 3rd MarJust wanted to reach out to everyone from my unit, The ship was a blast I have some good memories. Semper Fi
Butler, Rodney (Rod)E-31976 – 1979mm engineroom 2whats up!
Tedford, TedGMG11976 – 19793rdOf the ships I served I believe Ogden was the one I was most proud of. Sending me away with great memories of crew and crouses. If ever I could return to the past I can't think of any time better than while serving aboard this fine ship.
Kaplan, StephenBM 21976 – 19802ndone of the best times of my life.i miss alot of my shipmates from 1st and 2 nd div.would be great to hear from everyone,contact me.
Young, PeterHT21976 – 19802ND ANDWhat a great experience! I hope all my old ship mates from 2nd Div and R-Division are doing well. Maybe we'll catch up at a reunion sometime. Take care
Wright, KevinL/CPL.1976 – 19773rd Amtrac Bn.Did my first float Kangaroo II. Just a 17 yr. old kid ready to take on the world. Had a great time.
Snyder, Rick(Peter)ar/aa/an1976 – 1978victor/airfirst ship,17 years old,i miss you all,dos anyone remember the day dan beardsly and i carried co2 cyls up fromco2 storage and my back went pop! ?jenny,mc kay,billy doig,v.walker,hall,i remember ya .i went to hosp.thnout
Leu, L. BradleySA1976 – 1977FirstGot hurt on the starboard wingwall in the well deck off Del Mar while working with Marines from CampPen. Was medivac'd via chopper off the flight deck to CampPen NRMC for surgery & 6 mos. recuperation & physical therapy.
Gregory, Marlin FASE 31976 – Sep 25, 1980ASE 3Looking for shipmates/others that spent time with my father on ship or might have been on ship at this time. My dad Marlin Gregory was killed in a crane accident on ship Sept 25, 1980. Email me
Blatchley, MarkOS3Jan 1976 – Aug 1979OIWould like to find out what happened to the CIC gang.
Hails, PaulMM2Feb 1976 – Feb 1981MBest duty I ever had. Miss the crew and the shipmates. We sure had a great time and the ports we visited are memorable. Contact me if you know me, let's visit and talk about the good old days.
Hails, PaulMM2Feb 1, 1976 – Feb 1, 1981MBest shop I served on. Made many lasting friendships. Miss sitting up in Sallys House and relaxing.
Jenkins, David (Jenny)AR/AA/AR/AA/ANFeb 13, 1976 – Oct 26, 1979VictorWould like to communicate with any of the guys that remember me. Small crew so we knew most everyone.
McKay, JohnACAN-AC2Mar 1, 1976 – Jun 1, 1977Victor Div./ Air Dept.Wasn't aboard very long, as I made AC3 and was transfered to North Island. Made the cruise of 76', and enjoyed the times with my shipmates in Air Dept. Remember the Typhoon while in Hong Kong cutting it short? Good ol Days
McWilliams, JohnOS 3RD POApr 1976 – Dec 1, 1978? cic radar
Erickson, GaryPC2Apr 1976 – Dec 1978AdminGreat, great memories and great crew members. Two plus of my 24 years USN spent on this ship. Wouldn't trade it for anything. Worked hard, played hard. Miss those days
Strauss, Robert (Bob)E4Apr 7, 1976 – Nov 22, 1979SupplyI spent most of my time serving my nation with shears and comb... I was the barber.
Parker, Douglas Scott (ButchBT3Apr 9, 1976 – Oct 19, 1979P1 & BI'm alive & well and living in Nor cal. look forward to hearing from everyone. contact me at and we can catch up on old times. Doug aka Butch
Whitney, ScottMidshipmanMay 1976 – Jun 1976FirstI spent 4 weeks on the Ogden for my midshipman summer training cruise
Harings, JeffemJul 28, 1976 – Oct 24, 19767th fleet
Butler, Rodney (Rod)MM3Aug 19, 1976 – Dec 1980ENG2MISSING EVERYONE
Thomas, CharlesEM3Sep 1976 – Jun 1979EI wish I could have done the whole career stay. Being on that ship wasn't that bad. I miss all my friends. Where are you Paul Jackson? All the visits to the other countries, priceless!
Myers, RogerOS2Sep 29, 1976 – Nov 29, 1979OPS/CICGlad to see so many of you have tried to stay in contact, that's great! No doubt we had some good times. Tried to reach people over the years, honestly forgot most people's last name. Home to here from some of u soon.
Tedin, Winston "turk"HM2Oct 28, 1976 – Nov 25, 1976Embarked MarinesRode the Ogden back from Australia to Hawaii as a member of 2nd Battalion 3rd Marines.
England, MikeSSGT - E5Nov 1976 –Marine CorpsBecame A Golden Dragon on this ship. Special day. Crossed equator and international date line Nov 10 1976, Midnight. Returning from "Opeation Kangaroo II" Brisbane Austrila. semper fi!. I'm looking for jacket patches from both ship and ope
Bain, DaveE-2Nov 1976 – May 19801stcan't belive alot of us are still alive,after some of stuff,we pulled.See Ya
Miller, KennethABFNov 26, 1976 – Apr 1978VictorAv-fuels Pumproom Op. 24/7 party in shaft alley. Starboard Stern Sea&Anchor Detail. Regular at extra-duty line. Age 18 to 20. Went from boy to man aboard ship.
Green, Michael D.MM21977 – 1980MI had some really great times back then.I'm looking for James Stringer and John Hanson.If you guys see this please try to get hold of me. Old friends always Ship's deommissioning is Feb 21st 2007
Rodgers, Vince (Vinman)E3 BUSTED TO E11977 – 1979Boiler tecnician
Blair, MikeOS21977 – 1980OIYou may remember me as "Herbie Fletcher, Surfer"
Collier, StevenHM-21977 – 1980Medical78 west pac, long beach dry dock. Great times
Constants, MikeBM 11977 – 19812nd DivIt was a great time of my life. Lets talk if you remember
Sparacio, MichaelBT1977 – 1978P-2If any of the people in P-2 division remembers me contact me at or
Wilson, Eugene profile iconE-3Jan 1, 1977 – Sep 16, 1980second div.I am looking for QM 2 Al Monet . He was in second div. with me up until i left in sept. of 80 . We played guitar together , and i sold him my 12 string . he wrote me one letter in 1980 telling me about Marlin Gregory
White, AngeloSH2Jan 10, 1977 – Feb 10, 1979S3
Rich, Itchy Splatrock Esq.HT3Feb 1, 1977 – Aug 31, 1981R Division WOW ! It's been too long. What a rush seeing some of the names from yesteryear. Good times, alot of work, and great people. Wespac 79' and 81, Subic Bay. It was all just a haze,
Churilla, AlbertENS/LTjgApr 1977 – Aug 19803rd/CIC
Baron, JamesJO2May 10, 1977 – Jul 31, 1980NAV, X (Admin) and E (with the IC Men)Served as ship's journalist, ran the CCTV and radio stations. First assigned to NAV division, then engineering, finally admin. Good times for sure on Westpac '78. Retired as a JOCS(SW) in 1999.
Baron, JamesJO2May 15, 1977 – Aug 15, 1980Navigation, Admin then EngineeringOnly "JO" aboard so they didn't know what to do with me, division wise. Best time aboard was being in the well deck band, WESTPAC 78, Subic Bay. Man, those were the days. Retired in 1999 as a JOCS(SW).
Seabury, ArthurDT3May 23, 1977 – Jun 23, 1979Hwas the best duty ever.
Hunt, DavidBT3Jun 1977 – Feb 1981BHad some great times and some bad times but would love to do it again.Looking for B&M div personal during my time period,I worked in #2 @
Hoppe, TonyBT3Aug 1977 – Jun 1981BBeen looking for the boys from B&M Div 1 Yard period Long Beach and 2 West Pacs. Email me F. Holmes, S. Atkin, M Grimes, and all others. Lots of good times
Cobb, John/jon JonHT3Sep 1977 – Apr 1981RHad a great time. Wish I would have kept in touch with more of the crew than I have. I'm still welding.I still live in Denton,Tx. Can't seem to get away from this place!
Monnet, AlQM2Sep 13, 1977 – Jun 9, 1981navhey Kevin, I just discovered this site and I don't know how to get a hold of you
Donaldson, Travis OtismmfnOct 20, 1977 – May 20, 1979enghell if i know or can remember but i sure had a good time now im back in tennessee with a farm grown kids and seven grandkids and a lot of stories i still tell
De Haven, Jeff (JD)FA-----HT2Nov 1977 – Aug 11, 1981REPAIRSome good times, some bad. Looking back, it's hard to remember the bad. A quart apiece on Okinawa. JC, Willy, Smoky, MDC, Roach, Toso, Zaff, Itchy Splatrock WHERE ARE YOU???
Touchstone, Ron (Dr.touch)USUALLY E-1 TO E-3Dec 1977 – Sep 1981Deck Ape/1stChris Armstrong! Where are you bro? I've been searchin! Email me! Also anyone I served with! God bless the soul and family of Marlin Gregory. Remember my helicopter ride! Man what a rush! God bless you all. Semper Fi.

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