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USS Austin (LPD 4) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Austin (LPD 4). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 891 crew members registered for the USS Austin (LPD 4).

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Cornett, StevePC21993 – 1996S-6
Heien, Jason profile iconFC21993 – 1998OPS
Kelly, BarryITCJan 1993 – Jan 1998OCI had the greatest time of my career on the austin, all the friends i met and all the ports we party. Dirty, Chapman, Dano, middleton , wade ....holla at me
Hale, EldonBm3 / E4Jan 1, 1993 – Jul 1, 19951st / DeckGood times, Good times!! Many of you were some of the best friends I have ever had! Holler at me sometime guys.. Look me up on Facebook or email me at PEACE!!
Vivian, JasonBTFAJan 15, 1993 – Sep 20, 1994
Hoagland, EricBM2Jan 18, 1993 – Jun 20, 1996DECKWhats up Deck Dawgs? I had a time on that Gator. Not necessarily a great time, but a time. Thanks for some good memories and some bad ones to.
Green, EdgarOSCMMar 1, 1993 – Jul 1, 1997OI93-97 OSCS GREEN - OI DIVISION WAS THE BEST DIV I EVERY HAD.
Dickey, DennisMMCM (SW) RET.Mar 10, 1993 – Jul 1, 1998P1, P2Wanted to say hello to all the great people I served with while on the Austin. Engineering was the best. Nice to see the MPA, Dudek and everyone on the list. I am working with BTC Flowers now and he is the same, lol. Have a cold one :).
Stull, MichaelSNApr 21, 1993 – Feb 22, 1995Deck Department
Connell, PaulPN2Jun 6, 1993 – Feb 17, 1997DECK/ADMIN
Winner, ErikSNJul 1, 1993 – Jul 25, 19941stHey deck dwags, How are you all doing? Well my arm has healed up just fine, and I am still scuba diving. e-mail me, at
Rockey, Connie GregBM3Jul 1, 1993 – Feb 1, 19961stI had a great time on the Large Plastic Duck. 50th Ann. of D-Day was awesome. To all the deck dawgs out there, remember the rumbles. and the Bosins Locker? You guys are the best keep in touch....
Peltz, ChristopherDC3Jul 7, 1993 – Feb 8, 1997Engineering/Damage ControlGreat Ship, Greater times never will forget the guys or the times we had O.K RIGHT!
Johnson, CharlesSNJul 15, 1993 – Jan 22, 1996Deck/ 2ndThe Austin was my first ship and was one of the best ways to break anybody into the Navy. I remember all the long hours with the rest of the "Deck Dawgs".
Worden, David NAT1(AW/SW)Aug 1993 – Jan 1998VC-6We were an embarked unit for work ups and cruises, but the shipmates of the USS Austin always made us feel at home. Especially once we were able to give them the TV reception using our UAV tracking system. Best of luck to you all. "Fair Winds a
Clements, EdE2Aug 1993 – May 1995P2
Cornett, StevePC2Aug 1993 – Apr 1996SupplyWas onboard Austin for 3 years and made some really great friends. I am now out of the Navy and working as a dispacher for a trucking company.
Melzer, JimSNAug 1993 – Aug 1995DeckWhats up. Any Deck Dawgs out there give me a shout if you remember me!!
Edwards, GeorgeBT2 (SW)Aug 10, 1993 – Nov 28, 19941 firehello everyone! I'd like to give a shout out to my Austin buddies. Hope life is treating everyone well.
Hawkins, RonIC3Aug 16, 1993 – Aug 18, 1995ElectricalI'm looking for some old friends/shipmates so we can talk about the great memories we had on the best gator in the fleet.
Borja Delarivaherrera, Borja DelarivaherreraLTSep 1993 – Aug 1996MPAWhat a beautiful ride indeed....Greatest ship, greatest engineers, greatest chiefs and greatest crew! The ship that changed my life!
Walker II, RonBM3/E-4Sep 3, 1993 – Jul 3, 1997Deck Dawgs!!!!!Hey I hope I can get ahold of some of my shipmates on here I couldnt wait to get off that ship but she gave me ALOT of memories if you know who I am then e-mail me at
Meece, MarkEN3Sep 20, 1993 – Jun 1997EngineeringHated the AC & R watch, but have a lot of good memories from being on the Austin.
Myrick, IraOct 1, 1993 – Jul 7, 1995I will never forget my time on the austin I am looking for mike frush dc type please contact me 209 632 6044
Peterman, MikeOS3Oct 1, 1993 – Jul 5, 1997OIMy experiences on the Austin will stay with me forever. The good times and the bad. I think it really helped shape us all, to be the men we are today. If I could go back in time, it would be the 4 years spent on the Austin. "The Greater Gator"
Jones, Lonnie (Sonny)E-2Oct 13, 1993 – Mar 24, 19941stWhat's up fellas? Sure do miss the good times. Anyone who wants to get in touch with me shoot me an email.
McColgan, SeanDC3Nov 1993 – May 1997DCHad good times and bad ones. All I can say is ......RIGHT! and.......O.K!
Hillyer, CraigBM3Nov 1993 – 1997SecondHey guys, hope to hear from ya
Collins, Earnest Aka BoodaMS3Nov 3, 1993 – Jul 8, 1995S-2What's up peeps!!! I was SN when I checked onboard Austin. Thanks for all the good times we had, GOOD and BAD, but all worth it. I'm a CS1 now, but always a MS 4 Life. Supply, Deck, Ops, and Enginering Dawgs be easy. Thanks
Holland, CorySN/SM3Nov 10, 1993 – Jun 21, 19972NDMy first Ship, Can't say it was all good times. It shaped me into the person I am today though! Some of the best shipmates I have ever had......
Lopez, MichaelBT3Nov 11, 1993 – Sep 10, 1998P-2 (2-FIRE)Hey what's up, though it's been awhile I'd still like to get in touch with old shipmates. Drop me an e-mail.
Lopez, MichaelE-4 Boiler TechnicianNov 23, 1993 – Nov 23, 1998P-2 DivisionWe worked hard and partied even harder!!
Grabowski, J.markSNNov 27, 1993 – Jun 30, 19952ndGreat Times and Great Shipmates.
Garcia, RonnieLT1994 – 1998SupplyPeople may say that I had a rough time on that boat, but I thought I had a blast.. if you were there when I was, contact me!
Fares, SamMS21994 – 1997S-2Tbe best times I had in the Navy. I got out in 97 after 10 years. I started Fares Hotel Remodeling and have ran it since 98, and own 2 small hotels. Would like to hear from old shipmates
Carter, RoySN1994 – 19971st Div
Mueller, Mike profile iconEMC(SW)1994 –E
Allen, FredHM2Jan 1994 – Jan 1996MedicalI have lost touch with everyone that I served with and I would like to reach out re-connect with them.
Comeens, AnthonySM2Jan 1994 – Oct 1997It was fun but I never looked back.
Moss, CollinRM3Jan 1994 – Jul 1997OC
Farrell, ColinEM3Jan 20, 1994 – Jun 17, 1995Duct tape and bubble gum held that electrical distribution system together. I know where Troy Gray is but I lost trac of Al and bowman and Gallagher.
Kolmetz, EltonIC 3Feb 8, 1994 – Jun 6, 1997E Div
Rockey, Connie GregBM3Feb 25, 1994 – Apr 29, 19951ST
Flores, ChrisBM3Mar 1994 – Jun 1997Deck 1stI remember all the long hours, long days, and crazy ports --- don't forget the cargo net hanging for hang-overs in the bosn hole!...GREAT TIMES though! Currently in the USCG.
Nelson, Jonathan J.MSSAMar 4, 1994 – Dec 23, 1995S2Booda knows how to use a computer? Still have the best of memories about my time on board. You guys were lucky to have a baker as good as me around. Lookin for Placek,Francesci, and Alverez if their out there, drop me a line @ 570-696-6556.
Miller, JeffMM3Apr 1994 – Apr 1996P-2Got what I needed and now I run an engineroom just like it.
Field, TheodoreDT3 (SW)Apr 20, 1994 – Apr 20, 1997DentalHad a blast on the Austin. Miss all good times with Allen, Eastwood and Gervasi.
Beaudoin, JasonQM3Apr 20, 1994 – Jan 8, 1997navigationi would like to talk to any one who served during this period
Frederick, Eric Aka TinyHM3May 1994 – Nov 199426 Medical Platoon MSSGLooking to reconnect with the people who served with me aboard the Austin as part of LF6F94.
Simpson, DaleMM1May 1994 – Mar 1998MM02LPO for Aft engine room. Man what at time I had there. Too many characters to list and too many breakdowns to remember.
Cisneros, MartinMS3May 10, 1994 – Dec 27, 1998S2I think about the Navy and the Austin almost every other day. I guess you can say I miss the good times with all the great shipmates.
Gallegos, DonaldMMCMay 25, 1994 – Apr 15, 1997AI made Chief on the USS Austin, I was the LCPO for A gang, had the time of my life, I would like to contact anyone that I knew from the ship
Kollasch, JoeMM3Jun 21, 1994 – Jun 21, 1997P-1How's everybody doing?
Anderson, JohnHM2(SW)Jul 1994 – Jul 1997H DivisionThere were some good times and hard times aboard the Austin, but those all helped make me the person I am today. I'd do it all over again..., but perhaps with a bit more wisdom. Thanks guys.
Stacey, ShawnBMCJul 1994 – Jul 1, 1998Second div
Butler, CarlE-2Jul 11, 1994 – Apr 18, 1996
Sellers, StanvQM3 (SW)Aug 1994 – Mar 1997NAVThere were the best of times & worst of times. HAHA! Would like to connect with any of you guys that were on the ship at this time. Had some great times on board & made a hell of a lot of memories on the Austin.
Price, CoreyE3Aug 1994 – Aug 1997P-1
Peraza, AdamEMFNAug 22, 1994 – Aug 27, 1996EHEY TO ALL MY SHIP MATES
Shaw, Michael T.E-5/BMAug 28, 1994 – Oct 19, 1999Deck/2ND
Shattuck, John "Sharkie"MR1Oct 1994 – Apr 1996RepairWow, what a ride...The days on the Austin were great. Lived and learned with some great people.
Wade, CharlesOSCOct 2, 1994 – Jan 28, 2000OIWonderful experience on my first East coast ship. Checked onboard as an OS2 and left as OSC. I was able to flourish in ambhibious operations and mentored several sailors who've since become chiefs or warrant officers. Wonderful tour
Edwards, TylerMR3Oct 20, 1994 – Mar 15, 1997Repair DivisionI still hold a lot of pride for the USS Austin and the time I served on her. Enjoyed all the friends I made and the experiences I had aboard the Austin, went lots of places I would never have been able to go otherwise.
Reim, KirkLCplNov 1, 1994 – Jul 1, 1995MSSG-26I loved being on board the Austin I remeber nothing nut great times and working on the flight deck
Scheck, RandyBTCSNov 10, 1994 – Dec 15, 1997Enginering
Keefe, Ti MMM3Nov 17, 1994 – May 17, 1998P-2I'm glad I was there, but glad I'm not anymore.

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