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USS Austin (LPD 4) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Austin (LPD 4). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 892 crew members registered for the USS Austin (LPD 4).

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Slusher, JamesMS2Jan 1977 – Aug 8, 1980S-2 / S-5Had a wonderful time discovering people/places of my world I had not the opportunity to do before...a very pleasurable experience...gained lots of lifelong friends via the process.
Slusher, JamesMS2Jan 1977 – Aug 8, 1980S-2My first Navy vessel...loved every minute on Austin.
Seagle, TerryMR 3Jan 1, 1977 – Jan 21, 1980A Gang.
Leta, AlanE3Feb 1977 – Apr 1981A Gang
Daniel, Robert ECWO 2 / DCAFeb 14, 1977 – Apr 10, 1979Repair
Gallagher, CharlesOS3Apr 1977 – Sep 1979OIGood times, good friends
McKey, DaleBMSNApr 13, 1977 – Jan 19802nd MA 1stRemember the music of knuckle-busters eckoing across the Maryland shipyard ha!ha! ( And you can't find ear plugs)
Risher, JimmySH3May 5, 1977 – Feb 1, 1979supply to weponshello to all jim risher here was on the ship,use to work ships store,laundry,then moved to wepons as gmg3 and then a and c schools.had many a good times on austin all who know me drop me a line.any one know oh sh1 ferrin?
Langdell, JohnLTJun 1977 – Mar 1979COMM OfficerGreat trip to Northern Europe and a short med cruise for me! Looking for Mike Donlon, George Smith, Jake Roberts and Gary Shepard.
MacReady, HughIC2Jun 1, 1977 – Jan 23, 1981Electrical / I&C shopAUSTIN (Always Underway Sometimes In Norfolk).Gitmo, Haiti, Dominica, Oslo, Fredickstad, Alborg, Portsmith, Plymouth, Cadiz, Naples, Malaga, Genoa, Palma de Mejorca, Venice, Athens, Recife, Ft Lauderdale & the collision
Coleman, KellyMM2Jun 26, 1977 – Dec 17, 1980MHad a great time, made alot of great friends, still in contact with Steve Hurly. Went back in the reserves in 87 and got out in 90.
Kimble, CraigQm2Jun 29, 1977 – Jun 15, 1981NavGot to meet a lot of good people. Seen some great things
Cox, RjBM3Jul 16, 1977 – May 28, 19812ndInvolved in rescuing Spanish sailor from Spanish ship Cataluna, Remarkable experience on ship.
Rathke, MichaelMM3Aug 4, 1977 – Sep 25, 1980MACHINIST MATEHad a great time, looking to find Rudy David
Boyd, FredBT ?Aug 5, 1977 – Aug 4, 1979snipegreat time need to make amends to some ship mates
Keffer, FrankE3Sep 1977 – Aug 1980ERemember the Bashing of the bow
Hurley, StevenMM2Sep 3, 1977 – Jul 2, 1980MShared many good times and still have life long good memories of this time in my life .Many best wishes to all my M division ship mates and to all I served with.Special fond memories of Rich Kramer,Kelly coleman,Lon Sattler,and the rest,
Quigley, EdHT2Oct 1977 – May 1980RepairI miss it dearly, I wish the best to all my old shipmates and the best of luck for those who keep her sailing!! God Bless!!
Smith, WilliamHTFNOct 19, 1977 – Mar 1979
Sefchick, James REW2Nov 1977 – May 1980OI
Shaw, DonMM3Nov 1977 – May 1980MGreat time, lot's of good memories, still in touch with Seaboldt.
Roach, SteveE3Dec 1977 – Jan 1978
Wiham, WilliamRM1Dec 1977 – Apr 1979OperationsThis was my last duty station prior to retirement. Most of the time was enjoyable.
Rankin, TimHM3Feb 1978 –MedicalExcellent time aboard with HMC Poe & Thompkins along with HM2s Dion & Johnson, HM3 McGhee & SN Igama. A great medical team. Enjoyed the Northern European during Northern Wedding. She served us well in my time aboard.
Miller, AlanBM3Feb 13, 1978 – Apr 24, 1980DECK
David, RudyMM3Mar 1978 – Aug 1980MA great bunch of guys, Still friends with MM3 Jercinovic.
McKenney, DavidRM2Mar 1978 – Sep 1981RadioHad no idea this site even existed. Looking for any old shipmates from my days onboard feel free to give me a shout.
Cole, FredGM2Mar 1978 – Aug 19813rdI just found this website. Looking for shipmates from this time period. Give me a shout.
Bryan, Joseph / JoeySM 2Mar 12, 1978 – Nov 11, 1981OSEnjoyed myself there. Went on to Retire from the reserves. in 2003
Rathke, Michaelmm3Jun 1978 – 1980machinist mate
Bellah, DailBT2Sep 16, 1978 – Feb 18, 1980Balotta good memories.miss my shipmates.hey guy's,remember the collision at sea?hmm wow,still proud to say i served on her.anyone wants to email me at
Henderson, BobOS2Nov 1978 – Jun 1979Ops
Wilson, HenryQM 3Dec 7, 1978 – Jul 1980NavigationI met a lot good people will I served on board the Austin.
McDonald, Richard MacMMFADec 26, 1978 – Aug 23, 1982what a time it was. looking for all of the guy hows name where on the plaque on the bulkhead in m-div. berthing like MM2 RICE, MM3 COLEMEN, MM3 HURLEY, MMFN WELLS, PLUS A LOT OF B-DIV. GUYS TO LIKE SPEEDY, ECT CONTACT ME.
Wichelman, William (Winky)ASE 5Dec 29, 1978 – Jun 8, 1982AirCame on board after A school, John Black and Smitty along with Murphy were running the show...worked on board thryu Capt. White, and Sabine(one of the Best) Miss the friends I made...Any one is welcome to contact me at
Ricketts, Rodolfo1979 – 1980
Pyburn, JohnMM31979 – 1983MGreetings to all hole snipes! Would love to hear from you. CR Davis, Pridemore and Pops all great people to work for. To many great guys to even try to name but hope you are all doing well. Fond memories for sure!
Bolton, Steve - BootsRM21979 – 1982RadioA great time in my life --did a lot of growing up. Made some very good friends, just lost touch over the years. Would be great to meet up with some of you.
Crouse, Michaelmm1979 – 1981EngWhat a time.. Hurley I think from Ct. Mac Green, Shreveport. Dave Couch, NY. Mac, Coleman, Bauer, Gunn, Spider. I arrived while on a Med cruise, not much past my 17th birthday. 1st day, main eng rm, Chief Eng. Davis
Willard, DavidLDO/CWO2-UDT1979 – 1980TAD-Air Dept
Fuentes, AntonioSNJan 30, 1979 – Dec 30, 1982DeckI really miss the ship. If anyone remembers me please cotact
Dyrdahl, Don / DyroEN 2Mar 1979 – Sep 1982A GangI wouldn't trade those years for anything. Met a lot of good people, 2 1/2 Med cruises, South America, North Atlantic, Blue Nose, Shellback. Hope everybody is doing well... It's been along time.
Bautch, BradyJO3Jun 17, 1979 – Apr 18, 1981A remarkable time of my life. Loved the Shellback/Bluenose, Med Cruise with Maj. Oliver North, rescuing Spainish sailor, and most importantly my shipmates.
Duncan, DaveGMGSNAug 1979 – May 1982Gunnery/Decklooking for anyone that served during this time...remember our shellback..bluenose cruise....
Landefeld, MichaelHT3Aug 1979 – 1983RIt was one of the best times of my life,i havent even thought about the shell back thing,I guess its always over shadowed by beirut.I loved being on the the austin,incredible people.
Duncan, DaveGMGAug 1, 1979 – Jun 1, 1982GUNNERY/ is my email....looking for anyone that served during this time...remember our shellback..bluenose cruises....norway was to dam
McLaughlin, Tom (Tex)MM2Aug 1, 1979 – Jul 30, 1983I sure will miss the old girl.
Lipham, Bill (Lips)HTFNAug 10, 1979 – Mar 9, 1981REPAIRmiss the times on the austin,flew from greece to a school in philly then stationed on the forrestal out of mayport,marty quigley was a party animal.sure wish i stayed with the austin!!! GREAT TIMES. cant remember co name hell of a shipmate!
Jones, Robert/ BoatsE4Oct 1979 – Feb 1984Deck DepartmentHaze Gray and underway the Nutty Kind Rob Jones if you remember smoker, Med. what the hell hit me up at OUT
Jandeska, DonENFNOct 1979 – Oct 1980A Gang
Jandeska, DonENFNOct 1979 – Oct 1980A Gang
Rush, JohnnyRM2Oct 1979 – Jul 1982RadioLooking to connect with shipmates who I served with and that might have the ability to share photos or copies of the cruise books. Lost all of mine in a fire.
Loeser, BobbyHT-3Oct 23, 1979 – Jun 23, 1982"R"Has anybody seen that guy in "R" division named Marty Quigley. I heard that he moved back to Buffalo N.Y.How about Fred Prevo, heard he moved back to Flint Mi. How about T.J. Neal heard he moved to Crysta River Fl.
Cossey, Rickeybm3Nov 1979 – Nov 1982deckhey guys if you read this email me love to get in touch
Rosales, Joee5 -e3Dec 1979 – Jun 1986Ship Serviceman /Supply I ran the ships store, 'Gee Dunk', ships laundry, and was the ships barber for awhile. Craig, remember jammin in a lower space with D. McPheters! Man, the times on the Austin were great. The names on this site are great!

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