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USS Austin (LPD 4) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Austin (LPD 4). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 892 crew members registered for the USS Austin (LPD 4).

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Worthy, Timothy "american Dream"QM21974 – 1978NavigationStraight at sea, loose on the beach! Still waiting for Hollywood's call! Only response is from Paris Hilton. Vote for Obama!!! Contact me if you have money. haha Wish you fair winds and following seas.
Mullins, RexEM31974 – 1977E DIVISION Great times! Parties at Swanson's and playing football in the park and listening to Supertramp and Pinkfloyd, Steve don't cut your head on the bell.
Boisier, JoeHT31974 – Jul 1977RLots of memories being young and crazy.Mediteranian,North Atlantic,many caribbean cruises.Cranking the handles to sink the ship.Underway replenishment during 30 degree rolls.Its the time in my life that stays vivid.
Ryan, Michael (Mike)MM3Jan 1974 – Jul 1974EngineeringHad a geat Carib cruise before leaving for Nuc School. Met a lot of great guys on this ship, but the Marines were always in the way. I remember watching Clockwork Orange for two weeks because that was te only movie the ship had - rather strange!
Youngblood, ChristopherABH3Jan 5, 1974 – Jul 10, 1976AirI was assigned to the flight deck group. I have a lot of great memories, good and bad of my time aboard ship. I have offen spoken fondly of my time aboard the Austin.
Haynes, DougETR3Feb 1974 – Oct 1977Operations Electronics
Canning, James (Scotty)EM2Feb 1974 – Nov 1977
Gitzen, DanielRM3Apr 1974 – Jun 1977OperationsHad some great experiences.When you are a shortimer, it seems all you think about. You grow up in the military. Went in at 17, got out at 21. Wonder how those 40 plus years got under you. Best wishes to all my Shipmates!
Rose, DennisEM3Apr 7, 1974 – May 15, 1977Espent lots of nights down in the hole on watch, but wouldnt trade the experience for nothing, met some terrific fellows.
Huff, Edwarden4May 5, 1974 – Jan 22, 1977a-gangWhat can I say you where there too.
Booker, David BookSNMay 20, 1974 – Nov 18, 1976second/boatI was on board during part of med cruise and two caribbean, the 76 celebration in New York and one north altlantic. If anyone remembers me please fill free to email me. thanks.
Smith, Raymm3Jul 1974 – Jan 1978MWhat an education! The stories go on forever. Would love to hear from Larry Foreman. I played Guitar with Mark bell who took his life a while back. I think I had the most captains masts of anybody.
Jones, KarlSM3Sep 1974 – Feb 1978operationslooking for doug haynes,dave wiley,and the gang
Ferguson, PhilipQMSASep 1974 – Nov 11, 1976NavigationGreat time guys.Sorry haven’t been in touch would like to hear from anyone
Maurice McCampbell, MauryETSNSep 1, 1974 – May 1, 1976Electronics
Kuen, ThomasICFNOct 1974 – Jan 3, 1978EHello E Div..An experience I'll never forget..B Boy Bailiff, Swanson, Rex, Dennis, Goforth, Peterson, and so on. Attitude adjustment in the MG nites in the IC TRIP in French Alps..the list goes on..Hope all are OK !
Sheehan, Patricke1Oct 1974 –navigationI'm looking for a few good men Ray Daniels ,Phillip Fergusen,Bob Reska and you other guys. You might remember me I'm the fellow that undid the dogs on the side port hatch and went A.W.O.L halt they said or I'll shoot
Tommy, WilsonMMOct 7, 1974 – Oct 7, 1977mvery good crew and a lot of good times
Woods, JoeEMFN1975 – 1977EGreat to see some fimilar names. My how time has passed. Sad to see the old girl was sold for scrap. Had many good times love the movies in the IC shop...yeah the MG rooms and elevator room and playing hearts in the shop...sand baggers lol.
Maddox, Roger ( Buck )bt31975 – 1979B divisionLots of good memories and a few bad ones also. But a part of my life that Ithink about alot. Especiallly wonder about some of the guys in B division.
Taylor, Gary profile iconABH21975 – 1977Air DeptI would love to hear from anyone from 1975-77.
Binkley, BobMM31975 – 1979MLots of memories, great crew.
Horton, MarkENFA1975 – 1976AHow can you forget the stuck stern gate?.Marines were jumping.
Walker, JohnnyE3Jan 1, 1975 – Jan 1, 1976EngineeringI was mostly in the #1 Engine room,As we took the Jarheads to the Caribeain so they could practice what they were suppose to learn while in boot camp at Paris Island where they got a a ship for just about the first time.
Sterzenbach, Kenny "Sterz"BM/SNFeb 1975 – Nov 1, 1977BOAT/DECKcan,t count the good times and don,t even remember the bad. anyone from that time get in touch would like hear from you !!!
Kuhl, KevinBM/SNFeb 1975 – Sep 1976DeckHad a great Med cruise, what I remember of it, lol.
Hinson, KennyMM1Mar 1975 – Jan 1980MA great time in my life.
Schall, MarkMM3Mar 1975 – Oct 1975M DivisionLooking for a MM2 named Carl Lane. Also looking for a MM1 named Bacle?. They had major influences on my life.
Worthy, Timothy Aka. American DreamQM 2Apr 1975 – Nov 1978NavigationServed under Cpt.Kramrad through Cpt.Freeze Made three med cruises, two North Atlantics, & Three Carribeans On board ship 3 years, 7 months, 28 days Ships # 1 helsman and beach hellraiser
Messineo, Peter A.MSSNJul 15, 1975 – May 26, 1978S-2
Messineo, PeterMSSNJul 15, 1975 – May 26, 1978 s-2
Eberhard, Jim profile iconBT-2Dec 10, 1975 – Dec 3, 1976BOnly on board a year but by far the most memorable. North Atlantic cruise is what made it.
Trax, Andrew profile iconABHAN21976 – 1978AirWould like to hear from fellow shipmates that served between 1976 and 1978
Belew, JackYN2Jan 1976 – Jul 1978CICHow could you forget MUNDT and his smile. Dean, Chapman, Rocky and the guys in EW listening to TV shows..
Bertalan, JoeMM3Feb 1, 1976 – Nov 23, 1976M DIVISIONI worked in the after hole, engine room #2 Chief Backel- a super guy- great experience on the nothr atlantic the only crewmen Ive contacted is mark sweet from NY.
Dunphy, LarryE3Mar 1976 – Mar 1977Deck/ 2 I was on board for the trip to New York City and the North Alitanic Cruise. I left the Austin for A School. (TM) I was then assigned to the Howard W Gilmore. (AS16)
Dunphy, LarrySNApr 1976 – Feb 1977Deck Division 2I enjoyed my time on the Austin. Learned a lot about the navy and seamen ship.
Turner, DavidICFNMay 15, 1976 – Dec 13, 1979E-Division
Mahoney, MikeHT2Jun 17, 1976 – Jan 8, 1977Engineering
Chapman, RandyOS2Aug 1976 – Oct 1978OI
Barker, MiltonEW3Sep 1976 – Jan 1979OIJust found this site. See a few names I recall. Been a long time ago but never forget the excitement of your first command. Anyone can contact me.
Broderick, JimE3Sep 10, 1976 – May 20, 1980MWhat an experience I had. we had some good times, like going out in Portsmouth to get tattoos. Going to Port o Prince Haiti for liberty.After the Navy I went into the Merchant Marine in the engine room.
Hake, George (Fred)GMG2Sep 30, 1976 – Oct 30, 19803RD DIVMet a lot of good people that became my friends. Lost touch with most though. I spent over four years on board and made a carribean, North Atlantic, and two Med cruises and was there for the collision in 1980.
Linton, DennisMS 2Oct 1976 – Jun 6, 1980S2 & S4
Joe, MuldoonMM2Oct 9, 1976 – Oct 8, 1980MMany years of good times, made lifelong friends.
Talaga, BarrySM3Nov 11, 1976 – Nov 11, 1978operationsI did a 2 year duty onboard the Austin from Nov 1976 to Nov 1978. Spent a lot of time on the bridge as a signalman. Did 2 years previously on the USS Blue Ridge. Enjoyed the time overseas. Got to see the East Coast while stationed in Norfolk.
Descher, DanSEAMAN/SK3Dec 1976 – Aug 1980Hay anybody out there who remembers me feel free to contact me,I had some good times with some good friends.

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