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USS Austin (LPD 4) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Austin (LPD 4). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 891 crew members registered for the USS Austin (LPD 4).

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Sconocchia, GaryRM31968 – 19722ND/OCi remember being the mothership for the pg's crossing the atlantic. jj you were always pissed off! lol are you still alive lou?? what about you hooker? shahan? the pipe festival? lol ball? still shake the coffeepot jj? weber? rekrut? sloan? espo?
Beverly, Gary D. (Danny)E31968 – 1970AirFriends I can remember are Darrell Cobb, Roger Gunn, Harmon Pye, our leader 1st class Flynn, also Reuben Hernandez. Wonder if Borges is still boxing? I remember the equator crossing ritual. Wouldn't want to do that again.
Mayer, MichaelEM31968 – 1971EWas there for the stern gate, Apollo, Equator,
Penny, AlbertETN21968 – 1971OEgood years; ended up on shore duty in San Diego
Zeigler, DougMM31968 – 1972MLooking back my 4 years was a good time even being down in the hole(engine room)I learned alot and worked with a many good people,
Lester, LarryBMJan 1968 – Jun 19711st and 2ndI remember crossing the equator and going from polly wog to a Shell Back. 1st class BM Skahan and Chief Davison. Skahan would throw things and scream at all the deck personnel
Bakie, JohnLI 3Feb 1968 – Sep 1970X AdminRemember Crossing the equator and becoming a shellback. GITMO Shakedown Cruise 1968 Losing the "Tailgate" off the back of the ship during landing exercises. Served with Dave Wilmer, Harold Dorsey from Baltimore M. Med Cruise 1970, Carb Cruis
Locke, RichardLTFeb 1968 – Oct 1969NavigationI was on the bridge when the Captain kicked the (sh??) trash can after we fired a round over Vieques Island.
Cuccaro, FrankBT 3Feb 8, 1968 – May 12, 1968B -It was short,but I had a good time.The guys in B Div were cool.
Criswell, DoyleSMFeb 24, 1968 – Dec 19, 19692I love my time on the Austin. I met a lot of good people and had a good time. We cross the equator and Apollo. The Austin was a great ship.
Workman, Roger3RD CLASSMar 1968 – Oct 1971V1Fond memories of crossing equator.
Segobia, MichaelHNMar 1968 – Nov 1969HI was a stiker on the U.S.S. Austin. Went to Great Lakes Illinois. NTC/RTC Orlando, Fl. Enjoyed the tour at sea. Hi Gary Laxton & Wells, the North Carolina Connection. Best of luck to all that have served our ship, God Bless All!
Reimer, EdwardMR3Mar 3, 1968 – Oct 21, 1971AMade a lot of good friends ! Seen a lot of different places !I remember crossing the Equator during the Apollo 15 shot, it was a memorable moment.
Helms, BruceHT2Apr 7, 1968 – Apr 26, 1969RepairI remember all you guys in R- Div. DC3 McQuire, Kessel, DC2? Penn, Pennington, Wheeler I think was from WVA, lots more and yes the AFFF in lower vehicle stowage or well deck. Also served on LPD-14 as HTCM Later...
White, JohnnyMR2Apr 19, 1968 – Nov 23, 1971ALots to see, lots of friendships made, lots of steaming. From GITMO to Apollo to becoming a shellback. From San Juan to Naples and many places in between. Watching the stern gate sink, laying topside on the fenders, WOW!
McPherson, VicPN-2Jun 15, 1968 – Jul 9, 1972XGreat ship. Fond Memories
Winfrey, Brice/winnyQM3Jun 15, 1968 – Nov 15, 1969NavigationIt was a wonderful experience. Hard to believe it's been 40 years ago.
Rutherford, BillABHJul 1968 – Jan 1970V1best times of my life (did not realize it at the time). Met a lot of different people from all over the states and enjoyed all their friendships. crossed the equator and became a shell back. Left ship for further trainin
MacK, Robert E.QM2Jul 1968 – Nov 1971NavSpent my entire enlistment aboard the Austin. Good ship, good crew, and good times.
Bailey, Joe N.MR_3Aug 8, 1968 – Nov 20, 1971AMed Cruise was long and demanding also was fun at times.
Whitley, RoyABH3Sep 1968 – Dec 1971V1Some of the finest men on earth: Roger Workman, "Hoetiger", Pie. Hey, where's the doughboy? Looking for Flynn?
Hammer, JohnSeamenOct 1, 1968 – Apr 2, 1970#2I`m originally from Xenia,OH. I`M retired and i now reside in Horn Lake MS.I`m trying to locate an old friend of mine,Vernon Simpson from memphis TN.
Essl, Robert profile iconCS 5Oct 1, 1968 – Jul 1, 1970Supplywould like to hear From anyone who served in supply or commissary during 1968 to 1970. Great memories of the Austin crew. Collins, Chavers, Webster, Walls, Faulkenstein, Shoemaker, Cheif Johnson and Cheif Smith.
Samona, Roberten 3Oct 15, 1968 – Aug 11, 1972a gangnice site, finally found synder////also lookin for overton,wakefield,witkowski,chief walden.,and erine e mail is anyone has info on them please e mail me
Hernandez, RubenABH-3Nov 1968 – Jun 1972V-AirTJ was my home for almost my entire time in the Navy. Looking back it has been the best time of my life. Thanks to websites, I probable would have never found her. Wish I could take a tour of her sometime. Best regards to the Austin and her crew.
McDonald, BobABH 3Nov 1968 – Jul 1970V 1Met a lot of great people.
Hoffmaster, Bradleydk3Nov 1968 – Nov 1970disbursingi remember losing the stern gate in the med. nice liberty port in malta. deck lt was relieved of duty for this. crossed equator, became shellback. ran out of food on this deployment and pulled into caracus venazuela.
Helmick, James (Wally)PNC(AW)Nov 1, 1968 – Nov 1, 1970V divisionHad a great time. I started as an AA and left the ship as an ABH3. Many fond memories. We were a very close nit group. I went on to change my rating to Personnelman and retiring on Aug 1991 PNC.
Falkenstein, Rodney "falky"SH3Nov 5, 1968 – Jul 13, 1970SupplyGreat memories of all the guys and adventures. Napolitano, Speedy, Johnson, McQuire, Dorsey, Fiigon, Mathson, Pierantozzi (best costume at the equator), Essel, Kaz, Jordan, on and on.....
FIIgon, MikeE-5Nov 14, 1968 – Aug 15, 1972S-3Anyone from S-3 Division 1968-1972 ?
Powell, EarlMM21969 – 1971
Stump, JohnRD21969 – 1971Radar1st ship after A-School.. Remember well the day the steen gate fell off in the Med. We had a great time after the Jarheads left the ship and we did not have to stand in line for everything..... Crossed the equator on the Austin 1st time..
Wells, JimHM21969 – 1970MedicalAfter 40 years I still dream of the Austin and her crew. I would love to cruise on her again. Mike, I remember you and Gary. Hope life has been good to you. Wish you the best and good health.
Wilmer, DaveLI-31969 – 1970X DivisionBegan on the deck force and got into the print shop. Was on board for the Med cruise when we lost the stern gate. Also remember stamping ist day letters during the moon shot cruise when we also crossed the equator. Many
Rushing, JackSF3Feb 22, 1969 – Mar 15, 1971R DivisionWas a great ship an crew was proud to serve on Her.
Robertson, James (Robbie)MM2Mar 1, 1969 – Jul 31, 1972M
Mauck, RaymondairmanMar 15, 1969 – Oct 9, 1970supply I remember the equator trip. Proud to be a card carrying Shellback. And the stern gate falling off during the med cruise. I really liked Malta, had a good time down in "The Gut". The night we rode the hurricane out,fun
Ramella, SteveETN 2Apr 1969 – Jun 1972OESome of my fondest memories during my 9 years in the USN! I remember escorting the PGs to the Med, losing our stern gate in the Med, chow all over the mess deck in big storms. Super Gator was the best!
Munir, MarkanMay 1969 – Sep 1, 1970V divisionOn the way back after we lost our stern gate I called man over board, someone hollered help, from under the catwalk and I thought it came from the water. after 3 musters we were on our way
Hodges, AustinSeamanJun 1, 1969 – Jul 7, 1969Deck/AAnyone durning that time we lost the tail gate
Peterson, Chris "pete"BMAug 1969 – Jul 1972Deck/BoatBoat coxswain/helm/liberty launch and liquor runs for restricted men, med twice, Apollo, shellback. Just found out yesterday that I've been working w/ shipmate Mac McCord for 2 years and didn't know. 40 years-what are the odds? Too weird!
Lewis, Clayborne "Lewi'FTG3Aug 1969 – Apr 19703rd (Gunnery)I am a lucky son-of-a-gun to have served on the Austin. Great Ship, Great Crew, Good officers and some officers not so good.
Teichman, John (Jack)BM3Sep 16, 1969 – Jun 1, 19732nd Division, Boat DeckCame fresh out of Boot camp on board and left on first deployment the following day. Grew up fast and took on a lot of responsibility quickly. Was Petty Officer in charge of Boat Division for 2 years.
Gray, James (Dad)MM3Nov 1969 – Nov 1972M
Bass, Danny profile iconE-2Nov 24, 1969 – Jun 25, 1970deck forceI was assigned right out of bootcamp

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