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USS Vancouver (LPD 2) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Vancouver (LPD 2). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 661 crew members registered for the USS Vancouver (LPD 2).

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Robinson, BillET2 SW1988 – 1992OELooking for old friends.
Kelley, Jack ----f***n Kelleye31988 – 1988mp01 a gang
Kelley, Jack ----f***n KelleyE31988 – 1989Mpo1. A
Phillips, ThomasOS31988 –OIHey can-Do's... I'm still alive.
Proctor, RobertBM3Jan 1, 1988 – Sep 1, 1991CCUIT'S ME DIRTY
Coffey, RaymondE-3/SNFeb 1988 – Nov 1989deckLooking for some of my buddies from the Vancouver, e-mail me.
Powell, DarrellFC3Feb 2, 1988 – Aug 7, 19913rdLeft after Desert Storm. Looking for some of the old crew.
McFadon, AlanOS2Mar 1988 – Mar 1992OILooking for anyone from WestPac 89 (?) or the Gulf War. Jason/Dave/Jeremy/Frodo/everyone!
Hager, DaveET2Apr 1988 – Mar 27, 1992OEHad a superb time onboard. I believe this has been the best tour in all my 20 years.
Fleck, PaulIC1Apr 1988 – Aug 1991E-DivHope all is well with everybody. WestPac 89 was a blast.
Forsythe, VonQMC (SW/AW)May 1988 – Nov 1991NAVIGATION
Fiorenza, Mike/fioOSSNMay 1988 – Aug 1990OIA note to check out the new group,USS Vancouver LP-2, Fellow Travelers League, everyone's welcome, I've created for facebook. Anyone heard from Frodo, Mike Weathers, Cool, Ernie, or Dymant. Don't care about Zitface
Faulds, Tom profile iconOS3Jun 1988 – May 1991OILeft after Desert Storm. 3 years in the reserves on USS PULLER then MIUW-105 for a year and a half. Served 6 years in the Army NG in Texas and New Mexico. Commissioned Active Duty Navy in May 2002. Retired in 2018.
Roelen, Max RoelenOS2Jul 1988 – Mar 1992OI
Smith, JerryYN3Jul 10, 1988 – Dec 2, 1991XXO1This ship was my first of 6. They don't make the men on that ship like they do today.
Erickson, RandyE4Aug 1988 – Jul 1991SM
Fitzpatrick, Tim (Fitz)BM3Aug 6, 1988 – Jan 4, 1992Deck/2nd DIVI am currently seeking to connect with old shipmates served from 1988-1992; westpac 1989 and Desert Shield/Storm. Please feel free to call me 314-800-6215
Loffredo, NicholasMM3Aug 25, 1988 – Dec 22, 1991MPO-1It would be nice to talk to everyone again. The Navy made me a better person. Just don't hold it against me that I'm a Special Agent with NCIS now. Who would have thought it.
Watley, JamesHT-2Sep 17, 1988 – Apr 1992RAny of you old hands out there?Give me a holler. You would remember me as Eddie or Ed. Looking for little Joe Todd or Sammy, Stepaniak or any of the other guys.Would like to know how everybody is doing
Davis, BryanSNSep 23, 1988 – Dec 20, 1989DeckLittle trips looking for the Shi-tty Bros.
Kahler Jr, JamesMR 2Oct 9, 1988 – Mar 31, 1992A-GangMachine Shop
Stepaniak, EdHT2/DC2Nov 1988 – Jan 1991engineering
Elly, Ron profile iconLTNov 8, 1988 – May 1, 1991MPA. NAV/ADMINI did 2 WESPACS aboard Van Can Do under Capt Levien and Capt Burke. My last tour ended with the Persian Gulf War. Once the Gulf War ended I had orders to leave the Navy. I did however finish my 20 in the Reserves.
Lofton, John E MacKE1Dec 1988 – Aug 2, 1991Deck/SupplyStarted a boy from Youngstown. Came out a Man in war. Hello shipmates! Your ship store supplier.
Hollis, CraigEN3Dec 15, 1988 – Dec 2, 1990a ganglooking to talk to guys i served with
Wild, MarkOS21989 – 1992OI
Wise, ZenoHT-31989 – 1992Hull TechnicianHello all shipmates from the time period I filled in you can contact me at am in touch with about 6 or 7 other people from the ship
Pille, TomMM1989 – 1991MP02Brings back memories miss the good old days.
Ruiz, FernandoQM31989 – 1991NavigationThe good old days on board the USS Vancouver with the best crew , QMC ,Navigator and Capt.
Rogers, KerryEW11989 – 1992OOperations Desert Storm and Desert Shield
Lowen, Dc3 ThomasDC3Jan 1989 – Aug 1991ERWent on to USS CAPE COD AD-43 after decomissioning... living in Michigan, 3 grand kids, 2 sons, and my wife. Missing my boys from the HT's, DC's and BT's...
Reece, BryanABH3Jan 1989 – Apr 1992
Wilson, JerryHT2Jan 2, 1989 – Mar 27, 1992Hey guys, im in the Air Force now about to retire nex March. Man do i miss that old ship and the stuff we use to do out to sea.
Forste, George2Jan 5, 1989 – Sep 13, 1991mpo2
Eckert, DavidLTJan 12, 1989 – Aug 10, 19901stDeployed in '89 and left the Navy two weeks after Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait. Capt Burke said I'd be called back but never was. Looks like the Van Can had some exciting times in Desert Storm.
Elliott, JasonOS2Feb 12, 1989 –OILeft after the Decom, 2 years on USS Copeland FFG-25, graduated BUD/S and went to SEAL TEAM 2 and then back to Team 1, currently contracting for the gov and living in CO. ETSN David Adams is my roommate, take care......J
Michel, CharlesOS2Feb 21, 1989 – Feb 21, 1992OIRemembering a fine group of shipmates that I had the honor and privilege to serve with during Desert Storm. The ports of call during WESPAC were a blast. I'm currently serving in the Navy Reserves as the ADMIN Chief for Chinhae Det.1 (Ko
Miller, JeremyOSSN/OS3Mar 1989 – Mar 1990OIHad a great time! Departed and graduated from BUD/S Class 170 and spent five years at SEAL Team ONE and three years as a BUD/S Instructor. I'm now an Air Force Captain stationed at the U.S. Special Operations Command.
Loudermilk, DelvinEM-3Mar 1989 – Mar 1992
Ledford, JerryBT 4Mar 1989 – Sep 1991MPO-1I would like to talk some of my friends from the ship. Scott Dyer, Nick Lafredo, Scott Mason, Chris Goia, etc.
Lopez, Richard J.May 1989 – Jun 1990
Edwards, DavidMay 6, 1989 – May 1, 1992First Boat Deck
Wright, MarkSGTJun 1989 – Dec 1989Military Police Detachment MSSG 11Was MP Detachment commander. CO was LtCol Spittler. Had a great time
Reeves, SgtCorporalJun 1989 – Dec 22, 1989MSSG-11 S-4Fair winds and following seas shipmates The WESTPAC TOUR with MSSG-11 was memorable All the best to the Sailors & Marines that made it a successful tour.
Smith, TomSGT - E5Jun 1, 1989 – Dec 8, 1989USMC - MSSG-11
Roseberry, WilliamEN2-EN1Jul 1989 – Mar 1992AHad a good time in the Boat Shop. I left the navy as a ENC and am now enjoying life in Florida.
Matus, Edward "Eric"ETCOct 14, 1989 – Apr 24, 1992OE ElectronicsServed on Vancouver through two Gulf War deployments. The first as part of the largest Amphibious Assault Group since the Korean War. Decommissioned Vancouver and transferred to Jason AR 8. Went on to SWRMC earned an MBA and retired as N/W eng.
Nguyen, Tuan (Doc)HM3/E-4Nov 18, 1989 – Mar 10, 1992medicalI know you guys remember me. especially the ones that submitted urine samples early in the morning after a port visit. well hopefully it didn't fall off! it was a great tour, and I hope that Bob (my replacement) served you well. later guys.
Chris, LucoreCitizen of the nonth divisionDec 1989 – Mar 19921stDarren Westbrook, Rich Kortea, Justin Skilbred, Ramey, McCullogh, Koshinski, Hammerson and others. My e-mail
Taylor, ReginaldEMFNDec 8, 1989 – Mar 20, 1992EPart of the deployment when we all left in Dec 90, spent most of the time on donut watch with mp01, studying to strike out of the pit. Wade, White, Johnson,that refueling song, fixin the catwalk after the harrier went down. that was a scary feeling
Citarella, Francis(Frankieboy)E-2Dec 21, 1989 – Dec 1992DeckHad a great time west pac and desert shield/storm.Hackey Sack on flight deck.

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