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USS Vancouver (LPD 2) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Vancouver (LPD 2). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 661 crew members registered for the USS Vancouver (LPD 2).

Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1963 | 1964 – 1966 | 1967 – 1968 | 1969 – 1970 | 1971 – 1972 | 1973 – 1974 | 1975 – 1977 | 1978 – 1979 | 1980 – 1981 | 1982 – 1983 | 1984 – 1985 | 1986 – 1987 | 1988 – 1989 | 1990 – now

Wiseman, KevinEN 3rd class1901 – 1902AGANG
Welday, Jimpo3Mar 22, 1953 – May 19, 1966AChief aviation Jennings was a real "_ _ _".
Buffaloe, LynEM3Feb 1, 1961 – Nov 13, 1964E DivPlankowner, Brooklyn Receiving Station, Commissioning, Shake down cruise, Norfolk, panama canal, Vancouver, Wash, Vancouver, BC. Ltjg RV Gillespie, Jim Mull, Johnny Patterson, Bob Gray, Tom Jones.
Solomon, LeslieE3Apr 12, 1961 – Apr 12, 19652nd
Chapman, Luther1962 – 1970Hi i'm his grandaughter - He has passed on - and I miss him soo. He left me his lighter (my lucky charm) of his ship on it - does anyone remember him - if so could use some good old tails of his journy in life. I know he has some :)
Yount, Robert/bobEnsign1962 – 1964OperationsPrecommissioning in Norfolk, VA., Plank Owner, Shakedown Cruise, Panama Canal, San Diego, trip to Vancouver, WA. Assistant CIC Officer and Radio/ Would love to hear from any crewmembers. Have tons of pictures.
Estes, L.g.SN to FTG31962 – 1964Gunnery - Section 3Brooklyn NS NY Precom & Plank Owner, school in Norfolk.&. Damneck shake down cruise was a clean sweep started 1st Div. but found home as FTG then off to FTM School.Loved it. ALL..and LPD 2. hurah Sheets, Friedberg
Vickery, Waynebmsm1962 – Jul 24, 19642ndpre-commission Norfork, plank owner, first loader on twin mounts, ran liberty boats, stayed in trouble. Looking for others in 2nd Division including Baker from GA, Rusty, Cecil "Hoot" Gibson, Wise, Foster & Jorgenson.
Stowell, Walter " Buzz "BT 3Jan 1962 – Sep 18, 1967" B " Aft FireroomPlank owner,3 WestPaks,Shell back. Started out in "M" Div. and transfred to "B" Div.A Good Ship to be on.
Wiersema, BillMM 2Jan 1962 – Feb 1965EN. room #2First pre-commission at Norfolk and then to Brooklyn Naval Shipyard. Then a plank owner. Seems a shame she is no longer sailing. Never thought I would out live a NAVY SHIP!!
Ewert, EdBT3Jan 1, 1962 – Jan 1, 1965BI am actually Ed's oldest son. My father passed away in 2003. I was going through his things and found his cruisebook. He was very proud of the time that he served on the Vancouver. Any comments may be left with me.
Gray, BobE-4Jan 3, 1962 – Nov 29, 1964m (after engineroom)Plank owner, was in norfolk for precom schools. ran with Hollingshead worked for mmc ferguson left van and went to shore duty in memphis
Brown, CleveBMSNJan 5, 1962 – Aug 9, 19652ndPrecom Norfolk, Shakedown, Panama Canal, Offload two different contingents of Marines in Danang and Hue, Shellback, Australia and Pago Pago. I ran with Rudy Baker, Kruiswyck (now deceased) Danny O'connell, Walter Ray Pyka, Johnny Waugaman,
Skogheim, David A. (Skogy)EN2Jan 6, 1962 – Mar 21, 1964APre-commissioning-Norfolk Va.-barracks at Brooklyn Naval Shipyards-while ship being built- Plank Owner- Commissioned May 11,1963-Shakedown cruse-Brought home to San Diego-via Panama Canal-Introduced ship to its namesake Vancouver Wa.
Gray, JanetMM3Jan 24, 1962 – Nov 1, 1964m after engineroomany and all former "Van" sailors e-mail me would be great hearing from you, specifically looking for mmc ferguson
Solomon, LeslieE3Mar 2, 1962 – Mar 2, 19652nd
Gutekunst, RobertRM3Apr 2, 1962 – Apr 2, 1965OperationsNY Shipyd,Commissioning,PanamaCanal,Shellback,Westpac Cruise,NAM(Danang & Hue),GreatShip,Officers, & Crew. Pago Pago Friedberg,Chief and Sheets Drowned. Sad! Hard to think Vancouver scrapped. Bob Gutekunst (GOODY)
Clark, BillLTJGJun 1962 – Nov 1963engineering
Kiser, Howard RETR 2Jun 1962 – Nov 1964Electronic technician - Radar
Brown jr. (little brown), Allen A .EN-3Aug 27, 1962 – Aug 15, 1965Aplank owner sea trials 1st wespac cruise shell back transfered to usns kodiak late 65
Martin, MartyE3Sep 1962 – Nov 1964I C
Akens, John/hogjawBT3Sep 5, 1962 – Aug 31, 1966B DivisionI'm in Texarkana AR now. I ride a motorcycle. I have 2 sons, 4 grandchildren with one in the hanger.
Bunker, Jim (Squirrely)ABH-2Sep 19, 1962 – Jan 23, 1965AirdalePre-Commissioning Crew-Sept.1962 - Driver for Capt. Thomas C. Harbert, Jr. until the Ship was commissioned on May 11, 1963. Would like to hear from any of the Airdales from Pre-Commissioning until January 1965.
Burke, JosephPN3Oct 17, 1962 – Nov 1966DeckPlank Owner,Shell Back,Shake down Cruise Etc
Stoffer, DonnDC-3Nov 1962 – Aug 15, 1966Looking for old shipmates. Trying to put togeather a reunion, and have a shipmate address list, so send me your info.
Davenport, JimmyE4/ BTNov 1962 – Jul 5, 1966BI am a plank owner, pre commission school in Norfolk, VA, shellback, on West Pac to Vietnam, Pago Pago, Panamal Canal. Would like to hear from anyone that was on ship at that time.. Looking for a Jim Glasscock or Dick Yingling
Hampton, WilliamSFP2Nov 21, 1962 – Apr 14, 1967rwas on fire watch while slip was being built plank owner
Bayless, HowardBoiler Tech BT2Dec 1962 – Sep 13, 1966B DivisionIf anyone wants to contact me, call 205-678-8514. I live in Birmingham, Alabama.
Wilcox, EdwardLCDR1963 – 1966ChaplainI am adding my dad's name for him, for I know he loved the Vancouver. He died in 2001.
Marion, JohnRD-31963 – May 20, 1964OPSJust looking for anyone from the old Radar shack/OPS area.
Allen, RoySM1963 – 1964n/a
Carletti, LouisBM1963 –1stRetired from Navy in 1974. am currently residing in Nottingham Maryland.
Gardiner, WilliamSM31963 – 1964OSAssigned to pre-commission detail. Worked for LCDR as a YN. Took SM3 test and passed it. Leading SM1 Stan Friedberg. He drowned saving a shipmate on the island of Pago Pago.
Dawson, William (Bill)FTG2Jan 1963 – Sep 1964FOXPlank owner. Precomm Norfolk, Brooklyn Navy Yard. Transition through the canal, up the west coast to Vancover Washington and BC. Left the ship in Sept 64
Derocher, PeterSAJan 3, 1963 – Aug 5, 19631st Divesion1st duty sataion out of boot camp. Attended pre com school in Norfolk VA. We rode the bus to New York and were the first crew members on her. I still remember my rack. It was brand new and my locker was under my rack.
Milller, RobertEN2Jan 10, 1963 – Jul 24, 1964APlank owner. Reported to precom. in Norfork Jan '63.Reported abroad the Vancouver June 7 1963 in NY
Waguespack, TomE3Feb 17, 1963 – Apr 9, 1967E divisionWorked on flight deck,looking for anyone who work flight deck or battery shop,or engin room,some old buddies,Horgan,Bob long,jones ,(MO) morales,Sheran,James hall,Jim o'
Keeney, RoyETR2Mar 1963 – Jan 1964OEPlank Owner Did the precommision schools in Norfolk. The third and best ship I was on during my 4 years in the Navy Left Vancouver In January 1964 and went to Vietnam until I was discharged in September 1964
Bennett, Bobbt-2Mar 12, 1963 – Oct 12, 1964bplank owner,as bt-3. made bt- 2 and top watch underway. a lot of good memories & good people!
Barber, JimFN(E-3)Mar 18, 1963 – Apr 7, 1966AI have found Donn Stoffer, Pat Fabry, Joe Oshman, and John Borovicka. Partied with Donn and Pat in california and flew back to Florida to party some more with Stoffer. 36 years later we still had a great time. I sure miss my crew.
Waugaman, John Aka DutchE3Apr 1963 – Jan 19661ST Division Deck ForceLooking for Jim Barber from Bakersfield, CA- Mike Brady- and Cleve Brown
Johnson, DonaldEN 2Apr 1963 – Aug 1964A DivPlank owner,Sea trials Panama canal,Vancouver trip. I left just beforee the first West Pac cruise.
Morales, Julian Aka MoeEM-3Apr 12, 1963 – Aug 9, 1965ELooking for shipmates, Mike Brady, Jerry Roberts, Tom Jones, Mike McDonald, C Tapp,
Santanen, JohnGMGCMay 11, 1963 – Oct 10, 1969thirdOriginal crew member left the ship from 15th Aerial port Da Nang as last plank owner.Decommissioning in 92 met Capt Stock, had a nice talk, also write another skipper in FL. email a few GM's and FT's drop a line if you know me.
Mowery, DonMM-1May 11, 1963 – Sep 20, 1967M and APrecom Norfolk, Commissioning New York, Decommissioned Vancouver at San Diego in 1993.Was a great ship and crew.
Martin, Ray / MartyE3May 13, 1963 – Nov 2, 1964Boiler room"Marty" from Alabama. Friends with Micheal Bready,Michael Tapp and Robert. In 1963 and 1964.Left in Nov.1964 and went to Kansas City Mousouri to my friends house(Mike Lawson Brady) Now live in Birmingham Alabama.
Bennett, Tthe BopperBT-2May 19, 1963 – Oct 1964B divisioncotact me at
Morales, JulianEM 3Jun 10, 1963 – Aug 9, 1965E Looking for shipmates Mike Brady, Jerry Roberts, Tom Jones,Mike McDonald, C. Tapp.
Zivitz, Leonard/dr. ZuluLT.Jul 23, 1963 – Jul 22, 1964looking for whereabouts of William Cockell,Jr.
Hegg, Chuck (Kogo)EM 3Sep 1963 – Apr 1967Electrical
Lortz, RobertSK3Oct 1963 – Oct 1966SUPPYLOOKING FOR DELLORO
Cox, RussellFTG-2Nov 30, 1963 – Dec 10, 1966ThirdMade 3 West-Pacs & participated in 1st combat landing in Vietnam (Danang). Lost 3 shipmates on R&R cruise to Pago Pago (Chief Sheets, SM1 Friedberg & 1 seaman) to rip tides on the coral coast of Tutuilla. Visited Hong Kong, Australia, Hawaii,

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