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USS Gunston Hall (LSD 44) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Gunston Hall (LSD 44). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 323 crew members registered for the USS Gunston Hall (LSD 44).

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Cowart, James K.SM2(SW)1996 – 2000
Ludwig, BeccaE4/OS1996 – 1997OII was attached to your crew from MDSU2 FOR THE 96 Med Cruise and had a blast with you guys...I learned so much and for that I'm grateful. I miss most of yall...:)... lol
Walker/robertson, KatinaJan 1, 1996 – Aug 1, 1998MMRIBoy did I have a ball! I ran into some irreplaceable shipmates. I miss the G-Hall family and those underway periods. Kiva, Sessoms, Reid, Sania, Debra, Quentin...where yall at. Holla!
Golding, ScottMS3Jan 15, 1996 – Aug 10, 1999SupplyHad a lot of fun on those mess decks. Contact me at
Whitsel, Jerry T.IC3Feb 1996 – Sep 13, 1997EBeing on the G Hall, made lots of friends, Worst part, was having to leave when my time was up. Good Luck to all my fellow IC & E div friends, & may your jouneys have full wind in your sails. Drop me a line somtime.
Slaton, JasonHM3Feb 1, 1996 – Sep 1, 1998MedicalWhat Great memories!!
Beasley, William profile iconE-5Mar 4, 1996 – 19981stHad a really good time on this ship,lol
Solomon, Solly Sol profile iconYN2Mar 8, 1996 – Jan 4, 2000AdminJust dropping in to say hello to my former shipmates onboard the G-HALL. I enjoyed my time onboard with the one and only J. L. Clark as CO. My info facebook SollySolKinFols
Moss, Sonya LSK2Apr 16, 1996 – Apr 2000Supply
Rummel, RonE3Sep 1996 – Jul 19971stsomebody out there who knows me drop me a line
Bleasdell, Don / BleasEN 3Nov 1996 – Jan 2000MHad a great time on board the G-Hall. Made lots of friends but lost track of evryone. Shout out to the Aux 1 crew. Gilles, Darling, Berras, and everyone.
Bartlett, John M.IC2(SW)1997 – 2002E
Mike, Bartlett "Bart"IC1(SW)1997 – 2002ESpent 5 long years as the Main Engine console tech. I just made IC1 and now I'm stationed at SIMA San Diego writing Quality Assurance packages for submarines. There were good times and bad times on board the "G-Hall". E-mail: brtlettjm@n
McBride, TonyE7/DCC1997 – 2000RepairOne of my best commands in the Navy, if not the best. I met alot of good friends.
Nelson, NicoleEM3Jan 1997 – Dec 1999EMed cruise '99 was the best, we had a shop of crazy, hard-working, hard-playing people and a crazy Marine to hang with. I work at the Holocaust Museum in DC, drop me a line. For those you I knew during that time, I wish you the best.
Smith, HeatherQM2Jan 1997 – Dec 1998Navigation/Deck
McGrath, MikeyEN2Apr 1, 1997 – Jul 10, 2001MGreat to hear everyone is doing well. Good luck with everything. Where is everyone from main 1 and main 2?
Decoste, Scotty D. //// TazzCSCS (SW)May 13, 1997 – Nov 15, 1999S-2I made first on the G-Hall. I retired a CSCS. I will never forget the great times. That tour was my best!! Mike McGrath, Red, Doug White and the rest of my friends. I miss you guys. Email:
Winterfield, RodE4Jul 19, 1997 – Oct 21, 1999Deck 1st Div.Great times in the great hall!
Geary, PamelaEM3Aug 10, 1997 – Sep 25, 2000Med-cruise '99. Woooo! Chicken-lips whiskey anyone? A lot has changed my friends...I am a Navy Reserve Recruiter at the NOSC Norfolk, and a Seabee these days. Give me a hollar if you wanna sign your life away again!
White, JacquelynENCS (SW)Sep 5, 1997 – Jul 2, 2001MI had some good and great times on the GUN. Hope everyone past and currently onboard are doing well. Way to go "Bart"
Jenkins, Howard(bigjenk)SH3Oct 14, 1997 – Jul 2, 2000S2
Serviolo, PeteE-4/EN3Oct 23, 1997 – Apr 14, 1999M
Luton, SkipBM1(MA1)SWNov 25, 1997 – May 11, 2001Deck / CMAARetired and lovin life!
Barreras, RosalinaEN2Nov 25, 1997 – Nov 2, 1999MHad a great time working as well as off the ship, MED CRUISE 99 was the best, met good friends, which still keep in touch with. Best time ever.
Hogue, HeatherBMSNDec 1997 – Nov 2000Second
Hogue, HeatherE-3Dec 1997 – Jun 2000Deck/Second
Lee, JosephSM2 (SW)Dec 10, 1997 – Sep 5, 1999SecondTo all the pimps I seved with, holler at your boy. Got out as an SM2 and i am currently attending college. i could do a bunch of shout outs but i dont have the space so email me if we were cool and your not busy. real peeps work in deck
Mehl, GraceCDR1998 – 1999CO
McKelvey, JoshE41998 – 2001OPSTrying to get ahold of some old friends I havent talked to in years.......RM Pete Williams, ET Dan Stone, ET Luiz Suarez, the rest of my ET crew. send me a message at
Engstrom (Thorstad, Sparks, Hazelwood), HeatherSM3/SM21998 – 2001NavigationHello everyone..I think i have alot of you of FB but wanted to say that I had a great time with everyone and made tons of friends. Please hit me on FB, Heather Engstrom or love to hear from you
Parlee, AndreaEN31998 – 2000A-Gang
Womble, Charles(randy)BT2 MM1Jan 2, 1998 – Jan 15, 2002M all of M
Westburg, JamesDC2(SW)Mar 30, 1998 – Apr 1, 2002R
Sommeso, JosephFC1 (SW)Jun 26, 1998 – Oct 1, 2002OWIf you know me you KNOW ME! Currently at FCTCLNT Dam Neck
Bauer, JeffIC1(SW)Sep 1998 – Jul 2002EHad great times on G-Hall with Bart, Stid, Watty-Wat, Barrows and last but not least, Miss Porter. Miss you all, you all know where I am. See ya.
Bauer, JeffIC1(SW)Sep 1998 – Jul 31, 2002E-DivisionRetired from the Navy July 2002. Currently a police officer with Anne Arundel County Police in Maryland. It was good times and great friends. Most of the IC shop went on to great career's, Chief's and above. Congrats
Bauer, JeffreyIC1(SW)Oct 1998 – Jul 2002E
Beeman, MartinGMC(SW)Dec 12, 1998 – Jun 1, 2002OW
Barrows, HeatherFC11999 – 2003OW
Barber, Edward (Chuck)QMCM1999 – 2001NavigationGreat Ship and great crew, was my best tour by far
Gosha, MitchSK2Jan 1999 – Mar 2002Deck / Supply
Best, JoshE4Feb 1999 – Nov 2000A-Gangdamn, shultz made EN1. :)
Horton, JamiOS3Mar 1999 – Feb 15, 2001operations
Adams, BrianET3 (SW)Mar 9, 1999 – Oct 6, 2003OEKosovo Campaign (1999), UNITAS/WATC (2001), Operation Enduring Freedom (2003), Operation Iraqi Freedom (2003)
Sarah, MartineauE-5Mar 10, 1999 – Aug 6, 2001Took on the civilian life. Loving it. Married now with children. Looking for all my girls. Donna, Cynthia, Cindy, Tonya, Belinda, Marlius.
Rounds, ZachHT1Mar 31, 1999 – Feb 1, 2001RBest ship I ever had. DCA made life good. Met my wife to!
Boolba, SsgtStaff SergeantApr 1999 – Oct 1999Kilo 3/8 2d Marine DivisionGreat times Med Float '99-The Mini Mes ROCKED Semi Charmed Life! I hope all my shipmates are well.
Fongeallaz, Rich FonzCpl honorary PO3Apr 14, 1999 – Oct 19992nd Mar DivWhere are all the EMs from the '99 Med Float? Does anyone remember The Mini-Mes? We won the talent show. in! If you were in Kilo co. 3/8, 2nd Mar Div drop a line
Porter, DonnaIC2May 1999 – Dec 2004ESeparated from the Navy as an IC1. Currenlty working for the DON as a Quality Assurance Specialist for NAVSEA Inactive Ships Management Office. Still in Hampton Roads. Made the best friends while serving on the G-Hall.
Lewis, ScottyE-6/HT1May 10, 1999 – Jan 9, 2002ENG/REPAIRWhile stationed aboard, we had some good times and some bad times. Remember, all those flight qtrs! Alot of long hours, huh! I kind of miss the ship. Made alot of good friends. Go HT shop! I'm currently stationed at USS JOHN F. KENNEDY.
Hubers, RonIT1(SW/AW) (IT2(SW) WHEN I LEFT.May 24, 1999 – Dec 19, 2001OCFor those of you who remember me, let's all remember UNITAS 2001. It can be summed up in one word: WOW!
Bringas, RobertoEM2Jun 4, 1999 – Jul 11, 2000ESome of the best times of my life during Med Cruise. Contact me:
Eddins, JamieEN1Jun 4, 1999 – Dec 3, 2000M Division
Powell, JeanettaEN3Jun 7, 1999 – Jul 26, 2000M-divHAD A GREAT TIME ON THIS SHIP...really could have done without one or two of my fellow shipmates, but had the coolest LPO'sn the Navy
Comeau, AlET1(SW)Jun 24, 1999 – Jan 30, 2004OEDid a Med, UNITAS, and Iraqi Freedom. I met a lot of people. & had a good time. Hope to see you guys sometime later in my career. Currently Instructing at Keesler AFB, MS.
Lotwick, JeremyMSAug 1, 1999 – Aug 29, 2000S2Where Scotty G! Jesse Warren Playa Baker! and Vega?
Rickman, RobertE4Aug 4, 1999 – Jun 4, 2003Deck 1stHey Everyone! Just trying to catch up and see how everyone is doing? Email me at
Robinson, JeremyDC2(SW)Sep 15, 1999 – Nov 15, 2000RepairWho needs some signatures? I still have orange book nightmares
Lee, MattEN1Oct 1999 – Jan 2002Started inWhat happened to EN2 Bolles? I enjoyed my time there with the exception of the conflicts with Chief Murphy. I learned alot on that ship and finally decided to get ESWS. DP made ENC! Good job. knew you could do it man
Nangle, JerryLTOct 20, 1999 – Sep 17, 2001OE
Purcell, Aaron (Joshua)FC2Nov 1999 – Apr 2003OW
Crutchley, DaveEN2 (SW)Nov 15, 1999 – Jul 7, 2004MIT WAS REAL, IT WAS FUN, BUT IT WASN'T REAL FUN
Farrington, RuddEM 2Nov 18, 1999 – Feb 10, 2002Electrical
Hager, DaveETCDec 1999 – Jan 2003OE
Breaux, ShawnnellE-1/FR, E-3 SNDec 5, 1999 – Mar 2, 2002 I miss my people! Especially my boys! E-div, I love u guys! I love u 2 Hazel! Does anybody know where Walker and Gray are? R.I.P. EN2 Douglas Bolles. I love u 4ever baby!! We miss u. K.I.T. w/ me guys!
Gray, Marc / SMOKE MF'n STAKDC2Dec 31, 1999 – Dec 4, 2002R.I.P EN2 (SW) Douglas Bolles. SUPA MAN YOU'LL 4 EVER BE MISSED. Hazel, Breaux, uh my bad Mrs. Lewis, Samp, Jessie Baker and FISHERMAN Hayes, my family, I love ya'll I miss yall. Ya boy done made it. hit me up ACEMDG@YAHOO.COM.

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