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USS Fort McHenry (LSD 43) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Fort McHenry (LSD 43). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 261 crew members registered for the USS Fort McHenry (LSD 43).

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Adams, TreyCDR (NOW) STARTED AS A BABY ENSIGNMar 1, 1992 – May 1, 1995E, OI, OEGood times! Switching the XO's breakaway song and QM's snitching on me! Catching a certain EM3 asleep behind the switchboard on my 1st day onboard...he ALWAYS voluntered for every crappy job after that. New Orleans! Great memories!
Valerio, ArnoldETC(SW)Jul 1992 – Nov 1995OEET's Minor, Ebright, Hayes, Faulker, Edwards.. where you all at?? We did the comm's/nav systems upgrades and additions prior to the homeport change from SDGO to Sasebo. Rode the Ship to Sasebo and flew back a few days later. What a great tour
Dye, Roberte1Sep 1992 – May 1993engineroom b groupWas an engine grunt who left for personal reasons but miss the old girl. Sorry to see her not in Pacific fleet anymore.
Geiger, JoelGMG2 (SW)Dec 1992 – May 1996to 3rdA lot of good memories. It's a true you only remember the good times. From the engine room to topside... had some great times.
Holloway, RyanPN3(SW)Dec 10, 1992 – Apr 23, 1995NAV / ADMINI can still remember getting yelled at on a daily basis by PN1 Thompson. I am an attorney in Mobile, Alabama. QM3 Smitherman is a cop down here as well, go figure!
Moore, ChrisENFNDec 29, 1992 – Oct 21, 1993A-Gang (Boat Shop)Westpac 1992, Made good friends and memories. Still in touch with Kelly Shoemaker and Eric Silvenis. Thanks Leppelman for being such a great boss. Who was that funny BMC that always said "Hey Guy"?
Shover, Joel1993 – 1994DECKWHERE IS GOZE & MARABELLA????
Grubiss, PaulMR3Jan 1993 – Aug 1995R M and AHey There all, Glad to see that some of you are still around, miss the ship, Fixed alot of the stuff you guys broke. Mr2 Bridges, FN Wilson , Mr3 Zoutte, Hi they guys am still in san diego, running a tool company for machine shop supplies, look me up
Nelson, BrianGMG2(SW)Jan 5, 1993 – Sep 19953RDRemember WESTPAC 94? All I can think about is Chaplin Mueller stopping the nightly showing of Point Break to pray for hot buttery popcorn.
Wilson, LanceFNJan 15, 1993 – Dec 6, 1994RLooking for MR3 Paul Grubiss, and FN Russel Zoutte. I'am also looking for SN Ricky Davis. Also looking for PN1 Jason Ong. We spent a lot of time together on that Pig and just wanted to touch bases with these people. I'am sorry I haven't don
Stewart, GeorgeSNJan 25, 1993 – Oct 1, 1996A-Gang, S-DivLooking for Mark Yap and Kelly Quinn. Miss you guys.
Cook, RichardMS3(SW)Feb 1993 – Nov 1995S2
Davis, RickySNFeb 1993 – Jan 19952nd DivAh yes, it is I The trouble maker. I will never forget the Ft Mac and the fun times.
Blancas, RolandoMSCMFeb 3, 1993 – Nov 1996S-2Nice to work with the Marines. Good experience to cross the Panama Canal and visit New Orleans.
Alexander, SteveYN3Mar 1993 – Oct 1997AdminThese where the best days of my single life! The experiences and lessons learned here are things I still reference on a regular basis! Cheers to all my shipmates that have served and currently serve in Sasebo!
Long, Todd "Boiler God"EN3Mar 23, 1993 – Mar 23, 1997MHey all! I hope all my old buddies from "M Division" are doing well. I'm married with two boys. Living outside of Cincinnati, Ohio. I miss all you crazy guys I used to hang out with. Email me and tell me how your doing.
Fuller, TrevorBM2(SW)Apr 1993 –Deck - 1st and 2ndPlankowner - precom through first westpace. I miss my friend from the gpfh. I now teach and coach wrestling in Soddy Daisy, TN.
English, JohnBM3Apr 1993 – Sep 19951st
Webb, ThomasHM1(SW)Apr 16, 1993 – Jan 2, 1996Medical DepartmentA privilege to serve one of my greatest accomplishments "Sailor of Year 1994"
Wilson, William (Bill)EN1May 27, 1993 – Mar 17, 1995MChief Gibbs was a hardcase but he made us the best. I miss you guys from M-div. Especially Main 2, you know who you are.Thanks for everything.
Harrison, JoeBM3Jun 1993 – Feb 1997Hi to all of 2nd div. I am living the American Dream in Oregon. I am a K-9 Officer for the last 8 yrs. I hope all is well with everyone. My home email is Drop a line if you get a chance.
Alaniz, Roel (Al,coco)SN/PC3Jun 1993 – Jan 19972nd (Side Cleaners)/S-4Remember the Deck Wars between 1st & 2nd Div? Didn't matter where you were at, in the Berthing, Deck Lounge or the Bos'n Locker, it was on. Good times. I'll have to say though it was much quieter in Supply.
Medina, HermieE-2Jul 10, 1993 – Dec 4, 1996DeckVery short tour, but fun. I am looking for some of my old shipmates who I was with in this old ship. I got honorably discharged and now work at a supermarket. Please send me an email.
Carroll, ThomasfnJul 16, 1993 – Apr 21, 1995mremember all the good & bad times on the ft mac.still married to the chick I met in tj. those yrs made the fam i have now
Mirabella, JasonBMSNAug 23, 1993 – Aug 23, 19951st (Side Cleaners)Just Dropping by to make some Noize. Loved those years - and all of the fellas in Deck - went back to NYC - now in Tampa Bay FL. Look me up if you are swinging thru town - catch up over a couple of drinks.
Stockman, ConninEN 3Oct 5, 1993 – Jun 20, 1995MI am trying to locate all those who I hung out with while I was on board!
Dickerman, MikeET1(SW)Dec 1993 – Dec 1997OEI sure miss those port visits and the Pacific region. It was a very comfortable ship to live on. We had some good cooks, too. I wonder where the guys are now. Dave, you made it! Sayoonara, ETC(SW), USN, Ret.
Carlin, MarkHTFN1994 – Jul 1996RepairThe best time of my life was on the Fortmac To everyone in the ht shop sure would love to hear from ya you know who you are Ht1 weldon I couldnt have asked for a better supervisor!!!!!!!!!!!Hey fitz if your out there give me a hollar
Silva, JasonSN1994 – 1996DeckJust dropping a note to see what everyone is up to...Living in Nashville now. Contact me at
Wickings, GregENCS1994 – 1998ENGGreat Command, Great Crew. The Best!
Lawrence, Christy "Red"FAJan 1994 – Aug 1994
Sevigny, BrianDC3Feb 1, 1994 – Feb 1, 1997R
Hasan, David Aka HasBMSNMar 24, 1994 – Mar 24, 19961st deckTo my brothers on the fort mac!you know who you are... I miss you guys. bm2 bailey(bee) if your out there, hollah at cha boy. We had some crazy times aboard that ship. I'll never forget you guys.
Suskie, MatthewEW2(SW)Jun 4, 1994 – Dec 1, 1998OIO2Hello to all my old friends! In some ways I actually miss that ship!! I have a lot of good memories. Keep up the proud tradition!!! I made Chief and got out.
Zurell, DavidET2(SW)Aug 31, 1994 – Jan 2, 2000OEWhat's a homeport? Oh, you must be talking about that box on the map. It was a blast, but being a civilian means never painting another knee-knocker. Drop by for beers when you're cruising through San Diego. Seriously.
Worthey, DavidQM2 (SW)Nov 2, 1994 – Nov 5, 1998Nav/AdminAlways looking to hear from old shipmates.
Neill, Charles "Maverick"E4Dec 21, 1994 – Aug 18, 19981stHey all wzup not too much here just reminissing of the good ol days from the time we left san diego to the arrival at sasebo still in touch with ms3 sexton like to here from all the old spades players during mid know who you are! maverick
Dreeszen, Christopher profile iconFA to FN1995 – 1996M Division
Schultz, JoeSNJan 1995 – Jul 1997Deck, SidesJust wanted to say Hi to everyone I served with, hope all is well.
Pleasantbey, NathanielPC3 - PC2(SW)Jan 1, 1995 – Feb 1, 1998Supply Dept/ S-3 DivGreat memories supporting a great crew!
Baker, KristopherSN3Mar 1, 1995 – Aug 16, 19961stWhat's up Fort McHenry! How about when we stayed on the forecastle all night picking people off as they came back from leave. Those were the days! W3rd Up Ricky Rickshaw Rabbit Robertson! Cape Coral is weak!
Ross, DavidITSN-IT2Apr 17, 1995 – May 9, 1998OC
Pickard, "Larry" LawrenceSMC(SW)Apr 20, 1995 – Apr 1, 1997OCFWD DEPLOYED TO SASEBO JAPAN AUG 95 TO APR 97 Made SMC while serving in Sasebo, whoo hoo nothing like truth serum and fish oil! Thank you Tom (SMCS(SW) Boone!). Will always cherish the surf trips to Tatagami Iwa! Oh yeah Thailand and Foal Eagle.
Fortner, TrevorGMJun 1995 – Oct 1997Deck/3rd (weps)
Halcomb, DavidE-3/DCFNJun 1995 – Jun 1997RInterested in hearing from some of my old shipmates.
Zeitz, KevinENC(SW)Aug 1995 – Oct 2000MPOne of my best Commands. There were some darn good people but there were also some not so darn good people. We sure did have some fun didnt we?
Clark, ErinBM3Aug 1995 – Aug 19982ndThe good old Fort Mac, man those were some fun times. I miss the old gang. So if anyone remembers me drop me a line, let me know you're just as crazy now as you were ten years ago.
MacAspac, ArthurMSSNAug 9, 1995 – Apr 10, 1997S2How is everybody doing? I switched branch, Army, because of better opportunities. Deep in side I'm forever sailors and I enjoyed my first ship the USS Fort Mc... Take care all LT Macaspac
Fitzpatrick, MatthewEN3Aug 30, 1995 – Aug 13, 1998MFirst on last off if it wasn't for us we'd never ship off!!! I was on 2 other gator freighter's and the Fort Mac was the best command!! I still miss it sometimes..If someone who was on board at the same time as me let me know.
Kennedy, Seth "Red"SNSep 1995 – Oct 1998DECKi hope your all doing well. to all the guys and ladys that i worked, lived,drank, and served with on the Fort Mac.
Shack, ChrisE4Sep 3, 1995 –Ic
Reed, BrianBM2(SW)Oct 1995 – Oct 2000DeckGreat times with great friends. Jason D and Marc W where are you??
Lamson, JoshOS2Oct 1995 – Oct 1997OILookin' at the list here, and man, I got drunk with a lot of 'em. Living in Jacksonville,FL these days, married, daughter, doin' aaaaalllllll riiiiiiiight.
Hurt, DaveEN3Oct 1, 1995 – Oct 2, 1996A DivisionHad a great time in Sasebo. Playing on the ship softball team "Those Guys". I miss those days.
Kaatz, JefferyBMSNOct 12, 1995 – Apr 14, 1998DeckWhat up everyone. I am back in North Dakota Livin the big City life, and I am in the Air Force now.
Hoffman, Paul "Nugget"LTDec 15, 1995 – Dec 16, 1997DeckI miss my 1st division posse!! You knuckleheads were the best. Left active Nav in summer 2001, currently do reserve intel duty near Atlanta, attending graduate school as well. Bought a house, rescued two dogs, living the dream.
Sauer, JeffEN2Dec 18, 1995 – May 20, 1997Hydro-Shop

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