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USS Fort McHenry (LSD 43) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Fort McHenry (LSD 43). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 261 crew members registered for the USS Fort McHenry (LSD 43).

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Perez, Gerald (Jerry)E5/EN21985 – 1987A-GANGHey there my fellow PlankOwners,,, Back in Kansas now,, have been for awhile. Hit me up on Facebook,, especially you all that came over from Scotland.
Anderson, ClarkeOS31986 – 1990what's up all plankowners boy did we have some fun on westpac or what? just want to give a shout out to all my friends on the ship especially shannon, joe,kevin,roth people don't believe some of the stories i tell them!
Mendenhall, JohnQM21986 – 1989navigationdrank my way right out of the old navy in 92, gpfh ops worked damn well, anyway, still live in seattle. whats the word on macias holmes butler birnbaum fuller or ol dusty himself and qm1 smith?
Garcia, MartinRM21986 – 1989OPS/COMM/RADIOPlank Owner- Retired in 1999, still working for the Navy as a civilian.
Mooney, Richard Scott profile iconEN21986 – 1989A GANGPre Com crew. Hi all . It would be good to hear from some shipmates
Potter, ChristopherE5/ HT / DC1986 – Oct 1990repairi was part of the group that went up to seattle to learn the ship ahead of the rest of the crew. I started as an HT but went DC when the rate split. i look back at my time in the navy w/ pride and good memories.
Backers, RobEN41986 – Nov 1990M DIVISIONPlankowner
McCartney, Williamenc1986 – 1989mOne of my greatesr commands with alot of great people that worked for me.
Wood, Robert WoodyGMG2Jan 20, 1986 – Jun 18, 1990DW-01 (Deck 3rdof all of my time's in the U.S. Navy the time i remember best is being stationed on the best ship in the Fleet The USS Fort Mc Henry I am now living in the U.P. of Michigan in a town called Kincheloe.
Kelley, DanielEN2Feb 1, 1986 – Jan 1, 1989boat shopThis was a time I will never forget. We had some great guys on board. The first cruise was outstanding. Now I'm a cop in Oregon, and still having a great time with my lovely wife and three kids.
Winn, PatrickOS2Feb 22, 1986 – Mar 26, 1989OperationsLoved the GPFH. You guys were great.Im in the Army now as an X-Ray tech. God bless America!
Helterbrand, Leroy (Doc)HM3Apr 25, 1986 – Feb 26, 1989MedicalOn board from apr 86-feb 89 when i left Navy. Had a great time on WESTPAC. Living in home town of Indianapolis with wonderful wife of 18 years and three kids. Proud as ever to have served in the Navy, more so of being a PLANKOWNER! God bles
Merritt, MarvinSKAug 1986 – Jun 2000S-1
Brandt, EdEM3Oct 20, 1986 – Dec 20, 1990ElectricianI am a plankowner of this ship anybody else would I recognize. Please Email
Mathewson, Charlie/chuckYN1Nov 1986 – Jun 15, 1990NavigationPlankowner - Made first WestPac with her and also the Exxon Valdez Oil Cleanup. Retired July 1990 as YN1. I was around the pier to release line 1 to send her on her 2nd Deployment to WestPac. Now living back home in New Hampshire
Nanouski, GregE-4 EN3Nov 23, 1986 – Nov 22, 1990mLookin for a few good men, Clark Anderson,Robert(cooch) Backers,Kevin Mack and Gerrard Roth.And the rest of the boys (plankowners) Greg (ski) Nanouski
Schneider, MarcOS2Dec 1986 – May 1991OIShout out to the plankowners and OS's on the GPFH. Esp to Scott, Chad, Shannon, Pat W., Jeff, Joe H., Joe B. Man we had some good times in pre-com and WestPac. In ND. Cop for 9yrs, now work for the railroad. Also in the Nat'l Guard.
Crisler, John (Wes)EN2Dec 20, 1986 – Apr 11, 1988A-gangWOW, just found this site..Being a plankowner was a blast..Grimaldi, remember your haircut in the berthing area. I'll never forget my last day in Navy, being whistled off the ship as a Plankowner, Wheres my golfing buddies???? Dallas Texa
Miles, TracyHTFA1987 – 1989RepairEnjoyed my time aboard. to bad my attitude wouldn't allow me to stay longer.
Fuqua, Richard profile icone4bm31987 – 1991secondam a plank owner
Blake, TracyDT31987 – 1990DentalWest-pac 88 Kicked butt. Thanks Lt G, for all your support! Sending me to Pros school was greatly appreciated. I did very well. Besides some of our shipmates breath kicked like bruce lee. Living in Va beach w/ new wife.
Stucki, Jolenehfta1987 – 1989bargle
Webb, Craig profile icongmg 31987 – Dec 1990weapons
Clark, RogerFN31987 – 1989A DivisionHey All ! I just found this site. It's pretty cool to most of you here. What a great time we had on West-Pac (think I still might be a little hung over). We should get together. Email me !
Kardash, JerryET21987 – 1991oeI can't believe the GPFH would raise it's ugly head in my life again! Cards in OPS lounge. Endless coffee and endless boredom. I'm sill in San Diego living the good life. What ever happened COMNAVSNAPIIPAC McDermott?
Nelson, WilliamEN3Jan 1987 – Jul 24, 1989A-GANG (Boat Shop)PLANK OWNER-Had alot of good times aboard and served with alot of good people. Working now as a Deputy Sheriff in Cecil County Maryland. Have 3 great kids and a great wife. Just looking to catch up with old shipmates.
Johnson, KennyPN3Jan 1987 – Sep 1990AdminPlankOwner Had many good times on the ship and the best was when they called my name on the 1mc in the Phillipines as they where heading for Dessert Storm. Currently living in North Carolina working for the Post Office. Thank You PC1 Williams
Stark, TimLTJGJan 1987 – Nov 1989Supply
Adams, WilliamSNJan 1987 – Dec 19881st
Wheaton, TomSNJan 1, 1987 – Aug 20, 19881stWheaton here - remember me? Westpac-yikes! Paralyzed in Perth. Czak died in 2009. Anyone know about Needle, Shabkie, Fuller, Roth, Barba & Nanoski? Or Chief Askew? Thank you for financially helping me back in 1988
Wroten, CharlesEN3Jan 1, 1987 – Jan 19, 1990APlank Owner USS Fort McHenry LSD-43, Living in NC enjoying retirement.
Nanouski, Greg>>>>skiE4Jan 5, 1987 – Nov 22, 1990
Hopkins, JoeOS2Jan 7, 1987 – Jun 16, 1990OIHey Fellas, I have great memories of the time I spent on the GPFH. (how many non-plankowners know what that means?) I'm in Software, live in Colorado, and spend a lot of time coaching and playing hockey. Suz and I have two girls. Drop me a line.
Hopkins, JoeOS2Jan 7, 1987 – Jun 16, 1990OIGuys from the GPFH. Drop me an e-mail and let me know what you are doing.
Pender, A.L.(Doc)HM3Feb 1987 – Jan 1990MedicalPlankowner, shout out to my boys. Tom, Fred, and any other plankowners. Give me a shout.
Pender, AdrianHM3Feb 1987 – Jan 1989Medical
Kader, C. DavidET3(SW) (ETC-Ret)Feb 1987 – Apr 1990OEKristie and I settled in Kansas after I retired. Currently in Wichita, KS, attending Friends University. Not sure what the chapter is going to be.....
Moss, ThomasSH1Feb 1987 – Feb 1990S-3This was a great experience with some of the greatest friends.
Blaser, RobE-5 RM2Feb 1, 1987 – May 26, 1990CommJust found this site. probably way behind the times, seen alot of names I havent for 20 years now. Pat remember painting the gpfh on the wall in the philipines. hope to here from u
Freda, BobSM2(SW)/E-5Feb 5, 1987 – Oct 10, 1991OPSWow! I looked up the Mac to reminese, see allot of names I have not remembered in years, can't believe how old I am now!! I live in Portland Oregon now doing computer stuff, hey, it's a living! I have 2 teenagers and a wife of 19 years.
Marks, EldridgeMar 1987 – Dec 1990hey i'm looking for some plankowners, i was in M division and A gang. did my 4 years and got out work for Shell in the gulf of mexico, you can reach me at 337-577-6952 if i don't answer leave a message i might be at work
Roatch, RogerOS 2Mar 1987 – Feb 1989CICPlankowner, much enjoyed 2 years, with CO Dusty Rhodes. In Seattle again/still. Ran into Shannon in 2012. Wonder where Byrd is, Winn, Beardon, Anderson, Schneider, Wright, Hopkins, Hamilton a big shout out to you all
Roth, GerardFC2Mar 1, 1987 – Jul 1, residing in Dallas
Roth, GerardFC3Mar 1, 1987 – Jun 1, 1991DECKLance Faulkner died in 1991 shortly after getting out of the navy in a private plane crash on his way back to San Diego from Las Vegas, NV
Fraher, RichardRM2Mar 5, 1987 – Sep 18, 1990Operations
Williams, Eugene/whodosm3Mar 7, 1987 – Feb 27, 1989OPSI just spoke with Chavis and he said it would be cool to hear from some of the guys so I started looking
Colbert, CharlesE-4 PC3Mar 15, 1987 – Dec 23, 1990Adminwhat's up shellbacks,remember saving that small boat on our way back from the Valdez oil spill.How about 1988 leaving Hong Kong catching the tail end of that Typoon for 7days .shout out to PC1 Williams thx for everything
Glory, Herbert F.DC3Mar 22, 1987 – Nov 29, 1990Deck then RepairI am looking for old shipmates to catch up on old times.
Fiorini, FioEM1Mar 31, 1987 – Nov 19, 1991E-DivPlankowner. I retired in 2006 as an EMCS and for some reason, returned to Syracuse, NY. Would love to hear from old shipmates.
Grimaldi, RichardEN2Apr 1987 – Sep 1990a-gang.Looking to catch up with old shipmates
Guillen, GregEMFNApr 1987 – Apr 1989ElectricalPlankowner, what's up my friends hope everything is well with you. I can't believe it's been 24 yrs. Shout out to my electrician shipmates. Will, Ed, Tim, Fio, Chuck, Steve, Arnold aka Shorty.
Burwick, ChuckElectrician MateApr 6, 1987 – Jun 16, 1990EI ended up doing 20 in the Navy, but the Ft Mac was my first ship and I was very proud to be a Plankowner. If you ever want to catch up, don't hesitate. Chuck
Bond, Ron ( Aka ) 0008GMG3Apr 14, 1987 – Jul 28, 1989WeponsI would love to get in contact with all my fellow plank owners and fellow shell backs if anyone has any commissioning footage i would like to get a hold of you and any pics from our precom book u can find me on facebook
Barnett, TrentsnApr 20, 1987 – Jan 18, 1989deckJust wanted to say what up to few of my old shipmates...Goins,Williams,Chavis,Woods,Curtis,Collins,Vance,Pc1williams.In the ATL now
Yost, MichaelEN3May 1987 – Nov 1989MPLANKOWNER. Great experience in my young life. Had alot of good times. Lots of guys here I hadn't thought about since I was onboard. Is there going to be a reunion of any kind? Coming up on 20 years since we commisioned.
Washington, HarveyEW 3May 1987 – Dec 1988IO
Costelloe, Casey0-3 THEN NOW RETIRED 04May 1, 1987 – Oct 1, 1989EMOProud to be a member of the Seattle Bos'n walking group and Duty Section 1 gang. Best Westpac ever and the best ET gang I've ever seen in the Fleet.Retired now working in Radio Comms for Defense Contractor in SC.
Ames, DarrellJO2May 1, 1987 – Jun 1, 1991X - AdminWas the ship's PRECOM Journalist and PAO. Leadership at the time inspired me to show horror movies to the crew every night. Produced ships newsletter and often tried to elude Jesse the Body, Earl the Pearl, and Uncle Bob
Bearden, JoeE-6May 15, 1987 – Jun 15, 1991Operations IntelligenceFirst and foremost (Plankowner). It was an adventure no doubt. I worked with a great bunch of guys from a wide variety of backgrounds, all of which I'm sure are doing great in life. Two West-Pacs and Desert Storm/Shield.
Gillespie, RayLCDRJun 1987 – Jun 1989DentalPlankowner dentist. I was also the Safety Officer. Made the first Westpac and was also sent to clean up Exxon Valdez. Now in Fort Worth, TX with 3 kids and beautiful wife. Come see me if you have a toothache.
Sharp, LarryLTJun 1987 – Mar 1991R/DCAWould like to get in touch with any of the plankowners. I left the ship while were still in the Gulf in 91. Retired in 97 and now working for a company that reactivates ship's and boats for the navy and Coast Guard, that they sell to other countr
Bond, Ron ( Aka) 0008E-4Jun 1987 – Aug 1989hello fellow shipmatesi'm looking for old plankowners and i am willing to buy the old cruise book from some one who is willing to sell thiers i would be willing to to pay $ 30,00 that would be including the plankowner book as well anything that has to to do with the fo
Miller, James (Jim)IC2Jun 1987 – May 1989E-DivisionHello fellas!
Wahl, Scott (Aka) Wahly GatorEN3Jun 7, 1987 – Nov 8, 1990MJust dropped in to see if I can find some of the first crew members of the FT MAC..Can reach me by Like to say whats up to Parker,Yost.Groff,and the rest...
Scrivner, Toby (Tscriv)DC2Jun 15, 1987 – Aug 1990Damage ControlI look back on the time I served aboard the Fort McHenry as one of the best experiences of my life.
Leppelman, David S.EN1Jul 5, 1987 – Jun 10, 1992Main PropulsionPlankowner, Commisioned ship as a EN2, Left as an EN1(SW) Five years later. Retired as an ENCS Aug 2003
Hall, RobertYNSNJul 24, 1987 – Jun 30, 1989AdminHey guys remember me, contact me if you do.
Lasage, Bill CoondogEN3Jul 24, 1987 – Jul 24, 1990a gangtrying to get in touch with any plank owners
Parker, JohnE6 ENAug 8, 1987 – Jul 1, 1992EB14 EM01 EM02First deployment was great. Enjoyed my time in Main 2.
Depalmer, MichaelEN2/ EN1Aug 8, 1987 – Jan 5, 1992M DIVPLANKOWNER, MAIN ONE AUX 1 AND 2 ENIGINE ROOMS
Anderson, JimmyDeck/ EM3Aug 8, 1987 – Jun 14, 1992ElectricianI am a plankowner and was captain of the basketball team who won captain's cups, and other trophies for the ship. We had a great crew and a great captain and especially executive officer who cared about us all.
Nesbitt, ChrisEN1(SW)Aug 14, 1987 – Mar 7, 1990M,CraneAs of this year Im retired from the Navy and living in Washington. Oak Ridge was the best and alot of fun. Contact me if you want.
Mickey, KevinTHEN ENS/LT JG NOW LCDRSep 1987 – Feb 1991R, 1stPlankowner. Recalled to ACDU for OIF as part of the MPF staff at Kuwait Naval Base. Met the New XO yesterday. He's stashed in SD while waiting for his wife to have a baby.
May, MichaelQm3Oct 1, 1987 –Nav
Grimaldi, RichardEN5Nov 11, 1987 – Sep 9, 1990A-Gang
Jernigan, MichaelSNDec 1987 – Sep 1989Deck - 1stMaking the Ships 1st WestPac and Shellbacking her. The Grey Pig from Hell as she was call. How about Pattaya Beach or better yet Perth. Ran into Charlie Milburn up in Palmdale Ca.
Webb, CraigE- 4Dec 9, 1987 – Dec 9, 1990Weaponslike to get in touch with all my shipmates if possible.

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