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USS Mount Vernon (LSD 39) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Mount Vernon (LSD 39). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 662 crew members registered for the USS Mount Vernon (LSD 39).

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Shultz, CharlesE21990 – 1990striker
Callahan, Charles profile iconRM31990 – 1994OC01It was a pleasure serving with the man of the USS Mount Vernon. Especially those who served in the RadioShack.
Upole, RonMar 1990 – Aug 1992BT 1
Cuomo, JeffEMFNMar 12, 1990 – Mar 12, 1993I miss the guys that I served with. All the EM's and the IC's. All of the engineers. Life is good but what a time it was!
Johnson, TedRMSNMar 31, 1990 – Aug 23, 1993OC01Hi to all who served on the Mount Vernon. Operations was a great place to be back in the day. I hope to see more people from this time frame post here.
Snow, ThomasBT3Apr 20, 1990 – Apr 1, 1995B- 1-pitGlad to to know the people I met. If you had it to do again.... pass
Perry, DonaldSH3May 7, 1990 – Jan 23, 1994S-3 Met some of the most diverse and off the hook individuals of my life while working and partying in the store,barber shop,laundry,and various bars of Long Beach and San Diego.
Coolidge, KeithDC3Jun 5, 1990 – Jun 5, 1994Rmiss all my old ship mates....hope all is well with you.
Verdeflor, JorgeSN (HM striker)Jul 7, 1990 – May 9, 19922ndLots of good memories and great shipmates on the Mickey "V". I remember the good ole days with 1st and 2nd division. Thank you Lord for all your blessings.
Pope, HenryIC2 (SW)Sep 1990 – Dec 1995EHad a good time with you guys. Joining the Navy and getting a chance to see part of the world (2 west-pacs) was one of the better decisions I ever made.The memories will last forever. Miss you all. Take care.
Leuck, MarcusGMG2(SW)Sep 1990 – Jun 19923rdServed onboard the Mighty Micky "V" during Gulf War I and the Homeport change to San Diego. Went on to many other commands and finally retired a GMC in 07
Blevins, Michaelbm3Oct 16, 1990 – 19932nd/boats and cranesMy first ship, had a great time with great people
Hancock, FredBt3Nov 1990 – Jul 1994B division aft fire room
Daugherty, Michael "Maggot"CPLNov 1, 1990 – Mar 1, 1991Alpha Co. 4th Tank BattalionI had to have my fricken head sutured twice in one day on this damn boat. Does anyone know the corpsmen that sewed me up?
Williams, Ma'Tees (Chill Will)MS3Nov 11, 1990 – Jun 10, 1994SUPPLYWut up Money earnin' MT. Vernon? 4 of the craziest yrs of my life! Ever country, state, city we where in I bet they still remem. Shots to Conely, Belcher, Randle, Bo, Big Will, Big Green, Shacky T, Corona, Short Dawg.
Fletcher, Jason "fletch"SH3Dec 1990 – Oct 1994Wow what a crazy time. Contact me if you were on board between '91-'94...
Rodriguez, BenLCPL/MOTOR TDec 1, 1990 – Jun 1991Embark troops, 1st CEB/USMCMy experience on the way to Gulf War 1 gave me an appreciation and respect for what sailors do each day. Memories of the PI, the gator box, hitting the beach @ Mishab, Sea Angel and just missing Pinatubo's eruption. Thanks for semaphore lessons!
Jones, KevinSK2Dec 28, 1990 – Oct 12, 1993
Jones, KevinSK2Dec 30, 1990 – Oct 24, 1993SupplyIts great to see so many people remember some great times.
Laprade, BryanBM31991 – 1995boats & craneshad one hell of a good time
Green, BrandonBM31991 – 1993Deck
Petersen, Jon (Pete)HT 31991 – 1993R DivisionThis was an old ship with a top crew. Miss some of the good times. I still have my plaque Chief Fletcher made me. Much appreciated!
Hislop, StevenGMCJan 1991 – Jul 1992How'Dy
Brennan, MatthewFN3Feb 1991 – Sep 1992BT
Cuomo, JeffEMMar 12, 1991 – Mar 12, 1993EContact me if you were on when I was.
Forbus, JamesMM3Oct 1991 – Jan 1995mhad a hell of a good time.snipes rocked the boat
Craig, Jim (Dick)FNOct 5, 1991 – Jan 27, 1994THE LATE GREAT "B"I worked in both pits, made a lot of friends one is stationed with me right now. . Still remember a lot of good times that we all had. Drop me a line sometime if you remember me. DICK
Insani, CurtE2Oct 31, 1991 – Oct 31, 1992DeckI served on the Mount Vernon from Oct 91 to Oct 92 as a rescue swimmer.I broke my back after boarding the ship and fell 30 feet after ops in Maui.Does anyone remember me?Seamen Apprentace Insani
Ruder, EricMM3Nov 1, 1991 – Apr 15, 1995MLots of memories and miss you all,forbes and his crazy gray hat
Welch, Rich (Bubba)FC2Dec 21, 1991 – Sep 5, 19953rdI miss all the guys and the trips to Cowboy Boogie (LB), Boots (La Mesa), and Red Onion. Congrats to all those that survived those long days at seas and trips to Hawaii and Mexico. Spades anyone?
McGrath, JohnOS31992 – 1993OI
Rux, John profile iconSN1992 – 1994Boatswain Mate
Jones, ScottIC1(SW)Jan 1992 – Mar 1996EGreat bunch of guys! Hey E-Division. Purely Horriffic working hours and some very Bad Times. Ship failed LOE and among other problems. Worked weekends every week it seemed like forever to get this pig underway by ourselves.
McPeek, DougRM3 (SW)Feb 1992 – Jul 1995OC01Had one HELL of a good time. Nothing but a drunkfest! Thank God for NOONERS!!!
Hubbard, JimMM3Feb 29, 1992 – Nov 10, 1996M/P-2Lots of stress, lots of khaki-produced BS, lots of circles in the water off of Pendleton, 6 trips to Hawaii, 1 WestPac, 1 trip through the Panama Canal, having to mess crank with almost 10 years in, but 79 days of separation leave.
Porter, PatrickBT3Mar 1992 – 1994BGlad I'm out!
Johnson, DushawnDC2/DC1Mar 6, 1992 – Nov 2, 1994RepairIt was an experience! I hope all of my old shipmates are doing well. May the Vernon rest in peace! DC God!!!
Quarles, Anthony(Olde-man) profile iconMS3/ E4Apr 4, 1992 – Apr 1997SUPPLY S-2 / S-5FIRST SHIP EVER,HAD A BLAST OOH WHAT MEMORIES
Dagang, NoelitoENC(SW/AW) RetiredJul 23, 1992 – Jul 30, 1996A- DivisionI had the best experience in Mickey V, "The Gunfigthers" in my entire navy career, I met some great people that i will never forget, Tough times and good times, we met every challenge, we accomplished every mission
Ednie, DavidBMSNAug 1992 – Apr 1996Boats@Cranes Had a lot of good time and afew I do not care to remember .
Asbell, BrianBT1Aug 1992 – Feb 1995MPWorst command I ever served on. Ship was falling apart. H.P drain lines, Oil contamination in the boiler, HP to LP crossover cracks, seawater leaking by into fuel oil tanks. A floating rust bucket to put it mildly.
Millard, ChadBM3Aug 10, 1992 – Aug 26, 19952ndMiss it everyday.
Burke, Scott (Tiny)SA/SKSNSep 1992 – Feb 19941ST/S-1I remember lots of good times, mostly that i got trown off the boat before any good trips due to injury. Miss tying stuff down in the welldeck and directing all the AAV's
Cohen, Douge-3Oct 1992 – Jun 1994deck
Riley, Michaelmm2Oct 1, 1992 – Dec 14, 1994mSo many hours but great crew memories
Coats, Quinn L.FC2Oct 10, 1992 – Aug 15, 19953rdMany great memories on the MTV, although, I'm not sure I remember them all.....if you know what I mean.
Bennett, Ramon/flagsSM3Oct 10, 1992 – Oct 10, 1994Deck/OPSMiss my old ship mates, hope all is well and life is good
Reynolds, Carl/renE3/SeamanNov 1992 – Aug 5, 1994DeckHad some very long days and nights aboard that ship. Especially in deck department.Anyone who was in deck during the time I was there knows what I'm talking about/who I'm talking about(BM1 Collup)
Reynolds, Ren profile iconseamanNov 5, 1992 – Aug 5, 1994Deck
Salas, Jessie / J JEN3Dec 1992 – Jul 1996A and B&CHad a lot of great times. Think of the good ol' days often. Would'nt trade it for the world. Learned some lessons. Met some great people. The Mount Vernon will never be forgotten. May she rest in peace.

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