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USS Mount Vernon (LSD 39) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Mount Vernon (LSD 39). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 662 crew members registered for the USS Mount Vernon (LSD 39).

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Harrison, Michael/popeyeE-3 SEAMAN1975 – May 1977
Blow, JeffreyCMCM1975 – 1975MBU-1 LarcIt was the 1st of 3 LSD's I deployed on and had a blast being on them. Great memories. Just retired in 2009. Life is great....
Harris, Roy(Harry)MM 11975 – 1981M and R
Hollingshead, RobertE31975 – 19781st.divisionMet a lot of friends on board.Tom Sechrist. Ski,infante, and many other. Had many good time in the Pi's.
Contreras, Ruben profile iconen31975 – Sep 29, 1977acame on board in portland drydocks
Truman, ChuckETR2Feb 1975 – Aug 1976OETransferred in 75 from Big E and did the cruise for Operation Frequent Wind. Then did the yards up in Portland OR at Willamette Iron & Steel. Had some great buddies.
Kettmann, DaveMM3Mar 1975 – Aug 1978AHad alot of fun. Fall of Saigon, Dry Dock at Subic Bay.. 4 westpacs
Quick, WilliamFNMMMar 15, 1975 – Feb 2, 1977M AFT Engine RoomStill have great memories of West-Pac 75. Dry Doc in portland and Siagon Evac April 19, 1975. We had one of the best engineering depts ever aboard the ship. How many remember the repair of #2 nozzle block while under way in #2 engine room. This was a fir
Whitwell, GaryHT3Apr 5, 1975 – Jun 5, 1977R-EngineeringNot sure of the exact dates would have to look at DD214... This was a place that changed my world....would like to here from anyone that rembers me from that time.....I was the smart ass blonde kid!!
Desantis, BobYN3Apr 25, 1975 – Mar 3, 1977Ship's OfficeOperation Frequent Wind. Thankful to have spent 7 months in PI on WestPac. Served under Cmdr. Holt and Cmdr. Patella.
Markham, Frank3rd class POJun 3, 1975 – Dec 9, 1979Mess Management/CookI remember I believe Gary Taylor, and Robert Krull ( I believe those were the last names)
Riggs, TimJun 10, 1975 – Jul 21, 1978GFirst Division Officer, Gunnery Officer
Wonnell, PaulGMG 3Jun 15, 1975 – Jan 30, 1979DeckSaw a bunch of the world from Mount 34. Grew up a lot. She was good to me.
Slotnick, JeffE-4Jul 1, 1975 – May 15, 1979Operations
Hinson, Robert BobbyMs E4Aug 1975 – Mar 1977cookhad great time, I cooked for the crew and Captain Holt & Commander Patella, also i was petty offier of the watch in portland for 9 months when we were in dry dock. want to see some old friends someday.
Cox, MarkE3Sep 1975 – Aug 1976Long time ago, don't remember many guys that I served with, except, JJ Donahue, Zelmo, BM3 Dunn, and some crazy fuck we called we had some good times on the water
Riggs, TimLT(JG)Oct 1975 – Jun 1978
Mitchem, KenE3Oct 1975 – Jan 1977cookawesome
Kane, PatrickFAOct 30, 1975 – Jan 1976 IC Shop The Portland dry dock was boring. I enjoyed everyday on this Ship, I was one of the Thunderheads. Chief James was the greatest, Does any know were Chris Horn is ?
Kane, PatrickFNNov 1975 – Mar 1977 IC Shop I had some great times in Portland,OR when we were in Dry dock. Does anyone remember Chris Horn I was not the best sailor but what I learned on The Mount Vernon I still use on my job till this day. E-mail me
Tierney, KevinE-2Nov 1975 – Dec 1976EngineeringI remember very few guys except for genduso,Buzz,Hoover,MM 1st class Moore, P.O. 3rd class Lee from NYC, Tim Delourty from Minnesota, Bill Kerwin. anybody want to contact me, my email is
Clark, JeffE3Dec 1975 – Sep 1976Boat ShopHad some great times had some not so great times but I will always remember those days. I partied with thunder head red. Does anyone remember a guy named Bleezie? Felt strange to hear she was underwater. Damn, we were young.
Jacoby, Mike(jake)HT21976 – 1979Repair
Duncan, MarvinduncanBT21976 – 1980Boiler Tech.
Ferguson, Alvin (Fergie Or Pc)ET31976 – 1979OPS
Eccleston, Duane profile iconMMFR-MMFA-MMFN-MM31976 – 1980MMThe Years I spent on Mount Vernon were the best years of my life and wish I could have stayed longer, The Places we went were incredible and unforgettable, and I miss the time I had with my shipmates good and Bad, Thanks
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Douglas, Thomas (Festus)HT2Jan 9, 1976 – Oct 23, 1980REPAIRThe USS MICKY V was a great ship with one hell of a crew1976-1980
Blandford, JoeOS3Mar 12, 1976 – Jun 12, 1979operations
Irving, Rod "Irv", "Irval", "B.E. Irv"RM2Jun 1976 – Jul 10, 1981CommunicationsSpent 5 years on the ole "Mickey Vee". Two West-Pacs, Two Ref-Tra's, Three Amphib Tra's, Two Yard Periods in Portland, Ore. At the time I left I was the most senior member onboard. Took a long time to become a "two digit midgit&qu
Kinney, JackBTFAJun 1976 – Sep 1979B and AStarted out in aft fireroom under BT1 Jerman . Dropped the BT rate and went to A Divison and made EN3. Retired as a EN1 in 1994
Schutt, PatSH2Jun 1976 – Jan 1979SupplyLot of Great Memories on the old Mickey V. Portland was Great !! Subic Bay brought many "Good and Bad" experiences. I can go on.......Most of all Good Friends! Just found this website, hope to hear from some Shipmates.
Hennig, DanielMRFNJun 15, 1976 – Nov 15, 1978A GangI was in the machine shop with Paul and Larry and BB Deguzman. Dave Ketteman and the boys from the boat shop were my buds. I loved those days.
Hooser, BurtonGMG-2Jun 23, 1976 – Jun 23, 19803rdThese were the best years of my life! Hi Kirt Forcier, James Allen Williams, Tim Riggs, Paul Wonnell, Roberts, Fred Delestepenesie, Mike Day, and all MV gunners.
Satorie, TomIC2Aug 1976 – Sep 1979EI did 2 westpacs and the yard period in Portland in 76-77. I had a great time and always remember "This is a drill, This is a drill".
Teetsel, ChuckFTG3Aug 1976 – Aug 1977DECK - THIRDLot of fun during a year spent mostly in overhaul at Willamette Iron and Steel in Portland. A brief REFTRA cruise to Kodiak, cold beer and cooperative women then off to the Turner Joy, a ship that still had fire control systems.
O'Connor, BrianMM3Aug 15, 1976 – Oct 15, 1978M DivAh yes, the formative years of my career! Learned a lot, grew up a lot too.
Myers, Harvey profile iconDK2Sep 1976 – May 2, 1980Supply2 Westpac, 2nd Westpac, formed band: "Destiny's End". Played steel beach at sea + Brisbane, Suva Fiji and PI. Members: Tim Brennan, Don Minich, Bill Stevens, Easy Groves, Mike Galvan, Kevin Rutledge, Denny Wells
Myers, HarveyDK2Sep 7, 1976 – May 2, 1980SupplyAboard for 2 Westpac's, 77-78 and 79-80. My priveledge to pay the crew where I at least met just about everyone aboard. Formed the ships rock n roll band, Destiny's End, who played onboard and in many ports.
Mangelsdorf, KenEM-2Oct 1976 – Jul 1980E-Division
Depaul, RockyPN2Nov 1976 – 1980nav
Dimino, LarryBT2Dec 1976 – Nov 1979B
Dimino, JosephBT3Dec 1976 – Aug 1979B
Treber, GordonBT2Dec 12, 1976 – Oct 13, 1980BStarted Forward then went Aft. Aft Pit pushed the ship! Guys up forward never knew it but we had a huge belt attached from our shaft to theirs so they could hit 18 knots without smoking!

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