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USS Pensacola (LSD 38) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Pensacola (LSD 38). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 565 crew members registered for the USS Pensacola (LSD 38).

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Baker, H.c.BOILER TECH. BT21983 – 1986B3 Meds 1 IO 1 North Atlantic and alot of good times.
Watson, Normanseaman1983 – Aug 1986boatsmanboot camp was at great lakes il navel base
Wessinger, ScottBM21983 – 1986DeckHello to all my old shipmates. Saw a lot of familiar names on here and it brought back some great memories! Good Times!
Lassiter, MitchellE31983 – 1985A-Gang
Neal, Steve "Elvis Costello"QM3Jan 1983 – Oct 1986Deck/NavigationStarted my Navy career a non-designated seaman in Deck division. Became a Quartermaster - served with Chief Hammond, QM3 McDermott, QM2 MacKenzie, QM3 Hosteller and many other....a favorite COmmanding Officer - CDR Rex Fitch
Clay, LouisLTJan 1983 – May 1986A and First
Isaacson, "Ike"EW1(SW)Jan 2, 1983 – Aug 11, 1987OEI believe I hold the record for the longest stretch of duty on the "Pepsi-Boat" Other EW's will have noticed the "legacy list" on the equipment cover in the EW Shack. Anyone who served at the same time I did, email me!
McDermott, DavidQMSN TO QM2Jan 10, 1983 – Feb 8, 1988Navigation (NNO1)Thank you: QMC Fred "The Navigator" Hammond, QM2 Ed Barber, QM2 Steve McKenzie, QM3 Tom Hostelley, QM3 Ronald Rimmer and QM3 Adams. QMCS(SW/AW) David McDermott "Never forget a Sailor"
Walker, K. James (Walk)IC3Jan 19, 1983 – Sep 30, 1986Deck/E DivisionJust found this site and wanted to say what up to Larry Carmack
Mashburn, DavidET-1Mar 1983 – Oct 1984Ops.Wasn't on there long before leaving the Navy. Worked with Scott Markley, Brian Swope, John Wall, Tony Phaneuff. Would like to hear from Lt. George Green. Hope everyone is well.
Burgess, Richard "fred"BT3Apr 1983 – Jul 1986had alot of fun abord this tank with "flea" "h.c." stevie v. & others. hope to hear from some of you & find out how your doing & whats been going on
Morgan, FreddieRM3Apr 17, 1983 – Jan 17, 1988Operations.Whats up shipmates,Its been a long time,and to be honest I miss you carzy bastards.has anyone heard from Bonnette,Hayes,Charlie Moe,Goodie,or Boozer,Wingate is located in VA. lets try to plan a reunion.
Rush, JeffreyEM1Jun 1983 – May 1985E-DivWorked for EMCS Kretchmer and CWO-4 Sykes.
Reed, JimBM2Jul 1983 – Jul 1985first
McGuire, GabrielE-4Jul 10, 1983 – Jul 17, 1986MBest times, hope to hear from the guys in AFT engine room.
Buoy, JohnBM1Jul 10, 1983 – Sep 18, 19851st
Padilla, JoeHT3Sep 1983 – Apr 24, 1986RMet alot of great people made alot of. great friends.Tried to stay in for 20,I was a little to wild for the Navy.......
Rehorn, DavidBM2Oct 15, 1983 – Dec 24, 19872ndshe was a good ship to leave my navy career behind.
McCall, GeorgeBT3Dec 30, 1983 – Aug 1, 1987BGot out in 87, joined the Coast Guard in '90. Currently a CPO with 22+ years, Independent Duty Corpsman Instructor at CG TRACEN, Petaluma, CA. I finally quit drinking, got my $hit together, and will retire in 2010. I still remember y'all
Boyle, KeithEW21984 – 1987OE
McKenna, ThomPN21984 – 1986XOne of the most underway ships in the Navy back in the day.
Castaneda, LeonardBT3Jan 1984 – Aug 1987Lot of crazy times on board. Lot of bad times in Mobile in the yards. Partied it up at Mardis Gras.
Kenneth, SpunkyhtfaJan 1984 –R Divloved going to michael's c/w bar and ridding mech bull. met alot of good people on the old pepsi boat. even found some of them after 20+ years
Cassese, BobMM3Jan 18, 1984 – May 17, 1987MWords can't describe, but considering those who are reading this, none are needed.
Gray, TomHT2Mar 1984 – Mar 1984R
Eosso, MichaelSNApr 1984 – Sep 19852ndLooking for any old shipmates from the ship.
Schroeder, ThomasEW2Apr 1984 – Oct 1986OEMed in '85,Carribean, LCAC op eval, steamenist gator in the fleet. Like to hear from anyone I served with.
White, GaryNC1Apr 1984 – Jun 1986X DivHad a good tour with the LSD-38
Popadak, MikeETCApr 1984 – Jul 1986OEMaybe the best sea tour I had, all because of the crew.
Hadaway, Earl profile iconBMSMApr 16, 1984 – Sep 8, 19851STOn this cruise the Beirut days were about done and finally got to have a real med cruise... Eddie Bird and Monty and Rife .. and Keith I hope u guys are still alive and doing well you can reach me at 410 935 9020
Egnor, RichardPNC(SW)Jul 10, 1984 – Aug 31, 1987AdminI was onboard for the Mobile, Ala., homeport change. Lots of paperwork for that. Two homeport in on year. Do any of you rememember that and the trips back to LCreek.
Sexton, SteveHT2Aug 1984 – Mar 1988RI think Hawes said it best "Priceless". It's hard to believe that was more than 20 years ago! Definately a life enhancing experience although at the time I may not have thought so. Rest in Peace Bill Polochak.
Roche, PatBM2Aug 1984 – Apr 19881st
Carsner, ScottSK-2Aug 20, 1984 – Jun 1988SupplyI had some great times on that ship, if I had stoped drinking sooner I would have stayed in.( thanks Jim McElfresh for your help and support with that! ) If ya know where he is ,let me know.
Patros, PeterSNAug 24, 1984 – Jul 29, 19871stP38 the 1st ship, great time. Left and went Army w/ the grunts.
Murphy, DavidBT-3Aug 29, 1984 – Jun 22, 1986B-DivWhen we would go swin in the ship hull and the med tour that ship did
Kadel, FrankEM2Sep 1984 – Jun 18, 1988E Division, Engineering Dept.Hard to believe that its been decades since I lived & worked on the Pensacola day in & day out for 4 years. The Navy certainly was good for me, although not that good to me! Here's to Karl(-Master- Chief!) and the E!
Hawes, RonMR2Sep 5, 1984 – Apr 6, 1988AWhat an experience! I still tell the stories to this day. Snoopy ships, Russian Migs, Achille Lauro, Gator Squares in Lebanon, Seeing the French Riviera after 2 mos at sea and having to turn around after the CO got off the "red phone"--priceles
Haworth, GeorgeSEAMANOct 1984 – Jan 23, 19861sthad a great time on this ship. lcac eval,med cruise.i will never forget the guests we had on board.nor will i forget the ruble of buildings that we could about panama city?was that a great time.
Schroeder, RogerHt3Oct 1, 1984 – Jul 1, 1987R divisionGreat experience! It's been a long time ago and the best part was the Alabama dry docks.
Pierson, LeonHM3Oct 10, 1984 – Jun 25, 1986XProudly served as Hospital Corpsman (Doc). Spotted a few names some who I do remember.
Polochak, W. F. Jr.MR2Nov 1984 – Jul 1987A GangShe was a good ship at least they did not scrap Her. To all the shipmates I met I wouldn't change those times for anything. Also look for the reunions in the future. We need to get together to keep in touch.
Roehl, GeorgeDC3Nov 1984 – Oct 1988Do you wear a red hat?I remember the beer on the pier @ GITMO. 2 MEDs, a Yard period, LCAC eval, and lots of little cruises inbetween. All in one tour. I remember the Achille Lauro - Xxxx terrorists kept me from being a Shellback (The CO too,Remember?)

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