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USS Pensacola (LSD 38) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Pensacola (LSD 38). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 565 crew members registered for the USS Pensacola (LSD 38).

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Victor W., Powell profile iconRM31969 – 1971Communications (OPS)Plank Owner
Miller, StephenHT3Dec 4, 1969 – Apr 5, 1974RepairPlank owner pre commissioning crew
Hall, Richard/rickHT 31970 – 1972RServed on the first crew. Had a good time but I,m glad I got out. Never did get my plank!
Alvarado, OrlandoMM31970 – 1972aft-engine roomBEST TIME OF MY LIFE-PLANK OWNER
Miller, TomBT31970 – 1972EngineeringPlank owner Had a pretty good time from Boston To Gitmo
Eller, WillieRM31970 – 1972OpsBlank Owner; Great times in Boston, Little Creek, and all the Caribbean ports of call.
Vecchio, AngeloE3 firemen1970 – 1971forward engine roomTook her into commissioning with a great crew. Many friends in crew were stationed for training in little creek, VA before getting transferred to the pensacola. Great experience in my life serving aboard her.
Pado, George profile iconBM31970 – Mar 26, 19731stWhat a trip. Got assigned to the Pensacola after serving with a mine sweep squadron in Charleston S.C. The shakedown cruise at Gitmo was a bummer, but the following cruises were great. And a plank owner to boot...
Bernethy, LarryPERSONNELMAN 3RDFeb 1970 – Aug 1972I was the first enlisted man assigned to the USS Pensacola in Quincy, MA. I was in personnel was assigned to the ship before it was commissioned. I have fond memories of being stationed on teh USS Pensacola.
Chaffin, BillSEAMANFeb 12, 1970 – Mar 12, 1972Plank owner, great times and memories.
Peterson, Donald (Pete)HT3Feb 14, 1970 – Feb 21, 1974RepairPlank owner and commissioning crew. wished i had stayed out of the bars and not smoked so much pot so I could have enjoyed the sea and all the ports a little more. I am the second from the left, top row in the "back then" picture.
Steahly, ButchEN3Sep 1970 – Aug 1972AWas a member of the first crew (plankowner). Went on ship when she was at Quincy and Boston Naval yard while she was being outfitted. Left just prior to her first Med Cruise. Now collect Gator Navy memorabilia, especially for the Pensacola.
Samples, DennisSNOct 1970 – Nov 1973FWD DeckAs a plank owner it's sad to see where she wound up, lot of good times & memories.
Crain, Richard (Dick)LTNoNov 1970 – Nov 1971Engineering DepartmentPloankPlankowner,sailed to Pensacola,Fla. and to Gitmo for s hakedown training. Would love to hear from any shipmates.
Spiegel, Gary profile iconseaman to Rm3Nov 1970 – Apr 1972communications. ops Plank owner.. Wild times in Caribbean especially Haiti. Great experiences with a bunch of great guys. Boston area, Little Creek was fun. Sunbathing off the Helicopter deck was cool while in the warm waters of Caribbean
Powers, RobertGMG3Nov 3, 1970 – May 11, 19713rdI went through pre-com at Norfolk and flew to Boston with the rest of the pre-com class to join those already aboard in early '71. I was a plankowner, but never went to sea. I was discharged on May the 11th before the shakedown cruise.
Streiffert, Alan StreiffertHT1Nov 15, 1970 – Oct 17, 1972RPlank Owner & Pre-Commission Crew
Baber, GeorgeDCFN/HT3Nov 15, 1970 – Jul 15, 1972R Pre-Com. training in Norfolk.(Plank Owner) On board for Commissioning in Boston, Mass. March 27,1971 (My 21st.birthday) Very cold, windy day, Mayor of Pensacola Fla. spoke at ceremony. I stayed on board until just before first Med cruise.
Wood, JohnSNDec 1970 – 1972deck first div.Plank owner, served on the Guam for a month before that. I left the ship with a broken leg in a motorcycle accident in the Bahamas and my next ship was the Speagle Grove. I got out during a Med criise in 1974.
Wengrzyn, RichFTG3Dec 1970 – Nov 1972weaponsPlankowner. Part of the nucleus crew in Quincy. Did Gitmo, all over the Caribbean and Med cruise. After active I was promoted to FTG2, did a total of 5 years between reserve time, boot camp, A school and active duty.
Kotowski, Joe / Joe-skiQM3Dec 4, 1970 – Nov 1972OPS/NAVPre-commission / nucleus crew, plank owner, GITMO, Med Cruise...we had a great run, great times and great guys. I loved the weekend trips to Roanoke Womens College
Sutton, JamesQMSN/QM3/QM2Dec 5, 1970 – Nov 27, 1972Operations - NavigationPart of original crew (Plank Owner), went aboard as a QMSN and left as a QM2. Later joined U>S> Coast Guard, retired Mar 98 as QMCM.
Scerbo, Joseph/scerbsYN3Dec 10, 1970 – Dec 1, 1972Deck then to AdminPrecom crew (Plankowner). Served on deck crew then to Admin. Went to Gitmo, North Atlantic cruise, Med cruise. Temporary Staff duty to Iwo Jima. Released Spain.
Pfitzer Jr., KennethFTG 3Dec 15, 1970 – Jul 29, 1972WepsI was part of the Pre com crew in Chelsea. I came on board as a designated strike straight from class A school. I stayed onboard until the ship left for her first Med cruise. During this time I made FTG 3 and stayed in the reserve for 20 years.
Katz, BobET-1Dec 27, 1970 – Dec 23, 1971O-4Plank-Owner - Pre-commission crew
Robert, Katzet-1Dec 27, 1970 – Dec 22, 1971o4Precom crew in Quincy Mass
Wampler, Jr, Frank E. (Chip)ENT31971 – Aug 1972OperationsI was part of the pre-commissioning crew in Quincy and Boston.
Smith, BobGMG31971 – 1974GMOriginal plank owner
Cooper, John (Doc)HM31971 – 1973HHM3-2. Best duty in the Navy. W/ Bob Callan (HM2-C), Rocketman Larsen HN-HM3, Jud Powell (FA-corpsman striker), Willie J. Coleman (long suffering HMC-HMCM), w/ Rodger Ramjet as boss. Wild times, & the best sickbay in PHIBRON4.
Ludwig, LouisE-51971 – 1973Supplyplank owner worked in barber shop and ship store records , would be good to hear from old shipmates.
Wilson, KeithLtjg1971 – 1973Operations/CICPlank Owner
Algar, LesCWO 31971 – 1975ELes Algar passed away June 29, 1979 at his home in Kingaston Ma. I make this entry for my dad, i am Guy Algar the eldest son.
Renshaw, William ( Bill/ Lurch)EM3Jan 1971 – Nov 1972E DivisionPlank Owner
Kincaid, Charles R profile iconEMFNJan 1971 – Jan 14, 1972E (ELECTRICAL) DIVISIONGary Glover from Oklahoma, Rick from Corpus Christi, TX, and Bill Renshaw from California were my close E Division buddies. _______ Wampler was an ET buddy, as was Marvin McNabb and a host of others i am a PLANK OWNER
Young, Richard (Dick)CS 3Jan 1971 – May 30, 1973SUPPLYWas a plank owner and had great memories and met great guys. Enjoyed many cruises to San Juan and St. Thomas, etc and finished off with a 6 month med cruise. Had a great time with the guys from first division.
Dickens, JohnQM2Jan 1971 – Nov 1972NavigationPlank owner. Spent time in Little Creek waiting to go up to Boston for sea trials and commissioning. Made some good friends.
Weber, Donald profile iconHT3Jan 1971 – Nov 1972RPre commissioning crew thru Nov 1972, Got out half way thru first Med cruise
Pfitzer, KennethFTG 3Jan 1, 1971 – Jul 26, 1972WepsI stayed in the reserve after active duty, made FTG2 cross rated to Mineman and eventually made MN1 and retired from the reserve in 1989.Started collecting my pension in 2010 at 60 years old. Now I live in Morganville NJ
Kimble, DonaldRM1Jan 1, 1971 – May 12, 1974OperationsMe and Signalman Chief were in charge of the pre-com crew in Norfolk. Plank owner... still hanging on the wall by picture of Pensacola. Best crew I ever served with. Retired RMC 7/17/78...
Furuike, RaymondETR2/ET1Jan 2, 1971 – May 31, 1973OperationsPre-Commission/Plank Owner
Fraser, RichardQM3Jan 3, 1971 – Mar 24, 1973NavigationPlank owner and commissioning crew. Struck for quartermaster from the mess deck.
McNabb, MarvinFTG2Jan 5, 1971 – Feb 1, 1973Deck/WepsMember of Precom (plankowner) crew. Went to Caribbean many times, went on Unhandy Lima's first Med cruise. I have nothing but fond memories and still wear my hat proudly.
Kincaid, CharlesEMJan 5, 1971 – Jan 14, 1972ELECTRICIAN E DIVISIONEM3 Gary Glover from Oklahoma,EM3 Rick from Corpus Christi, TX, and EM3 Bill Renshaw from California were my close E Division buddiesETN3 Frank (Chip) Wampler, FTG2 Marvin McNabb my US Navy Plank Owner Buddies,
Kumpf, TomSNJan 11, 1971 – Mar 16, 1972DeckPlank owner. Nucleus crew.
Peterson, D "Pete"HT3Feb 1971 – Feb 14, 1974RMy first taste of the sea
Goroski, Conrad "Ski"CS3Feb 1971 – Aug 23, 1974Supply A plankowner and crew of the first two Med crusies. I was a cook / baker on board serving up chow with Myrick, or Tinsley. Also Navy buddy Avelino "Joey" Iglesias spent shore leave both in foriegn ports & home port.
Leiter, James / JimRM3Feb 1971 – Apr 1974Radio / SupplyPre-Com crew member & Plank Owner. Served on Pensacola until end of enlistment and last year (73-74) working for Lt Vincent in supply department. Served 2 years in reserves in Special Boat Unit - 22
Gossett, WayneHT3Feb 1971 – Sep 1972R plankowner. I had a really good time. Great bunch of guys I got out half way through her first Med cruise.
O'Shea, TerrenceFTG3Feb 1971 – Feb 1973wepsplank owner
Dussinger, RobertLcdrFeb 1971 – Apr 19722nd Div Officer - Commissioning crew
Corcoran, Richard "corky"YN2Feb 1, 1971 – Dec 22, 1972Joined Pensacola (Plankowner) on commissioning crew in Boston Navy Yard. Started on deck crew and ended up in Admin Office as YN2. Gitmo, Caribbean, Pensacola, Fl and Atlantic operations and did first Med Cruise - discharged at Barcelona.
Roslak, EdIC3Mar 1971 – Jan 1973EPlankowner. Served aboard USS Pensacola until Jan. 1973. Promoted to IC3 while on-board. Entered inactive reserve as IC2. Have many fond memories of a fine ship and shipmates.
Bauman, Thomas "Barney"QM2Mar 1971 – May 1974NavigationWhat a long strange trip it was...All Good Still playing the Guitar and riding Motorcycles.
Aho, DavidRM3Mar 1, 1971 – Jul 26, 1972RadioGood People, Good Times in the Caribbean and Boston. Would like to hear from fellow Radiomen or Plankowners who served during this era.
Howe, BobBT3Mar 1, 1971 – Jul 1, 1973EngineeringI was a plank owner which I never recieved. The first time we took the ship out from dry dock, one of the screws fell off.
Schultz, Joebt2Mar 1, 1971 – Apr 18, 1974BPlank owner. Good bunch of guys. Made alot of friends. Good times. 2 med cruises if i remember right.
Foster, BillRM3Mar 17, 1971 – Apr 10, 1974Made some nice friends. Plank owner. Remember great times in Boston during outfitting. Little Creek was a nice port and convenient to New York City.
Riley, Robert CMM3Mar 27, 1971 – Nov 23, 1972EngineringPlank owner,Served with Precom crew. Left ship in Naples,Nov 1972
Shunk, EdwardHT2Mar 27, 1971 –RCommissioning Crew and Plank Owner.
Furch, JohnApr 26, 1971 – Sep 23, 1975Sigssigs were the super skates but they worked their tails off in port. best job I ever had
Goins, Alfred ( Babe Bro )SeamanAug 12, 1971 – Aug 12, 1974DeckWhat a ride...It was my world for 3 great years
Fitzsimmons, RonaldE-3Nov 1, 1971 – Nov 1, 1972MmI am also a plank owner without a plank. I left before med cruise to go to equipment operator A school. I became a Sea Bee and the rest is kind of blurry. I remember being on the engine order telegraph when Captain P hit
Pugh, Dwight Jakeos3Nov 17, 1971 – Dec 19, 1973oistruck for os from deck after being at reids beach in winter. spent more time on mess decks. was on sea and anchor in cic when we rammed the advance at chesapeake sep buoy. looking for os2 phillips.
Havaich, Edgar profile iconRM3Nov 24, 1971 – Aug 20, 1975OS
Flaherty Jr, William JOS2Dec 1971 – Dec 1972OI

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