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USS Anchorage (LSD 36) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Anchorage (LSD 36). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 710 crew members registered for the USS Anchorage (LSD 36).

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Flippin, ShaneBM31995 – 19961st
Ujano, G (Uj)EN31995 – Jun 1997A gangwhat a ship, lots of fund memory.
Milligan, SeanMM11995 – Sep 1997A GangI remember checking onboard the day before it got underway. Commander Cassani (best CO ever) transfered me from main control to A gang the first night. i too remember the awesome poker games in the fan room. I think MM1 boyd still owes me and HM1 $$$
Milligan, Sean profile iconMM11995 – 1999A-Gang
Cuevas, FranciscoEM31995 –Electrical Division.I loved those Navy days onboard USS Anchorage, my E-Division friends, EM2 Villamor, EM2 Cardenas, EM3 Garcías, EMC Degracia, EM2 Spenny, where are you now?
Rodriguez, BennyE-2Jan 1995 – Dec 1996Decklol Anyone recall what ports we hit in the west pack of 95?
Brosam, TravisOS3Feb 1, 1995 – Jul 30, 1998Operations
Garcia, Anthony TonyEM3Feb 8, 1995 – Feb 8, 1998wheres all my boys? cardenas,cuevas,flowers,zigifoose,morales and degraciaand my MM buddys matthew prewittand alfredo cardona if any one knows send me a line. the anchorage crew i will never forget especially wes pac 96 in hong kong .
McClure, JasonBM3Apr 1, 1995 – Apr 1, 19991st, 2nd, B&Cmiss yall it me up at
McClure, JasonBM3Apr 4, 1995 – Apr 4, 1999Deck, 1st, 2nd B&Cgreat times, anyone interested hit me up on myspace under bigblu
Vasquez, RudyYN2May 1995 – May 1997ExecutiveWhat's up shipmates/brothers? It's been a long time. Hope everyone is well. Does anybody know where to reach Alfredo cardona?
Caddell, JohnICJun 6, 1995 – Sep 16, 2000electricalWhat's up homies
Hale, WillDCFNJul 1995 – Dec 1997RBeen trying to see if there was somewhere I could find others who served onboard the Anchorage.
Vadnais, PatrickOct 1995 – May 1996ACU-5 Det. CharlieAhoy! Wow, she's really decomm'd? Lots of good memories made in the short time aboard her. Earned ESWS/FMF while there. Fun times, especially with setting up the MARS/email thing via the Kuwaiti ham radio operator. Fair winds!
Rodriguez, Raymond / "hot-rod"CPL.Oct 1995 – May 1996B 1/11 Guns PLT.As a Marine, got to be a guest on this ship for six months. You all were a lot of fun. Had a lot of great times on this ship. I really miss un-rep & vert-rep (cough-cough, um...yeah). Did anyone ever find my 1stSgts laptop? LOL!
Benavidez, EnriqueCplOct 1, 1995 – Apr 1, 1996Bravo 1st BT 11th Marines 15MEUSOCcrew did a great job helping us out with parts and modifying our Mk19 machine gun mounts. Other then the Ulcer I got and the smelly feet of the UAE soldiers we got stuck with It was a time I'll never forget.
Rodriguez, Richard Or RodPN2Nov 1995 – Jun 7, 1999Nav/AdminGreat time on Anchorage. Still in touch with Lujan(Lu), Pastrano (Gilly), Quezada (Q), and Castillo (fatboy). Dumbrique (Brick), PC3 Barron (Pelon) or PC2 Robles where you at???
Bingham, MichaelDC2(SW)Nov 1995 – May 1999The Junk YardGreat times in the Junk Yard. I miss Chief Bliss. I remember how much I hated it when I was there, but I sure miss it now. Are Philipp and Cunningham still alive?
Castillo, SamGM2Nov 1995 – Dec 15, 1999Weapons/deckMan it was a piece of SH!t but i had the GREATEST time of my life here.. whats upp Q, Lupan, Rod, Brick,
Odell, GeorgeNC1Nov 1995 – Nov 1999NAV/ADMINRetired in 99, went home to Florida
Ferguson, RobertLCPL-CPLNov 13, 1995 – May 15, 1996Brave Co. LAR 1st MarAs a U.S. Marine, I sailed aboard the Anchorage. I saw Hong Kong, Singapore, Oman, U.A.E., Kuwait,Manila, Kula Lumpur. It was the greatest journey of my life. Thank You Anchorage for a once in a life time trip. I was promoted to CPL on this ship.
Gilroy, DustinE/ 4Nov 25, 1995 – Jun 15, 1996Bravo Btry 1/11Beastmasters rules the ship. I racked up one captains mast and a few other meadals LOL. I miss those days and the MArines and squids that were there. Hope all is good.
Schmidt, RobertMR3 (SW)1996 – 1999Repair (the junkyard)Man I hated those long days, but it's crazy that I miss um. It is cool to see some names that I recognize. I hope that everybody is happy and healthy. Anyone heard from Reidel?
Gemenez, GabeMS 3Jan 1996 – Jul 1999S-2working in the wardroom sucked... field days sucked... but we had good food.
Polenzani, AnthonyE5/BMJan 1996 – Dec 22, 19981stDoes anyone know where BM Evanson is? He owes me $. I am a fluffer in Hollywood.
Spears, JamesYN1Feb 9, 1996 – Sep 30, 1998
Barnes, JeffHM3Mar 1, 1996 – Sep 9, 1999MedicalI was there. CCAD now.
Bongolan, Jupiter "bongo"MS2(SW)Apr 15, 1996 – May 1, 2000S-2 / Supplyit was the best time of my naval career. without the experience and knowledge i have attained from this command i would not be where i am right now.
Demery, JohnEN2Sep 1996 – Jan 1, 2001a-gang
Rodriguez, Javier(rod)SNNov 1996 – Jul 29, 19991stand 2ndhey whats up everybody? is their anybody that can tell me about FN pastrano, EW2 bolinger, SN mora, and YNSN lujan(luis)
Cornelius, Timothy Eugene CorneliusMM2Dec 1, 1996 – Jul 15, 2000Engineroom and A-Gang
Dembsey, MatthewOS3Dec 9, 1996 – Jul 7, 2000this was my first ship. she was fun to be on. alot to do to keep her up and running. she was a great first ship.
Thomas, Jason "Kornfed"BM3Dec 17, 1996 – Oct 17, 2000DAO2The best 4 years I spent in my life were on this old A$$ ship. For as long as I live I will never forget the experience that made my life so rich. Tuiasosopo...thanks for teaching me the haka on fwd lookout every time I had watch.
Valdepena, JonathanE-41997 – Aug 13, 2000In every division but my own. DC most of the time. Even got the big one from the CMC when sent on a PAC with the Jarrett(FFG) right before HONORABLE DISCHARGE. Love the civilian life.
Palos, GeraldMM21997 – 2001MP1
Burton, ChadBMSNMar 1997 – Oct 19982ndGreat ship! I met alot of people and had a great time. I would like to hear from anyone I hungout with.
Francisco, FrancisMM3Mar 6, 1997 – Aug 14, 2000MP1I was there to vandalized the PIT with artworks. Left in august 2000 to pursue computer animation.I enjoyed being there. It was a good experience.
Lamarque, BrentE-5/ENApr 21, 1997 – Apr 4, 2002A GangGreat times, great friends, but still nice to move on!
Nielsen, ClayDC2May 14, 1997 – May 20, 2004(the junk yard)long hrs., hard work, but it still was a hell of a good time. wouldn't have changed a thing.
Lant, James 'Jimijam'MM1Jun 1997 – Jun 2000A and MHad our good times and our bad time, great ship, great crew, a few screwed up chiefs and we all know who they are and they know who they are. But they still in and I am retired and making the ching ching, so drop me a line and tell me what you up 2.
Baase, ToddBT2Jun 1997 – Jun 2001MPO1 & MPO2Looking for any of the ships crew that I worked with while I served on the US Anchorage. Give me a call sometime
Jerabek, JerryMM1Jun 1997 – Jun 2001MP1
Batog, Kenneth KennyMM3 BatogJun 1, 1997 – Jun 1, 2001A DivWestpacs were great Hope all is well with everybody and good wishes to all
Martin, BryanMM3Jul 1997 – 2000Fast as fast can be You'll never catch me
Davis, MarcusMM3Jul 2, 1997 – Aug 13, 2000MP-2A LOT OF SLEEPLESS NIGHTS COME TO MIND.
Towers, JeffE-4Aug 1997 – Jul 2001MP-1Nice working with everyone and hope all is well. Hit me up
Douglas, MiguelMM3Aug 1997 – Jun 2001MP-1What-Up Shipmates!! Man, we had some fun and hard times on this ship. Some of you boys really moved up in rank, wow. I watch that San Dog BBQ video every now & then LOL (you know who you are). Hit me up.
Mata, Art "Bear"IC3Aug 8, 1997 – Jun 6, 2001A-Gang, MP1, and E
Kraft, DamonMM3Sep 1997 – Apr 2001MP-1Wow, what great times there was on this ship! It made my time in the Navy a good time. Hit me up Snipes!!
Sorrell, JoshuaHt3Sep 20, 1997 – May 17, 2001R divisionHad a great time on board lot of wonderful memories. Made alot of great friends in the junkyard.
Dorsett, TomANCHORAGESep 21, 1997 – Jul 25, 1999MP1ACC Shop and Forward MMR
Pastrano, GilbertIC3Sep 27, 1997 – Jun 8, 2001E DivisionWhat’s going on shipmates. Hope all is well
Hodo, RichardFN/E-3Oct 15, 1997 – Aug 25, 2000MP-2
Dover, BillyEN 3Nov 10, 1997 – Oct 9, 2001A- GANGWhats up shipmates. Heading back to CALI on FEB 4th. If you live in the area of San Diego Hit me up.
Ojeda, Josemm3(sw)Nov 20, 1997 – May 13, 2001MP2What is up shipmates. Good times. I would't do it agian.
Garcia, RickDC2(SW)Nov 25, 1997 – Jun 10, 2001The Junk YardThe best ship in the fleet, but it was about time for her to go. They should have done it when I was there. I'll never forget the times I had on the Anchorage.
Tuiasosopo, WesOS2(SW)Dec 8, 1997 – Dec 20, 2002OII WAS THERE.....

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